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Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am going to take that non-fiction book to the press and expose the tards for what you are

I got an email the other day that was sent to myself and a few others complete with the picture below:
Subject: not even close to breaking me assholes
I don't plagiarize anything fuckbag. I guess you assholes really don't have a life but if you want to do something productive why don't you fucks do a story collection trying to discredit me if you have the balls I think I will pirate that and plan my next non-fiction book dealing low-brow assholes like you. You fucks like to hide behind many names but I think all of you are one in the same. Still think my career had gone to shit, your souls had gone to shit. My career is going to take off before everyone knows and all the bad press you fucks been giving me is going to push my book sales even more. So you think you want to start something-- grow some balls and try to do videos burning my books you nazi cocksuckers. Do you fuckbags have anything better to do than to fuck with people's sales. As for the one -- I you never read Blood Contender to even tell, and two it is an entirely different entity, Supernatural Broadcasts isn't even online to begin with and I didn't even show that story to anyone. You assholes are yellow journalists.
This is where you are all going to fail and fail hard. That non-fiction book is just starting to get wind, and will get noticed for it being a book sending each and every one of you straight to hell. I got published because my work is 140% original. My non-fiction got me published in more places and I guess my career as a non-fiction author is going to begin even more and yeah I want to ask this question, where do you get your sources from about me -- really. You call yourselves "journalists" -- come on, all you fucks are and consider yourselves to be faceless bloggers who are scared of the reality my name as an author is going to get out there and yes I am getting praise for that non-fiction book, An Eye In Shadows. You know, I am going to wave the fact I am going to invest in getting an ISBN for that book. That might be too much information for you assholes to take in all at once, and you celebrate mid-list assholes who don't deserve any acclaim. They just got lucky because they had a friend they met at the right place and the other was just spreading her legs to get a publication deal.
My reason I became a vlogger is to prove I am real and that proves it right there. I am not some kind of fraud here, it is you assholes who are the frauds. Getting people to believe utter bullshit about someone before they get the actual source of the person and that is right from the person himself. IF anyone is tainting the airwaves it is all of you, your slanderous claims that you make. All I am going to do is the right thing and that is taking all of you down. It's going to piss you off all the more that 2008 I will be getting a novel out there based off The FANDOM WRITER. That kind of story is written about fucks like you. I guess you find those real person slash fics entertaining. If anyone is stealing my work, it's you fucks. If you want a better reason to hate my guts -- I am going to give you a better reason to hate me, I am going to take that non-fiction book to the press and expose the tards for what you are.
Fuck with my career, I fuck with you tenfold. Cowardice on your parts. Trying to pass that valentinevegen personality off as one of an imaginary entity, yeah right I have proof beyond proof that you assholes are trying to stiffle everything I worked hard to gain. My fame is beyond anything you fucks can beyond to grasp. **line omitted for select reasons**, and the scary thing is I am that hot bucket of steaming piss that will be thrown all over your faces. I am going to take you assholes to hell, and prove that you fucks are going to see to it that I will never get a dime in this business. It makes me sick that you all would celebrate stories written for the flaming fruit loop population. I am not going to apologize for shit, and you assholes think it is a big joke to impersonate me on myspace and such. I've seen one of the recent accounts and got you shut down.
You're all a bunch of cowards scared shitless of change, and yes there is a revolution going on in the industry and you're all scared of it. I am kicking the doors down and yes there is a scar in the business that An Eye In Shadows is responsible for. I guess you fags go around stealing everyone's stories and even stealing movies from the movie theatre too -- it sounds like something you fucks would do, go into a movie theater with a video camera and sell copies of the movie after you bootlegged it.

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deadmanwalking said...

He has a stumpy little finger.

It's fucking creeping me out.

like a lady's hand.

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