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Monday, December 8, 2008

"just note that I support this man no matter what he thinks or believes." or Wrestler Lady To The Rescue!

In the comments section of an AC article Nicky wrote, someone comes to his defense.
Now, I may not agree with everything Nick's saying in this thing, but I feel he has a right to be frustrated about mental illness and the effect of it in our world. Whether or not you think he's got problems, flaming him for his views isn't going to get your point across. Of course, looking at some of the comments here, it's not about viewpoint, but satisfying your own sadistic tendencies to slowly rip the legs off of a spider. Not that anything I say will make a difference to your butcher-fest, as you will likely attempt to do the same to me for stepping out and saying I believe your wrong, but just note that I support this man no matter what he thinks or believes. If that makes you my enemy, I warmly welcome your blunted razors of your wit attempting to slide across the jugular of my career as a writer. You are never truly doing something right unless you have enemies. Sincerely Yours, S. Whitaker

Posted on 12/07/2008 at 1:12:52 PM

A kind statement made by someone who wants to defend the mentally ill? A champion of free speech?

No, her name is Sarah Whitaker, and Nicky "published" her in Tabloid Purposes 5, and, a wrestler

contestant 35845 on American Idol.

Her defense of him couldn't have come from that fact or the fact he called her one of the "extremely gifted newcomers" in that anthology, could it?

Or that Nicky is number 7 in her top Myspace friends, could it?

Or that on her goth vlog, Nicky left this comment
LakeFossilPress (7 months ago)
This is N.A. Pacione (Skot's friend from Chicago.) Right now I got no sound on this computer but I can appreciate the editing you did with your one vlog. I am looking to do some book trailers on here (and not using a lot of the stock clips either. I came from a radio/TV production background and trying to put that background back into play when I start making more videos.

You got some good stuff here, I do run a community on LiveJournal which I am opening up to vlogs on there so go ahead and make yourself at home on there.
This isn't a "butcher fest" against Sarah for sticking up for Nicky as she predicted, this is pointing out that some people aren't as noble as they'd like you to believe. I am going to guess that "
Now, I may not agree with everything Nick's saying in this thing" means she doesn't agree with everything Nicky said in that particular article, as noted by her saying "everything Nick's saying in this thing", but given she has befriended him on myspace, sold a story to him, and generally defends him, that the homophobia, threats to women and children, stalking, hate speech, racism, and call out for authors to write stories where homosexuals be physically assaulted are okay.

Did she say that specifically? No, but actions speak louder than words, and commiserating with someone who does all of those things is usually an indication that someone has no problem with that person as a whole. After all, would you the person reading this blog, do business with, allow someone to use your name to make money, and "friend" someone that commits the offenses listed above? Me either.

And if not, if she doesn't agree with those either and chose to do business with a horribly hateful person just for the money (HA!), then by mentioning his mental illness and how people shouldn't argue with him, she is enabling him, something his own family won't even do.

*edited to add*

In October of this year, in insulting someone, Nicky said the following
As much Jeff and Apathademon try to do to help writers there are the promoters who try to take a crap on a writer. I am not going to give the name here but the promoter booked friends of mine. The person looks like an American Idol Reject but is from the West Coast originally, and I will leave it at that.
I never knew what he meant when he said someone looked like an American Idol reject, but now, I know.

Print This Out, Kim, And Show The Doctor A Severe Problem Nicky Has

Nicky's severe hatred towards women needs to be addressed, and if you are going to print this out to show the doctor sadly you'll need to load up the printer with paper. It only covers a few days, but speaks volumes.

Joseph McGee died. Nicky, having no concept of decency or respect, made a blog post disrespecting Joseph's memory.

More importantly though, he was expecting, begging, for controversy to stir because of it. He wanted that. That was the point in him writing it.

In fact, before he even finished writing it and making it public, back when it only existed on his screen in front of him, he was already claiming it served it's purpose.
"Now here come the bastards trying to bury me alive because of that statement."
"Will that statement come back to haunt me later, yeah it might but it is speaking with an intense honesty. If anyone sees this and has their respect for me might not have it now, I understand."
"If they want to take a ripe one on my grave now, I said my peace about Joe McGee’s passing."
"If his family want to take turns shitting on my name for that statement that’s how I thought of him."
All of that he typed before anyone but him could see it. Not happy with the slow speed in which the backlash was coming, he commented on his own post

It’s no secret that Joseph McGee and I flat out hated each other and now I am going to see a lot of mail for this remark. Finally the Good Little Christian is cussing me out like I am some kind of Anti-Christ now or a seven-headed hydra. I am waiting for the articles on AssociatedContent.com from the jokers since they’re harboring plagiarism. There is no jealousy there with him, he was a prick to me on a message board he used to frequent.

Now Nicky got his wish and became the martyr he wanted to be, but first, let's look at another secret of his that shows he was never the victim some made him out to be
Nickolaus is laughing about his legacy -- the author feud. (Damn it Rivera. Something he lives to watch -- Authors fueding.) 5:53pm
Not content to just write, he wants to fight. Lives to watch it even.

So, many commented on his disrespect towards McGee, as expected, but only one got Nicky's ire: A woman.

***As is usually the case, if a dozen people are arguing with Nicky, he will single out the women and focus his rage on them.***

People know the two females he obsesses over, who are women who have done what he cannot in the industry and are where he would love to but can never be. That being said, I am not going to give him the satisfaction of reposting the name of the female author he is enraged at, so know that in reading the following obsession
Nickolaus is fighting a lot of mental health stigmas -- and (The Woman Who Did What Nicky Could Never Do) is causing some of them. 12:55am
Nickolaus shouts, "If you support people with a mental illness then boycott (Two Publishing Companies Who Did What Lake Fossil Press Never Could)" 1:05am
Nickolaus is trying to get a couple stories done despite the (Female Author Who Makes Nicky Look Like Less Of A Man By Succeeding Where He Fails) trying to fuck things up. 1:17am
So, in under a half an hour, Nicky felt the need to attack this female three times, accusing her of all sorts of things. She never photoshopped him, never made a blog page about him, never set fire or urinated on his work then uploaded it to you tube nor did she make any hilarious you tube videos about him. She did what he wanted and expected, which was to point out his immaturity, and while she wasn't the only one she was a female, so now he is obsessed and enraged.

The next day
Three posts in a ten minute period. Look at that obsession and hatred. Hundreds of people got a hold of his books and "reviewed" them, this particular female author has never done so that I have seen, yet look at all that hatred.

  1. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 12:15 am

    Way to be throwing the first stone Mike. (Female Author Whose Success Makes Nicky Look And Feel Like Less Of A Man) I want the truth how you got that copy of An Eye In Shadows. Unless you’re going to like about it. That each of you collectively ripped into me and contributed to the stigma. All I ask is let people buy the books legitimately instead of being this holier-than-thou type that pisses me off. The fact I am getting stones thrown at me by fake Christians and witches because of the fact I will stand up against them. The fact you are using two liar blogs against me when I am telling the truth with my articles and with that book An Eye In Shadows. Were you the one who tipped me off to Preditors & Editors? I want the truth (Woman Who Can Afford More Than Hostels), I want the truth how you got this book that you one starred. Tell the truth or face your actions in court.

  2. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 12:32 am


The "best friend" he mentions contacted a few people, on his own, after seeing Nicky's online antics and asked what the deal was. At the time he was seeking out people to ask questions about his former best friend, he had already doubted Nicky enough to go that far.

The female author ignored his last post, which enraged him more. Note: She didn't respond, so he continued to, making him the aggressor from beginning to end.

  1. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 4:25 am

    (Epitome Of Why Nicky Hates Women), I will be reporting what you said to NoStigma.org — and with their help I am going to see to it that you will be hurting with your book sales and any publisher involved with you will be hurt too because you just as well had said what you said to Jerrod’s wife.

    Jerrod, if you had any heart towards people with a mental illness would you allow someone on your roster who said what they said about me to your wife. Think about that long and hard before you respond to that and my answer to this will be on an article coming up in a few hours with the captions. In other words, I am encouraging a large amount of people to boycott your company too as long you have that heartless bitch involved.

    (Woman Whom Nicky Should Take Lessons From) you really proved you have a heart of shit. Just because I don’t like Joe McGee in life and refused to buy his books in life, and vowed to keep that promise in death not to buy his books does that make me a fucking criminal?

    You’re organizing a boycott? Will you come clean about how you obtained my book? I already know you got it by piracy of the project.

  2. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 4:29 am

    They are carrying one of the magazines I am published in — can you explain that? They are carrying one story I got published with so they can read APT 2W on the newstand. My own mag is carried on a bookstore too — and I am willing to bet if someone has a wanted poster of me with mugshots they’d be carrying around picketing with it (Girl Who Would Never Look Twice At Nicky) what would you do if I got a signing in a bookstore right in your area? Would you try to steal the books and set them on fire because I know it was you who burned the book.

  3. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 4:44 am

    Care to explain why you were stalking my best friend?

Look at that. In under a half an hour, all of that rage. He is incested over the fact she got some book sales, and he is trying his hardest to ruin that. Nicky complains people sabotage his book sales and projects, much like he is trying to do here. Look at all the time and hatred he is focusing here, and tell me there is no underlying rage towards women.

  1. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 8:38 am

    What the fuck is wrong with you (Woman Doing Better Than Nicky) — don’t like the fact I am trying to get Lake Fossil Press back on its feet, or you would rather bury the fucking company. You and my sloppy seconds deserve each other. Yeah fuck off lady. As for your frield Scott, I have one question, does he have AIDS yet?

Two things here: He takes a swipe at his ex, the mother of his child, then after crying like a baby about being discriminated against because of a medical condition, makes an insult and uses AIDS to do so. His hatred of homosexuals needs to be delved into as well, because it combined with his hatred of women, displays underlying repressesed sexual issues Nicky has yet to deal with. Sexually, as you can see by my older posts, Nicky has an obsession with S & M sleepsacks, absolutely despises sex to the point he demands that no one write about it, along with like I said his apparent hatred for homosexuals and women point to something deeper. Get the doctor to deal with that, and I think all will be revealed. Maybe let him know your family won't disown him if he comes out or admits he is A-Sexual.
Would it hurt you that much if An Eye In Shadows gets a few sales? Be honest here bitch — I guess you and (Nicky's Ex, Only Woman Known To Have Slept With Him) have hearts of shit. I guess you’ve started the boycott and nice little shit stunt you pulled with your published author. I already know (Book Company Better Than The Deceased Lake Fossil Press) is your company. I guess it is in your nature to go ruining everyone in your path. The very fact you can’t keep track of every drug you snorted or shot up your veins. (First Name of Female Author He Keeps Typing Over And Over) — your books are the ones I plan to burn because you are corrupting the youth. You’re influencing people not to buy my books or the magazine I appeared in.
Nicky tells us book burning is horrible and even says that a book of his burned in his own home state is against the law, here he admits to planning the same.

A mentally ill man planning to burn something? Let the doc know that as well.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Suckered Again or Correction: Source 1 Was Never There

The last time I was taken for a sucker was when someone tried to convince me he died, and I fell for it.

This morning I get an email from one of the three that went the other night telling me his friend was full of shit, and that none of the three even went.

Apparently the "ball sweat" thing was an idea that none of them had the "balls" if you will to go through with so they didn't. Well here read a part of the email I just got I'm not much for typing at the moment
"but no he is full of shit. He thought the idea of Nicky thinking someone contaminating his books would infuriate him but that never happened. Truth is we didn't even go. When I sent you that email saying we weren't going that never changed. I didn't know he sent that til I read your site nor did I expect him to send anything about it. The price to get in was pretty high, didn't know the band, wasn't worth it just to see him etc."
I apologize and that's what I get for posting the source I know to be real as #2. She had sent a few more emails among the two edited ones I posted and I wondered why one seemed uneventful while the other sounded pretty wild.

Last time I was duped I considered never taking info from folks and posting it on here again. I won't go that far, but will be careful in the future as to what I let get through.

Sunday, November 30, 2008

"What kind of crates does he use that shatter?"


Again via friend

This is the place I am staying at until 10 AM then I have to move over to the hostel up north which I sometimes call the home away from home (I’ve been to the one up by Loyola so many times through out the years. I am almost on first name basis with the people working there.

It’s going to be crazy today to say the least. I understand how you’re a bag of nerves right now because I was there last night (accidentally shattering the bottom of one of my crates (let’s hope it doesn’t snow over here because I can’t exactly get another crate off hand, I use those totes that people use more often for storage for transferring my books.)

What kind of crates does he use that shatter? Wooden orange crates? Plastic milk crates stolen from behind a grocery store? Rubbermaid storage bins?

The last one you mentioned. This has been confirmed as well, the "crates" he uses are in fact

Bonus lulz:
Yeah I am single, and hating it. Looking for a new girlfriend but seems like they're hard to find when they are over 26. Ladies seem to be either married or with someone at that age.

The Opposite Sex (I am STRAIGHT, end of story. I like to see a hot Goth lady wearing jeans every now and then. Ladies, I am single and availabe, just be between 25 to 36. I wish I can go older but it would feel too weird being my mother is 15 years older than I am.
Hates being single I knew it. And I absolutely love how he doesn't see anything wrong with constantly reminding us his mom was 14 when she was impregnated with the demon seed. I think women who aren't up on Nicky's failures might be a bit put off when a guy is constantly addressing them and begging for a date. Sad he had to go to The Awakening II without one, isn't it?

Updates From The Awakening II

This post is being corrected since one of the three friends came forward this morning to inform me his buddy lied about even being there just to get a rise out of Nicky. My female source was the one I have been able to rely on in the past. I have no ill will towards the pranksters but am not going to post something on here I know not to be true.

Source 2: OMG you were right! It's all true! He carries around those totes with all of his crap in them and is out of breath and stinks like nasty cigars and B.O. His table looks like crap too lol. I don't know if you talk to the real Melany, but don't let me forget to ask her if he always picked at the scabs on his face while he stares off in the distance or not. That and the sweating and nervous ticks with his head and eyes.
Source 2 second email: No she had to work the next day so we left not long after. I told her if we stayed long enough we'd be treated to him collapsing and being carried away in an ambulance but she wasn't game and she was my ride damnit. We didn't get that close to him she was scared and I was happy with the fact I was in the same room as him watching him fail. No cell pics. I thought for sure I took at least one but when I checked it later some douche had walked in front of us apparently as I was snapping it. And no not close enough to smell him ew.

There are other tidbits that for now I have to sit on. One is awesome, but involves a true innocent who pwned him soley to protect them self, not for laughs, and a prank whose pullers would rather wait and read Nicky ranting about said prank in a blog entry than to spill the beans just yet.

Sadly you'll have to wait until at least the 5th of December when he gets home. Yes he is going to be in the city that long. Yes, a birdie says he will be using an internet connection other than his own to upload videos since the connection he has is sad and slow. Oh, and yes he will be "donating" copies of his shit to another event, in case any of those he owes money to is reading this. If you are, sorry folks you get a PDF of something you worked on, while Nicky gives away what he claims he can't afford to give you to try and fit in with yuppies. You read that right. He'll have to pay to get into that too, and isn't selling anything. Not that he is at The Awakening II.
International ones are PDF because it costs a fortune to mail them out. I work with lulu.com so it is a little tricky.
He's always trying to get his "roster" of authors together for events to promote the former Lake Fossil Press. I hope he does someday, because it would be funny to see dozens of people beat his ass for non-payment among other things.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Editor and Layout Specialist

Nicky is whoring himself out for work. From the man who gleefully writes about aborted fetuses, gay sex and incest when he insults his enemies, and the same guy who is proud of the fact that he is stealing the ideas from Mike Philbin for the guidelines of Tabloid Purposes 6:66 that "There Is No God... You're All On Your Own FUCKERS!", there is one area he will not deal with: Erotica.

Not writing or editing it, if he is merely laying out someone's book and it's in there, he won't have any part of it. That isn't what his $65 covers. He needs to get laid.

Editor and Layout Specialist

November 27, 2008 at 5:35am
I am a layout specialist for higher to writers who want to publish their book on www.lulu.com. I work as an independent contractor in this field as in my rates are flat -- if you want a 200 page book designed for a 5.5 x 8.5 paperback or a 6 x 9 hardcover, it will be the same rate for both

My rates are $65.00 per book and I work via PayPal.com -- my specialty layout work are for anthologies and horror books. I have some strict details on kinds of books I will format and I don't format erotica so don't ask.

My primary occupation is a freelance writer. This is how I make some of my extra money sometimes when the rejection letters are too high to manage.
"when the rejection letters are too high to manage". If he makes extra money when that is the case he should be a millionaire by now instead of having to get a room at the Chicago International Hostel. That's right, I already got two reports from The Awakening II and not only is that where Nicky is staying, he is apparently trying to see if anyone at the event is heading anywhere near there afterwards. Seems his totes are in bad shape and too much for him to haul around on public transportation, and he needs a ride back.

I'll post them later don't worry. Here is a hint: Reggie's is filled with the stench of desperation, body odor, and cheap cigar smoke, and it's coming from one table.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Metal Crypt Pwns Nicky or Why Nicky Can't Pay Authors

This is funny on it's own as are most of the Metal Crypts. I started listening from near the start, obviously finding out about them since a few are EONs, but as anonymous pointed out in the comments section last night while the show wasn't about Nicky, he gets a few mentions specifically at the 6:30 mark but you have to listen to the entire show up until that point to fully understand. That shouldn't be a problem it's a very funny episode up until that point, but to hear an explanation as to why Nicky can't pay authors is well worth it anyway.


Monday, November 24, 2008

"I am looking for someone who has a van and willing to make $80 for the day"

With Nicky's big night at The Awakening II coming up, I thought this would be appropriate and something to tide you all over until I can track down his damn blood signing bragging.

What are the Nicky themes this site has dealt with in the past month or so?
  • Nicky not getting payments and contributor copies to authors - I've since been told he only does PDF copies now
  • fear of public events - fear of leaving the house period
  • lack of transportation
  • lack of money
  • lack of places to stay since he does live in the boonies

Well this post made three years ago touches on all of those topics!

Monday, May 9th 2005
2:05 PM
Annoucment: Book Signing confrirmed

The countdown is on -- my first appearence at a major event, I got a booth and everything. Why is this big for me it is because it is my home area! Du Page County in September 17, 2005, is confirmed. I will be at the Goth Expo. This is my official book signing as well for TABLOID PURPOSES II as well as other respective anthologies I appeared on or edited. I will be getting flyers ready for this event but never did the flyer before, well an attempt a flyer but I want to do this right. So if you want your copy of TABLOID PURPOSES II signed -- show up with it because I will have limited copies of each book with me, the only one I won't have on me is Stories of the Apparitions, I will have copies of Quakes and Storms by then as well. I am getting the personel their copies as well but that will take some time, won't be as many authors as both TABLOID PURPOSES but I am going to be cutting it pretty damned close. The authors who are left to be paid will get their money next month first thing on the third of June. I will be paying for my booth on the fourth of the month.
Here we see typical Nicky. It's not about getting publicity for "his authors", it's about getting publicity for him. We also see him still unable to pay them what he owes them on time, which is money and contributor copies.

It wasn't a "Goth Expo" btw it was Gothicfest that featured Nicky standing on his table like a dumbshit, Nicky's mommy and grandma calling the Gothicfest handlers ahead of time and asking them to provide a few security guards to watch precious Nicky's table during his failed signing, and of course the "bed booksigning" where he took a picture of himself signing a book in his motel room and said that it was taken by a female motel employee who came up there asking for his autograph.

Sorry, back to the Nickyness...
I am hoping I can have both copies ready for the convention as well. I am going to find a way to donate all proceeds to the Red Cross on the physical copies at the convention. I will get something going for that as well, as in they will get a copy of Quakes and Storms if they donate.
That never happened because he didn't do anything past writing that. Nor did he get the proceeds of the sale of Quakes and Storms to the Red Cross either. He mostly gave those fucking things away for free to make friends, forgetting that they were supposed to be sold for charity.
The Mission statement for TABLOID PURPOSES II and I are for networking purposes especially if writers want to get published they can look at authors on there who are also editors. This was really a first time for me to be publishing editors as contributing autors on this. I will be getting the flesh and blood copies to members, but it will be about three at a time. TP II members will be getting their copies in October after the expo, or if members appear at the expo I will give their copies to them in person. Authors who contributed to Quakes and Storms with stories that didn't fit the natural disaster theme, they went into TABLOID PURPOSES II.
This was written in May, and some authors weren't getting their copies until October? THAT, is what you have to look forward to if you get "published" with Nicky - no wait as of an email he sent to someone last week who forwarded it to me, he says he cannot afford to send out physical copies anymore they only get PDFs, so these poor people back in 2005 were actually lucky.
I am talking about flesh and blood copies here, not the "free pirated" versions that are going around. I am talking with the guy who is organizing the event and after seeing the second Tabloid Purposes, he thought it would be a good idea to get me on there.
Again, no more "flesh and blood copies". Now, here is where this gets funny and sad.
So here's the deal -- I am looking for someone who has a van and willing to make $80 for the day, I will be paying the driver ahead of time to help me cart my books to Villa Park from Joliet and back. I will pay the driver via paypal the amount after my booth payment is paid in full. The booth I am going have is a high traffic one, and they will set up the book signing at a certain hour and want to make sure it is before the bands do their gigs. I need to get there early too so I can set everything up and need to make it look cool as hell, so if you want to give me input to make my booth scary as hell shoot an email my way. I am thinking of my booth being covered with TABLOID NEWSPAPERS to go with the theme of TABLOID PURPOSES I and II. I am just trying to figure out all the information for the Expo so I can put it on a flyer. The guy will be doing an announcement on his website. I won't be announcing it here but if you're part of the yahoogroups, I will be making the announcement over there. With this coming up, getting copies for everyone will take a little longer.
$80. When you enter his Joliet address into google maps to where Gothicfest was held, here is what you get - 33.2 mi – about 47 mins

So if he were to rent your services that day, you'd have to pick his smelly lazy crazy ass up - from wherever you had to drive to get him - then drive 33.2 miles to the destination, having to listen to him chatter and smell him for about an hour. THEN you'd have to help him unload your van of his shit, carry it into the venue, help him set up, wait until the event was over, load up all of his shit into your van (same amount, with nothing being sold) then spend an hour driving him home where you'd have to help him unload all of his shit to where he was living. You'd apparently have to help him come up with booth ideas, and no doubt have to plaster tabloid newspapers around his booth as he'd be too short to get most of it. You'd have lucked out there, since he ended up stringing a few pieces of cotton around to make it look like cobwebs and went with a basic paper banner that simply said his name on it for his booth design.

That never happened thankfully, since gas alone would probably cost $80. $80 that he also didn't have for his authors.

Remember how I said he is always nervous about signings, including him saying that he was nervous about The Awakening II?
Nervous about this -- damn right I am, though working with my parents at their craft shows and at a flea market sort of gave me some experience in that area of working a booth. So this is where it all comes down to -- being able to go to my first convention as an author. This thing is a one day event and an all day thing from 11 AM to Midnight. I am going to be there the whole time too, so if you see me from U.S. Beer Company drop by and say hello, or flip me the bird (if you hate my guts.) This is more than likely will be just me doing the event but I am trying to get some from TABLOID PURPOSES II on board for this too if they are local, so bring your books as well. Bring your copies of New Writers of the Purple Page and I will sign them too. Now here I am working on a new story, finding out LAKE FOSSIL II is going to be my first real exclusive story to a paying market.
No one showed up with copies of his books, and he sold less than ten copies of what he had there. He gave a lot of them away however, which is typical.
This new story I am working on though will be my first real colaboration effort too as an author -- the first ones were good in the sense how I managed to work with them, I got a feel for their writing styles too. Working with Aaron Saunders, I had to bring out my influence of Richard Matheson. Michael Lovell the style was more in the touches of Lord Dunsay with him, so it was a workable colaboration but the story was lost -- now I got an email from Nicholas Mounts and Ronald Wright saying they want to co-write stories with me. The Ron Wright colaboration will easy become a Cthulhu Mythos story, Mounts will be a harder author to colaborate with but it is possible. This is a challenge in itself especially since I am working on a story that isn't a horror story, but more of a literary fiction story in the vein of Jules Verne and William Hope Hodgson. I read a lot of Verne's work as a kid, so going back into that influence was almost easier than going into the Mythos mode. I am finding Science Fiction just as fun to write as Horror is, but I am no fucking egghead though. Do I see myself writing a Science Fiction novel -- if I do this style it would be more in common with H.G. Wells because he wrote what they called Social Science Fiction, namely I don't have the tech smarts.
At least he told the truth there. If anyone has ever seen his detective work you'd know he doesn't know shit about IP addresses among other things.

So with this latest signing coming up will Nicky fail again? Of course there is no doubt. This time he will have some guests at the event he has threatened and talked smack to online and will have to face them in person. Last time he faced the friend of one of them he was sternly told to stfu, and apparently responded wide-eyed and quietly with an "Okay". Better have that ambulance on stand-by. Even if he doesn't get his ass kicked, he's going to have heat exhaustion, forget his meds, or just faint again.

He always does.

Blood Signed Book or Photography By Ray Charles

Here it is.
I am still looking for the pages he posted this on in my N: drive, but for now, here is his horrible picture of his book signed in his own blood. Note: This is the same guy who advertises himself as a photographer for hire in his anthologies, the same one that took this blurry pic with bad lighting.

This was brought up from my last entry that had his pathetic interview with a local paper where the interviewer's snarky mockery of Nicky was missed by Nicky completely.

Below is how it started with only the relevant parts pertaining to his "signing".
Jamie said...

Autographing his work in his own blood? WTF? Is that common among horror writers?

November 22, 2008 1:09 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You remember Nick bitching and crying about Eric Enck?? Well, Enck really *has* signed his books in blood -- and I find it interesting that Nick claims to have done the same thing...only AFTER knowing that Enck used to do it.
Imitation (or in Nick's case, LYING) may be a form of flattery to others. I see it as just another piece of his cyber-stalking puzzle.

November 23, 2008 12:25 AM

Anonymous Nickolaus Pacione said...

You fucks saying that I am copying enck you are fucking liars there. I did sign a book in blood back in 2005.

I had predated Enck there. He wasn't even published yet when he claimed that when I was published for a year. I guess you all been doing way too many drugs, especially 40 Foot Cockroach, who hasn't seen his Linda for a number of years.

I am guessing he was fucking about five women on the side so Linda had enough and left him. He doesn't like how he cries himself to sleep. His own mother hates him.

November 23, 2008 11:28 AM

Anonymous Nickolaus Pacione said...

You fucks saying that I am copying enck you are fucking liars there. I did sign a book in blood back in 2005.

I had predated Enck there. He wasn't even published yet when he claimed that when I was published for a year.

November 23, 2008 11:28 AM

Blogger Lewis said...

Eric Enck's first book "Tell Me Your Name" was released in 2004 Nicky. A year before you signed your book in "blood" and I'd be willing to bet he signed a couple of copies of his first book in his own blood, he strikes me as that kind of fellow.

Trying to fight with Mr Ant again? You should know how that ends by now dumpling, badly for you.

November 23, 2008 12:55 PM

ETT Note: Lewis is right.

I've used red boxes to block out my computer's folder drive names, but below is the properties for the above picture. It's dated June of 2005.And of course, my recollection of those events.
ExposeTheTard said...

Regarding Nicky's signing a book with his own blood...

Sounds badass, right? You can imagine someone cutting themselves and pouring their blood into an inkwell?

Well it's not that cool.

In a rare moment, Nicky was shaving. Not doing it the right way from lack of practice, Nicky accidentally cut open one of his zits. Gross I know.

He used the chance to "sign a book in blood" by taking a toothpick and rubbing the blood off his zit wound then onto the page of a book. We have a pic of that if anyone is interested.

That is the truth, it was zit blood and a very small amount. Of course he tried jacking up the price of the book he smeared his zit juice on and tried selling it, but no one wanted it. If Nicky were to slit is own throat to sign a book I'd pay for one in advance. ;)

The other truth about Nicky, is that he was inspired by Enck to do so. I believe his own words, which I will find in my files, said that he gashed himself while shaving on a zit and got the idea from Eric. He said that himself.

Which isn't surprising since Nicky is a plagiarizer with no original ideas or writing style. Oh the irony that a guy who loathes people stealing from him is in fact the worst of them all when it comes to theivery.

November 23, 2008 1:50 PM


Sorry, Nikki, but any moron can search Amazon and see Eric's first book -the one he has signed in blood for people- came out early 2005. Meaning he sold REAL COPIES to REAL ,PEOPLE, in a REAL BOOKSTORE after being published by a REAL PUBLISHER-- and he did sign it in REAL BLOOD. I know; I have a copy!!

You not only do NOT predate him, but you are lying in the first place when you say you sign in blood. PROVE THAT YOU EVER DID IT... especially when you *faint at the sight of real blood.**

November 23, 2008 3:34 PM

If anonymous or anyone else has a link they could give me where Enck's signing complete with proof he sold his book with his own blood autograph, I will include it in this post. Meanwhile, I will continue to sift through my gigs of Pacione garbage and see if I can find what he wrote about it.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tales From The Dark Side

This is Roselle Public Library.

Why is it on this page, you ask? Because that is where Nicky plans on donating his books.

Do you have a problem with his crap being in a public library? I thought you would! So

Roselle Public Library http://www.roselle.lib.il.us/
40 S. Park Street
Roselle, Illinois 60172
phone (630)529-164
fax (630) 529-7579

Lisa Poignant, Executive Director

If you contact them to warn them about putting Nicky in their collect, please be polite, and always link them to sites where Nicky's own words speak volumes. You'd be surprised how much showing people the Encyclopedia Dramatica page on him coupled with a few others completely and utterly makes them swear off whatever plans they had with him.

Now, because I am supposed to show you stuff from the past and promised this in particular, and because the title of the following piece is the title of this entry, this is an article his local paper wrote about him.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Dance! Dance On Lake Fossil's Grave!

Thanks to an anonymous donator, I have this awesome image to help us celebrate the fall of an unethical business that churned out endless crap!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

50 Foot Ant's Genius Idea! Nicky Is Breaking More Lulu Rules, So Help Report Him!

Blogger 50 Foot Ant said...

Correct me if I am wrong, but providing a direct link after the storefront is shut down is bypassing the suspension, and cause for immediate termination, right?

What a shame if someone told Lulu about that, huh?

A shame indeed!

If one were to point this out to lulu, you'd need

1) the link to the page he is trying to do this at which is here (http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=801115584&v=feed&viewas=1105125560) and a way to login to facebook. I myself told lulu in my complaint they needed a facebook login to see it just in case.

2) Then you'd need to know where to complain, which would be here.

3) You might need these tidbits...
Nickolaus will have his site back on the 24 of the month but if you want to buy copies of the book -- see me on the 29th and I will have Tabloid Purposes IV there. 3:55am
Nickolaus angry because Jane Timm Baxter caused his lulu.com site got disabled for four days. But has his other storefront which he will sell Tabloid Purposes IV from. 4:26am
Nickolaus will have Tabloid Purposes IV available for sale on another storefront. 7:45am

Nickolaus anyone wanting Tabloid Purposes IV, It's available here -- http://www.lulu.com/content/4957967 Screw the trolls, I am making it available as a direct link. 9:37am
Be sure to let them know that Nicky is blatantly breaking their rules and trying to go around them, and that he is obviously bragging about it.

AUTOAIM IS BACK! or A Bad Day For Nicky

Phoenix Rising!

In other great news, lulu.com finally suspended Nicky's account, as reported by Rusty Nail.

For this, I have to steal something from her comments section, because it made me lol and seemed perfect.

The following goes in chronological order starting when Nicky first woke up and went about his day until he discovered that lulu had punked him good.

This is how a bad day starts and only gets worse. lol

3:44am Nickolaus is updating his lulu.com storefront with a banner to nextcat.com; this is a directory for people looking for work in the entertainment industry.

3:52am Nickolaus going, "SHIT TERMPORARY DISBABLED on lulu.com".

3:55am Nickolaus will have his site back on the 24 of the month but if you want to buy copies of the book -- see me on the 29th and I will have Tabloid Purposes IV there.

4:26am Nickolaus angry because Jane Timm Baxter caused his lulu.com site got disabled for four days. But has his other storefront which he will sell Tabloid Purposes IV from.

4:44am Nickolaus muttering, "Fuck you Baxter."

7:45am Nickolaus will have Tabloid Purposes IV available for sale on another storefront.

8:26am Nickolaus is annoyned at how one blog is going around stealing everything of his and watermarking it as if it was theirs.

9:37am Nickolaus anyone wanting Tabloid Purposes IV, It's available here -- http://www.lulu.com/content/4957967 Screw the trolls, I am making it available as a direct link.

10:15am Here's Tabloid Purposes IV. Go ahead and grab this up as a direct link. I am signing these next saturday.

5:59pm ...I am wondering which “author” gave Preditors & Editors information about blackballing my imprint. I guess this might be a victory for those douchebags too...

...You were too much trouble than you were worth, and ten years from now I picture you pushing a cart around downtown Atlanta, or Athens, Georgia,” Wait isn’t she the one who got the mentally ill person’s storefront shut down on lulu.com? Don’t buy anything from her if that’s the case.”...

Monday, November 17, 2008

"I sincerely apologize for taking so long" or "Copies that I had back in July and August ended up getting in the hands of the Coal City newspaper."

Since someone reposted his guidelines for his next magazine, even though his lulu was shut down ( ROFL ) and offering up to $14 I thought it only appropriate to take this time to post a long forgotten piece Nicky submitted in 2006. After all, his shady business practices are what led lulu to disable his account yesterday, so I'd like to take the time to show one of the many ways you DON'T run a business.

On a side note, Nicky is back to thinking I am Rusty Nail. Apparently since we don't post at the exact same time that makes us one in the same. He has discovered I am Jack's amused pancreas and she is Tyler Durden, or vice-versa I guess. Who the hell is going to hire someone to be a bill collector when they try and consolidate their foes into the same people for convince?!


In this PDF, Nicky explains why he couldn't pay his authors. Please take note of the messed up priorities and how exactly this "business" functions.

Those of you who've been asking me when you are going to get your copies in print of the respective anthologies you appeared in or the magazine. It will be after I get all moved in the new apartment, since I need every bit of the funds I have right now to cover for my security deposit and my share of the rent. I am going to use some of the royalties made from the books themselves to get copies of the other books as well. I still need to cover the copies for the authors in the Midwest, West Coast, and the land down under. You're asking me when this would be done -- I am hoping soon especially for the writers on TABLOID PURPOSES II and the Quakes and Storms anthologies. I want to make sure I hook the authors up with the hardcover editions of the books.

I sincerely apologize for taking so long with getting the books, just as I seem to get the print copies of the books I can't hang on to them long enough. Copies that I had back in July and August ended up getting in the hands of the Coal City newspaper. I still owe copies of the magazine to authors from issue two and copies of the anthologies to the first wave of authors from the start of the anthologies, it's going to take me a long time because I don't exactly make a lot of money and getting the books aren't free for me either. For the time being, I can provide PDF versions of the books for now. But when I get into the new apartment, I am going to be operating Lake Fossil Press from two locations. One from my apartment in Justice, and the other will be from my home in Morris, Illinois. Since all my computer stuff will be staying in Morris, I will be working on everything when I am in town and when I get in town. I stay in Morris about two weeks out of the month, and during those two weeks I will be working on getting the magazines together and the anthologies off the ground. That will include getting the international copies out as well; one of those things that can set me back -- the moving into a new place.

If you were on issue two and I still owe you a copy, you're going to get it signed by both myself and the cover lady. The set backs of doing the large anthologies on a print on demand place are that they do add up, it gets costly. This is something I know because I am in contact with the other players who do use lulu.com as their printing partner. I owe copies of issue two and three to authors who appeared on both, and I will be getting those to you soon. Issue three will be carried on some major sellers too once I get the proof copy back with the ISBN and I just got done
reworking TABLOID PURPOSES ONE. The new editions of the anthology are reformatted and redesigned from title page to the final story in there. Being one
person doing everything is going to be taxing especially when that one person is moving to a new residence -- and living in two places part time.

If you're on the third page of this, I am doing this so I can keep everyone posted on what is going on. Moving is a huge change and some of the things I tried to do within the last two months nearly killed me mentally, Christmas literary drained my bank account and I am still feeling the effects of that. I have copies of the second issue but I am waiting until I get some more before I start sending them out. I am only able to afford to get one copy of the anthology at a time right now, and if you want more updates on my moving situation join the Lake Fossil Press group on yahoogroups.com and I will be posting more as I get settled. I am using royalties earned from my own books to get copies of the anthologies and the magazine. I had to downsize the magazine from three hundred pages to two-hundred and seventyseven pages.

So if you're on the anthologies get the word out and help get a few books sold because that is how I will be able to get your copies that I owe you. I got a card back from the Red Cross, and that was the proof that all the royalties from Quakes and Storms got donated to the Red Cross. The donations there went in memorial, and the next batch of donations will be just to the red cross in general. As some of you heard, Melyssa G. Sprott had to undergo surgery for her shoulder so I am hosting the anthology from a new store front I did especially for this project. I got this card on Christmas from the Red Cross letting me know they got the money from the anthology. That anthology is now available on http://books.lulu.com/quakesandstorms. The book is no longer
available on her site, for now. She plans to make it available again soon as she's better, I will still have her do the donations for the Red Cross -- and I am hoping I can do the same with sales of The Storms Of Armageddon. If I owe you money and a copy, it will take longer too than I planned it to be. The moving into the new apartment was something that came rather fast, and didn't expect it to happen. The room mate now has a storefront to help her raise funds for her events, go to the web address that is listed at the end of this, http://books.lulu.com/eveningfalls1334.

I will also be sending my work out too to different publications, hopefully I can get it placed. That should help me get copies when needed too so please keep your fingers crossed. 2006 for me is going to be a little rough until I get all settled in and the rent being paid, if I can't get the books to you in the mail I will try to get them to you in person. I was trying to do this with the second issue of the Ethereal Gazette to the authors who were local. I am still trying to do so with the authors who are local in
Issue Three. It will take me some time to get them but please be patient, I am only one person. Doing issue three, my health wasn't all the best and I will continue doing the anthologies and the magazine, just need to stretch the issues out some more.

Brigit couldn't keep the House of Pain going any longer because of her health, and that was why I helped with the magazine. I wanted to see it live long enough to see its ten year anniversary, those of you who asked about the best of The House of Pain anthology -- I am going to give it to you straight, I still plan to put it together. Just that it will take me a while to get everything together and still trying to get in touch with authors who appeared on it, so far the line up is strong but I want it to be at least 200 pages. I am trying to keep up the magazine too and everyone wanted me to go more often than quarterly, but that is something I have to do with this mag because it is the only way for me to keep track of all the authors involved with the publication. I got a lot of good submissions on the third issue, and a lot of them will be carried over into issue four. I will be working on issue four some time in March and hoping it can be released in April or May.

I will eventually getting a P.O. Box so I can take submissions via snail mail as long they are on a floppy disk and a .doc format. I am committed to keep the small press running as long as I am alive. The Ethereal Gazette was inspired by The Tajmahal Review, a publication in India. I appeared on one of the issues along with one of the contributers of the third anthology and first issue of the magazine. Some of you who are on the anthology or magazine will have the new home address so keep in touch that way too. I will have to print my manuscripts out from the local community college, and once I am established in the new place. I do plan to take a screen writing class in college so I can translate my work to a film or radio script.

My resolution for 2006 is to stay better in touch with authors from all the anthologies, and that is why I did the yahoo group. I had to say there will be a large number of authors who appeared on a Lake Fossil Press publication, and I did get a contest going too. The details are on my website at tripod.com. When I am at the new apartment, the room mates plan to get Atlantis Ocean Mind 1.6 and Open Office so I can work from there on the next few issues. I am going with a theme on issue five, so those if you who write cyberpunk fiction that will be the cyberpunk issue, stories for that one must be between 2500 to 88000 words. Issue four will be worked on later in March when I go back to Morris for two weeks, and I will be working on the novella sequel to House of Spiders as I am settled in the new place too. When I am settled in I will have a housewarming, and I will invite the authors from the anthologies who worked with me over the years.

In the mean time, stay safe. I will be keeping you posted via the PDF notices. It is taking a lot longer than originally planned to take to get the copies to the contributors. I am being honest here when I say this, I am just one man and that is very hard to do at times when doing so many publications.

Nickolaus A. Pacione
Editor and Founder, Lake Fossil Press
Really, there isn't much I can say about this, other than the closing of his lulu page shouldn't be blamed on one person, and it should have happened years ago.

If folks want to see it, I can post the Coal City newspaper article he spoke of.

Associated Content's TOS Being Violated By Nicky, Part 1

This is AngryInIllinois' idea, whom I emailed and got permission to do this. First, here is a part of their Terms of Service, the large and bold fonts indicating where Nicky is breaking the rules, and the quotes from his articles that follow will have the same.

Associated Content's TOS

7. Representations and Warranties. Content Producer hereby represents, warrants and covenants to Company that: (a) if Content Producer is an individual, Content Producer is over the age of eighteen (18); (b) Content Producer shall use its reasonable best efforts to perform the Services in an ethical, diligent and professional manner consistent with highest industry standards and otherwise in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement; (c) Content Producer is the owner or the licensee of all IP Rights relating to the Works and has full legal power and authority to enter into and perform this Agreement in accordance with its terms, including without limitation, the full right and power to grant to Company the rights granted in the Works, as described herein, without the consent of any governmental body, any regulatory authority, or any third party; (d) the Works, and Company's use thereof, does not and shall not violate or in any way infringe upon the rights of third parties, including without limitation, any IP Rights, rights of publicity or privacy rights of any third party; (e) the Services will not be in violation of any applicable law, rule, or regulation, and Content Producer will have obtained all permits required to comply with such laws and regulations; (f) the Works are free and clear of all claims, liens, encumbrances and the like of any nature whatsoever, and Content Producer has not made a previous assignment, transfer, license grant or agreement in conflict herewith or constituting a present or future assignment, license grant or encumbrance with respect to any Works in conflict herewith; (g) the Works shall not contain any unlawful, threatening, abusive, false, libelous, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, profane, or otherwise infringing or objectionable content or material of any kind; (h) Content Producer has provided and will continue to provide true, accurate and complete information to Company in connection with this Agreement and the Application, including, without limitation, Content Producer's legal name, tax identification information, address and other requested contact information; (i) the execution, delivery and performance of this Agreement does not conflict with, constitute a breach of, or in any way violate any arrangement, understanding or agreement to which Content Producer is a party or by which Content Producer is bound; and (j) the Works shall not include any software code or other materials subject to non-negotiable licenses, including without limitation, "open source" or "freeware" software licenses, or any other stipulations or restrictions requiring that the Works and/or any material combined or distributed with such Works be (i) disclosed or distributed in source code form, (ii) licensed for the purpose of making derivative works, or (iii) re-distributable at no charge. Content Producer further represents, warrants and covenants to Company that no claim, whether or not embodied in an action past or present, of any infringement, of any conflict with, or of any violation of any IP Right or similar right, has been made or is pending or threatened against Content Producer or Content Producer's Related Parties relative to the Works, nor to the best of Content Producer's knowledge, are there any valid grounds for any claim challenging the ownership, validity, or enforceability of the Works or any IP Rights therein.

From Nicky's article on Associated Content titled

Industry Rivalry

First, before citing the numerous examples that Nicky is breaking their TOS, let's look at a comment he left in this article, directed at the person he is slandering, indicating he is only using AC to get back at him.
Take your fucking tags down you have about my books because they are a misrepresentation of what they are. You keep doing those kind of tags then I will smear you more on here. Now I got your attention, since you're doing Italian baiting now. Keep running your mouth about me douche and keep linking the articles because the more hits on them I will get paid.

Posted on 11/16/2008 at 4:11:27 PM

It's nice to know one can use AC to harass people if they don't do what you say.
Now, on to the "article" itself.
It seems that Timothy Lieder likes to mess with my publishing company and anthologies for way too long, and I am going to put this out there for the good people of AssociatedContent.com that he was the person who frequently libeled my books with tags that don't even fit the books I edit. The pushy little bastard likes to hide behind the fact he's Hebrew to accuse me of making anti-Semitic remarks but he's asking the very same way that Adolf Hitler did.
I am just waiting for Michael Boatman to have a book published elsewhere before I buy it because I don't want to put any money in Lieder's pocket being the pushy sack of crap he is.
I had first clashed with him in 2003, and he made it clear he would try to pass me off as something I am not and I am willing to go on a limb here that he's never slept with a woman in his life.
I know enough about him to can't stand the publisher and I do use the term publisher rather loosely in referring to him. Especially since he pulled out that site that lies about me rather often to drag my name through the dirt. I worked with some of his artists and know they are damn good at what they do.
The following is racist. What does Tim's nationality, race or religion have to do with any of this? Nothing, because it is Nicky being racist and anti-semetic.
I already know right now the four-eyed douche doesn't have the heart in this country to say exactly what he says online about me to my face so I am putting this out there right now. He's giving the Jewish folk a bad name when he does this kind of shit.
He's done this for way too damn long and got away with it for such a long time. Especially when I was slated to appear in an anthology with him. I am wondering if he bribed the editor not to run my story after the payment was offered for it.
Then when Timothy Lieder found out I was going to be one of his anthology mates, he went ballistic.
Being he was trying to ruin everything I worked to get out there for such a long time, and he constantly harassed me via Youtube.com with videos of shit I wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole.
This came the rumors of kidnapping of rival authors kids and all of that, when I wouldn't do such a thing.

Between Timothy Lieder and Brian Keene (yes I know that Brian Keene posts as Stefan on Amazon.com.It's not out of his character to mess with publications, and especially when I announced that Tabloid Purposes when I did the guidelines was going to rival The Best of Horrorfind II. Especially since one of the authors on his line up took an open jab on the anthology when I first did the guidelines. He is the reason I can't exactly respond on comments when I blog on there. Since Amazon is my publisher in some aspects.)
This didn't go too well with Lieder and a few from his circle so they put my company on blast.
When I wrote An Eye In Shadows, it was exposing the Timothy Lieder types in this business. Being his mentality never really wandered from high school in that sense
(The following falls under "obscene, pornographic, profane, or otherwise infringing or objectionable content or material of any kind")
A few of them, went a little too far by pulling their pants down and taking a collective shit on an anthology I didn't edit.
As much I try to forget the nay-sayers who go around pulling their pants down to leave a ripe one on a dead authors' grave
back to the libeling
Also privacy is something they really could care less about too when a few of them actually impersonated me in some shape or form, the MO of both Lieder and Brian Keene showing themselves true.
Brian Keene started that rumor about me stealing Stephen King's works when I wouldn't do such a thing, those rumors are going to be his downfall.
Timothy Lieder is another that seems to carry himself as a controlling personality who wants to see the small press as a monopoly meaning no authors emerging from AuthorsDen.com or Lulu.com finding their way into the industry. I would rather self-publish a book and be real than someone who runs a small press and be a total asshole who has far left leanings
Here is a violation with some racism against Jews to top it off.
Despite the odds, it will happen despite Mister Un-Kosher bastard would try to do. I have a lot of respect for the Hebrew people, just there is always that one in the crowd who makes the rest of the bunch look bad.

edit: Missed this one in his comments

Abe -- I already know this one is going to cause a stir. I already been accused of being a racist when I am not one. I accidentally deleted one of the most insightful comments I received on here and this is responding to that one too. The guy who commented there is head on with it but the one who called me the racist is gunning for my head for this one because I actually was very critical and Tim Lieder and some similar are giving their national origin a bad name because I met some Jewish people who are very sincere.

Posted on 11/10/2008 at 5:11:54 AM

Again, what does him being Jewish have to do with anything?! Nothing! RACIST!

Let's go back to the comments one more time on that page to find homophobia
Lieder -- I guess you're going to try to smear me on here too but I guess that will not work, don't you have anything better to do than to libel someone's anthology. I guess that comes with your faggoty nature.

Posted on 11/11/2008 at 4:11:42 PM

And last, more profane obscene-ness
I had to give my history of the small press as I came into it. Some of them acted if they just pulled a rabbit out of their ass.
He certainly loves to imagine his foes defecating on him, doesn't he? That, and their asses. Their asses are often on his mind.

Report Him Anonymously

Copy/paste url of offending website