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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

"I am about to have a hot girlfriend with a little bit of money."

Here it is.

One of Nicky's exes joined goodreads after looking him up again and began to give his books poor reviews.

Nicky being Nicky messaged this person in his typical fashion and found out the shocking truth: It was an ex
with a grudge to bear.

The following is said transcript take from a two day span. Nicky's responses will be in
Funniest part that confirms Nicky has a small dick that he didn't deny is in italic.

Nickolaus said to you:
you know what you're doing is kind of weak. You're going to hate me for what reason? Just because I refused to play by the rules in the business.

you said to Nickolaus:
I don't hate you. I just think your writing sucks.

Nickolaus said to you:

You read a lot of fag fiction -- that in turn you do hate my guts. I hate your guts prick. FAG. Have you even read the complete novella of House of Spiders 3. You dissed a story that is true, what kind of person are you. You're definately a fruit if you hate my works.

you said to Nickolaus:
I figured you would have improved your writing, at least a little, since I dumped your ass in Iowa. I hope our son never sees your writing, he will be incredibly embarassed about his illiterate "father".
I have read all of your books, the pdf's were in my mailbox shortly after each one's release.
Nice homoerotic anthology you've got circulating around the net. Those retards sure pulled one up on you. The cover art is spectacular. I'm sure you'll see your handiwork eventually.

Nickolaus said to you:

I am going get you pulled from here. I don't do homoerotic fiction. That's flat out libel. I am not going to start the feud on here. You can go to hell.

you said to Nickolaus:
That's the only way your stuff gets read, seems like. You're too dumb to realize who I am.

Nickolaus said to you:
I am much better off in Illinois. I don't write homoerotic shit. Your life sucks right now. I am at least getting noticed by the Derleth family and have their respect. He'll find the magazine I got published in -- Withersin Magazine 1.1: BIrth Issue. He'll find Tales of the Talisman 2.1 and 2.4.

I am better off without you. You held me back. Tabloid Purposes IV is not not homoerotic, and how can you blast a true crime story from my history. I am glad I am rid of you. Besides -- I am getting noticed by members of Ministry.

My stuff is getting carried in bookstores out here. Get used to seeing my name around more and my anthology is being taken around by a few heavy metal bands on tour with them. You're stealing money from my pocket. Besides April Derleth actually my work, that's a connection to August Derleth and the Lovecraft circle.

She compared me to LOVECRAFT. My publisher at Naked Snake Press compared me to Richard Matheson, at least I can write well with others now. I kind of knew you were going to support
all my rivals. They all suck anyway.

Nickolaus said to you:
actually just sold a few, and my newer readers are supporting print authors only. Not only that -- one my anthologies is going to be in a movie. Choke on that. I am being read by a horror hostess and a horror actress. Choke on that for awhile. Good riddence that your mom is dead, that was the happiest day in my life.

you said to Nickolaus:
At least I don't live in my grandparent's basement and have to live with being a failure as a father. We lost ***** because of you and your writing. I hope you remember that with every crappy word you type on the computer your cousins had to buy your sorry ass.

Paying to publish your work doesn't make you successful, it makes you pathetic. My life is far more fulfilling than your basement dwelling existence.

I laughed when I heard about you being homeless, getting stabbed in the head, and also the fun trip to Baltimore where you ran around in your underwear to get away from your gay love interest.

Nickolaus said to you:
I am getting PAID for it too. This is a temporary situation with the grandparents. Melanie that is one thing you didn't understand -- devotion and sacrifice.

Sacrifice is what makes a damn good writer. You were never a writer so you would never understand that.

I am not a queer, I was in my clothes and slept on a fucking park bench. Besides -- I am about to have a hot girlfriend with a little bit of money. I might be on disability but I am doing what I want. Just twats like you tend to urinate on my authors circle. I got discovered by Nicholas Grabowsky. The guy who wrote Halloween IV.

My old computer was caught in an electrical storm you twat. My new one is being paid off little by little. Between that and being a part-time manager of a heavy metal band. I have the doors that opened wide for every aspect of the business to get me discovered.

Laughing about how I got stabbed -- you're a cunt. I am better off without you. You tried to change what I was and failed there. At least I am doing what I want. I get out more often than you ever did.

I just didn't have many chances to do book signings because of my family having health problems. What is your excuse Melanie. I've been over you for years. At least my cousins are supportive of my career, and they are noticing that I am starting to get some legitimate readerships.

To be known by April Derleth and respected -- that says a lot. I didn't lose my soul writing horror.

you said to Nickolaus:
A hot girlfriend with money? What makes you think she's going to want to slum with you in your grandparent's basement? I bet she hasn't even met you yet in person or heard your squeaky pre pubescent voice. Last date I heard you were supposed to have, you freaked the girl out before you even met her and she wouldn't go to Gothicfest because of you.

Have the cops come to your house yet because of that video threat you made towards Bob Freeman? You really stepped over the line there and messed with the wrong person sounds like. He can actually afford a

Nickolaus said to you:
Don't ever blast on my gig. Gothicfest helped me get out there -- and the first one was a big deal because it was my home town. I had a blast and I will always do the festival.

Just make sure I stock up more copies of a certain book. I began to think that you're the twat behind exposethetard.blogspot.com -- the reason being you're the only one who had that yellow journalism background.

Don't fuck with my books or my author mates. We've all worked hard to get where we are and fat cocksuckers like Bob Freeman gets off on fucking with guys who like to do everything
themselves. And for the record the only thing I paid for on lulu.com are my ISBNs, and the copies here and there. I only order up four or five at a time.

That way I can have them ready for when I do a gig where I will end up MC'ing the thing. Seems like you and crazy Michelle Russo talk a lot. 21 minutes ago

Nickolaus said to you:
I didn't exactly threaten the fuck -- just told him to fuck off. He crossed the line with me a number of times as you did. So I am going to take what he did to the press. Both you have one thing in common -- your both backward hicks.

Nickolaus said to you:
Don't you EVER dangle my son in front of me like a carrot. IT's going to give my family more motivation to help me get Custody back. You know why you have visitation -- it is because I
fought to get an open adoption. I am to use Illinois law to do it. I used the Illinois system to get the open custody in effect and I am going to fight to get him. You fucked with my career and you fucked with my family in that sense. I am glad your mother is dead and gone. I wanted to throw a piss on her grave party.

you said to Nickolaus:
Oh, don't make me laugh. You don't have a chance in hell of doing anything. While you've been squandering your pathetic life in your grandparent's basement, I've been collecting a file of your various online videos, rants, threats and statements from lots of people you've had run ins with. Those things combined with your mental issues, demonstrated inability to support yourself and dependence on your family for support would make the judge laugh you right out of family court. You're a danger to your son and anyone with half a brain can see that. Don't hold your breath.

you said to Nickolaus:
Nick you keep talking shit I am going to go public and tell them about your dick size. You remember the problems we had with your dick size, don't you? And they would know I was telling the truth since you told everyone we had a son together.

Nickolaus said to you:
So your behind exposethetard on blogspot then -- I am definately going to the press now with all of this.

you said to Nickolaus:
Nope, sorry, wrong again. But now I know who to tell.

you said to Nickolaus:
Who is the Lake Fossil Press Babe? Looks like a man in drag to me...did one of your cousins dress up and hump the gravestones while you took pics? Nice job. LOL.

Nickolaus said to you:
BITCH -- back off. Leave my books alone and let me make the money on them so I can pay the authors. You're cheating the authors.

Nickolaus said to you:
It's not that fruit. You're just as libelous as those cunts.

you said to Nickolaus:

From what I've heard, you're the one cheating your authors by not paying them or giving them contributor copies. You live rent free in your grandparent's basement and are on welfare, so how can you not afford to pay people for their work?

Nickolaus said to you:
You fucks encouraging theft of my books -- they get paid, but fucks like you ruin that by stealing each book I produce. That makes you all losers in that sense. KEep talking because I am instrumenting your banning.

Nickolaus said to you:
I am not going to be silent and let fucks and fags like you ruin my sales. I am going to the press and ruining you too. That's right Melany you're as guilty as these bastards too. I
am also going to fight to get sole custody of ***** too. You dangle my kid in front of me like a carrot, and you tried to ruin my career early on.

I am paying the authors as I go when I do anthologies and offer them a slot on a signing when I get them. IT's bitches like you and Koehler who encourage people to stalk me to no end and believe books like A Day In THe Life when that is nothing but libel on my family.

An Eye In Shadows is more accurate and then some, really why are you so afraid of the fact I am getting sales -- that's one step closer for ***** to find me.

Why are you so afraid that I will get some legit readers? The friends you have aren't legit readers -- they are fucks who go around message board.

I am getting respect for my work, whether you like it or not. Getting Collectives out with booksurge -- I was not happy with the way they put it out there so I put it out myself.

You stole my CD collection and stole my cassette collection. You stole from me there too bitch, and yeah I will go on record about that when I go to the press with the story of Tabloid Purposes IV and An Eye In Shadows. You were a mistake, and now I know better.

If you had your picture up on Firefly I wouldn't have never came to Iowa. You encouraged the theft of my books you fucking cunt. I broke McKeeman of Gothic.net when he decided to put
out his novel out himself, that basically made it my mission to destroy his career. I pissed on his photo and uploaded it.

You're pathetic Melany. The one who isn't going anywhere fast except to stay in Mason Shithole. I at least managed to get out here and there. My anthology mag is carried in a few Chicago bookstores, what is your excuse? What you going to do find those books so you can burn then? Why's that because I write against WICCA now.

You contributed to the libel of my books to no end you sad bitch. I am happy your mother is dead and rotting, now I am just hoping for your dad to join her. Your family screwed my family. You're just as sad as Karen Koehler who stalked my real life friends to no end. You fucks make me SICK. Promoting vampires that go suck each other off without end -- That is just wrong on so many levels. Tabloid Purposes is against homosexuality in any form.

you said to Nickolaus:
What? The Coal City Courant? The local Pennysaver? You're a joke and everyone knows it. No one takes you or your writing seriously.

Nickolaus said to you:
No -- I am going to a couple city papers (Chicago Sun-Times and The Daily Herold.) Kill yourself bitch. Do the world a favor -- no one needs to hear from you EVER.

Game over Nicky.


Anonymous said...

He didn't deny having a small dick! ETT Wins! Fatality!

He keeps saying that people are keeping his authors from getting paid, yet he isn't giving them points on the sale. They aren't getting a percentage of each sale he's just paying them per story.

So if he isn't paying them it's his fault, especially since he goes on to make additional anthologies without first paying off the authors from the others.

cussedness said...

The ultimate irony is that he was the one banned from goodreads and not Mel.

Anonymous said...

Wait. He has friends to stalk?

cussedness said...

apparently speaking or responding to people he considers friends is stalking them.

Anonymous said...

Is this him? I just can't tell.

Anonymous said...

How long before Nicky reads this and says "So Melany is behind exposethetard on blogspot then" even though that's not the case?

Rusty said...

So Mel really was Melany (or Melanie). Wow. I wonder how she really spells it, since Nicky's used both spellings.

Granny's basement is "temporary," eh? When did years at a time in between lasting six months with roomies become temporary? Every time he gets kicked out, he goes running back to granny's.

And now he thinks he can mooch off a woman with a little money? I've never in my life seen such a needy, dependent 30-something. Always waiting around expecting women to come to his rescue and provide for him . . .

ETT, you've laid your hands on a pot of gold with this particular exchange. Kudos!

*hands ETT a virtual beer*

Anonymous said...

Is that the real Melany ETT?

Well it doesn't matter if it was the real Melany or not, what matters is Nicky thought it was and spilled his guts. That is major win right there!

Anonymous said...

"Is this him? I just can't tell.

Don't think it is; for one the age is too high, isn't it? The dead giveaway is that he lists "Bauhaus" as a band he likes, and that would require 1) taste and 2) knowledge of goth culture, neither of which Darling Nicky has.

phaedrax said...

I agree, it doesn't matter if it was the real Melany...what matters is EPIC WIN and LULZ from Nicky's responses.

Anonymous said...

fuck that is some gnarly shit.

we all knew you were messed in the head man but after reading this we aren't comfortable having you around the group nick. you can come to the shows buy your ticket rock out and have a few brews but no more contacting us or telling people you know us ok man.

Ben said...

Wait, when did Nicky start "managing" a heavy metal band? I predict that band breaks up in two weeks as a result of Pacione's amazing talents as a manager.

I'm also guessing that the cousins that bought Nicky a new computer are probably the ones that I allegedly treated like shit in high school, like Nicky's been claiming for the past five years.

Anonymous said...

So what moron made Nickypoo a Master of Ceremony if indeed that's for real and not a put on? That's fucked up. Keep sucking those lemons Nick maybe it will do something for your prepubescent voice. Unlikely though.

Ben said...

Somehow, it's not this that prompted Nicky to engage in more PayPal blackmail, but it's the picture of his pet rat.

Now that's way out of left field even for someone like Nickolaus Pacione!

Melany said...

To set the record straight it wasn't the "real" Melany who did this. I should know as that would be me, and I've never heard of goodreads until a friend told me about this and said "hey isn't that your fucked up ex fiancee with an ego bigger than his penis?" and thought I could use a good laugh. Which I did.

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