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Monday, May 3, 2010

Nicky At A Hospital. With Police Officers

Hat tip: AUTOAIM! Thank you so much we thought this was lost for good!
Hat tip: Al_Kilyu for converting it into video I can use!

This, for those new to all of this, is Nicky. You can't see him but you can hear him, and you can sure as hell see the police behind him.

Backstory: Nicky went out for the weekend to Chicago on New Years. To save money, Nicky stays at Hostels and since he doesn't drive, usually has to make any trip to Chicago an overnighter.

After New Years, Nicky went MIA according to his family. His family is incredibly wary of him leaving the house, ever, so much so he usually has to wait until his relatives go to bed so he can sneak out if he ever wants to go anywhere, because he usually ends up in a hospital or arrested.

Nicky it seems, was gone for more days than he had said he'd be, and being the thoughtful person he is decided not to call anyone to let them know this. So his family, concerned for his well being (or wanting to avoid the predictable call from the cops) reported him missing.

What follows is one of the oddest events in Nicky's past...he checks in, via a video on the internet, from a hospital, with cops behind him lol'ing at his douchebaggery.

Wouldn't a simple phone call have sufficed?
And if they didn't get your email, Nicky, why would they log into your blog to find and watch your vid--never mind.

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