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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Return Of Valentine Vegan

As seen here
Nicky's former psychotic stalker has once again grown bored of his glass house and got himself a new bag of stones.

You may have read on this blog about ValentineVegan, the Nicky stalker that harassed him in a very unfunny and psychotic way. Sure Nicky has been trolled for years, however, ValentineVegan would go too far, such as threatening to tie Nicky up and smear feces on him. All while blaming others, pretending to be others, and threatening to call the cops on random innocent people to cover his tracks.

Once busted out, he had no choice to admit it was him, but in a pathetic twist decided to perform fellatio on Nicky to get back in his good graces.
If you haven't already, I highly sugges you read his multiple-personality goodness from a few years ago, especially since he's not done making an ass of himself by accusing others of shit he still does.

Now, on to the show...

(LD 2010=Comments he left today, LD 2008=Comments he left in '08 as either himself or ValentineVegan)

LD 2010: "Matt Schwartz said just to ignore him, or go to the cops, so that's what I did. The police said they'd keep an eye out on this character and alert the authorities overseas --- so much for the NYPD..." (the moment you mention the Internet to them, they look at you like you're crazy, because one must be crazy to even be on a computer, right?)"

LD 2008: "Eric Enck, I will only say this once. I have no time for this immature rhetoric. Keep stirring shit for publicity on your own books and Nickolaus Pacione melodrama, and I will call the New York State Attorney General’s Office first thing Monday morning and have you pulled in for questioning faster than a dog can sniff his own ass, and have EVERYBODY investigated: Karen Koehler, Rusty Nail, Janrae Frank — including myself, with no worries whatsoever. You are the culprit again, as always, starting trouble between other parties, just like you did with a certain zombie author on previous occasions. It was all you. The New York Police Department has been keeping survellaince on Rusty and you as of late (among others), and they found this little tidbit from some site called “Deviant Art”. In Italics below (from what the detective provided me; http://www.exposethetard.blogspot.com/"
(after typing the latter, Daggy admitted to being the very person he was accusing others of being. In other words, take what he says with a grain of salt when it comes to accusations and the police)
LD 2010: "He's been threatening, through here and other forums, myself, my family, women and children, from rape to defacation,"

LD 2008: "Knock, knock, knock…"who is it" grammy pacione, we’re here for your son. open up! we just want to take him for a stroll. maybe tie him to a tree, smear doody over his face, shave his head. we know he’s in there….please tell him to come outside, mammy pacione."
LD 2008: "a certain demented man's family will become involved in the crossfire. the phone calls come for gramma yet, nicky? you did this to yourself nickypoo, and now the Paciones must pay. "
LD 2010: "degrading and making remarks about other people, smaller press magazines, smaller press operations, and disrespecting their staff and editors as well,"

LD 2008: "and whats this! we see you got published again. darkened horizons...tsk, tsk... spreadin the taint..... i guess we'll have to destroy that publication and its authors reputations."
LD 2010: "He's threatened to beat up and kill me on occasion,"

LD 2010: "Let's repeat that: threatening myself, women and children and following people across the Interwebz"

LD 2008: "we never thought we'd see the day where we'd "expose" pictures of your mother and shirley. if you only had had the pics we have right now..."
LD 2008: "you know what we can do. go out of that dusty cobwebbed room, go upstairs and look at the window across the yard. yeah, the pickup. watch the lights flash three times when you go to the window. we are always watching."
LD 2008: "we're comin for your cousin too, so you better not be makin that shit up chump. cause if you are, then we'll find a cousin of yours to fuck with."
LD 2010: "So I figured maybe I did something wrong by this troll who wants to remain anonymous and is afraid and cowardly,"

LD 2008: "After tapping into the mind of NP for answers, and going under the name Valentine Vegen, I came to the conclusion that both sides shared an EQUAL hatred. Equal anger."
LD 2010: "The latest email I received from him was, entitled: MY DILDO IN YOUR WOMAN'S ASS."

LD 2008: "I plan to take each of you apart systematically.) only we're using your real name, family and friends, histories there, addresses and all."
LD 2010: "But I'm sorry, I can't take this behind-the-scenes threatening and ganging up anymore."

LD 2008: "And then there’s Rusty (we’ll just call you that here in public). Since I have cancer anyway, and I have nothing to lose, and I have your home address, I figured I’d fill the car up with gas and drive out to your house and see who the person behind the blog is. I waited, sipping a cup of coffee behind the wheel, and when you finally came out and I matched you, Rusty. I FUCKING LAUGHED HYSTERICALLY! I spit up my coffee!"
LD 2010: "So I figured maybe I did something wrong by this troll "

LD 2008: "Johaha (who I’ve smackdowned on too many occasions to even count) will still be the same little serial rapist and failure in life that he is from his screen in England.

With that said,,

Have a good day folks and thank you for promoting me! :)

Now I do not know who this person is that he speaks of or anything about him. I do know, that of all the people on this earth to complain about the behavior he mentioned in that thread, he is the last person who should talk.

Let me close with this little gem:
"For those of you who often see a troll following me across this board from time to time, totally bad news, totally obsessed with me (to the point where a lot of you probably ignore me and stay away from me yourselves)"
Yeah, that's why.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Nicky - Ghost Hunter

Continuing my point (well not my point, someone else made it in the comments section of RN about a week ago and it made a lot of sense to me) about Nicky getting things stuck in his short term memory and becomes unable to talk about anything else, lately Nicky has been obsessed with the apartment he stayed at a few years ago. Yes he tried to say it was haunted because it was across the street from a famous cemetery and a lot of other corny posuer crap, but this is the first I ever heard that he and/or Michelle used actual electronic equipment to search for ghosts in their apartment.
Nickolaus Pacione You guys should check out http://www.withersin.com because they take the true paranormal stories between 2000-3000 words -- check out the Birth Issue for one about my apartment at the time. We picked up an EVP and a spectral body in middle of the dining room.
Me personally, I have a hard time believing that. Why? Because he's the most chickenshit person I've ever met. Everything scares him. He had to go to therapy because the ex-roomie in question said he needed brain surgery. He needed to go into therapy because that comment gave him nightmares. His nightmare journals dating back to 1999 detail his bad dreams over the smallest shit.

In other words, had they really suspected there was a ghost in their apartment, Nicky would have pulled a "Shaggy" and scrambled out of that place never to return. He made it up to sell more crap.

"Yes I am very Gothic like that"

This was only a month ago, but you can see another example of how his mind is stuck in a loop where he can only reference a select amount of thoughts, such as
  • pastors/preachers/church
  • Gothicism(???)
  • "his" old apartment (more on that next entry)
  • Coach/Coach's Midnight Diner
  • religion
Jan 25 2010 10:18 AM
Hey Ray I think I came across a Miss Linda in Iowa. She's a pastor who preaches off a near death experience. I actually used the referrence of Miss Linda in the story I wrote. She preaches with the holy book in hand but she was missing something -- her crystal ball! I also write in the same story that I wonder if she has nightmares about standing over her lifeless body in the hospital bed standing over the empty shell with two coins. The coins are for the ferryman to cross the River Styx. (Yes I am very Gothic like that. My testimony had hints of Gothicism in it because of the occult details. I actually held a lot of that back -- because if I really got into it some might be a little scared sh*tless.) My friend, John Welborn, from Empyrean Sky did a song about that called Into The Depths. The boatman crosses the river and the souls tormented sing the Devils Choir sort of thing -- it's a reference to Dante's Inferno. I didn't exactly let people know from church that I was that well read. If you saw my old apartment in Justice, Illinois, man you would freak at how many books I actually own. I have about 100, all horror and Science Fiction -- not talking just Stephen King but I have a lot of pulp era horror.
There's book you need to pick up -- it's called Coach's Midnight Diner: Jesus Vs. Cthulhu Edition. Coach and his wife run a small press out of Crystal Lake, Illinois. I actually went through this book in one day when Coach gave me the e-book until the print one came -- he actually hand delivered this at Gothicfest 2007. He, myself and a crime author from Schamburg, Illinois, shared a table -- the other writers were a Satanist named Corvis Nocturnum, A Wiccan named Raven Digitalis (this guy was my verbal sparring partner because he knew I was a Christian, a meat eater and a Conservative -- you remember how I used to play pranks on vegita
While I like to imagine Nicky"playing pranks" on Vegeta from Dragonball Z ("What 9000?!") I do believe he is talking about this individual here.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Shouldn't We Warn These Folks? Part 2

Just in case anyone had a doubt that his intentions were honest when he tried to scam a charity into creating an anthology...that he could submit to...
Friday, January 28th, 2005
"When it comes to sending to magazines, I don't care if it is a paying or not -- just as long my name is out there it is cool with me."
Sadly, his reasoning is not that simple, as he noted a day later...

"If a publisher won't take a reprint -- fuck'em; I have no choice but send stories as a reprint because I don't want to endanger my disablity status. If I make a little pocket money here and there, fine but I want to do this on my own terms. I tell a prospective publisher to pick up projects I've been published with first before they consider just so they know what they are getting into with me."

So as always, avoid like the plague.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Nicky Won't Be On This Signing Tour or "Assholes?"

The important thing is that you stay un-PC, Nicky.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Shouldn't We Warn These Folks?

Children of the Night is a group dedicated to "Saving America's Children from Prostitution" and God bless them for that.
Children of the Night is a non-profit organization dedicated to rescuing America's children from prostitution. There are only 39 beds in the U.S. to help these children in their recovery. And 24 of those beds are right here at Children of the Night.
However, when a certain someone who is notorious for using charities for his own personal gain catches wind of them,
Nickolaus Pacione I heard about your organization from the CD that Deepest Symphony did on Dark Star Records. I am going to talk to one of my publishers to see if when I send my novella to them that they donate some money from the novella to the organization.
Sadly, knowing nothing about him, they believe him to be genuine
Children of the Night - Saving America's Children from Prostitution
Thank you Nickolaus. We can't do the work we do without you!
Three weeks later, "Mr. Concerned" swoops back in to show his true colors and what he's really interested in...himself.
Nickolaus Pacione If you guy decide on doing an anthology of runaway stories -- I have a novella that would be perfect for the project. Get an account at Lulu.com and try to get something going for that. I could talk to the Deepest Symphony guys to see if they want to front it because this was their gig.
"Get an account on lulu.com"? I thought you were looking to help? Sorta looks to me like he's saying "Put together an anthology so I can tell people I was accepted somewhere else." Something tells me one of his boring, incoherant stories filled with dozens of references to himself while plaguerizing a dozen other stories isn't going to help this particular charity.

However you can. If you would like to help you can do so by clicking here to donate towards this cause. (https://www.givedirect.org/give/givefrm.asp?Action=GC&CID=524)

In the meantime, shouldn't we warn them about Nicky? Or do you all think it's obvious to them who they are dealing with by now?

STILL Hasn't Found His Morticia Addams

This was from yesterday. I think it's safe to say it's still relavent and he hasn't found "Morticia" in the past 24 hours.
My mother and step-father been married since 1986, they love each other very much, and that's proof positive that traditional marriage still works. I am single and trying to find that right Morticia Addams to come along. I hate when these bastards are anal raping the institution of marriage. Protecting the traditional marriage is not only vital but these bastards are causing their own exiction.
You know Nicky, people that go an entire decade without having sex aren't exactly procreating either. Sadly, your abstaining isn't leading to your "exiction".

Poor Nicky has been searching for his Morticia for a long time now. You can see how far back his search goes here and here or just search my blog for the word "Morticia"

btw The shocking (to me) entry I promised is still on it's way, however I've been asked to delay posting it for a day or so but it will get posted. If you'd like a hint as to what it may be about, take note of what words I've chosen to bold in this post...

Nicky Is A Broken Record Part 2

Here is the second half of my response to Nicky's latest facebook...entry...that I wished I had never promised. Reading that once was painful. Thankfully one can count the number of times something is repeated in Microsoft Word otherwise I'd have a splitting headache right now!

Remember when he first discovered the word "Transgressive" and how often he used that? We'll start off the counting with how many times he uses his newest word "baroque"...

17 - Number of times the word "baroque" is mentioned.
34 - Number of times he mentions his own story names or books.
7 - Number of times he mentions Richard Matheson.
7 - Number of times I suspected he wants to have sex with Richard Matheson.
5 - Number of homoerotic references ("... cock and shoved it in his mouth").
1 - Number of times Nicky admits to having gay sex ("I got fucked working as a carnie.").
2 - Number of times he mentions his little sister and creeps me out by doing it.
36 - Number of times he says the word "Fuck".
26 - Mispellings ("Shakespherean" LOL "intelect", "pulbished", etc).
6 - Number of times Terry Lloyd Vinson is mentioned.
6 - Number of times I knew he was gay for Terry Lloyd Vinson.
3 - Number of times he takes a swipe at actual real successful authors he hates.

I could do that for days with this, but I shant. Like Rusty said he's become unhinged.

I did catch him in a lie ("The hell you say?! Nicky? Telling lies?!") when he said
"...my work caught the attention of JOE BOB BRIGGS with LIBRARY OF BONES!"
He might have gotten away with that lie too if I werent' on the web to remind people exactly what transpired between Nicky and Mr. Briggs.

He sent Joe Bob a rambling letter and included "Library of Bones". He got a personal response from Joe Bob alright, but nowhere did he mention he read it. If you read the link he said
"Sounds like you've totally got it going on, bud."
Which is the equivilent of "That's nice". I spoke to a friend last year who told me that he also had emailed Joe Bob Briggs in the late 90's, asking him about his part in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2, and he also got a short personalized response from him. My friend hasn't gone around claiming to be famous now because of that, but that's because he's not Nicky.

Nicky, who has become nothing more than a name dropper and rock groupie. If you read any of his Myspace or Facebook posts that he leaves on other people's profiles, all he does these days is drop names. He shills his own work, mentions someone else he knows, then pretends to try to hook people up like some greasy networking expert.

New Electric Guitar

Before I continue my planned schedule, I remembered a bit of information I received early January that I hadn't posted with him being quiet.

Nicky, who has been begging for money, asking authors to submit work to him for free, and generally whining after all these years that he still can't pay authors, bought himself an electric guitar. He It's a B.C. Rich Warlock that he named "Legion" for some reason.

He's growing tired of being a rock groupie and now wishes to join the men on stage he so desperately wishes to fondle.

So, if you're owed any money from Nicky, and you're getting the run around as to why he can't afford to pay you, ask for his guitar as payment. It's not like he'll make anything of it!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Nicky Is A Broken Record Part 1

Nicky has released another wall-of-text just now titled The Soundtrack and Books for Baroque Horror! AKA HORROR LESSONS FROM N.A. PACIONE.

Before I link to it and you read it, can you guess what it will contain?

-His favorite bands?
-His word counts?
-A newly learned word (baroque) to repeat over and over Asperger's style?
-His word counts?
-Names of his previous works?
-Names of authors that didn't tell him he sucked?
-Gay references, suck as "fucker's cock and shoved it in his mouth?"
-His favorite bands?
-His word counts?
-Places he's lived?
-Complaints about being pirated?
-Jabs at those he hates, by name?
-More attacks at female authors who have outdone him?
-Lots of CAPS?

If you guessed any of these, you're correct! Maybe you based your guesses on the fact that his previous entry, as in the past 24 hours, was a list of the best mosh pits where he simply listed all of his favorite bands IN ALL CAPS.

The reason this entry is a "Part 1" is because the next entry is going to count how many times the items in the list above occurred...in just his latest entry.

My entry after that will may shock you as it shocked me when I first saw it. I received an anonymous email yesterday from someone who has been in direct contact with Nicky and has shocking stuff to share. The dialog, along with a nifty picture, arrived in my anonymous box yesterday with permission to pass it on, which I will shortly!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

"Death Greets Me Warm"

Nicky has an insatiable desire to rip off every Metallica song title every written. Having torn through Alice in Chains' catalog as well as Corrosion of Conformity's "AVARICE", and even though he hasn't completed the anthology named after another Metallica song, DYER'S EVE...

...Nicky's latest story is titled DEATH GREETS ME WARM, and it's a "colaboration" with another author.

This is the same Nicky who shit bricks when he heard someone was putting out a book called TABLOID PURPOSES and even became enraged at another author for merely having an anthology with the word TABLOID in it.

Hypocrasy aside, maybe it satisfies his craving to plagiarize without going as far as he used to.

"The Room Mate" Review Is Up

go ahead and skip my ranting and go right to the review here

Some years ago, you may remember that a review of I.O.W.A. was written that AngryInIllinois had featured on their DeviantArt page. Surpisingly,Nicky did not approve of this and complained in the comments section of the review, one of his own blogs, and many other places, as it was (and still is LOL) unpublished. Soon after, the mystery reviewer asked people in the comments section here if they would like to see a review of "The Room Mate", another unpublished opus of Nicky's, which angered him to the extent that he left a death threat here and begged us to "LET ME SELL THOSE FAGS", missing comma and all.

This week though he's been busy. He's been harassing innocents in his past two magazines - both released within days of each other - some poor former classmate of his whose email he posted on his facebook, and now I see he's actually gone back to harrassing an innocent via email. A female no less. In fact, 90% of the innocents he's going after this past week are female, because he's a weak coward with issues who cannot stand women succeeding where he eternally fails.

Anyway, AngryInIllinois has posted the latest review of "The Room Mate" which Nicky eventually gave up trying to shop around and decided to use as filler in one of his recent magazines.

Go ahead and point and laugh, he won't complain. In fact, he doesn't anymore. Seems his balls have been removed by both a relative, and two beloved trolls who somehow scared Nicky into silence, so he won't be coming after anyone that has a good chuckle at his expense.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yeah Nicky, this looks like pure horror to me.

The quote used for the title of this entry as well as the above image both come from ETHEREAL GAZETTE ISSUE NINE that he renamed WINTER EDITION 2009/2010 to try to sneek under the radar. You know of ISSUE TEN since he mentioned it in a blog of his that Rusty caught, but you didn't see a thing about this. This was uploaded January 27th 2010, not even two weeks ago. If you check his nextcat page you'll see that he's announced ISSUE TEN is out, but nowhere does he mention this.

Nudity, Nicky? Yes it's classical art depicting angels, but you still posted THE most un-horror image one could possibly use for a HORROR magazine.

He uses this issue to bash a female author once again, whose name I won't use because that's what he wants. However, this particular female author became an obsession of Nicky's, which led to him having a mental breakdown in front of everyone on the net when he saw she had once again achieved the success he still can't when it was announced she landed a multi book deal. He flipped. He went more nuts than ever. Not long after, a concerned relative of his stepped in which led to him once again entering a mental facility. He also lost his high speed internet access which he still doesn't have to this day.

Kim, if you're reading this, he's still showing a dangerous obsession and appears to have picked back up on his stalking of a female author. If Rusty or anyone who has had contact with her could pass that on, I think it'd be for the best.

He then goes on to rewrite history - a favorite hobby of his - by complaining once again that AN EYE IN SHADOWS was pirated but this time, he claims "some jackoff" paid for the copy that was passed around to hundreds of people for free. He forgot that the copy in question was clearly a freebe that he had given someone.

He goes on to complain about another female author who he's obsessively stalked over the years, mentions her name multiple times in fact. This particular author literally gets mentioned in every single one of his publications. His obsession with her alone, especially after all this time, is additional proof he needs to be put away again for a lot longer and possible have a couple of "Cease and Desists" against him.

And that's only in two paragraphs.

Speaking of obsessions from years ago he just can't seem to let go of, he starts the next paragraph once again going after the former owner of gothic.net. He then goes on to mention he is going to open an account on Lightening Source for his "Broken Mindframe" crap, then again, goes after the former website owner. It's almost as if his business gets in the way of his hate-filled obsessions.

Here is a tip, Nicky: If you're still steamed at people after all this time, they have won. They have gotten under your skin and the pain they inflicted on you years ago still hurts you deeply. They get their name mentioned in every publication you put out, which means you pay to give them free publicity.

What else...

- He paid $500 to get "Collectives" published, which has such a comically bad opening line ("From this that eludes me which I pen this-as what I say what eludes me is sleep, and from the sleep becomes the etchings where...") it has not only become internet infamous for how bad it is, it also scares away any potential buyers who catch it in the preview.

- One of the authors from the second issue left a bad review of "Collectives" lol

- He talks about having to use Open Office and Atlantis-something to edit his books (freeware for the unprofessional and poor) then goes on to say that his rival's anthologies got "one star" because "they didn't have the tools for the job". I am not making that up I swear.

- He's trying to rival actual presses in New York. Later I suspect he'll build soapbox racers to rival GM.

- He's a "good writer" for never writing about sex. If ever the term "Write what you know" applied to someone...

- However, AVARICE "will have some sexual content (it's set in part in 1984 on the Sunset Strip, I wanted to portray that area accurately)" You read it here first, folks. Nicky is going to finally write about sex. On the Sunset Strip. How he knows enough about either is beyond me.

Wait that isn't true he's written about sex before. The only other time he wrote about sex was a short story that takes place in a prison, and he wrote about "tossing salad".

- He's still looking for a magazine "brave enough" to print I.O.W.A. I have to say though, that I.O.W.A. is his deepest work to date. The lead character Dean is a writer who is a closeted homosexual who buries himself in his work to avoid his relationship with his wife Lenore. This leads to his best friend spending more time with her than Dean, evident in their constant running off together even to the point that Brian happens to be there to awaken her from a nightmare, a strong hint they slept together. Dean however, is finding it harder to deny his homosexual urges, which manifest into a raven that constantly appears to Dean, staring at him, trying to force him to face his deepest desires.

- "I want someone to come in and hit me right between the eyes with something - the harder they hit the better the chances they will be in this magazine." Am I reading that right? Nicky wants you to smack him in the head with an object as hard as they can and they'll be rewarded by being featured in one of his publications? Is he begging for death at this point?

Then of course the stories, one of which is "The Room Mate", which is basically one long whine-fest about his former roomie Michelle, and nothing more.

And if you think he's grown out of his masturbatory tendencies to make everything about him - including anthologies that feature other writers - you are incorrect. The front cover is actually an old Deviantart photo of him wearing a hoodie looking out at a lake.

I know that the book burners are going to be torching a copy of House Of Spiders 3 then upload the video to YouTube here shortly, but when that's done they seriously need to burn this one next.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

PROOF He's An Asshole

Sadly, a few of us know the mental and physical ailments that have befallen select members of the relatives Nicky lives with. Ideally, as a grown man living rent-free who is fully capable of doing so, you'd not only expect him to help care for them in their time of need, you'd expect him to do so with kindness and respect.

You expect too much of this evil midget.
"I don't like when my relatives are bugging me when I am in the middle of editing the magazine."

"...They want me to give up on the macabre, and write things more in tune with the guy who wrote The Cat In The Hat - children's stories. yeah right! I will leave that to a former classmate to do because he told me he wanted to do children's books. I would rather leave the reader long unnerved and scared long after they read the story. As much as a I love my family. They have to understand that I will write explicit dark fiction and non-fiction until the day I die; I will keep publishing it too as long as I am able to."

- Nickolaus Pacione, Ethereal Gazette Issue Ten

Now complain some more about not having a decent internet and having to use the library's again, schmuck.

Show Me You Care

If anyone needed proof how desperate Nicky is at this point, SHOW ME YOU CARE is it.

Years ago he freely published it on one of his sites where he featured stories from other people, again for free, and in recent years re-posted it on his tripod page.

If you click on the link Rusty provided to the story, you'll see he has since deleted it. That's because he didn't have enough contributors for his latest Ethereal Gazette and needed padding.

Once again, Nicky is looking to gather up FREE stories and make you pay to read them.

Back in December of 2007 I posted the story here asking if it was legal for him to use something that wasn't his. Nicky being Nicky, left me gems like this

- "I billed you $500.00, be prepared to pay up cunt. I want your blood now."


- "This isn't a threat this time Cussedness -- I already took the liberties to report her to Blogspot and they are taking action this time around."
Then Janrae bitchslapped him as she always did.

Anyway, if you care to read SHOW ME YOU CARE, you can do so (for free!) by clicking here.

Report Him Anonymously

Copy/paste url of offending website