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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"I want to scare people. Not leave them hot and bothered thank you very much."

That title sums up Nicky's dating life perfectly, but it's actually from a .pdf where he tells potential authors what he wants them to submit to his anthologies. Nothing new: Namedropping, giving someone or something the "middle finger", un-PC, characters have to be blue-collar people, no erotica, etc. There are some gems in it though...
"Hey HeadBangers, Goths, Rivetheads, and punks! Do you write dark, menacing horror fiction? Want to get your scary asses published and paid doing it?"
Then avoid Lake Fossil Press!
"No sex in the story though. I know sex sells..."
Which is why his books never do.
"I want this to be a mosh pit of horror fiction."
In other words, "I want this to be chaotic and for anyone involved to leave sore".
"I am being read by people as far as Australia..."
That part is true. SomethingAwful.com and EncyclopediaDramatica have readers worldwide.
"I am doing a charity anthology called DYERS EVE."
WAIT WHOA what's this? DYER'S EVE is now a charity anthology? Nicky must have made fun of the Haiti earthquake somewhere and now has to pretend he has a heart by pretending to raise money for them. QUAKES AND STORMS started out as just another anthology, until he got caught making NOLA flood jokes about a sucessful female author he hates (who he mentions yet again in this .pdf) and none of the money from the two people who purchased it went to help those in need.
"Some of them are vehicles for my own work because they're too controversial to send out."
In other words, "I tried sending out my stories to every publication I could find and they all still avoid my dogshit like the plague, so instead of trying to better my craft so that I can actually get accepted somewhere, I'll just print them myself."
"I know my readers very well and some of the readers actually submit to the magazine."
"And they are both very nice people."
"I am looking for the hardest of the hardcore horror fiction here, the harder and more razorwire it is – the better the chances it would get accepted to the magazine. Make it kick my ass into my face."
He'll need to mark somewhere since he's all ass.
"I want explicit content, swear your brains out – even do stories calling God a bastard or a motherfucker,, but don't do anything that reflects the left hand path. Be dark but not blasphemous...
"...then send me the definition of 'blasphemous' since I apparently don't know."
"My Internet is screwy right now so I have to upload the magazine on a borrowed
computer or the library computer."
So he has to sneak away to get back online.
"Gothic is fine – just give it a Blue Collar touch. nothing lace or PVC (if you have leather, it better be just a biker jacket or a leather blazer, Black Levi's or Lee's, Boots think black construction books or Combat Boots instead of NuRocs,)"
Ugh he's still all about masturbatory writing. Every single solitary story he's ever written, he's included himself in. That's bad enough, but now he's asking all the other contributors to...well...jerk him off too. By all the other contributors, I mean people in Illinois, because he listed where he wanting his writers to hail from, then mentioned nearly every city in Illinois and why.

Let me leave you with this...
"...fuck you GUD, FUCKING COCKSUCKER accused me of being a ripoff when EG was first."

"…scare me damn it"

Nicky issued the titled challenge in hopes that people would spend money to do so, then write stories that he could then sell to make more money.

I'll try to scare Nicky by showing him something that scares me!

I don't know about all of you, but that gives me the creeps. I don't know if it's the fact that he's happy and smiling, or the fact he can go from sidesplitting laughter to serious in half a second.

Maybe it's because he was on his way back from a bar, and the last time we saw him happy and laughing he was drunk then too.

"I hated to take up the role as a war commentator"

See the title of this thread? I couldn't wait to post the blog entry below and let it hit you at the very end as he wrote it, because to me I couldn't do it justice by merely making that part of the paragraph in a bigger font.

Nicky has always found a way of making any news tragedy about himself, from 9/11 to any local murder. Hell, if one is unlucky enough to read An Eye In Shadows they'll see he opens the book making a classmate's death about himself. But don't think for a second he is empathizing with any of the victims he writes about, because he can't. He lacks the ability to empathize with others. People with his condition(s) have been shown to merely mimic the act of pity on others from what they've seen in the media and from people around them because while they cannot empathize themselves, they know that's what they're supposed to do, so they pretend.

Anyway, a journalist was kidnapped while covering fighting in the middle east, and it scared the shit out of Nicky as he took it that he himself was also in danger being a journalist himself. The following was written by the same person who thought he (himself) was in danger after 9/11 because the terrorists were bound to hit Chicago, then scared to travel for the same reasons, even terrified that he would fall victim to a biological weapon attack.

7:26 am Thursday January 22nd 2002
the kidnapped Journalist
I was wondering if any of you were watching the news at all -- about the journalist who is kidnapped. I am thinking what the fucking hell. And the email the fucks used is through hotmail; it is one thing that I get a little bugged about the idea that the terrorists are using email to fuck with the country more because they like to call this nation sitting ducks. I was wondering what each of you think of the thought of terrorists using hotmail to deliver their threats. This is a shot to my system as an aspiring journalist. I cannot even begin to sleep because the dreams that would come into the picture about the thought if they carry out the deaths of journalists on the front lines -- they are risking their lives even more than the ones who are fighting the war. They don't get enough credit for what they are doing -- if I had the chance to cover it as a journalist I would go but I would not go unarmed. For the members of livejournal in the military and members of my e-lists who are going over -- my thoughts are with them. Those of you who are in Chicago and stuck in the snow be safe because it is really dangerous; for those who do believe in the power of prayer -- just pray for the safety of that journalist and the family who is here in the states. Especially since the mother is expecting, and due in three months. I hated to take up the role as a war commentator in the American front but this is something I did not ask to do but as a writer it is almost a given. In truth I am dreadfully frightened for the journalists who are over in the Arabic Theatre.
He survived this threat however, and went on to charge $3 for misspelled submission guidelines to his upcoming...work.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Father Of The Year

If you have read this piece about Nicky...er I mean Gothicism being on trial, you may have seen this part:

I remember the months after being hospitalized well and the days after being accused of child abuse, it felt like my whole damn world was on trial. From my reading patterns, the way I dressed, the way I thought and the way I expressed myself was on trial because of what happened when those two assholes shot up Columbine High School on April 20, 1999.
The social workers were pissing down my back and used print outs of my website to basically rape me out of custody to my...

In other words, according to Nicky, he would have been a perfectly fine father unable to harm his child, right?


Saturday, July 20, 2002

This is going to be a post where I can blow off a lot of steam about all the shit going down on my newly gained community. But this is going to be a rant blasting that cheap imitation of Boy George, that fucktard Rozzlyn. Since that faggot thinks he can shut me up -- that is what it fucking thinks. I am more in agreement with his father when that fucker got tossed to his ass -- I would of done the same thing if that was my son, no matter if he is my blood or not -- father did not raise a faggot. Except for the fact that his father was physically abusive to the little fuck, personally I think the fucker brought it on himself for pushing is faggotry on his father. So for that little fuck this is my rant and the other three who got me looking like the criminal. I am not a criminal because I will use the "fag word" -- and I will blow up at someone if they used the six letter n-word, I was called that word when I was younger.
For those who love to get off on pushing their faggotry on me, keep the fuck walking motherfucker -- or should I say an asspumping fatherfucker. I am not the criminal for speaking my mind and for them to be trying to shut me up -- keep trying because all they are doing is giving me more fuel to throw on the fire. This is a middle finger to the ones who are pushing it down the throats of the straight males who are just as outspoken. And Eminem, you find this post -- thank you for becoming the inspiration. The inspiration for every straight male who are very opinionated -- not allowing the fags to use the Matt Sheppard bullshit as leverage to silence the ones who are not afraid to do a verbal ass kicking. Sometimes my words will kick the teeth in of my critics but that is something that is bit of a given.
And for this fucktard who thinks that metalheads should not be hosts -- the question I ask there is that was he dropped on the head when he was a kid or did his mamma put him a dress and made him walk around in public with that on. Then there would be them asking if I kiss my mother with my mouth, how about this -- quit talking about mothers, fatherfuck, saying that I am obsene or vulgar. Does these real words seem to sting -- maybe with this rant I am trying to say something and people don't fucking listen. To answer that faggotry, here is something for your heterophobic mind to here -- no one wants to hear about it, damn sorry excuse of a "man."
I'd like to end this with a seven year old journal entry from "Onu" who was one of the first people to cry foul when Nicky-The-Non-Goth took over the goth community over at lj back then.
Onu ([info]onu) wrote,
@ 2003-10-11 19:47:00 Previous Entry

Words to Live by
it is never fun to make fun of people
fucking christ you are spineless fucks
I am one of those types who happens to hit guys with glasses if they said shit they say to my face.
I am the darkest writer alive.
you have no right to those pictures you fuck
Too much of a pussy to say some of the shit he says in person. Fucking sodomite.
I am not the monster as the fuckers on ljdrama seeks to have me made out to be.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

84 Days

84 days is how long Nicky was actually in the military.

Doubt me?

Subject: ::my former navy mates:::
Time: 12:02 pm.
Mood: calm.
I am writing this hoping that some of my former company mates would be able to get in touch with me. Those of you who were from Companies 101 and 140, divisions 11 and 12, who are now in the fleet this is my message to you from Pacione, the Protestant RPO in the company. I wish all of you the best of luck with this effort if some of you are still in and waiting to go over -- this is what we have been training for -- though I could not go on; all of you would be my shipmates. Even though I am not with you guys in the company -- we trained to together on December 06, 1994, and though I was discharged on February 28th, 1995, some of you had passed and reviewed then moved on to your respective ratings -- some of you now would be either Petty Offices or Cheif Petty officers. Kincer -- if you are reading this best of luck brother even though it had been seven years since I had heard from all the members of company 140 or 101, I wish everyone in the brother and sister companies best of luck and come back with Godspeed. Even though I am a civillian now, but deep down part of me wants to be in the dungarees and watch cap loading the weapons. We lived together -- all 75 of us in the unit. The one everyone came to when things became stressful; this is for all the bluejackets out there who are now serving -- this is your Navy and your country -- protect it from the Bin Ladens in the world and make it safe for Democracy everywhere. Kincer and Mullikan best of luck to both of you; where ever the both of you are. Godspeed.
I'm not 100% sure, but I think the reason he was the "one everyone came to when things became stressful" was because he was their punching bag. What better way to relieve stress than to beat the snot out of that short little gothy guy?

Monday, January 18, 2010

Stalking or Social Networking?

Align CenterNicky is a shameless rock star groupie. He always has been. Whether it's buying bands turkeys, pizzas, or volunteering to be a roadie for them, his love of sweaty metal beasts could better be described as a passion.

Or if you know Nicky, an obsession. For 2010, it's Scott Ian of Anthrax.
Nickolaus Pacione
How's the comic coming along? Been a long time since we spoke, but I am not sure if you remember me -- I was the one who told you about Iced Earth, The Glorious Burden. I am looking for an illustrator for my new novella -- perhaps you can give me a lead or two.
January 6 at 12:46am
That was his facebook. In order to make sure Scott can effectvely see him, he then follows up the unanswered question on another site (seriously why would you ask someone something on facebook, then reply on Myspace if they actually did reply to you?)

Jan 6, 2010 2:12 PM

So you do remember me. How's it going Scott, I caught Anthrax with Lacuna Coil in 2003. That's where I met Ray and Gwen of Grigori 3 (Check them out if you like Lacuna Coil and Ministry.) Since we last spoke I got published with Naked Snake Press with a novella, and I am seeking an illustrator for a couple new stories. Where can I get your comic book when it comes out?
This of course is Nicky laying the seeds for a successful promoter career. See, he tried writing, and realized he wasn't very good at it. He then tried putting together anthologies, which allowed him to let other people do the writing and at the end he simply slapped his name on it and he could say he had a book. But even Nicky, with his strong will and inability to admit wrong, finally started to realize that even publishing was something he wasn't good at.

So now he's trying his hand at another medium he hopes to profit off of by letting others do the actual creative work so he can reap the benefits.

Nicky is no stranger to the fine art of ass kissing, but it's moments like this that make you hope that rock stars these days have really good security.

edited to add: DYER'S EVE (yet another title stolen from a rock band, just as AVARICE was stolen from the band DISTURBED) is another "4theluv" anotholgy. "4theluv" means the person putting the project together isn't offering to pay you, you're doing it "for the love" of the project or act of writing itself. Anyway, DYER'S EVE's purpose is for something for Nicky to hand out at rock concerts. Nicky has a habit of handing out his books to rock bands to get his name out there (and hopefully get swag in return...he loves shirts and CDs!) so the purpose of this project is for him to be able to show bands how metal he is. He wants to be able to point to the title of the anthology and tell a band how metal he is for using the title of a Metallica song, and he wants to be able to open up the book to his story, AVARICE, and point out that it's the name of another metal band's (Disturbed) song.

You aren't supposed to know this though. You weren't supposed to find out his latest project is more about him wanting into the music scene and nothing to do with the writing scene...so don't tell him I told you! shhhh

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Spoiler Alert!

If anyone cares, and it's understandable if you don't, Nicky's latest story will be about a Christian musician who makes a pact with the devil. SPOILER: It won't have a beginning, middle, end, plot, coherence, character development, or anything else the publishers he's trying to shop it to actually want to read.

In other news, I received an email recently offering me a review of "The Story of Thomas Jode ". The reviewer in question isn't dealing with the same person that normally grants them access to early work-ups of a certain person's stories, so he/she isn't guaranteeing they will be able to obtain it for review. I was asked to add the disclaimer since they are apparently working with a new person I guess.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grease And Lightning

Ugh ok it's been too long since I've gazed at long pages of his drivel. Maybe it's because I wasn't wearing my glasses, but the headaches I used to get from pouring through his years of drivel have returned.

For now, I'm just going to go back to the last time he lost a computer (but not the last time he'd lose one) but I chose this one for a reason: I have always suspected that the mere fact a BOLT OF LIGHTNING DESTROYED HIS COMPUTER was an obvious sign from above. Think about it; he's tooling along on his latest abomination, taking a break from looking at porn to create another forgettable afront unto God, and suddenly nature itself destroys the very machine he has used over the years to churn out hate and garbage.

Atheist or not, you can't tell me it wasn't divine intervention. For the love of all that is good in the world people, A BOLT FROM THE SKIES ABOVE DESTROYED HIS COMPUTER! You all know what that was. He didn't, because he borrowed from a relative to get another one soon after.

From an entry posted here used only in part legally for the purposes of review and comment, I give you, the person so dense he couldn't see a sign from above if it destroyed his computer...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

breaking in a new computer

Before you assholes who said I was kicked off the internet can celebrate, I did just get a new computer and one story is salvaged out of the whole mess when lightning it the computer I edited Tabloid Purposes II and IV on. I am working with a new operating system so I am figuring out the learning curve with the thing and when that is done I will start with the uploading of new photos and they will be in private for close friends or for a couple short stories that were brewing around in my head.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse could ride down his street, bust down his door, and let one of their horses urinate fire on his previous writings, and he'd be none the wiser. Back then trying to stop him only made him try harder, to fail, which also always happened.

I have to order up a program version of Paperport because everything I have now needs to be compatable with Vista that means I have to get a new video camera too unless there is a way around that. My writing will be back in order too when I get this going. My master copies of everying where on the j-drive and lost The Drive By Ghost.
And nothing of value was lost.

I hope I can find one of the draft versions that my former room mate sent me via e-mail to work on because I will be re-writing one story too and found all my paper manuscripts from them. One story is in my e-mail too that got published.

Even back in 2008 thumbdrives were cheap and held a good amount of information. Floppy disks would have held a number of text documents. I'm supposed to believe I'm dealing with a professional who "backs up" files on his computer itself? Well I won't. And neither will the rest of the world.

I noticed that The Rusty Nail is up to bullshit again in the new year but I am trying to make the first part of the new year the most productive and I had to cancel the Class in Session anthology because of my major system crash.

It's a shame too, because that "Class In Session" project would have sold like crazy. Pre-orders were stacked up and the world was awaiting the masterpiece that burned in hell.

The little fuck will see his blog go to hell the moment I get the vista going to my liking. The computer I have now is a Compaq after having a gateway for the last seven years. I am going to invest in a Laptop too so I can do my short stories on the road too, and thinking how much it would cost for WiFi too.

"...because investing in a back-up harddrive or software to protect my computer is low on my list of things to blow money on. A SEVEN YEAR OLD computer and he was shocked it died? That computer crashed on it's own without the help of Divine Intervention dozens of times before. You literally could count on him whining about losing everything at least twice a year, and yet when it finally died, nothing was actually backed-up properly. If you didn't know this was the guy that misspelled his own name on one of his projects you might think he was stupid for that.

I am going to be paying my cousin back for this computer because it didn't cost as much as my one I used for Tabloid Purposes II -- I am going to have two computers if all goes well maybe three. I began to realize I am a person who almost needs three computers just to keep lake fossil press running,

LOL and since it's dead now I think it's safe to say he never got the additional two computers, am I right?

I am not about to close the company either


but I am going to plan a make up anthology for Class in Session because of the reason the computer died was an act of god sort of thing.

SEE?! Even he thinks that. That's the scary part: He thought that, but kept going. Uploading to lulu.com in defiance of God's will, this jerk kept going. Next time he tries to call anyone else an abomination, remember this evil.

All of this makes me believe in time travel. I think in the future, humans will be able to travel through time. At some point in the future, "Class In Session" and/or a few other plagiarized train wrecks will cause a rash of mass suicides. People will gaze upon them and decide there's nothing left to live for. Having had their eyes melt from their head, tens of people who actually read them will decide they'd rather be dead than blind.

But one of us took a stand: A time machine was obtained, and one of us went back in time and after repeated attempts to crash his computer and stop his madness, they finally succeeded in 2008 by not only crashing his computer, but they destroyed the back-up and saved humanity. Possibly at some point the future was still bleak after they returned, so they went back and did it again to make sure Tabloid Purposes 6:66 never saw the light of day.

Thank you brave soul, for traveling through time to stop Nicky from obliterating eyeballs around the world. Truly the world owes you!

"Lake Fossil Press Isn't Dead"

Yes it is sweetie. It's soul has long since gone to hell before being kicked out by Satan for sucking so much.

Your "creative streak" came back to you in May of 2009. That was eight months ago. You sorta tried, but you just couldn't get "Thomas Jode" completed.

But regarding Lake Fossil Press, the last thing you ever officially did with that was to edit out someone out of II who had enough of your bullshit and wanted nothing to do with you. That took you forever and when you were done you acted exhausted like you had just edited "War and Peace. We're supposed to believe your computer went down for two months and that's why you've been creatively impotent for a year? We're supposed to believe that your computer went down again, period? For crying out loud in the past decade you have had a computer crash at least four times a year and went through about ten machines. Real professional company you have, you never backed anything up and couldn't be bothered to install software on any of your many computers to prevent that from happening over and over and over. I personally think that's a lie and you've just been into something else this past year, but to be fair, I'll dredge up as many of your "my computer just crashed" posts as I can and let people decide for themselves if your lying or not.

But as for Lake Fossil, let it have it's eternal rest it's earned it. The poor thing has been on life support since it began and it's been so worthless that you never earned a cent from it. You never broke even and the most use any of your "books" got was when they were being burned. They provided someone somewhere with some heat, but that's about it.

It's been ten minutes: Has your computer crashed yet?

Report Him Anonymously

Copy/paste url of offending website