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Monday, June 30, 2008


I was sent via email a review of Nicky's latest opus, I.O.W.A.

His own oncoming tantrum aside, is it legal to post a review of an unpublished story? It's not the story itself, and the person and their review seem very credible. I can't see why someone would make up a review for something like that.

Anyway the question to fellow EONs: Can I post a review submitted to me of his unpublished story?

Speaking Of Deviantart

Searching Nicky's name on deviantart will lead you to this picture named "Idiot" created by someone named slackandhash, a great artist who captures him perfectly.

Innocents Being Harrassed

tsk tsk



And don't listen to his misspelled idea and "harass the places I sold them too" because it is an old ploy of his to get others involved to fight his battles for him.

Instead, I think people will save posts like that and show them to places you wish to submit to, Nicky. Better the publishers see you making disgusting jokes about people's deceased relatives, their children, and sexual preferences in your own words so that they can realize for themselves you aren't worth accepting. It will be your own words in posts like that, not what others say, that will insure you will never have successs or readers.

Monday, June 23, 2008

This Is Going To Piss Him Off!

Looks like Nicky's detective skills are about as good as his writing, which is bad. Nicky was going around saying the original book burner was a woman because of the hands. Here we see the same spot, same hands, but this time the camera person pisses on the smouldering pile...standing up.

Thanks for the heads up anonymous!

Friday, June 20, 2008

What What (In His Butt)

You wanna do it in his butt? Okay.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Drunk Blogging Hamster Remix

Holy Shit.

"And I am one who has to have his juggies..."

Damn it people why won't you let him have his juggies? It's been ten years let the man have his "juggies".

A Scribe's Sleep Cycles
Name: nickolaus pacione
Website: the writings archive
Location: Morris, Illinois, United States
Birthdate: 1976-08-03
Email: nickolauspacione@bloodmoon.every1.net
AOL IM: NickolausPacione (Add Buddy, Send Message)
MSN Username: napacione@hotmail.com
Welcome to the journal that I have on here -- I am the moderator of the livejournal version of the goth community, which I am doing a major reinvention of it. I am a disabled horror writer from the Chicago area -- well south of Chicago near Joliet to be more acturate. I have a deep love for the literary aspect of the gothic subculture -- this is where I write within and some of my works are on the website linked above then I have a few journals outside of livejournal and ujournal. This journal is being used as a sleep journal -- I will pass it round sometimes because I will include some pictures in case the doctor was making sure I would sleep.
The links to where I can be found will be posted below and I will be designing my profile to look like a solid website in itself. I am waiting a month to make this account paid so I can do a hell of a lot more to it. But when one looks around Caliginous Thoughts, I am trying to introduce more of a literary tone to the thing -- I have more of a literary background when it comes to the gothic. I am a metalhead but a goth in the mind. It is more of a state of mind for me than a fashion. That much sums it up -- if one wants to learn more about me -- be sure to go visit my website, Writings From The Grave or Authors Den since I have writings on both places. This journal is going to be used for my public relations information. Those who have literary journals that want to share them with me -- leave me a message in my private email as posted above since I don't mind getting email. Those of you who think Ted Nudgent should be killed should have their heads examined -- Ted, if you are reading this thank you for influencing a good number of us to remain in the right. And I am one who has to have his juggies, I am one who is still looking for that woman to be the wife but taking my time when doing so.
I am using this journal as my sleep journal. I started this right before I started going on the Neurontin but this was originally done at a place called parajournal. It would be rare to see a journal which is more content oriented than mindless quizes. Also if one is interested -- the dream journal that I have is on diary-x, I call it the diary-x speculative. The writing from AuthorsDen came from the main website, this journal and a journal called Shadowed Thoughts. The only way that I will add someone is if I had been over to their site outside of livejournal or this place, and liked the place enough to sign the guestbook. I had too many trolls on here so I had to make commenting friends only -- the entries are public but the commenting is limited to those who me on their list which my name is Friend Of
Interests: 40: aic, alcohol, alice in chains, anti-glam, anti-heterophobia, audioslave, being italian, black label society, black sabbath, coal chamber, cthulhu, dark writings, empyrean sky, females, gothic literature, h.p. lovecraft, heavy metal, heterosexauality, heterosexual, horror films, howling syn, iced earth, illinois, learning disabled, literary journals, mentally disabled, mentally ill, misanthorope, morbid angel, novembers doom, organic women, pantera, robert bloch, straight, ted nudgent, the grunge era, the opposite sex, voivod, web design, writers

Monday, June 16, 2008

A Public Service Announcement

This has to be one of the scariest things I have ever seen.

And I agree: Don't Drink and Blog, especially if you are already on a dozen meds.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

By Popular Demand

The Hypocrasy video will have subtitles. Comments made at Rusty Nail and elsewhere have been heard and the same video should be subtitled by tonight.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Banned Video #3

When you run out of people to blame for looking like an ass and having a life and career that aren't going anywhere who do you turn on?

Here is an email reposted with permission

Expose The Tard,

I went ahead and reported Nicky for threatening me on YouTube. It's right
there as clear as day in text and he can't remove it. Normally I wouldn't
have reported this because his videos are a hoot, if unintentionally on his
part, but since he is getting other people's videos removed I thought it

I told him I did it and he must know he fucked up and is scared because now
he is using yahoo to upload his videos. I was told by YouTube that I can't
report the other threats and libelous comments he has made on there on
behalf of others and that I need to ask those people to report him on their
own behalf.

Please let your readers know that if he dissed them on video to report him.


Banned Video #2

What is Nicky afraid of? Oh thats right his own words.

And how can someone who cries, litereally cries when his speech is surpressed by places such as livejournal, xanga, deadjournal, Shocklines, xanga again, livejournal again, livejournal a third time, livejournal a forth time, xanga for a third time, and livejournal for a fifth actually go around and do the very thing he claims to hate?

Because he is a hypocrite! Not just a plagiarizer, but a hypocrite!

A New Home

This will be the place videos can be seen without fear of having them removed because of someone's crying.

Starting it off is the second video removed from YouTube and magically appears here!

You know Nicky if the people whose names you've mentioned on youtube that you libeled by accusing them of sexual acts and other horrible things were to complain your videos, and your account, would be deleted. Remember that when you go to them with your butthurt.

Two other items of note... I have been given three very important pieces of information that arrived in my mailbox this past week. I don't mean to tease, but I understand why I am being asked to wait on posting it here. It should be worth the wait.

And finally, a third Hypocrite video is on it's way. Since someone has taken to whining to youtube about his feelings (while his videos naming people by name and subsequently libeling and threatening them are allowed to stay on there) the video may show up here then anywhere else people want to host it. I was able to download a few from the file site they are being stored on and it was relatively easy, so if anyone wishes to post that and any other videos on their site email me at exposethetard (at) yahoo.com for the links.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Newst Low To Date

Nicky has found a new home at current.com and has been using various stories regarding victims of cyber-bullying to shill his shit.


In one post regarding bullies, he goes so far as to post a picture of his book and a link to where you can buy it.


This doesn't happen to kids aline but also to adults too, and I will chime in on this because I've been on the recieving end of both real bullying and the online kind. The
online version of this people have listed my address and phone number one number
at a time. Then at the same end of it someone had actually posted libelous tags about books I edited when they don't have the kind of content they tag with it.
I think I can do something with this too give me some time and the battery space
for my camera and you will have a documentary about this. This book I wrote is
also dealing with it in the industry too.

Funny he doesn't link to the REAL truth about himself and his life.

Report Him Anonymously

Copy/paste url of offending website