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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nicky Is Weak

Wow. In the past month Nicky has had RoboticReader & AngryInIllinois' YouTube pages removed and worst of all, Rusty Nail.

update: Rusty is back and all of her old posts are as well!

Why? Not for legal reasons, but because he cannot stand anyone disagreeing with him. He fancies himself a celebrity (yeah right the cable guy was a fan of yours, Nicky, he probably said "Uh huh" to whatever you said to make you go away) and himself takes jabs at celebs, but the second he sees anyone make fun of him online he instantly tries to have it removed.

You see, Nicky is a fan of the Gestapo and Communist Party and hates Freedom of Speech as much as he hates America, which is a lot.

This isn't an entry mourning the loss of Rusty Nail because Rusty Nail will be back. Be it on Wordpress, or somewhere else, she's not gone and never will be.

Speaking of videos regarding Nicky, his voice mail messages and hilarious talks with the owner of Lake Fossil Press may not be on YouTube, but they are online. Their locations aren't public so that Nicky won't flag them, but whenever Nicky tries to sell his work to a publisher and our well-placed spies find out which publications, they are sent among many other pieces of evidence, links to the calls from Nicky from the past year. It's important they hear a potential client threaten to kill people...over and over.

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