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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"I am looking for an apartment because they won't be around forever."

From VampireFreaks, where he is making a Nickolaus Pacione out of himself lately...
Apr 21, 2010, 02:18pm
"keeping an eye on my grandfather -- he never been the same since coming out of the hospital. I am looking for an apartment because they won't be around forever. I care for my relatives while writing and such. I haven't added more to the novella."
This is the same Nicky that made the statement in his own magazine
"I don't like when my relatives are bugging me when I am in the middle of editing the magazine."
Not surprisingly
"I am looking for an apartment because they won't be around forever."
shows in the same post the truth: That he's there not for his grandparents, but because it's a place to stay. Same Nicky mind you that used to add extra stress to his grandmother by getting her to go after the meanies that hurt his feels and even tried again recently while her husband was on life support. Nice guy. That time however, she and they had enough, and he came very close to being evicted.

Sadly I don't think Nicky learned on that day to fight his own battles, you know, the ones he starts? He appears on VampireFreaks to be using admins to do that for him and when all else fails, play every race/health/pc card he can muster up.

You're a sick monster, Nicky.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tom Piccirilli

I just want to take a moment to give my regards to Tom Piccirilli and his wife Michelle during their trying time. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

If you haven't already, check out Tom's official websites here and especially his entertaining blog here and while you are at either of this sites treat yourself by clicking on the corrosponding links to pick up his work. I had heard rave reviews of The Cold Spot before picking it up a few years ago and agreed with every positive thing said about it (same for the follow up The Coldest Mile).

Hang in there you two.

Nicky's Upcoming "Hollyweird" Projects

This has got to be the saddest one yet. Some of you have heard him talking about how a couple of his stories may wind up as movies, right? Ever wonder where that came from?
Nickolaus Pacione hey Willy -- good lock with SSE. Thanx for adding some of my Tabloid Purposes guys (Bob Morgan, Jr.) He and I are alumni of the e-zine The House of Pain. If you're looking for ideas for movies look up the fiction archives -- there might be something that sparks some basis for a horror film. We will both tell you a...bout that place -- it's very deprived. Some of the writers are real deviants. March 1 at 2:38am · Report
His facebook groups are very telling. For example, he's too retarded to own a gun but joined the NRA group which of course uses the "DON'T TREAD ON ME" flag. It's bad enough he's a rock groupie and pretends to be a writer and publisher, but now he's pretending to be in the NRA?

He seems to believe in osmosis: If he hangs around those he wants to be like (rock bands, writers, NRA members, straight people) he'll eventually become one himself. In high school he admittedly was too small and weak to play a sport but tried out for most of them and even went to practices and workshops, and as you read in your free copy of AN EYE IN SHADOWS he considers himself a jock.

So if you catch him hanging around your group, be like the rest of the world and kick him the hell out!

Internet Expenses

no words are needed, only /facepalming...

Saturday, April 3, 2010

GAME OVER Target Revealed!

I just got a message in my anonymous reporting box that Peter Propaganda is supposed to be Eugine from GAME OVER. I don't know who sent this because I have it set up so that people can report things anonymously, but I asked AngryInIllinois if he knew anything about it and he said
"No, but that explains a lot. I left out the fact that Eugine was also a DJ in my review"
Why does that name sound familiar? Because Nicky went after him recently as covered here. At the time I named that entry "Nicky's Latest Horror Target", now magically there's a Mary Sue about an editor slash DJ, so I'm inclined to believe this anonymous bit of info.

Thank you anonymous for that helpful piece of information!

This begs the question: Should someone tell him?


I have just received word that someone will be doing a review of Nicky's newest revenge fantasy, GAME OVER, and it will be up within the next 24 hours!
ShamWOW it's up already! You can read the latest review of GAME OVER here and check out http://angryinillinois.deviantart.com for past reviews of Nicky's fine work. :)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Nicky Accused Someone ELSE Of Being A "Wannabe Thug"

If you've been reading Rusty Nail's comment section here, you'll see a large amount of lulz is being had over Nicky's VampireFreaks forum shenanigans.
Over there, a member has been giving it to him straight, which of course enrages Nicky.
who looks like the tool here? Trying to be a wannabe thug.We all know you look like a prison bitch.
So I thought I'd show people just who the "wannabe" is.This first image was titled "GANGBANGER" by Nicky himself.That was the thug part of his message. He also had the nerve to call someone a "prison bitch"? This thread would take up an entire page if I posted every single picture that has Nicky in his "prision pose", so I'll just choose the best ones...
Any other stones in that glass house, Nicky?

(for people new to Nicky lulz, the watermarks are because Nicky no longer owns these pictures. If they are watermarked he can't get them back, and that really pisses him off lol)

Report Him Anonymously

Copy/paste url of offending website