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Sunday, January 16, 2011

How Did I Miss This?!

Dec 6, 2010 16:20:06 PST

Hello exposethetard@yahoo.com,

Nickolaus Pacione would like to be paid through PayPal.


Nickolaus Pacione

Note from merchant:
I am billing you $4000.00. I want all the original photos given back to me minus the watermarks you faceless whore. You violated more than one copyright of mine especially with the photos that are published in my books so kindly rot in hell and die of something horrid.


Description: Service
Amount: $4,000.00 USD
I get something like this about once a month from him regarding the watermarked photographs. He's excited that all of those dozens of images he had lost have been saved, but desperately wants the watermarks removed off of them. That will never happen.
You're really a fucking coward and I will continue to work with
Roselle Public Library, and the true cover of Tabloid Purposes: Book
isn't the photo f the baboons asses but it was a photograph taken
along one of the stops in the red line where I actually did some
filterwork to make it have it's cyberpunk feel.

Violating my copyrights threatening to harass my publishers out of
dropping me. You know that shit is unprofessional and unethical. I
guess you had very little morals growing up and been at total cunt all
your life. I want whats mine without the watermarks if you stored all
of them, I want those pictures back without the watermarks because
you didn't take the picture, didn't draw the drawing, or write the
story so that means you have no right to go posting them on your
fucking shitatstic blog you fucking rugmunching whore.
There will be another one like this within the next week or so.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

"would be publishers"

"ExposeTheTard -- you faceless cunt. I never lost Lake Fossil Press. Getting Robot Reader's videos pulled was the right thing. Harassing would be publishers, don't you think that's a little unprofessional? Also I am reporting you with all the photos of mine you watermarked. I Am going to destroy you Tard. So harassing would be publishers is a very bad idea."

After reading posts like the one above, it's no wonder this spaz lost his company, Lake Fossil Press. Harassing would-be publishers isn't required when simply emailing them and showing them his own words like those above do the trick in an impressive amount of time. Showing would-be publishers his Encyclopedia Dramatica entry used to close the deal in regards to getting them to cancel their plans with him, but now showing them his new NickRants channel on YouTube seems to work a lot better.

So from now on, when you the reader contact publishers to warn them about Nicky, be sure to send them a link to his latest YouTube videos to make sure they know he's just as crazy now as he was back then.

Did I mention how much I LOVE nickyranting.blogspot.com?

"This is addressing that prick who went around impersonating me on facebook and trying to convince my best friend of over 24 years that the dick was me."

Are you talking about Mr. Hicks, Nicky? He already knows you're a dick. If you're his best friend why did you bash him on one of your updates a few years ago? Saying he was trying to get you into a "get rich quick" pyramid scheme via IM and how that was interrupting your "writing"? Does a "best friend" say that to the internet about someone they care about?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nicky Is Weak

Wow. In the past month Nicky has had RoboticReader & AngryInIllinois' YouTube pages removed and worst of all, Rusty Nail.

update: Rusty is back and all of her old posts are as well!

Why? Not for legal reasons, but because he cannot stand anyone disagreeing with him. He fancies himself a celebrity (yeah right the cable guy was a fan of yours, Nicky, he probably said "Uh huh" to whatever you said to make you go away) and himself takes jabs at celebs, but the second he sees anyone make fun of him online he instantly tries to have it removed.

You see, Nicky is a fan of the Gestapo and Communist Party and hates Freedom of Speech as much as he hates America, which is a lot.

This isn't an entry mourning the loss of Rusty Nail because Rusty Nail will be back. Be it on Wordpress, or somewhere else, she's not gone and never will be.

Speaking of videos regarding Nicky, his voice mail messages and hilarious talks with the owner of Lake Fossil Press may not be on YouTube, but they are online. Their locations aren't public so that Nicky won't flag them, but whenever Nicky tries to sell his work to a publisher and our well-placed spies find out which publications, they are sent among many other pieces of evidence, links to the calls from Nicky from the past year. It's important they hear a potential client threaten to kill people...over and over.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let's Play Pool! or Mullets Ahead

So many rules broken, so many innocents harassed.

Because of this, hop into ETT's Time Machine and let's go back to 1997 to play some pool!


Let me answer the first question that is going to pop into your head: Yes, that is him

edited (for now) for a reason to be explained later, and no I have not been threatened or told to do so...

*I should note this post was inspired by Rusty. I haven't been ignoring anything or missing out on his shenanigans, I for sure have been around and active. However last week an innocent was harassed and Rusty said I should post because of it, so while she has nothing to do with this and didn't know what I would conjure up, she inspired me to get off my butt over here and PUNISH the guilty!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Nicky At A Hospital. With Police Officers

Hat tip: AUTOAIM! Thank you so much we thought this was lost for good!
Hat tip: Al_Kilyu for converting it into video I can use!

This, for those new to all of this, is Nicky. You can't see him but you can hear him, and you can sure as hell see the police behind him.

Backstory: Nicky went out for the weekend to Chicago on New Years. To save money, Nicky stays at Hostels and since he doesn't drive, usually has to make any trip to Chicago an overnighter.

After New Years, Nicky went MIA according to his family. His family is incredibly wary of him leaving the house, ever, so much so he usually has to wait until his relatives go to bed so he can sneak out if he ever wants to go anywhere, because he usually ends up in a hospital or arrested.

Nicky it seems, was gone for more days than he had said he'd be, and being the thoughtful person he is decided not to call anyone to let them know this. So his family, concerned for his well being (or wanting to avoid the predictable call from the cops) reported him missing.

What follows is one of the oddest events in Nicky's past...he checks in, via a video on the internet, from a hospital, with cops behind him lol'ing at his douchebaggery.

Wouldn't a simple phone call have sufficed?
And if they didn't get your email, Nicky, why would they log into your blog to find and watch your vid--never mind.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

"I am looking for an apartment because they won't be around forever."

From VampireFreaks, where he is making a Nickolaus Pacione out of himself lately...
Apr 21, 2010, 02:18pm
"keeping an eye on my grandfather -- he never been the same since coming out of the hospital. I am looking for an apartment because they won't be around forever. I care for my relatives while writing and such. I haven't added more to the novella."
This is the same Nicky that made the statement in his own magazine
"I don't like when my relatives are bugging me when I am in the middle of editing the magazine."
Not surprisingly
"I am looking for an apartment because they won't be around forever."
shows in the same post the truth: That he's there not for his grandparents, but because it's a place to stay. Same Nicky mind you that used to add extra stress to his grandmother by getting her to go after the meanies that hurt his feels and even tried again recently while her husband was on life support. Nice guy. That time however, she and they had enough, and he came very close to being evicted.

Sadly I don't think Nicky learned on that day to fight his own battles, you know, the ones he starts? He appears on VampireFreaks to be using admins to do that for him and when all else fails, play every race/health/pc card he can muster up.

You're a sick monster, Nicky.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tom Piccirilli

I just want to take a moment to give my regards to Tom Piccirilli and his wife Michelle during their trying time. My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

If you haven't already, check out Tom's official websites here and especially his entertaining blog here and while you are at either of this sites treat yourself by clicking on the corrosponding links to pick up his work. I had heard rave reviews of The Cold Spot before picking it up a few years ago and agreed with every positive thing said about it (same for the follow up The Coldest Mile).

Hang in there you two.

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