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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

As part of our series to explore the toughness and bravery of Nicky, we present the following written Friday, October 5th, 2001 by Nicky.
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Oh shit -- I am getting scared now, I have a feeling that the outbreaks are the start of biological weapons which is scaring the shit out of me now because first it was Kane County, then the next thing that it would be Southern Cook and DuPage County. I was listening to the news and freaking out because I am hoping I don't meet up with some of them infected, they are saying it could be a possible well. They are trying to figure out what caused it but the good thing is this -- they are not sick very long though, about two to four hours. I want to hear from those in Kane County and want to know what they thought of this scare that is going on -- it reminded me of the scare of TB in 1993. They had gathered all the students up and had them vaccined for it during the gym period -- I remember it because all the teachers had to get shots for the thing as well. It was a viral illness being passed around. I am just hoping this doesn't spread to the rest of the reign.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

It was like when I was fourteen all over again

Amazing, isn't it? This meek Nicky differs from the strong ass kicker in An Eye In Shadows. But you already knew that was fiction. And available for free.

Since I was a teen, I can remember a long time phobia that I had and that would be the phobia of being locked in enclosed places for long periods of time, namely when I was younger it was in a gym locker. I cannot begin to describe the things within my mind as I would be locked inside, thinking that I was closed alive in a coffin or would be buried alive. I could handle dealing with rats and snakes, grew fond of rats but being locked into a trunk of a car or a locker, I would grow extremely frightened by the though of hearing about another getting locked in one. I nearly kicked the car trunk open when someone locked me in as a practical joke, but what triggered the nightmares is when I was carried off in an ambulance last year in February after a very horrific assault that I had gone through.

It was the incident when they were binding me into a back stretcher and started covering me with blankets because I was going into shock, and in the disorientation my phobia began to hit me quite hard when I was being placed in the blue and orange sleeping bag type device. I could feel them strapping down my legs and my stomach, then they placed a breathing device on my nose – this is something that would not leave me as I am writing this. I can still see this in my sleep, the picture of myself laying on the floor covered in blood – bared chest because I felt the blood hitting the back of my shirts. I could only see myself looking up at the people looking back down on me when they where trying to stop my bleeding. I was responsive to them, but their speech was incoherent because I was in and out of consciousness.

I could not feel a single thing as they were binding my head with the cotton bandages, it was as I would become embalmed – the feeling of them placing the pressure on the back of my head. The combination of the loss of blood, and the cold winter air upon my naked arms left a chill to me – that of one that I could not describe in my waking hours.

The thoughts that would remain in my mind would be that of a clausal phobic horror that would remain in my mind as I would fall asleep. Dreams that would remain within a psychological darkness that would sit within the pits of emptiness. As one would begin to dream, I would see myself bound in a sack swinging back and forth hearing that youth pastor saying that if I did go to church I would not be laying in three pools of my own blood. It was this that had left more of a horror in my mind more than the assault itself, because the religious persecution that would follow because of the newspaper clippings in The Globe Gazette.

I could not come to terms with the reasons for the assault, but as I had been in the hospital for my nervous breakdown, I had nightmares from that night of the assault – it is as a horror film playing over and over in my head. I write this narrative from the memory of the nightmares, and from the time in the mental health unit at Mercy Hospital. One cannot begin to relate the thoughts within the mind of one with the phobia that one has when they are locked into a trunk for a few hours, the small minutes, locked inside appear as hours. Time becomes one’s tomb.

Locked – loneliness and darkness are only company when one is locked inside of a place as a car trunk. Paranoia, leading into a horror that cannot begin to even describe or to conceive, but when I was kick trunk it was beating and racing as my heart was pounding in my throat. The thoughts within my mind were that of one preaching about my thinking, saying that this is how hell would be – locked, as a prison that one will never awaken from.

Though this is something that sat in my mind and had believed, but this is something that would not remain alive in me because of the nightmares when I had slept in the hospital room. This horror is one that crawls within the mind over time, hoping that one would not allow it to surface – only to take something as nearly bleeding to death and bound into the stretcher taking me into an ambulance, though that I was able to respond physically to the Emergency Medical Technicians – mentally I was not there, half numb to the world and half vegetable emotionally. It could have been the shock from the loss of blood or the horror that was creeping in, but when I was in the blankets and the sleeping bag type device, I was shaking and pale. My friend Trent, who worked as a security guard was able to imagine the horror that came when the details appeared in the paper the morning after the assault – it was that of denial, one that cannot be happening in a smaller city.

Mind over mind, horror into horror, such thoughts that were in my mind when I rested were as such as I am writing into this narrative. I would still have the nightmare, and the thoughts that would still remain – that of me lying on the floor and the female cop applying pressure to the back of my head telling me not to get up, at the time I was not sobbing but after it is all said and when the charges came. I would have dreams about them stalking me and forcing the thought of dropping the charges – their niceness was chilling because the intent was evil in the sense that they had already the physical damage, now they are trying to be nice and stalk me around saying they want to be my friend. This would be more frightening than the assault itself -- it was horrifying enough to make me bleed half of my vital fluids, and now they were trying to damage me emotionally.

It was like when I was fourteen all over again, emotionally distressed, thinking why they had to keep stalking me, haunting me – emotionally as the meek teenager that would walk in the faceless hallways. Everyone would ignore him unless they were going to entomb him in a locker that was able to fit the son of a bitch into. It was that dark imagery that would haunt me in my memories when I would be walking into the vacant locker room at a wrestling meet – then out of nowhere, I am thrown into a locker and door slams shut. That door slamming and locking behind me – the thought of that impends horror as a coffin that is closing upon me. Mind over mind – thoughts within the nightmares impending a horror that is unimaginable. Horror over horror – a sleep within the mind that sees the persecution that is within the society that one had been shunned. That as one is inside, alone, locked – time means nothing when locked alone in darkness. The closing thoughts that are within the mind and the sleep are the nightmares that lead to the emptiness – which appears as one is already dead inside.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


On Monday we gave you some rumors about what happened at Gothicfest 2007. Were we right? Let's hear a few from the horse's mouth shall we?

What we said: Nicky had sales so low the word poor doesn't come close

What he said: "Doing book signings at events like this are always hit and miss. The only reason it was slow for the writers in general is that it was raining like mad on the second day. Even my signing mates didn't really sell any books.
...there were a lot of things that happened on my part that let a lot of bad luck to my signing. My ex-room mate showed up and had to be everywhere that I needed to be and her friend stalked me the second part of the first night when I was trying to make a few sales and sabotaged those (this bitch is done in Chicago. I had to have one of the bouncers keep a look out for the loser.)
...In that sense - Gothicfest 2007 might not have been the year I made a killing...I sold some here and there but I am guessing a few other writers had a slow night too as far as the books went. Note to self: next time focus on just one book during the signing not an entire catalog of books or a few publications at a time - because it will overwhelm the visitor. I let people make off with other titles by Naked Snake Press as a giveaway item...

What we said: confirmed Nicky's date, wasn't. A poor unsuspecting woman was duped into thinking that he has pull in the industry and could help, Nicky once again thought a female talking to him was a girlfriend

What he said: I am also bringing a date with me and this will be the first time I am meeting her too. So things will prove interesting here.

What we know: From The Other Dark Place "a young lady named Tiffany, who proceeded to tell us all about her meeting first online, and then at a Goth event in Chicago, with "you-know-who." He spoke to her about her writing, and this poor girl was naive enough to give him her cell number. She had saved a message from him and let us all hear it, and I have to tell you he sounds just like Joey Buttafuoko (or however you spell it), except with more marbles in his mouth. lol. She said when she actually met him in person, he freaked her out, and has been stalking her ever since via e-mail. She was quite scared of him, said he "wasn't right." These poor, young writers have no idea who they're dealing with until it's too late."
Is that the "girlfriend" he was meeting for the first time on Saturday night?
I think it may be, though she wasn't aware of that. She *did* plan to meet him. She actually thought he was a publisher who could further her career. Sad

What we said: confirmed He spent most of his time outside smoking because of the stress brought on by the above events

What he said: "there were plenty of moments there I found myself freaking out."

What we said: confirmed Nicky's recent weight gain and reluctance to admit that he needed a larger shirt size resulted in many event goers getting an unwelcome view of his gut.

What he said: "Yeah the weight gain was evident on my part but I didn't really have the gut showing either, but then again that was because of the medication and being in the hospital for three weeks earlier in the year.

What we said: confirmed Nick lost his voice, which makes him sick at every public event he has ever attended.

What he said: "I didn't really get a chance to do an interview but I was in no shape to be interviewed (exhausted from three days lack of sleep and losing my voice.)"

So what I wanted to do was use both the black light and the strobe lights for the booth and all that fun shit but time constraints in getting things ready to go was something I wish I had more time to do. I also want to mention this was my first signing under the roster with Naked Snake Press. The thing that had set back the book signing was that I had a family emergency to take care of and the fact there is a malicious blog twisting the truth around (stealing copyrighted photos and artwork) - I will go on the record right now and say my grandfather had a stroke. That happened during the start of my book signing so I had to go later with it. It was cool because friends actually got to play this year -- thought I was disappointed that I missed their set because of the running around. Knowing that Leper played this year it gave them a huge chance to reach a lot of people. One of the reasons I brought Coach on with his project.

We are deeply saddened at the ill health of his relatives and wish no harm to come to them, but how did exposethetard get lumped in with that? And how did we set back the failed book signing?

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"but when it is from a stab wound -- it's not the blood it's the pain."

Nicky's posts over at the Vampire Don's forum are exactly what you'd suspect they'd be: Reasons to shill.

He's already posted links to three of his stories including the widely panned "Spectral Exile". What is sad about it is that he's writing it like a book review, a book review that you would write if you loved the story. But it's not someone else's, it's his own, and that is what makes the following so sad and funny at the same time. Note that his title is "House of Spiders 3 Author" which is a book that was so terrible the "editor" yanked it from the website that was selling it to try and salvage it.

House of Spiders 3 Author

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« on: September 26, 2007, 01:37:14 AM » Reply with quote

Those of you who've been on WritersCafe.org will need no introduction for this one but those of you who are new to this kind of horror fiction, this is as brutal as it gets -- and also quite graphic. It's a little slow going but when it really picks up damn it really picks up. This is the kind of horror with the "you're good as fvcked ending." They say Gothic Horror fiction was hardly ever violent never came across this particular nasty little tale or the one that is on my main sebsite titled DARKNESS FROM THE SKIES.

These particular two stories I wrote over a period of three years -- the one Spectral Exile was written inside of last summer but Darkness From The Skies was reworked and revisited just after I wrote Spectral Exile. This one has an evil little snarl behind it and this is a story that Weird Tales won't even touch but Scarlett almost published but because of my stay in the hospital towards the end of September I couldn't get the edits done. She still likes this rather brutal, dark horror story.

I didn't realize there was a kinship to this one between the movie BONES and Dario Argento until long after I wrote it. The idea came thinking what if Dario Argento sat down with H.P. Lovecraft or Algernon Blackwood then penned a rather uncompromising ghost story. There might be a sequel to this one coming and it will wrap around three other stories I wrote too.
More gems

Richard Matheson is famous for the Twilight Zone episode, Nigthtmare at 20,000 Feet. Shatner seen it and Lithgow seen it.

The post previous to this one is a comic gold mine in it's own right, but for the sake of space we'll condense it. Someone on the forum asked the help of the others because he found he had odd vampire-like sleep habits, ate raw meat, and attracted a lot of women even though he isn't attractive (those were his words not mine) and desperately asked for help. Of course Nicky was on call. Before reading the rest, guess how long it will take him to shill himself.

House of Spiders 3 Author

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« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2007, 06:16:37 PM »

I am not a vampire or anything like that, but lately I've been going to bed at about 6 in the morning or even 8 am at times then waking in the afternoon or late evening. I never eaten raw meat because I got sick from it, but I can tell you this I eat more meat than usual. I am not at all vampyric in any way so I am not sure If I am the kind of guy who can help you here.

My nocturnal nature is what drove me to write short stories and that -- I am just a writer here who writes disturbing stories. 31 yaers old but been nocturnal for a good six years. My ex-room mate got disturbed by the fact I would just go to bed about six in the morning and she expected everyone to go to bed about 2 AM. She was what Don would call one of those "special snowflakes."

Being this kind of writer I picked up odd habits as sleeping at weird hours, but that is normal for me now. I don't drink blood or anything but I will disturb friends who would go to bed about 10 at night thinking that it isn't normal to sleep during the day but then again I worked weird hours such as in a factory night shift so I live nightshift.

I even freak out Goth people which is even funnier and I would want to look more normal by the day. If I didn't have a mental illness, I would own a pistol. It is hard to really examine your situation but I will say this; situations like this do creep me out and at the same time I am always writing about vampires. I can't say you're one though by reading this particular post.

I am not grossed out by blood because I did sign in blood a few times, but when it is from a stab wound -- it's not the blood it's the pain. I had some strange sleep patterns since being stabbed when I was younger, and there are other aspects I will explore in the darker side -- such as when I was diagnosed with the mental illness I carry with me. There was a lot of things that would scare the hell out of me about it knowing that.

While we debate on whether or not to post an incredibly juicy tell-all piece that would make Nicky shit himself to see again, we leave you with a photo of him that is titled oddly enough, "vampire3".

Monday, October 15, 2007

Rumour has it...

Nicky's Gothicfest 2007 was another failure. Highlights include:

  • confirmed Nicky had sales so low the word poor doesn't come close
  • confirmed He didn't share his shared signing-- Let's just say he couldn't think of or talk about anyone other than himself which led to a falling out later
  • His date did not show either day, even though Nicky told everyone he came into contact with that she would
  • Nicky became concerned that he was a victim of a prank because said date did not show or call
  • confirmed Nicky's date, wasn't. A poor unsuspecting woman was duped into thinking that he has pull in the industry and could help, Nicky once again thought a female talking to him was a girlfriend
  • While walking around looking at other expos, Nicky came across a copy of his recently given away book in a garbage can which led to more anger and drama
  • He spent most of his time outside smoking because of the stress brought on by the above events
  • confirmed Nicky's recent weight gain and reluctance to admit that he needed a larger shirt size resulted in many event goers getting an unwelcome view of his gut.
  • confirmed Nicky was set to "Interview A Vampire" but was blown off. "Vampire" was dismayed that he had only spoken to Nicky a few times on the net, but Nicky had misunderstood their friendship because of that making him an equal opportunity stalker
confirmed Nick lost his voice, which makes him sick at every public event he has ever attended.
confirmed Nicky's video interviewing skills like his writing are sorely lacking. People were very uncomfortable with his rambling and the fact he had to interject his own shill into every question.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

"I didn't always look the way I do no"w"

Sadly, he looks like Hitler in that photo.

Probably should be more specific

We stated in an earlier post that if Nicky posted a video 7 minutes or longer on the net we would take the banners down. Then we got to thinking that he might do just that and have it be 7 minutes of pigeons on the train platform or something. He's obsessed with those things.

No, we want 7 minutes or more of Nicky talking to the camera. He supposedly has so much to say to us that it shouldn't be a problem. A video, even if taken by Nicky, with anything but him in the shot will not count.

Come on Nicky, one good rant. Each additional rant removes pictures as you go. That is if you are man enough to talk to us via video. We know you aren't, so we aren't worried about removing anything off this site.

Monday, October 8, 2007

"I will buy a self-published book before I will spend the money on an author who masterbates on fandoms."
Friday, June 23rd, 2006 2:55 am

What I am looking for:
Those of you who are writers who write in the Science Fiction Genre and a sucker for writing fan fiction.
Here's a chance for you to try your hand at writing fan fiction and get published for it. The fan fiction stories must be based on the Lake Fossil Trilogy but no stories where the story is LAKE FOSSIL IV, V, VI, VII, etc...
a $5 entry fee... Submissions via email must be sent as a .doc attachment to lakefossil@mad.scientist.com. Snail mail address will be provided in the author's story LAKE
FOSSIL III. But only after the entry fee is entered, that will also be the reading fee. The deadline for the contest is August 3, 2006, the birthday of the man who created LAKE FOSSIL.
Average age of author to take part must be seventeen or getting ready to turn 18."
Wednesday, March 22nd, 2006 12:40 am

Sunday, October 7, 2007

How do you spell ethereal?

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I will go video by the end of this month and will have a good set of speakers.

No, he won't. If he releases a video by the end of this month that is at least 7 minutes long, we will remove all of the banners on this site.

For everyone video he releases we will remove something else.

But he won't do it, so relax and enjoy some more old school Nicky.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

"... was laughing at the interactions between me and some of them -- one described me as a person who barely fit into the movement but what made me fit was the fact that I kept my website Writings From The Grave. Some of them knew of my website and saw some of the pictures that I did with Melany when we were just getting together. I had met a diverse crowd here -- I was one of the very few there who put a rugged spin on the subculture. It was very hard to do a masculine touch to a subculture that borrows a lot from punk and glam rock."

Friday, October 5, 2007

what the heck?

I am supposed to fear this guy?

The thoughts that would continue to throb as the ingrown toenail that was in my foot for three months -- the pain that would awaken me and bleed. It was as a cancer that would continue to eat at me as I would sleep. Knowing that the horrors that were there would continue to haunt me. The breakdown that drove me into the hospital was one that was like in 1997, the day after Christmas when I learned I was emotionally violated because my inbox at hotmail was hacked. I felt as someone was sewing my eyes shut and enclosing me into an oblong box since there was nothing that I was able to do to prevent it from happening. It was similar to when I got drunk in 1994, blacking out and not knowing what had happened but when someone told me that I've passed out from drinking too much. ~ The Shadowed Thoughts

With JournalCon coming in a month, there are worries in my mind about something like in New York happening in Chicago. I am still going because I am not going to let the likes of Bin Laden get to me, though he did because I had a nightmare earlier today reflecting on the incident in New York on September 11th, 2001. I have been sick and weakened because of the events -- I had felt pains similar to what the people from falling from the windows of the world trade center. Which brings me into more detail of the dream that I had the other night. ~ The Shadowed Thoughts 2001-09-14 - 8:14 a.m.

Ghettoravin. That's not just the image to your left scrawled by our own Nicky, Ghettoravin was one of Nicky's numerous alternate identifications.

Others includes

Here is something very interesting found on darksites. A page of Nicky's had this message

Nickolaus was a little bitch and got his webpage access removed.
Nickolaus Pacione doesn't live here anymore. He moved to Morris, Illinois.

Word of Warning!
Know who you talk to before you find yourself in a dangerous situation.
read about it here.

When you clicked on the "read about it here" you got the follow: {Nicky=urbanizedsin}

ICQ History Log For:
76489688 urbanizedsin
Started on Mon Aug 13 12:10:28 2001
urbanizeds 8/12/200 5:51 PM yes I am there.

urbanizeds 8/12/200 5:52 PM I am trying to get some of my graphics moved
to darksites, and some pictures to 50megs.com
because they are too big for darksites.

Brujah 8/12/200 5:52 PM on the main page, if you click Manage
you should get to the file manager.

If not, your ISP is showing you the old
The new server DOES have a Manager link that

urbanizeds 8/12/200 5:53 PM send me to the new server -- I want to see

Brujah 8/12/200 5:55 PM It doesn't work that way :(
its like sending a postcard to someone.
if your post office doesn't have the new
address..it tries to deliver it to the old
one. my post office delivers it to the new
address, because its updated. that make sense
you type in www.darksites.com and get the old
i type in www.darksite.scom and get the new

Brujah 8/12/200 5:55 PM try www.safeweb.com for example.
browse to darksites from there, and you'll see
what I mean.

urbanizeds 8/12/200 5:56 PM cannot be displayed.

Brujah 8/12/200 5:56 PM safeweb could not be displayed ?

urbanizeds 8/12/200 5:57 PM the other one. safeweb is working,

Brujah 8/12/200 5:57 PM ok enter the darksites url, into safeweb now

urbanizeds 8/12/200 6:00 PM I am doing this but trying to see if that
works. Now it works -- tight.

Brujah 8/12/200 6:02 PM see ? it wasn't me :)

urbanizeds 8/12/200 6:08 PM I am trying to upload files but that is not
going to let me.

Brujah 8/12/200 6:09 PM ok. its up to your ISP to update the DNS :)
Its not darksites, I'm sorry.

urbanizeds 8/12/200 6:20 PM how long does this have to be through here --
because it is fucking up anything that I do to
the site.

Brujah 8/12/200 6:21 PM it doesn't have to be through there. I think
you don't understand.
I showed you that for 1 reason. To show you
that your ISP account is the problem. Many
others on the web can see the NEW darksites
You have to wait, or get another ISP.

urbanizeds 8/12/200 6:22 PM I am going to try with another browser.

Brujah 8/12/200 6:22 PM its not the browser, its the ISP. :(

urbanizeds 8/12/200 6:41 PM When are you going to fix it where I would not
have to run it through that mickey fucking
mouse thing.

Brujah 8/12/200 7:19 PM whats your account name so I can delete it ?
Don't be a prick to me fucker

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:05 AM I am sorry for being a prick, could I have my
account back.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:06 AM I was just under a lot of pressure -- so I
apologize for snapping

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:07 AM you fuck -- you don't know what you had done,
you are begging to get your ass kicked now.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:08 AM thank you for not deleting my site.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:10 AM all because I dissed safeweb.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:11 AM you mean to tell me that you are willing to
kill a site that would be responsible for
bringing you more traffic.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:12 AM listen kid.. safeweb is not my site.
you aren't very smart.
you don't know much about how the web works.
you know nothing about what DNS is
you don't have a clue that everything about
why you could not get to your site was because
of you, and your internet provider. it has
nothing to do with me, or darksites.
do I care whether you have a site there or not
? no. I don't.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:13 AM for what it is worth I apologize. Now could
you let me into the file manager, so I could
get everything off of the server.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:16 AM your account is closed. I'm not reopening it.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:16 AM let me get everything off of there before I go
all the way to Colorado and kick your ass.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:18 AM ok, come on over.
i'll go ahead and call the police now and send
them to your house.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:19 AM are you willing to say you are willing to
detroy someones years worth of work?

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:22 AM how would you feel if someone went and closed
darkness.com down.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:25 AM see this ?

Brujah 8/13/200 11:25 AM making threats across interstate wire is a
federal offense.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:26 AM which of these officers should I call ?

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:26 AM now this is personal faggot

Brujah 8/13/200 11:29 AM Nickolaus Pacione
3600 Walleye Dr
Morris, IL 60450

Chief Doug Hayse, of the Morris Illinois
police department may wish to speak with you
for the threats you are making across federal
insterstate wire. :)

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:30 AM what the fuck, you cannot handle someone
wanting to talk to you personally.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:31 AM Don't waste my time, with bullshit threats in
hopes that I will do what you want. Threats
get you nothing, but trouble.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:32 AM fine -- just give me what I want then and that
is all of my files so I could at least move my
site and access so I could tell people I

Brujah 8/13/200 11:33 AM you don't need access, to get your files. I'm
not giving you access under any circumstances.
You made physical threats and everything you
did on my server will remain there in case
anyone needs to see it. If you uploaded them,
you have copies of them.
If you didn't, save them with a right-click.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:34 AM if any of my writings are posted on darkness
-- you have a fucking lawsuit.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:35 AM did you submit them ? If you did, they are
property of darkness.com too. You won't get
them removed.
If you didn't submit them, they won't be
there. Simple.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:36 AM I guess I would steal your graphics for my
website if you want to play that game.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:36 AM what graphics ? if you haven't noticed..
there are none.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:37 AM yer ankh graphic.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:38 AM you have my permission.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:39 AM do you have the monoply on gothic websites?

Brujah 8/13/200 11:40 AM I don't know, don't care. I'm sure there are
many others.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:41 AM Fine fucker -- be prepared to lose 50 more
users, because if I go -- more would come with

Brujah 8/13/200 11:41 AM great :) take them with you.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:41 AM now you can go rape your daddy because I got
what I wanted.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:42 AM just because someone insulted you, doesn't
mean that you take away their website.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:43 AM i pay for it. i do what I want with it.
you want to be a little crybaby, and threaten
to come kick my ass. grow up kid.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:44 AM Fuck off mother fucker.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:45 AM http://www.darksites.com/souls/horror/urbanize

nice page :)

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:45 AM all you suceeded in doing is getting yourself

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:45 AM I am going to kick your ass for that one.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:45 AM i'm waiting

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:46 AM come to Chicago -- I will feed you your own
teeth. Using that site to blackmail me --
your ass is mine.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:47 AM using my account a fight that you cannot

Brujah 8/13/200 11:47 AM Its not your account.
Its mine.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:48 AM but my handle mother fucker.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:48 AM so you want to start something with me -- come
to Chicago so you can finish it.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:49 AM give me back the access so I could let people
know I moved. Be a man and do that -- I guess
you are not a man.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:49 AM any url I choose to use, is mine.
You don't pay the rent, you get evicted.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:50 AM You're really good at this negotiation. So
far its getting you all kinds of things you
want, isn't it.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:51 AM it is my sn though, don't fuck with that.
What the fuck was that supposed to mean -- I
logged on week in and week out, and policy
says that you lose the website when you don't
log in for six months.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:52 AM what you are doing is wrong -- abusing your
right as the owner of darksites.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:53 AM your abusing your ownership.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:53 AM No, what YOU are doing is wrong. I try to
give back something for free and you piss on

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:55 AM I was just under a lot of pressure to move
everything and trying to update Writings From
The Grave, and when I went in to fix it --
darksites was fucking down, and this was the
place that had made Writings From The Grave
what it is now before you decided to fuck with

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:55 AM are you going to start charging me for the use
of darksites?

Brujah 8/13/200 11:56 AM I didn't change anything since yesterday. And
all of a sudden you can access the file
manager just fine. That tells you your
Internet Provider was the reason it was so
slow. It was not darksites.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:56 AM now when you decided to block my account -- I
mean I needed to say something there.. There
is nothing wrong with AT&T.

Brujah 8/13/200 11:57 AM AT&T updated the DNS slow.
Lots of people could get to darksites just

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:57 AM but I could not though.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 11:58 AM could you give me back the code you deleted to
diss me?

Brujah 8/13/200 11:58 AM and that wasn't my fault.
it was working just fine. just not for you
and your slow dns.
dns = domain name services.
every Internet provider has to run its own
domain name servers. some of them update
twice a day or more. yours did not.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 12:01 PM and because I called safeweb a mickey mouse
server you get a little mad and decide to take
it out on Writings From The Grave -- that
makes you a man do that.

Brujah 8/13/200 12:03 PM I don't even know who runs safeweb. I don't
care what you call them. Don't get attitude
with me, and I'm a nice guy. You wanted to
try and be a big badass and fuck with me.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 12:04 PM Get on my bad side -- fuck with me and my

urbanizeds 8/13/200 12:04 PM I guess I will see you in court.

Brujah 8/13/200 12:04 PM I didn't. You were just a stupid idiot that
didn't understand it was your own ISP and not

urbanizeds 8/13/200 12:05 PM for defamation of charactor.

Brujah 8/13/200 12:05 PM lol ok. We'll see you then.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 12:05 PM calling my bluff prison bitch.

Brujah 8/13/200 12:06 PM People don't go to prison for defamation of
character. Duh.
People DO go to prison for committing a
federal offense.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 12:07 PM would you give me the html you deleted at
least? So I could move the page. I needed
that code fucker.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 12:08 PM people get sued for defamation of charactor

Brujah 8/13/200 12:08 PM people don't go to jail for it, stupid.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 12:09 PM fine stupid fuck -- give me the html you
deleted if you want to retain your thumbs.

Brujah 8/13/200 12:09 PM oh sure, I'll jump right to it.

urbanizeds 8/13/200 12:09 PM Do you want your thumbs asshole?

Nicky could never get his urbanizedsin code back, but I did complete with images and one of the funniest yet saddest things I have ever seen him write.

This is a phobia that I am still coming to grips with since I had been thrown into lockers as a teen, and shoved into a car trunk as a cruel pratical joke. I have been haunted by the nightmares from when I had fallen victim to a violent assault -- which I wrote of this in the piece titled, . Those that are saying this happened because I stopped going to church -- this only made things worst and invoked the nigntmares I am writing of in the claustrophobia papers

Thursday, October 4, 2007

This profile is set to private Part 2

Great news! Nicky isn't the homophobe he made us think he was! On his myspace page he has a bi-sexual friend! This friend is a cross dresser and even though he jokes with him about his friend in drag he doesn't have a problem with it!

But this is another reason why Nicky made his myspace private: You aren't supposed to see him commiserating with the gay community. As we showed yesterday, Nicky's other dark secret was sex. He's tired of being single for almost a decade and wants a lady. If you saw pictures of two women kissing on his page you would probably make fun of him for his hypocrisy and he can't have that.

Conservative Nicky also allowed a liberal friend to post a video clip of Bill Maher, a very liberal celebrity, on his site.

What does all this mean? Has he lightened up? Was he lying the whole time? Regardless, the truth of the matter is this is what Nicky wants and doesn't want you, the e-pirating terrorists, to see.

Thank you to a certain someone over at The Other Dark Place for watermarking these blasts from the past!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

This profile is set to private Part 1

That's right Nicky's myspace is now private.


To keep trolls off his site?

To keep people from learning his secret projects?

NO! He's got ladies now! Little bug with myspace that lets you see what's going on with their page even when it's set to private.

Seems Nicky is looking for love, and doesn't want the public to know about it.

A 36 year old woman from Illinois is on there. Her avatar has two girls kissing. Nicky doesn't mind! Is that a half-naked Paris Hilton pic she posted?

Sep 26 2007 5:33A

I know...this is going to sound bold but....



Please don't ever cut your hair!!


Another new "friend" also loves posting naked chicks with blinky sequins, and he isn't deleting her comments either!

Plus he's contacting old chums from high school. Maybe the person who said he was known as "Nicky the Boxer" is on there now. Go take a look he'll be glad you did. **Warning** one of his friends went to the Fallen Eve School of Myspace Design and has every large image ever made on her myspace page. Unless you have the newest computer out there, a T3 line, all programs closed, and an hour to spare to wait for it to load I would avoid that site.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Yes that's who you think it is.

No we didn't make it.

bullshit coward

and yes I will air this in video when the video blogs happen.

Bullshit. He will never post a video of himself; he's too cowardly to.

In other news, we have recently stumbled upon a treasure trove of old Nicky goodness. I gave The Other Dark Place a few samples of what we nabbed and it's proven to have peaked Nicky's interest, which means he's going to shit when he sees what we post on exposethetard!

Report Him Anonymously

Copy/paste url of offending website