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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nicky Is A Pervert

Thank you to Ben Flanagan and Lewis for this!

 As Mr. Flanagan pointed out here, Ethereal Gazette Issue Ten does indeed contain sexual content. The story is called The Headlights by Christopher Frost and even though Nicky didn't write it, it does contains sexual content. To most this would seem like nothing, but we are talking about Nicky who reminds the world every 10 minutes that he doesn't allow sexual content in anything to do with Lake Fossil Press.

If you read his guidelines, the second rule for Ethereal Gazette submissions does in fact state

  • SMUT -- come on, do you want me to lose the support of the library in my area? Be respectful of my magazine and the guidelines -- please read the magazine before you thing about submitting. Everyone knows I don't allow sexual content in any form. I do allow profanity in the magazine. You can use the Seven Dirty Words in the stories, but you're not allowed to write hanky-panky in the story. My book has the new seven dirty words -- and you can use those too.

  • Yet as Ben points out, there's definately some smut in Issue Ten. Nothing bad or immortal, but it is sexual content and Nicky has said thousands of times over he won't have it. He does apparently.

    Remember his bondage sleep sack obsession? While a number of people assumed it was sexual, some pondered the idea that he used them because had an autism spectrum disorder, and the sacks worked along the lines of a hug box.

    Nope. It's sexual.

  • Lady Authors: If Doing A Nightmare Story. Take your full body picture laying in bed, asleep (No Nudity and fully Gothed Out In Black Makeup -- let your boyfriend or husband do this picture. Guys doing the picture -- make sure you do it where you can see her completely covered up to her shoulders laying on her back with books resting on her covered body or if you have a mummy type sleeping bag on the floor do that with a shitload of books by Stephen King, Richard Matheson, Mick Mercer, and Edgar Allan Poe. Best Results for this is a futon.

  • If you still doubt it's sexual, the guys have their own separate guidelines

  • Guy Authors: street clothes crashed on the couch with shoes on if you do a similar story with beer cans on the floor and a horror film on the TV. Best effect if author is a bachelor with room mates. Let your girlfriend take the picture.

  • In other words, try your hardest to look like him and make your surroundings the filthy pig sty that he himself dwells in. Coming from a guy who has used timers on cameras to photograph himself sleeping over the past ten years, it seems really really odd that he insists the pictures are taken by the person's partner. Girilfriends and boyfriends are the only ones allowed to snap pictures of the writers, so mothers and uncles gtfo! Truth be told however, this is probably his way of weeding out the gay writers. If, for example, a guy says "Can I have my boyfriend take my picture?" or a woman says "Um I don't date guys my life partner can take it though." Nicky will be able to spot homosexuals beforehand and ban them from his publication. 

    This is probably a precaution he is taking after finding out just how many of his previous authors were gay. In trying to boost sales of previously released books of his, he has Googled the names of past authors with the intent of using their past and future writing credits to make his publications look better. In doing so, he has learned after publishing them that they were gay. If you are thinking that has happened a couple of times, your number is too low. As you can imagine, when Nicky discovers he paid a gay person to submit to one of his books, he becomes enraged. So I'm almost certain his latest and weirdest guideline additions are to combat this.


    Thursday, March 25, 2010

    "better introduce me as The Controversial Author, Nickolaus Pacione"


    Mar 13, 2010, 11:09pm
    Cool -- let's do it, better introduce me as The Controversial Author, Nickolaus Pacione. I just got done rebuilding my website and had to clean out the guestbook.
    The above is a comment Nicky left to a bisexual girl on VampireFreaks.com

    Not that this is a surprise to anyone that knows about him, but Nicky hasn't been deemed a "controversial author" by anyone, hell he hasn't even been called an author. Nicky himself is the one that pushes that.

    Protip: Telling people you're bad ass doesn't make it so. As a matter of fact, doing it yourself -- specifically in public where people can see you trying to push that image -- only makes you look that much more like a poseur.

    You complained to me last week and said that I personally was making it hard for you to book bands in your area. If you're the hard rock rebel you claim to be than that wouldn't even be an issue. They wouldn't read my site and even if they did, they wouldn't believe me if I were wrong. Real bad asses can usually smell a poseur a mile away, which is why you have it so rough at the moment. You. Are. A. Poseur.

    And finally, Nicky has started a new social group on Ning (http://the815.ning.com/). The best part? The slogan he has on there is "The Largest Fucking Area Code In Illinois....", so you'd think it'd be full of people, right?

    Nope. Nicky is the only one. :D

    Baby Pacione

    03-20-2010 10:42 PM - permalink
    The Blood of ************ is on your hands because what your friends did to Lake Fossil Press in 2008. If you really want to hear what I'm about to say -- just read the damn memoir. You wanted me to tell my side -- I guess you're too forcefed the lies and in that you contributed to the book burnings by your actions.
    Let me make this perfectly clear: She did not like you. I spoke with her before and after she was diagnosed. (I actually spoke to her before her test results came back, and in an attempt to comfort her I told her they would probably be fine...I was shocked at the news when they weren't) She was scared for her future regarding her health, but that wasn't all she was afraid of.

    Do you know why she continued to submit stories to you? Because she was scared of you. She found out all about you after you received her first story, but after that she felt trapped.

    She only continued to "work" with you after that because to her, it was easier than telling you she thought you were a psycho and a talentless hack. She figured if she passed on your offers and walked away you'd stalk her like you're known to do.

    Nickolaus Pacione, the following is something you really need to know:


    You are sick, but so are a lot of other people. You're a disgusting excuse for what should be a human being and you've used up the last drop of pity anyone could ever have for you. That's why you're own family is ready to kick your ass out.

    You use the plight of others for your own personal gain. That includes
    9/11 victims
    • The Jews who died in the Holocaust
    • WWII Vets and those who died in the war
    • African Americans
    • Those who have passed on
    • Those with disabilities
    • Those with mental disabilities
    You are a weak and pathetic wimp who can't take any heat whatsoever, so if anyone tells you to get lost, the first thing Baby Pacione does is whine and say that if people disrespect him, they are disrespecting someone who passed on because her stories can be found in your wannabe books.

    If someone burns your books, they are disrespecting the Jews, Blacks, again bringing up the poor soul who is no longer with us.

    Worst part? You had only found out she passed on via a Shocklines thread. Remember? You posted your surprise at the news she was gone in that thread indicating you hadn't been in contact with her for a long time, which means you weren't even checking in on her to see how she was doing. That was probably better for her, since the last thing someone who is dying of cancer needs is you hanging around. And what did you do once you found out she passed on? You posted links to where people could buy books that featured her in them...YOUR books. You then updated a lot of your sites to mention that people could purchase some of the last writing of an author who passed on you sick little freak.
    "I was trying to get her to join me for the first Gothicfest, but I had no idea that she was sick with cancer at the time." (pretending to care in this thread)
    Seriously? That was the first time you found out she was sick? I had contacted her a few days before she got the news to warn her about you and she told me. I knew, and I didn't even know her as well as you did.

    You are a walking "Wall of Shame" Nicky. When you pass on people are not only going to urinate on YOUR grave, they'll be doing so to extinguish the fire from your books burning above where your body rests. Overall though, when you die, you're enemies will actually show respect and compassion even though they didn't like you when you lived.

    And that's why the people that you hate will always be better than you.

    One last thing:
    If you really want to hear what I'm about to say -- just read the damn memoir.
    That's an excellent idea. If one of the hundreds of people who have a free, pirated .PDF copy of An Eye In Shadows and H****e's email address, they should send it to her so she can take his advice. After all, he didn't say she should buy it, only "read the damn memoir."

    Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    Being Offensive!

    Nicky finds a facebook group titled "Being Offensive"and proceeds to act exactly how you would expect him to act.
    Nickolaus Pacione :laughing: This is fucking great -- tell the homos they might as well be fucking their own mothers each time they stick a dick up their ass.
    February 14 at 4:43pm · Report
    Wow. For someone who hates "the homos" he spends a great deal of time thinking of them having anal sex. He's also a fan of incest specifically sex with parents as we've seen over the years and pointed out in Robotic Reader's latest video.

    Don't believe me about him spending way too much time thinking about the genitalia of those with alternate lifestyles?

    In a post where someone makes a joke about a transvestite...
    Nickolaus PacioneThat's just fucking sick -- get that IT out of here. Someone needs to shoot that transvestite right in the balls with a pellet gun!
    February 14 at 4:51pm · Report
    This is the best one and takes place in a post where someone told the old joke about three men sleeping next to each other and the one in the middle dreams he's skiing. We've all heard the joke and know how it ends. Dirty as it is, the joke doesn't specifically and graphically tell you what exactly happened the night before, so Nicky feels compelled to explain in detail.
    Nickolaus Pacione I heard ths one in basic. Ski Polls -- the fag was pulling their dicks.
    February 14 at 5:12pm · Report
    It's been said before but I'll say it again...for someone so dead set against people writing homoerotic content, he writes more of it than anyone on this earth. Seriously. What's the old saying, "Write what you know"?

    I almost forgot necrophilia! Nicky loves to talk about having sex with the dead.
    Nickolaus Pacione What the fuck -- that's disgusting but damn I can't stop laughing. I will never make rape jokes -- but I will tell people to go dig up a corpse and fuck it!
    February 14 at 9:57pm · Report
    He won't make rape jokes because he's serious when he threatens you with it. I think I have an idea why he loves to hang around graveyards now, but I don't want to think about it. :O
    Nickolaus Pacione My best friend told me on the phone, "Be right back I think my dinner is burning. Oh nevermind, it was some Great White fan."
    February 15 at 8:08pm · Report
    LOL oh Nicky you and Jason's extreme metal tastes are always good for a laugh or two!
    Well at least he isn't trying to shill his writing, right? Wrong!
    Nickolaus Pacione Here's an offensive horror story for you bastards -- enjoy. This one pissed off many but each time when they flamed it, all they did was adding to the vicious sting of the short story. I am planning to expand this one later in the year.
    February 16 at 6:24pm · Share · Report
    He's correct that is an offensive horror story. It's offensive to the people that established writing and grammar rules over the years. It's also offensive to anyone who ever clicked on it thinking it was an actual horror story or for that matter, a story period.

    This last one proves he was faking it for the Christian forum he got booted off of lately and isn't the good Christian he'd have you believe. The group's picture is Jesus giving someone the middle finger, which pleases Nickolaus H
    Nickolaus Pacione You guys are fucking riot! Is just me or do I find Jesus flipping the bird is funny?
    February 14 at 10:00pm · Report
    Oh Nicky you rebel.

    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    Nicky Proves He Can't Keep Any Thread Open

    Out of nowhere today, Nicky joins writingforums.com and creates a thread titled "Lake Fossil Press Office Site", then starts it off first thing with a visual of a large group of people pulling down their pants and defecating on his "company".

    A mod comes along less than 12 hours later, admonishes him for trying to stir up trouble after so long, then locks it.
    Lake Fossil Press Office Site.
    For those of you who were pulling their pants down and taking a collective dump on my company or building fake domains of my publications and magazines -- don't even think of submitting to any publication on the roster of Lake Fossil Press. I have the Tabloid Purposes page going on the office site.

    I survived the aftermath and angry responses trying to crucify me for some reason or another -- no matter who spoke the most trash about my company, there is no denying what kind of stuff I will publish with Lake Fossil Press.

    If you want my side of the story -- it's published in the book An Eye In Shadows. The average age of the writer on the roster is about 33 years old -- or a little older than I am. So those of you saying I prey upon young writers. I do have older writers on the roster too and I get them via word of mouth.

    I stopped publishing minors on the fourth Tabloid Purposes. The people who said that actually own pirated copies of my memoir, An Eye In Shadows.

    I was offered a column somewhere in the recent years and I am also doing anthologies that are the just for fun bracket -- no money changing hands but the anthology gets in the hands of other publishers in the finished form. I am planning the two sequels for my anthology series and they're called The Twins.

    Those who are good to the series and been friends with the authors over the years, thank you for that and getting them published in wider places -- it shows you support the line up.

    I have people doing libelous tags on each of my books -- especially when I published the testimony of an Ex-Gay named Daniel Willow. I do the local issues every fourth odd numbered issue.

    Let me ask this question to all of you, would you buy a book from an author who admitted to reviewing a stolen PDF of the book before it had the chance of seeing print and having it's cover art?
    Tags his side of the story, lfp books, nickolaus pacione

    Nicky Back On Writerscafe (And How You Can Help!)

    Thanks Lewis for the tip!

    Nicky has returned to writerscafe.org, the website he was BANNED from about a year ago.
    "used to be here under a different name until some no name loser reported me for being too harsh. I am looking to test out some of my non-fiction on this vehicle."
    That's the only vehicle you'll ever get to control sweetie.

    With a new name (Unclefossil) and new IP address (dial-up now instead of Comcast) Nicky was able to slip back in.

    Here's how you can help him slip back out!

    Click here. It's the "Flag Author" button specifically on Nicky's page, so if he gets flagged multiple times the mods will have to check it out where they'll see a familiar face.

    In other news, Nicky's latest "Wall Of Lame" victim, Tess, left the original copy of her email to Nicky in the comments section of my last post. If you've visited his site in the past few hours you'll see that he has been adding people left and right to his wall, yet he's editing the hell out of their emails to remove sentences that embarrass him. That's not a surprise since Nicky has relied on lying and omitting large chunks of truth most of his online life.

    Anyway, you can read his version of the email here, but you won't see this part
    "From what I see, you got mad at some people who told you not to be goth and that you weren't a good writer, and you didn't like what you said.

    It's jut a whine-fest, that's all it is. I read it and I wonder why the author is whining like a kid who just got their feelings hurt."
    Now if you'll excuse me, my bingo card needs updating!

    Friday, March 19, 2010

    More Robotic Reader!

    They just keep coming! That's fine with me! :3

    Robotic Reader Returns!

    B-I-N-G-O And Nicky Was His Name-O!

    autoaim has made Nicky Bingo Cards!

    Get yours by going here

    I have decided to post mine here so people can see I'm playing fair. I'll probably be updating it here as well.

    Wednesday, March 17, 2010


    Nicky is going to be getting his own column in an e-zine, that part is true. Rumor is that one of his Ethereal Gazette authors works with, Dystopia Magazine.

    This one isn't a rumor actually, it's a fact: Nicky very recently submitted another story to Withersin Magazine.

    Sunday, March 14, 2010

    Look Who's Back!

    Found this in my inbox just now and I couldn't wait to share! Yay!

    A Little Late

    Guess who is going to register domain names now?
    "Lake Fossil Press (the real one will have a domain in may.) The Ethereal Gazette (The real one will have a domain in june.)"
    If I were to venture a guess I'd say he's probably going to try something like lake-fossil-press.com, theetherealgazette.com or ethereal-gazette.com.

    If that's the case then maybe I should delete that from this entry otherwise some devious troll may try to register those first! That would be a bad thing.

    Friday, March 12, 2010

    Nicky Surrenders!

    Someday we're going to break his obsession with a certain female author and I won't rest until that day.
    Enough is enough, I am tired of these people going around creating cute little communities slandering my name -- "fan sites" as they call them, if they were a fan site then they would not go around using my name as a urinal. People coming on stealing my posts from one blog to the next, then the mean and spiteful reviews every chance they get.
    The shit with the bitch I won't mention by name was the straw that cracked me, but I am not going to go cussing everyone out every chance I get. I try to get new material out there then these idiots go around trying to offer pirated versions of Tabloid Purposes II. You had no right to be distributing the anthology if you didn't contribute a story or edit it. In all seriousness, what is destroying me going to prove? Then going around stealing my covers and bastardizng them to their perverse little need.
    I want this shit to stop because clearly it isn't fun having to fight with every cum gulping schmuck out there. They say I go around hating common sense and clarity, they cleary hate it more than me. Their idea of common sense is a bit twisted, what kind of logic do they find in mocking me or impersonating my family. If you have an issue with me -- leave my family out of it.
    White flag -- I am not the one to surrender but seriously, I want this to end. Going around stalking me from one forum to the next, stealing my online personas via yahoo. I am addressing every asshat out there who thinks it is funny going on as my alter ego, characters from my work, or as my story's titles. Every person who practiced e-piracy deserves a punch in the head.
    This is nothing new, same bullshit another name. Am I going to mend the bridges I burned, I will try to keep civil but seriously those who've created threads slandering me or journals that slander me better stay the hell out of my way. I might have a mouth on me, but I won't let that destroy my career. Will I stop with the vulgarity, no because that is just the way I am. Point fingers at me; I will point one back and it won't be pleasing either. Some might not get my logic, but the ones who would understand this are the ones who've been around me the longest and in person. I am exactly the way I am in person I am online.
    This bothers some people, especially if they hate my persona online. The whole thing about them wanting to, "burn the monster." That is what wants me to do this kind of rant. I've seen this too many times. I am not about to come out to be a kiss ass either, that was something I never was brought up to be. I do find myself being on the brunt of a lot of things, but sometimes I don't care. Though when someone decides to get personal and try to create something extremely slanderous, as what the Truth Abuth Nick is doing --- he's not even that accurate, and he had no right to stealing posts from my message boards. Every bit of it is not true, I don't even wear slippers and that little picture he doctored of the magazine was really of me holding a copy of Tabloid Purposes I. They thing this is going to silence me by stealing my posts -- wrong. I am a mouth, and say exactly what is on my mind no matter how offensive it will come out to be.
    That entry is almost five years old and is punishment for going after another innocent. It was written on Wednesday, May 4th, 2005
    One of the people he meant that to, as he later mentioned by name, was Janrae. The truce obviously broke but not after Nicky repeatedly said after the initial post he wanted it to stay in place. He really wanted a truce very badly and it seemed like once or twice a day he would mention it to remind people he was done with the drama.

    I cannot find it at the moment, but around this time when he was complaining about people impersonating him and sites that did the same, he actually said something along the lines of "I pretend it doesn't bother me, but it does." That's almost an exact qu0te, or may actually be. I'll have to dig around to find it.

    Anyway the point of this post was to show that the bully isn't as tough as he pretends. Defenseless babies, women, and the elderly are targets he has no problem with, but he's weaker than he tries to appear, so don't be intimidated by him.

    What Do Rape And "Hallowpoint" Bullets Have In Common?

    Both have been used to threaten me in emails from Nicky!

    It all started last night after my latest blog entry. I got to thinking that maybe Nicky himself registered etherealgazette.com, so I emailed him to ask if he did or not. I had given my word that if he did, I would gladly post a correction so people knew it was his.

    Not surprisingly, I was called a number of names like dyke, cunt, bitch, etc.

    After asking again, I recieved four emails within a short period of time from Nickster. I think he thinks that I purchased one or more of those domain names, which I did not. In fact I still don't know who owns what, only that he owns none of them. I won't post all of his pre-eruption emails just a few. Basically he accused me of stalking and whined over me watermarking photos I own that he does not.
    (note: He's now using nickolauspacione@vampirefreaks.com to email people. I'm not posting his email so people will spam it or anything)
    Friday, March 12, 2010 3:39 AM
    From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
    To:"Expose TheTard"
    Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
    I own both you bitch -- I put my blood, sweat and tears into both things. The photos are rightfully mine so you don't have permission to use them. You don't own those names they''re mine. I am about to get the ISSN for the magazine so that magazine is mine.
    Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
    Friday, March 12, 2010 3:49 AM
    From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
    Add sender to Contacts
    To:"Expose TheTard"
    I own Lake Fossil Press and Ethereal Gazette you fucking no name whore. Show your fucking face if you're going to be smearing me you faceless bitch.
    Turns out he doesn't own either, according to the folks who comment on Rusty's page, but whatever.

    Here are this morning's emails, all within minutes of each other, all full of FURIOUS RAEG!
    Friday, March 12, 2010 9:09 AM
    From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
    To:"Expose TheTard"
    Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
    I will go to the press with everything that you've tried to do to stifle my traffic and stifle my book sales. You want the fame so much -- I am going to make you hang yourself with it you fucking cunt. Don't ever FUCK with my integrity and don't fuck with my friends. I am coming for you with the full wrath of god bitch.
    His traffic? I informed him that I actually helped his traffic by linking to his latest page and forum.

    Apparently he threatened to make me cause my own suicide ala Hannibal Lector, which was tame compared to what came after.
    Friday, March 12, 2010 6:58 PM
    From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
    To:"Expose TheTard"
    Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
    Let me take a second to explain here to those who may not know about ammunition what was just said:

    A hollow point (or "Hallowpoint" in Nickyspeak) is an expanding bullet that has a pit or hollowed out shape in its tip, generally intended to cause the bullet to expand upon entering a target in order to decrease penetration and disrupt more tissue as it travels through the target (via Wikipedia)

    I take that threat lightly since Nicky himself has said on numerous occasions he cannot own firearms due to his mental condition. (If someone else in his home owns one however, then there is a possibility he may try to use one). Regardless I informed him that he just made a death threat, and how that was far more serious to the press and police than me posting his lost pictures.

    He chose to back off his gun talk and went back to rape...
    Friday, March 12, 2010 7:05 PM
    From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
    To:"Expose TheTard"
    Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
    Friday, March 12, 2010 7:54 PM
    From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
    To:"Expose TheTard"
    Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
    Your entire world is going to crumble like cigarette ash. I am calm but you fucked with me for the last time. I am going to use the press to fuck with you and I am talking the large city papers. They find out what you assholes have collectively done to my publishing company and my careere they're going to be pissing down your neck until you beg for your suicide. I am not making a threat at your life but a threat to your whole fucking world. I am going to burn it down like you fucks burned my books and pirated my books.
    I guess a number of reporters will soon urinate down my neck to an extent that I shall wish death upon myself. I loved his "I am calm" bit (he did stop CAPSLOCKing) and also, I laugh every time he or someone mentions his books being burned, because that's just funny.
    Friday, March 12, 2010 8:33 PM
    From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
    To:"Expose TheTard"
    Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
    I am not threatening your life bitch -- I am threatening your entire blogging world. You want to fuck with my career? Yes I have a career as a writer and a publisher and you're fucking with that so I am going to fuck with your world -- you're going to watch that world crumble down brick by brick. Leave my friends alone. I have the article that is already sent to Chicago Sun Times, so do you really want to fuck with me -- the article is already sent to the newspaper and I already have five more newspapers I am going to send it to and they're not small papers.

    Good you're afraid of me now -- you better be. By the time I am done you're going to choke on the fame, you want it so much by smearing me every step of the way -- I am going to fuck with your world in every way I am going to do because you and your friends fucked with good people. They didn't deserve what your friends did.
    My "friends" ARE good people and never would harass fellow good people. I myself have never harassed any of his friends and I'm proud to say I have never seen any EONs do the same. I'm not afraid of him either, no one is, but I suppose that's another one of the delusions he accepts living in his fantasy world. I did remind him of his threats and how I would be forced to repost his emails where his cousin could see them (normally I keep emails private no matter who) and he responded with the equivalent of "Nuh uh I'm tellin' on YOU!"
    Friday, March 12, 2010 8:38 PM
    From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
    To:"Expose TheTard"
    Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
    You have 48 hours to take very bit of written content of mine down from your blog or I send this article to another newspaper. This isn't blackmail -- this is playing hardball. Leave Grigori 3 alone and leave Neutral Red alone -- you messed with their integrity and you messed with one of my writers in the process. When someone does that, it's like they're messing with family. I will actually tell Kim exactly what you're doing with me with exposethetard -- I am not going after your blog on blogspot but your blog on wordpress.com to.
    You fucked with a man who is fghting for his companies and something he put all his blood, sweat and tears in doing. So is really destroying my company really worth your miserable exsitance you faceless coward. Now show your fucking face as the press shall rape you.
    (Kim has stated she doesn't care for my blog so he may be in luck, although I have a hard time believing gun and rape talk are okay regardless. Also, I have a wordpress blog?)

    It's painfully obvious to anyone who has ever read my blog that I have never harassed Grigori 3 or Neutral Red...as a matter of fact Neutral Red contacted me regarding Nicky at the show (giving us hilarious info about Nicky screaming into the mic and almost ruining their gig even after he was told to) and to be honest Neutral Red showed themselves to be a class act when they did contact me. I went and purchased one of their albums afterwards I was so impressed Both are bands with a lot of talent and should be checked out...but that's just me stating my opinion, not kissing ass for swag like Nicky does.

    I once again warned Nicky about his death threats, how I'd have to post these where she could see, but typical, he didn't listen because...
    From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
    To:"Expose TheTard"
    Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
    You're willing to lie to the world about that bitch -- that's more fuel for me to go to the press. I am going ot fuck with you using the press to do it. So you kindly want to stop fucking with my career and sales like some cunt. LAKE FOSSIL PRESS IS MY FUCKING COMPANY -- it's not some assholes who has a domain for it. I am the essence of the company and you're little dancing on the grave of it -- I am making your funeral arrangements.
    ...he went and threatened my life once again.
    Friday, March 12, 2010 8:56 PM
    From:"Nickolaus Pacione"
    To:"Expose TheTard"
    Re: quit stalking me you CUNT
    So you really want to fuck with me now lady? You just unleashed the beast -- so if you think I am going to back off now, go fuck yourself. You should have never fucked with Withersin Magazine you made them a target because they ran my work. .
    OH NOES I've "unleashed the beast"!!!! Run! The beast is going to come out of the basement and...then probably go back down.

    After scratching my head at his Withersin comment, I think I finally figured out what's going on. My "Nicky's Ice Cream Post"post analogy featured all of the names Nicky drops on any given day, like Grigori 3, Withersin, Richard Mattheson, but it certainly didn't "go after" or insult them.

    The emails above finally ended. I don't know if it's because he finally went to bed this afternoon or if he listened to me for once when I reminded him that such activity will surly cost him his internet access.

    Myself? I don't mind. I'm a strong woman. But I posted this for the sake of the other (strong) women he ha harassed and will again the second he gets back online.

    Now if you all will excuse me, I have to get ready for my interviews with the press. I have to find an old shirt to wear when they piss down my neck...

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Let's Make Death Threats!

    Nicky has returned from being obliterated off of a forum and he's furious, but it has nothing to do with that. He doesn't give a link or mention a name, but I'm assuming based on what he said he's refering to lakefossilpress.com which appears to have an owner at the moment.

    From his blogspot

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Fucking Faggot is trying to hold Lake Fossil Press hostage

    The fucker created a domain trying to mislead people from my company. Anyone wants to send this faggot hate maile they can do so at the address above. Publishers -- do not take submissions from this person. He's set out to destroy Lake Fossil Press. My company's been around six years and I am not about to let some faggot ruin the company. If he wants to start a fight, he's got one now. I will see to it every publisher will not publish any of his manuscripts. Prepare to die asshole because your work is going to die with you.

    Nicky apparently has no concept of just how cheap it is to secure a domain name or even host your own site for low monthly fees. For the cost of one of his anthologies that he admits will never make money, he could have secured his own name or the name of his "company" that means so much to him.

    Instead he'd rather complain and make death threats at those who took the initiative he never did. If I remember right, he thought the owner of nickolauspacione.com should just hand it over to him after he did nothing to make it an actual domain name.

    There's always etherealgazette.com, Nicky!
    etherealgazette.com is already taken.

    I think you should join another Christian site, Nicky. Your death threats are always hilarious but incredibly stupid.

    **Note To Rusty**
    Rusty was curious about the lineup change in EG10 and whose idea it was to pull the story.

    It was the choice of the author, not Nicky.

    Monday, March 8, 2010

    Uncle Fossil

    Something I noticed in Nicky's latest rant: He gives his email address as unclefossil@live.com.

    Curious, I looked around, and sure enough last year, he referred to himself in the third person as who? You guessed it, Uncle Fossil.
    Pay attention kids -- this is most evil Uncle Fossil can get.
    • Writer
    • Editor
    • Web Designer
    • Promoter
    • Groupie
    • Carny
    and now...
    • Kid's Show Host Uncle Fossil!

    Uncle Fossil says:
    "Hey boys and girls! The first 10 kids to write a scary story for Uncle Fossil to use in his new coloring book get free candy and unsold books! Bozo The Clown got me into hosting kid's shows back when he said I was the Richard Mattheson of clowns. I gave Ronald McDonald a copy of EtherSilly Gazette and he said I had a dark side like The Hamburgler!"

    Hotel Parties With Models: 100% Believable

    It would be a full time job listing his name droppings over there, so I'm just going to grab a few from TODAY ALONE to show you the airs he is putting on.
    I am friends with the bassist, the vocalist and the drummer of the band via Facebook.com (ROFL "I'm their best friend, online!)-- has anyone heard their stuff? I own their CD Apocalypse In Retrospect and they're one of the bands signed by my buddy Jeff Swanson. I did a write up of their CD too on VampireFreaks.com -- this one isn't as long as the ones I did for Ultimatum, Black Sabbath, Saviour Machine, Tourniquet, and Fashion Bomb.
    Wolf in the band is a friend of mine (Wolf plays bass for Bloodstream Parade.) I should have Issue 11 done by then and will see of Davidson would be game to help me getting this going. You have pull with NoLifeTilMetal.com.
    /double facepalm
    I am recently friends with Val of Fashion Bomb so I am trying to get him a copy of DAGON's CD (I have an extra copy of Terraphobic.) They're playing in April at Reggie's Rock Room and in Crest Hell, Illinois (Crest Hill) this month -- but I am going to catch them at Reggie's in April. One of the members of Dagon actually lives in Chicago, so the promotion of that show should be a little easier to do than promoting Withering Soul and Neutral Red.
    My own book, An Eye In Shadows, also explores inner hells of people's minds too. I wrote this one at a period of my life when my publishers were getting crucified for running my work. I did this to take the heat off them
    Awe after all this time of never mentioning it before, Nicky finally explains the real reason he wrote it was to help others and not himself. Good thing he did it when he did otherwise those publisher's s reputations might suffer and some might have even gone out of business if yo had---OH...oops! Nevermind. :)
    I am in correspondence with Matt (Retroactive Records) and Dave (Bombworks Records.) Getting the details together for this one will be the hard part and right now I am in correspondence with some models for the second local edition of my magazine. The promoter side of things is part time, I am still relatively new as a promoter but I want to do a show which knocks around the other promoters (the ones that do industrial electro type.)
    First time I heard a track of theirs has to be when Ultimatum did the song Locked In Chains on the Bombworks Records sampler. I picked up Dagon and My Silent Wake from that sampler. I paid attention to Dagon right away because they were named for an H.P. Lovecraft short story. I have about four of the bands on that sampler too -- the CD came with Ultimatum's label mate Grave Robber (my friend Skot Shaw is in the band Leper, I helped Grave Robber haul their gear in.)
    Here's where it gets bad. After pictures were posted depicting Nicky as a flaming homosexual, he sort of has that look where someone at a party next to him asked him if he was the one that farted and as time goes on, he's not sure the other guests believe that he is not the source of the stink.

    So from this point, it's all about "Oh I just happen to deal with models and have hotel parties with them" because as we all know, no gay man would ever do those things.
    DOKKEN -- the one with the naked lady ripping the wings off her back (shut up, got to have something for the ladies, right? I can't blast something really heavy for them at hotel parties.)
    "them" who?
    I am in correspondence with Matt (Retroactive Records) and Dave (Bombworks Records.) Getting the details together for this one will be the hard part and right now I am in correspondence with some models for the second local edition of my magazine. The promoter side of things is part time, I am still relatively new as a promoter but I want to do a show which knocks around the other promoters (the ones that do industrial electro type.)
    Oh....theeemmmm! Thank goodness we were starting to worry the new guy was gay and the one that farted. Sadly, were he in a hotel room with women, blasting music is exactly what he'd do and little else. He'd pace in a corner and yell at fire until the time came for his token "convention pass out" and EMTs arrived to take him out of the harem.

    For the record: The people and the mods on that site all seem very cool. I found myself lurking on one section of the site reading everything from Carly Simon revealing more info about the identity of the man/men in the song "Your So Vain" to Food Network being pulled from some cable stations. It appears to me to be a cool board with cool people, even the mods!

    Which is why Nicky being there is a shame. :(

    Second Deleted Post

    I'm assuming the creator of the first screencap sent this over as well since it arrived the same way the first one did.


    One of th0se doesn't looked shooped, so either someone has talent, or Nicky isn't as forthcoming about his preferences as we think.

    Urine Or Vegetable Oil?

    Nicky has a picture labeled "HorrorWritersDrugOfChoice"

    I see a coffeepot.
    I see a coffee cup.

    Either his piss obsession goes deeper than we knew, or someone needs something oiled...EWW.

    "♫ Oh Nikita You Will Never Know...♪"

    I don't know who to thank for this as it appeared in my anonymous reporting box as a link to an image site, but thank you whoever you are!

    Over on the rock board Nicky has yet to be banned from, someone answered his question "What Scares You?" much to Nicky's dismay, then Susanna Holmes arrives to warn the members of Nicky's sordid past.

    "everyone who knows me personally knows I refuse to touch an Elton John album. When I was at the apartment I was blasting Iced Earth or VOIVOD. Welcome to the ignore list you sad joker."
    But he'll play the hell out of Leo Sawyer!

    He's embarrassing the hell out of himself by being such a celeb-wannabe and he cannot talk over there without dropping names or promoting himself in anyway shape or form. Here are but a few examples...
    "Oh damn -- the last movie I saw in the theater was Orphan. The last movie I bought on DVD is One Missed Call (I bought two copies of this one. One for myself and one for my publisher.)"
    Had to mention "his publisher" who he drove out of business because he sucks so bad.
    "Do any of you have Bruce Dickison's horror novel? I just bought that recently to see what he did. Being a writer myself out of the metal scene, this was something I had to pick up -- I learned how to be a journalist from Mick Mercer."
    (Mick Mercer btw is his newest obsession, but don't hold that against Mick)
    "I want the long sleeve the one that is designed like the secular metal long sleevs. I have an Iced Earth longsleeve from their show in 2004. I wear it when I host shows."
    It goes on and on. Seriously. Every post is like that. There could be a thread titled "What's Your Favorite Ice Cream?" and you'd see
    "I like Rocky Road. I once had an ice cream cone at a Grigori 3 concert with the Gwen the lead singer because I've know her for years. I usually have a bowl of sherbet when I'm editing one of my magazines or one of my upcoming LAKE FOSSIL PRESS books. Rob Halford got me into eating ice cream with nuts in it. Donna Burgess was the one who told me I lick my ice cream just like Lovecraft did. Richard Matheson likes Strawberry. Mick Mercer is the reason I only eat sugar cones. I ate frozen yogurt when I was published in WITHERSIN MAGAZINE. I was hospitalized a few years ago for a severe ice cream headache I got at Gothicfest 2007. The EMTs had to come get me after I sat down in discomfort."
    No one likes a show off and name dropper, Nicky.

    Sunday, March 7, 2010

    Nicky's Latest "Horror Target"

    First and foremost, Nicky's latest old target is something that actually got him on Wikipedia!

    Nicky recently left a comment on the band Caustic's profile that simply went as follows


    Feb 20, 2010, 12:29am
    Retire you fucking drunk. You're not getting a dime from me. Schmuck.

    Wow! Pot sure is angry at the kettle, isn't he?

    But why? (select words linked or in bold by me)
    Lady, if you only knew the history of the Pacione / Fanale rivalry -- it stemmed from me doing the second Gothicfest. He was picking a fight with a person I call a very good friend and the reason I am visible as an author/publisher/promoter today.
    It started out on LameJournal.com when I was promoting my appearence on Gothicfest 2007. Fanale and one of his other friends (a rival author) decided to pick a fight with me on there -- so I had another blog outside of the site and basically stated I will never get a CD from that drunk. Him and Crunchpod I made huge horror targets in the novella I am writing. He makes himself an easy target to have someone rip his nuts off verbally.
    My hating his guts got me respect among people who think he's a prick. I decided to make a smart ass remark suggesting he retires after one of his friends pirated one of my books and he gained a pirated copy. I am now also a rival publisher of his friend Peter Propaganda too -- that actually stemmed from facebook, if you want to look up what I do just click the lulu.com links. Propaganda and I were once friends. Fanale claims to be hardcore when I have a reputation of doing things that are really hardcore such as pissing on a rival editor's picture and loading it up to a blog.
    Oh noes! Nicky is going to make a vague reference to you in an upcoming book few will read!

    This folks, is a tried and true marketing method Nicky has used for sometime: "I'm going to release a book that bashes you so you and your friends will have to buy copies to see what is said about you!"

    Remember "An Eye In Shadows"? Remember how for years, we were all told the industry would be revealed and numerous enemies of his would have to hide in shame after what he would expose? He was hoping that people would buy a copy just to see what he said, and the only person I saw who even entertained that idea was Bluey. Sadly for Nicky though, the day before he officially released it for sale, a copy he had given away had been passed around to hundreds and hundreds of people, after which no one needed to actually pay for a copy.

    Recently he tried this again with "Fandumb Writer" in order to get traffic to one of his old sites he was resurrecting.

    Regardless, if you get such a threat from Nicky, keep in mind that
    • He will never use real full names, since he can't afford the legal bills that would follow.
    • The book, whatever it is, simply won't sell. Ever.
    • The three people that read the story won't know who you are in relation to him, nor would they care if they found out.
    • Many people who become Nicky's "Horror Targets" find a rise in sales and popularity, since Nicky has so many enemies people will often support those he hates just to irk him. Furthermore, many people become friends once they find they all have the hate of our lovable troll in common.
    • It's Nicky, so no attack from him, be it his fists or words, can ever hurt anyone.
    And finally...
    "I have a reputation of doing things that are really hardcore such as pissing on a rival editor's picture and loading it up to a blog."
    What a hypocrite. He got all upset when it was done to him, but not only was he the first to place someone's picture in a toilet and urinate on it, he still brags about it. He also took a page from Baxter's book and not only wiped his dirty ass with it, he then placed it on top of the garbage in their kitchen. Such class must really jack up his sales.

    Nicky's New Forum

    Can be found here
    You'd better get in on it fast as members are joining in droves!
    Our members have made a total of 1 posts in 1 topics.
    We have 1 member.
    Our newest member is Owner. The latest topic is Welcome to your new forum!
    by Owner
    on Mar 4th, 2010 at 09:13 am
    How popular, you ask?
    The most users ever online was 1 on Mar 4th, 2010 at 09:13 am.
    0 members, 1 guest
    If you're wondering what may be the cause of such numbers, two things should be considered:
    1. It's being linked from Nicky's latest website that actually starts out with "GREETINGS YA BASTARDS"
    2. If you wish to contact the author, you must click the banner below and that is exactly how it appers on his site
    Apparently that way of speaking to people works for him, so why not?

      Friday, March 5, 2010

      Nicky And Diners or "I will personally present the prize signed and personalized in front of you"

      His idea of partying on New Years is to have coffee in a diner.
      He once envisioned his ex and ex-roommate having coffee in a diner talking with each other.
      Has an upcoming story called "Dream Diner"
      Wants his latest titles to be the kind of books one could read in a diner.

      Now THIS (thanks to Rusty for the heads up)
      What Scares You Contest

      "This is a little contest I am going to hold for The Ethereal Gazette, and as some people know this issue is a local author edition part two. I am looking for one or two people to scare what scares them in about 1800 to 4400 words – scare me with it. Write about the thing that scares you and do it in a way that makes it read like something Rod Serling could have written if he was still alive."
      If he were still alive he'd put your eye out with one of his lit cigs for dropping his name so much.
      "You must between 17 to 39 years of age to take part in this one, and be detailed with the story – it won't be a lead story in the magazine but it will be one that will be the interlude between the short stories to the novella length works."
      17? Still? I thought you swore off preying on the young, Nicky? Why did you drop the age limit after swearing you'd never work with another teen ever again? I wasn't crazy about your 17 year old girlfriend when you were in your 20's and in the Navy, Nicky, but at this point it's beyond creepy.

      From here on out it gets downright creepy, because he seems more focused on 17 year olds than diners, which is saying a lot.
      "There will be two winners picked but one will be getting a signed book from me, former classmates will be getting Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 while others will get An Eye In Shadows signed. Winners must include their photograph seated in a diner late at night so it goes with the entry unless they're 17 years old. You must be in the state of Illinois to be part of this contest.
      Winners that are 17 years of age don't have to do the diner photo because of the curfew laws. There will be payment for the contest entry so you must be old enough to own a paypal account. The 17 year old winners will have their account upgraded to premium, plus a signed copy of Darkened Horizons: Issue 3."
      "I won't allow alternative romance so don't even try it with The Ethereal Gazette because I don't want to lose the library distribution. I don't have support from Ralan.com anymore because of the rival magazine, GUD, is running the site."
      Oh, I wouldn't worry about that causing you to lose your "library distribution". That'll come from other sources.
      "So I have to be creative in getting a line up – the previous issues are on lulu.com if you want to see what I've published previously."
      By creative, he means giving people great reviews then asking them to sub to his projects. Seriously.
      "I will not consider any kind of erotica so don't even try it with me"
      You already said that.
      "-- think more Rod Serling,
      You already said that too.
      "Richard Matheson, Edgar Allan Poe, Stephen King, or H.P. Lovecraft and you're halfway there.

      I am not thinking vampires, zombies, or serial killers here. Take me to the very depths of what scares you, scare me with it. If you can illustrate your entry, that is a plus too if the entry is 1800 words."
      Considering someone once shattered your psyche and gave you nightmares for years by mearly suggesting you may need brain surgery, I don't think that will be hard for the prospective 17 year olds to scare you.
      "I am expecting a full range of creativity with this, and I will allow Christians to take part in this – more than encourage, I actually welcome it with open arms. If you actually watched someone die by their own hand, don't let that tear away at you – use this contest as the vehicle to express it. Musically pick up some doom metal to help you with the buildups."
      What in the holy fuck???


      Submissions: etherealgazette@gmail.com (.doc, .rtf, .odt, or .wps)

      Word Count: 1800 to 4400 words

      Over 18 submitters: Include Photo at a diner late at night.

      Please include offline contact information such as a physical mailing address so when I chose the winner – I can send them the prize.

      All Submissions For The Contest Must Be In By June 20, 2010.

      If you're from Chicago -- I will personally present the prize signed and personalized in front of you. I publish with Lulu.com with the magazine and with the book."

      Nicky wants to meet you in person! The winner should feel honored, since the only people he personally hands his books to are usually in bands. Be prepared for him to ask you for some swag in return.
      "I am seeking horror, messed up true dark stories (stories from the third shift -- yeah I am talking to you gas station workers here; I can't say exactly what I want to say here but if you read the magazine you will know the word I am looking for,) Christian Testimonies which can read like a Gothic Horror story, and true paranormal accounts."
      Christian Gas Station Attendant/Ghost Hunter Working Graveyard . Got it.
      "My magazine is a cross between Gothic Beauty, The Mick, Old School Weird Tales, and Twilight Zone Magazine. I published a testimony by Daniel Willow (I knew the guy for 20 plus years but I had no idea he had been caught up with a certain lifestyle.)"
      And he had no idea about Nicky's "certain lifestyle".
      "Once in a while I will give a heavy metal band a nod or two -- sometimes I will invite members of a band to write a scary story to see if they can scare the living daylights out of me. This magazine is a little R-Rated because of the language.
      No, you invite a band to your home for sleepovers and offer to tuck them in at night. Seriously Nicky you really need to have your rock star groupie obsession addressed.

      Example of required photograph

      Thanks to my photoshop guru for enhancing this!

      Thursday, March 4, 2010

      Nickolaus Pacione Is An Ass Kisser: Part 2

      You may have seen Nicky announce recently that a station would be giving away copies of his books. If you did, you weren't surprised since you know that's the only way his books get into anyone's hands (especially the book burners!) and many of them end up giving them away to people to torch.

      But have you ever seen anyone desperate to give their crap away?
      Feb 20, 2010, 10:01pm
      hey man you got something coming in the mail from Lulu.com -- they're the flesh and bloods for Ethereal Gazette: Issue 10. I am in the process of getting models for 11.
      Him "getting models" reminds me too much of this.

      In typical Nicky fashion, he lets the world know at every opportunity how broke he usually is...
      Feb 25, 2010, 01:59pm

      I am not sure how big the box is but it should be coming from North Carolina. I am sending you a copy of my memoir, An Eye In Shadows, for you personally next month. I have to wait to see what my bill situation is like -- I got a $180 phone bill because I use two phone lines, it will be like that for a while. I am trying to nail the Joliet paper with the magazine but relying on word of mouth for the memoir becuase there are things my former classmates will be pissed about because I wrote in there -- I wrote about a classmate's death in retrospect because it helped develop my horror works.
      This I found gross. Any one of the thousands of people that read their free copy of An Eye In Shadows will remember Nicky making a point of mentioning this classmate dying, and how he didn't care because he didn't really know the guy and how Nicky didn't cry at his or anyone else's funeral. Somehow the classmate's death "helped develop" his "horror works". As I remember, this was exactly how the classmate was mentioned.
      "I remember how it affected a lot of people who were in his class from the beginning, reason why I didn't really effect me because I barely knew the guy. This was the second year I was living in Glendale Heights, Illinois. I moved there from Roselle, Illinois, in November 1987. I know I would have pissed a lot of people off about saying something back then about the death and how I hardly knew the guy – let alone he got his rocks off by making fun of me in the neighborhood."
      - An Eye In Shadows: The Free PDF Edition
      That's another thing about Nicky...he makes any tragedy around him, about him. Everything from female journalists going missing to 9/11. Here, he just told the DJ that a classmate's death affected him when it didn't. Hell he even made a point in the book to go from his ass breaking the bus window to the "Nordic Homicides"!

      Nickolaus Pacione Is An Ass Kisser: Part 1

      And he's not very subtle about it.

      First off, Nicky only writes positive reviews for two reasons: To kiss people's ass and to promote himself inside the reviews.

      From Mick Mercer's Myspace
      "... I dropped you a review on Lulu.com, I plan to get the books when I have some more cash -- I am impressed with how you presented the book -- `
      That was nice of him to do for Mick, but there was a catch:
      "you know I have an invitation for you, I am doing a special publication on Lulu.com which will be connected to my magazine. I am seeking true paranormal accounts written by everyone in the dark subculture (horror, Goth, Metal, and where ever you think.) "
      he then goes on to say he's got a goth model for his upcoming EG.
      Now here's something that's really Nicky: Rock Groupie!

      From Grave Robber's facebook
      Nickolaus Pacione
      Holy crap that's huge. Congrats on this one. I got a little present for you on VampireFreaks.com.com -- I did a huge review of your new CD.
      The following is only select pieces from his review that back up my two theories: Nicky is a wannabe groupie to rock bands, and he only wants to print books to giveaway to said rock bands to increase his groupie status and get free swag (also, that he can't review anyone else's work without whoring himself out further) so from his Vampire Freaks review...
      • This is one of those bands I actually caught live and helped them bring their gear in to the show they were playing at -- this was at Skot Shaw's place they played at.
      • The kind of stuff they do, has my respect because they are the first in the faith based community to say Rape and Prostate in their lyrics. (lol@prostate)
      • I actually gave Skot a copy of my novella for and told him to put me to work with this one.
      • I actually met DJ Count at this show, a local Gothic DJ from my hometown and I gave him a copy of my novella from NSP Books.
      • I had this album in my CD player when I was editing my magazine and when I would write some of my horror stories --
      • I did a merch trade with the guys at the snow -- I have the I, Zombie shirt from them but I am trying to get another one where it's 2XL. (lol Nicky is a fatsto)
      • They usually play Cornerstone Festival somewhere in Illinois, but they are coming to Chicago at a new veneue that I wish I could make the show for -- I gave them a copy of Darkened Horizons: Issue 3 for the shirt.
      • It's the type where you pull out the black jeans and long sleeve t-shirts, the wallet chains and the kind of thing people did when they hear The Misfits or Danzig.
      • This band actually got a lot of recognition in the horror community, which is something to actually stand up and take notice -- they got the respect of this horror writer.
      • Take it from a guy who does scary stories for a living, these guys I actually play in my CD player when I do the short stories -- I usually blast a lot of doom metal when I do the baroque horror. These guys are good for the horror atmospherics.

      Ethereal Gazette Issue Eleven

      I'm not sure if this is authentic or not since it didn't come from Nicky himself, but in my inbox this afternoon there was an email from someone claiming to have gotten a copy of the cover for the upcoming ETHEREAL GAZETTE from Nicky.

      If this cover is legit I'm reporting him to the ASPCA. Again. I thought his "animalistic" days were over.

      tsk tsk tsk Nicky...

      I told you about going after innocents, didn't I?

      Nicky went after the FRIEND of someone he hates on a blog that had NOTHING to do with Nicky, and in it, said some of the most horribly shit imaginable. For any of the contributors to DYERS EVE and other projects you've sent Nicky your stories to hoping to get published by him, read the following, then ask yourself if the $5 is worth your name being tied to this psycho.
      (name of person and blog withheld to keep their name out of it, like they are)
      Blogger Nickolaus Pacione said...

      "Do you and Lewis fuck each other in the ass all the time? Or that's right you're getting it from your dead mother. What if someone took your hard earned ideas and made stories from them? That's why I got pissed off -- I busted my ass on Halloween Girl. That story is MINE -- my ideas, my concept, my imagination. Do you understand that -- thou shall not steal you fucker. If you agree with LEWIS then you deserve to get rectal cancer.

      4 March 2010 09:56"

      Now, I already know a couple of people who are set to appear in DYERS EVE, and I may just contact them and simply ask them to come look at what I just posted. To any EONs reading this: If you come across anyone who plans to appear in any future Lake Fossil Press publications, I ask you link them to this entry to do the same.

      Just look at this "person"

      • Or that's right you're getting it from your dead mother.
      • If you agree with LEWIS then you deserve to get rectal cancer.

      You want to tell your friends and family "Hey look! This guy wants me in his 'book' and I said 'yes!'"?

      Now as promised, because an innocent was attacked, here's something Nicky really hates: Seeing shit that he no longer can access.

      I'm not an innocent, Nicky. Bitching about me is acceptable. Going after people who aren't involved or haven't done a thing to you are off-limits and you know this. Same goes for people that haven't said or done anything to you in years, especially if they're women. Do you understand?

      People think you hate women because you are gay and can't admit it. They think you go after women authors because you're angry they are able to have a career as a writer when you still can't. Everytime you go after either, you might as well wear a dress with "I FAILED AT BEING AN AUTHOR" stitched across the back. Do you understand?

      Tuesday, March 2, 2010

      "I am now a show promoter and doing more metal shows"

      So I saw on his wordpress he decided to go after the same innocent person -- a female, who just happens to have done what he still can't which is to be a successful author -- after repeatedly being told not to.

      Then I remembered how I have posted old pictures of his that he's lost in past hard drive crashes, and he has repeatedly told me not to.

      Most importantly, I remembered how in recent weeks, he's going out of his way to let the world know that he's a mosh pit master.

      It sure would suck if someone posted proof that he isn't, then watermarked it to boot, wouldn't it?
      Since he's a full-on promoter now and looking to book at places that allow most pits, it would be detrimental to his budding career if someone posted proof that he can't take the stress of public events, wouldn't it? Or if he was exposed to be weak, period?

      If so, the following is gonna suck for him.
      I am so exhausted right now it isn't even funny, and been busy working on my first full length book and starting a short story for the literary / dream journal. Right now it is about 8:30 PM CDT in Morris, Illinois, and working on a short story that will eventually find its home on diary-x. I am looking back at the old entries and figured would purge those and start new with this one. I am trying to keep a semi-professional attitude here because the whole damned world is watching every move I make now. Especially since I got two signings coming up in the next two months, and it was exactly four years ago when I went to my first convention. I think about that convention sometimes, and wonder what if I didn't have a dark journal going into the place. But who I am kidding the dark side is so much a part of me now it isn't even funny, especially since some of my friends are studying to become funeral directors.

      If I wasn't sick as it is with my imagination, they come in and try to gross me out even more especially when I am eating -- they talk about pulling out a bloody tampon from a dead body. I am sure Mike Philbin would be getting some rather sick ideas from that one, hell I couldn't sleep for days after talking with Kriz. I could only imagine sleeping in a dorm room within a funeral home, and some morbid ideas to really scare people in there especially with my imagination. I actually played around with the idea of taking a nap in an open coffin and the way I sleep people are trying to put a mirror up to my face just to make sure I was still breathing. I remember a few years back from an old entry from the community I once ran, and was struggling with bouts of bronchitis. The nurses had to help me into bed with all the wires and everying. About four on my legs, a couple on my chest, then about four stuck to the back of my head and four on my face. They told me I could bring my sleeping bag into the test because I wasn't feeling well when I took the test.
      In fact one of the nurses actually scared me out of my wits. The entry I wrote of this was back in December 2002. It was something of that nature when I went to conventions I find myself either extremely tired and starting to come down with something or some other kind of health scare in there.

      The hardest time of the year for me getting sleep is often the summer months because of the heat; I literary had to sleep in the lower living room with two fans blowing just to keep everything below room temprature.
      A few days ago I snapped a couple of pictures of me resting so some of the readers don't get worried about me because of my health tends to pay for it sometimes especially when it comes to getting the magazine ready to go. I think about this when I go to these events and make sure I make a few days out of it because that would allow me to get a few days sleep before actually going. That was my mistake going to both JournalCon, and the mistake I made with Convergence 10 was that I didn't keep my medication with me at all times. The difference between JournalCon 2001 and Covergence was this -- I actually went camping for JournalCon 2001 to save some money.
      The thing I didn't count on was the ground eating my tent stakes and raining like it was no tomorrow. So during the groups discussing about entries
      I found myself having to borrow a blanket and a pillow and pass out in the corner on one of the couches. I didn't get much sleep and forgot to pack my meds, and found out if I am without my meds -- the police can by default put me in an ambulance to take me to the hospital. More so now because of all the meds I have to take, especially with one of them causes my body to respond like a damned diabetic. Those of you who were at Convergence 10 would know the story behind that one; I had a nasty case of the shakes. Then on the first three days after JournalCon 2001; when I had to check out of my campsite I had to find a place to wash all my clothes and dry out my sleeping bag because what happened there my tent caved in when I was stuck in the city.

      So here I am years later and getting ready to go to Gothicfest 2005, it is offically the first major book signing I am doing as a lulu author. Being that book stores won't carry them because they don't have an ISBN on them so I have to sign the books at expos. I would rather do it expos but some of the books I have to do all the legwork myself to get it done, especially since I am gaining momentum in the industry. Some would see me as a laughing stock but all depends who you ask. So doing the book, An Eye In Shadows, is my way of not exactly breaking loose from being a horror writer, just giving me a wider reader base by saying I am also a nonfiction author. Since it is mainly my essays and nonfiction finds their way into publications I will do a book that picks up on that strength, the book itself is about my first four years as author while I was going to school at Glenbard East. The people who played their parts in the book will be addressed by Mr. or Ms. then their last name.

      This is just so I am covering my ass; in each chapter I will write about how it was back then and add something about how it is now -- comparing the bullies I delt with then with the ones I deal with now in the industry. It is the industry bullies that pushed me into doing this project because Collectives on Amazon wasn't that well recieved. So I wanted to do something that will identify with the population who have the common practice of alienation. Even if I might have a dark persona, I am proving that that darkness is not a gimmick for me, and for me this is the real thing. Many of my nightmares became the inspiration for Collectives but sometimes throwing in a character driven story or a short story that is a work of nonfiction; I've been doing horror fiction and nonfiction equally as long but recently it was all my nonfiction that found its way into print. Especially since I made my first print sale, second sale overall. This time with a sister magazine that published a journal entry of mine. It is getting to be pretty cool that my journal entries are getting a lot of recognition. Now I am just waiting to see if some of my former classmates will end up contributing to my anthologies in some way or form."
      That was five years ago. Has his health improved enough to do the job these days?

      Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:38 am

      "I did a show two years ago in April with Pitch Black Productions and Rebel Radio to bring in Neutral Red — the Chicago scene took them in as one of their own, and to see that happen. It made me happy, but I was puking my guts up at the show because my nerves were going haywire."

      Like a professional promoter, Nicky keeps his finger on the pulse on the hard rock scene.
      But first he must constantly check his own pulse to predict when he'll faint again.


      I noticed Nicky lashed out recently and one of his targets is relavent to my interests!
      "reginacook@gmail.c0om... She openly plagiarized my editor’s area photo on issue ten calling it her “submission”
      You see, Regina Cook emailed me the exchange between her and Nicky the week it happened. Remember I said I had something shocking? Well it was to me anyway, because Nicky implied he wished her to get raped anally and of course, get sick with AIDs as a result. After years of denying that he's ever wished rape on any w
      oman, he slips up. Anyway, here is the exchange between the two as sent by Regina...
      "Dear ETT: After seeing Nicky was willing to pay $20 for inside cover art, I decided to submit something myself. Knowing he loves himself and un-PC humor, I decided to take a picture from inside his latest Ethereal Gazette
      (below the original picture it says something like "Here is the Editor-In-Chief hard at work on blah blah") and enhance it! I submitted it and the following is what I got from him.

      P.S. He is looking for submissions through etherealgazette@gmail.com, slushpilejunkie@snakebite.com, and slushpilejunkie@aol.com, so let your readers know that they should not send him Word documents made to look like they are legit submissions but inside contain something to anger him because that would be a great inconvenience to him. Sending fake submissions to those three emails would only distract him from his projects and cause him more stress, so tell them not to do that, ok?"

      From: Nickolaus Pacione [etherealgazette@gmail.com]
      To: (hidden)
      Sent: Sun, Feb 7, 2010 7:33 am
      Subject: Re: DYERS FUCKING EVE

      You stole that from my magazine you bitch.
      From: Nickolaus Pacione [etherealgazette@gmail.com]
      To: (hidden)
      Sent: Wed, Feb 10, 2010 12:25 pm
      Subject: Re: DYERS FUCKING EVE

      Feb 10, 2010 12:22:09 PST
      Hello (hidden),
      Nickolaus Pacione would like to be paid through PayPal. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Merchant: Nickolaus Pacione gothicpreacher@rocketmail.com Note from merchant:
      Subject: PAY UP CUNT
      ----------------------------------- Details ----------------------------------- Description: Goods Amount: $4,000.00 Total: $4,000.00 USD Nickolaus Pacione would like you to use PayPal - the safer, easier way to pay and get paid online.
      Speaking of someone "paying", he went after innocents, and he's going to pay for that here soon...

      Report Him Anonymously

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