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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Additional AC Article Up

Remember earlier this week I reached out to Nicky and decided to link to AC articles from my blog about him so that money could be made?

Well that time has come again.

Support AC and it's contributors by clicking here.

Now the list is as follows:

Review: House of Spiders

A Literary Cabal

Review: Storms of Armageddon

Review: Spectral Exile

A Review of Mr. Pacione

Of course another contributor's piece was accepted to AC today. For that, I suggest keeping an eye out at Rusty Nail or autoaim for that one. After all, wouldn't you rather have screengrabs of that article to save on your hard drive to read for later? Wouldn't having those words in a picture be easier to read since you won't have to scroll down? I thought so!

Let me add something to the above post: Nicky has taken something that Janrae Frank has written on a website and made a screengrab of it that he posted in the article. The very thing he got angry at myself for suggesting and Rusty Nail and autoaim for doing.

You can call him a hypocrite, or just be thankful he did it too so that he cannot go after anyone else who does it after today!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Bondage Sleepsacks or Sleeping Bags

When I was re-reading the mystery reviewer's gem today, something popped out at me.
woman being put into a sleeping bag (just as we've seen in the House of Spider books that we now know stems from Nicky's "bondage sleepsack" fetish
The following screen cap was stolen from from Rusty Nail

See that? Bondage Sleepsack? While I have never heard of such things, I knew him being binded in a "sleep sack" sounded familar to me. Then I found a pic that fits this to a tee (along with many other as you will soon see) it will be the first one seen below. Our Nicky is kinky!

First, let's look at what that is from Wikipedia
Sleepsacks are a popular type of bondage (BDSM) gear.

Sleepsacks are primarily used to confine a person comfortably for an extended
period of time. [1]
Similar to a conventional sleeping bag, a person
climbs into a sleepsack and is usually zipped into it up to their neck.
Generally sleepsacks are very tight on the body, adding to the bondage aspect of
the experience.

and of course

Sleepsacks in BDSM culture
Sleepsacks are an effective way to secure somebody comfortably, but also tightly, for long periods of time. Generally someone will need to be assisted into and out of a sleepsack by another person. There are neck-entry type sleepsacks which are open at the top and do not have a full zipper. [2]

These types of sleepsacks are good for those who want to have a similar experience on their own.
The immobility that sleepsacks cause to the occupant is a major reason they are popular. Sleepsacks also provide a great way to secure someone for many types of bondage and BDSM
play, which may or may not include sexual activity.
Is Nicky into BDSM? Let's look

The whole thing about Nicky carrying his books around and claiming people recognize him from Rusty Nail reminds me of something.

The night after the first Gothicfest, he claimed a worker at the motel he stayed at recognized him, and came upstairs to take a picture of him.

It was all sorts of suspicious. For starters, he had a copy of the picture, but no link to the person who took it so you could look at her webpage and see where she posted it.

Secondly, Nicky in the past has taken pictures of himself sleeping, which we can actually believe because he always gets cameras with timers on them. Do the timers go off hours after he sets them? No I don't think that is possible, so he probably only pretends to sleep for the picture. I've posted a picture of him after another covention where he was sleeping in a hostel. Again, who would agree to take the picture of him, why, and why again did someone send him a copy of it but he didn't post a link to somewhere else where the photographer featured the photo?

And finally, the picture makes sense now, because in it he is laying on a motel bed yet is wrapped up in a sleeping bag. We now know like the reviewer said he has a fetish about "bondage sleepsacks".

Anyhow, here are most of the stories where Nicky has mentioned his fetish.

From Cemetary Dream

While I walked into the chamber, it felt very cramped -- like that of a coffin, especially on the upper bunk. I tossed the backpack onto one of the seats then untied the sleeping bag and unrolled it on to the top bunk . I then proceeded to climb up there with a paperback book, Stephen King’s Nightshift. I had set the book on the sleeping bag, and then I locked the door to my room -- closed the curtain for some privacy then I unzipped the sleeping bag halfway. As the attendant passed my room, I handed him my ticket then locked the door and closed all of the curtains in the place. At this time I was still coughing and was a bit chilled from the flu, prior to going off to sleep I took a dose of Nyquil. I proceeded to climb into the bunk and zipped myself into the sleeping bag then pulling the drawstring closed the time was around 7:30 P.M.

I had got out of the sleeping bag and began to back it away then laced my hiking boots back up, and started to clean myself up -- I couldn’t forget the details of that nightmare because was a horror beyond one can describe, it was almost something that could of been written in Jeffory Dahmer’s journal if the cannibal had kept a journal.

...here I brought that book with me for you to look at because of the interest that you share with Nik about the supernatural and the occult. I had felt the floor drop thirty degrees about two in the morning -- I felt the cold as I was sleeping on the floor in a sleeping bag.

I still was in the sleeping bag. I really frightened the shit or of me,” I had said trying to make sense Laura’s nightmares, “Have you tried group hypnosis?”
From Carnival of Carpathia
That as I would remain in the sleeping bag; shielding myself from the snows that would fall at midnight -- the dream that would be in my sleep would continue.

I had awakened again for a short period of time, still in my sleeping bag -- just long enough to get comfortable.
Fell back to sleep quickly but the snow was falling at a rate where if I continue to sleep, I would be covered fully in snow. It was about 12:30 PM when I had finally woke up -- was shaking the excess snow off of my backpack and sleeping bag then proceeded to break camp because I had to descend from the bluff.
From Loss of Blood
It is here I felt something like the sleeping bag I would use -- but similar in the material, that the EMTs would use to wrap me in while I was riding in the back of the ambulance that reminded me of the scene in Halloween II where Lorie Strode was taken to the hospital.

The horror in my mind that I'd find them on the floor, cold and lifeless because he'd taken their life -- before I would even return from work, but as I'd seen this I'd awaken from the sleep, I was lying in the ambulance -- alone with the EMT in the back of the ambulance, wrapped up inside the sleeping bag and five blankets.
From The Hitchhiker's Wanderings (about another ghost that walks along highways and disappears)
The bed was in the back of the RV with a sleeping bag laid out.

She was sitting up in the bed with her arms loose from the sleeping bag. Both were a little bugged out by what they've seen, the vanishing semi-truck picking up the hitch hiker.

Peering out the window then she goes back to laying down on the bed, after pulling her arms back into the sleeping bag.
From Collectives in A Forsaken Landscape
It would be among the dream that I would with care and a calm hand pull out the journal that is in the backpack and still in sleeping bag wrote as much of the detail as possible from the awaking.
From The Statue
I have a sleeping bag in the truck. I keep one in the truck at all times in case of emergencies.

Agreed to the deal that she made, and in the matter of a half hour she went to the car to get the black-colored sleeping bag that she seems to keep in the back of the truck, it was almost like she would camp in the truck at times when she knows she has a long drive ahead of her.

So she had kept a winter rated sleeping bag in the back of the car.

It was about 8:30 in the evening when she came into the basement unrolling her sleeping bag on the floor, she took the day off from the office and brought out a small tape recorder. The type of bag she was using resembled that of a mummy, though she was not ready to go to sleep yet she still looked around and proceeded to recite observations and changes made in the audio journal.

I had my sleeping bag in the SUV, and brought into the house. This would be one of those observations that would take an overnight visit before deciding that what Albert Drexler saw earlier today was the resultt of him being overworked and the result of a nervous breakdown. I saw that statue that he described and it was in direct view from where I placed my sleeping bag.

Dr. Lentz spoke into the recorder, she kept the recorder near her sleeping bag.

Aparently she had a taken in a lot and was writing in her journal, sitting there in her sleeping bag against a wall staring at that statue that Albert Drexler was describing to her in his session. It was a matter of hours before she dosed off once again, while she pulled her sleeping bag over her shoulders she could feel those eyes –– looking at her.

She was still in her sleeping bag so it was easy to lift her, noticed that she gained a few extra pounds but they
didn’t understand why until they were in the emergency room. After they unzipped her from the sleeping bag, they made the horrific discovery of her left hand turning to stone. They did not take off her hand, but they knew if they took the hand off it would end up killing her; they never saw anything like that in the history of having patients in the hospital.
From Ghostly Being
I had my backpack with me, one that I used when I would go camping with and unrolled a mummy style sleeping bag then placed her in it to keep her warm. She was easy to carry once I had her in the sleeping bag, I closed the hood around it and waited for the next stop to get off -- with her draped over my shoulder.

I could feel her breathing through the sleeping bag, and I found a dark dingy building that no one had been in for many years, it appeared similar to the Marynoll chapel -- no pews and a table which was in middle of the chapel, as an altar and five mattresses where placed on the floor of the Marynoll chapel.
From Among Shadows
laying in the matter between the description as I rested my eyes and covered myself with a shroud-like bag which was dark enough to shelter from the light
From Dark Wilderness

Then add the factor of that I would do a lot of camping in there which I would spend two weeks out of a year living out of a backpack and sleeping bag.

From House of Spiders
Grab the sleeping bag and put her in it.
We are going to carry her out, and almost there.
“we are almost out of here, it would be easier for me to carry the nurse out if we can package her up and belt her to a door to use as a stretcher.
From Haunting the Chapel
Tony had a 1987 Dodge Van that was the size of an ambulance that he had parked near the ER -- it had a mummy style sleeping bag in the back that I had rolled out to stick Trina in because we had to get her out of there so we can take her to a Voodoo Preistess somewhere in Elmhurst. I had placed the blankets on the couch and then we proceeded to move trina back onto the couch.

***WARNING The following is the rest from Haunting The Chapel. After reading the above examples, you can see now that not only does Nicky enjoy being in a sleeping bag, he has fantasies of sealing women in them so that they cannot move. Remember what we gathered from wikipedia:
Sleepsacks also provide a great way to secure someone for many types of bondage and BDSM play, which may or may not include sexual activity.
Generally sleepsacks are very tight on the body, adding to the bondage aspect of
the experience.
Knowing this, the remainder of this story is very disturbing because now you realize you are reading into his sexual fantasy world where he seals women in them so that they cannot move. What you are about to read is in fact a sexual fantasy.***WARNING

Okay -- now Tony, I am going to need your help moving her on to the blankets and then tape them around her. I have been in Boy Scouts and they had taught me how to wrap someone if they were sick with hypothermia. Lift her legs for a minute while I get the first half of the blanket around her. I will then take the rest of the first third and wrap it tightly around her -- it would be big enough to cover her. Now help me roll her to her right side, then take the rest of first third of the blanket and wrap it aroud her. That should cover her arms and her chest. Then once you do that, roll her toward me -- now I will take the second third of the blanket and wrap it around her the other way. What you must do now is roll her toward me so I can do this. Now that is done and please hand over the duct tape so I can finish this task -- I am taping the blanket around her so we will have an easier time moving her around and transfering her. Now lift her up at the waist so I can wrap this duct tape around her. I want to do around the waste first so that will give us something to work with. I will then wrap the tape around her ankles and at her knees. I will now hand you the tape and what you will do is wrap the tap around her stomach and shoulders. I explained, Now what we do now is take the wheeled stretcher and bring it in here then what we do then is to lift her on to the stretcher making sure she is lying on her back. Now is what we will do with the other blankets; use them to cover her up and if anyone will ask, we are taking her to surgery -- I have a friend that was working in the hospital that can show us where we can sneak Trina out and then wheel her to your van. What we are going to do then is to place her into the sleeping bag and ditch the scrubs. If any police officers ask, we will say that she is very tried -- it appeared that she and my other friend were planning a way to sneak her out. That needle she stuck in her was a tranquilizer that would allow her to sleep for a few hours, and if she asks why is she tied up -- we will say that we needed a way to transfer her without getting caught. I will zip her into the sleeping bag and close the drawstring hood to hide her black hair. When the hood is closed around her, I will tie a knot into the drawstring to keep it closed; when we cross the Iowa-Illinois border, we will stop in a small town to untie her.
From Passenger
She pulled herself off the makeshift bed for a few minutes with the cordless phone to fix the blanket so she could wrap herself with it rather tightly.

They had her covered in a black velour sleeping bag.
House of Spiders 3 opened with a "wife" being wrapped tightly enough so that she couldn't move on the stretcher, then a shitload of covers dumped on her.

From his old blogs
I don't remember how long I was kept there but I remember having to be wrapped with a lot of blankets because the place where they had me was colder than a morgue.
Literary looked like a mummy with my face showing
I was so tired that night I made it to the cousin in Algonquin -- the moment I pulled myself into the sleeping bag I packed and laying on the rug, it was a matter of seconds that I was asleep. I did not even change into the sweats I packed since I normally sleep in sweats like how people sleep either nude or in their clothes -- I had a bad habit of sleeping in my clothes especially when travelling. I did this a lot when I was in college -- especially when I was sleeping in the infirmery. The nurse could not get over how I slept -- remembering how they would do for treating victims for shock, I would curl up in a blanket and basically be close to dead to the world.
That as I would crawl into my sleeping bag, I think about the things that I have been taught and of the things that were said by the clairvoyant.
I remember when I was younger and the times when doing homework in college and was so ill and tired that I was not able to sleep especially to how chilled I was at times where I even as many layers they had on me -- I was still drained and chilled to the bone. Sometimes I would long for a good sleep like the one I got when I was in Canada -- the one when I was camping on the rock face, when I would go without a tent in middle of the winter is when I would get most sleep because I would keep myself huddled in the multiple layers that would make a shrowd from the elements.
the first place is where I crashed and could not remember how long I was really asleep for, but the moment I zipped myself in the sleeping bag I got for the trip to Canada with all the over the counters in my system
I basically packed two sleeping bags -- a thin liner type and a type sleeping bags (I knew how the blankets were on the train from the last time I was on a sleeper -- best advice, pack your own bedding when metropolitian lounge -- the picture with the peice, Among Shadows was the result of leaving my camera on taking a train and get a sleeper on the long trips. The reason is that your meals are taken care of. The sleeping pills were for when I was on the train and for when I was sleeping in the the Attendants desk, where I was curled up in the shroud and trying to hide my face from the light.)

...crawled under the shrouds and slept.

Something that I would often think about when I would start packing up the hikers backpack and when I would lash up the sleeping bags -- what horrors would I come across.

Humanitarian Aide to a Goth Journalist, Jutice Illinois Woman needs coats.....

blankets, and a mummy type sleeping bag -- she's 5'1 one and her email address is (hidden). Her name is (hidden), perhaps some of you heard of her because she hosted Gothicfest 2005 and wrote for Outburn and New Grave Magazine, well recently she appeared on the cover of my magazine -- The Ethereal Gazette. So with that being said I am doing this rally call to help her out the best of your ability in what ever you can donate for her (money, blankets, sleeping bags, jackets, and books.

Update: She's got a coat, but she could always use a back up. Still trying to track down the mummy style sleeping bag for her; anything to help her keep comformtable at night in her apartment. I got a few friends hooking her up with a few comforters. So anything you can send to her let me know or email her, and she's also set up to take donations via paypal too.

Where he would have her at a recliner and with a laptop -- I had a similar picture in mind when I would sit on a couch that my cousin gave me as a downpayment for the money he owes me, I basically curled up in some sleeping bags and had the type writer on my lap

It was the incident when they were binding me into a back stretcher and started covering me with blankets because I was going into shock, and in the disorientation my phobia began to hit me quite hard when I was being placed in the blue and orange sleeping bag type device. I could feel them strapping down my legs and my stomach,

...but when I was in the blankets and the sleeping bag type device, I was shaking and pale.
Now that is a lot of sleeping bags. It would be one thing were it just Nicky being wrapped up in them, but as you can see he has a lot of interest in wrapping, excuse me strapping and taping women into them so that they cannot move and can be carried away.

Did you notice that when his roommate needed items due to water damage, his female roommate, he was very concerned about getting her mummy type sleeping bags?

Using Me To Make Money?

Nicky posted a rant on Wordpress and quoted me. Fair enough, but in my quote he added a link to himself on Associated Content. Clicking on that link gives Nicky something like a penny towards what they pay him for clicks.

I'm so bad Nicky, yet you'd use me to make money?

Well then, I shall link to some Associated Content articles and accounts from this blog so that the person who wrote them can make some money.

You are right and those who go through the effort to post articles on AC deserve to be read. They deserve to have as many people as possible click links to their content so that they can get paid for them.

You love Associated Content, Nicky. You let us know that when your articles appear on there, it's because they were "accepted", so that means that they have high standards and if AC allows them on there, they are worthy of our reading. Well you yourself spread the joys of AC to as many places as you can, maybe you are right.

Now, you stole my words and placed it on one of your blogs. That I don't have a problem with, because I unlike you am not a psycho about that sort of thing. Besides it was you that did it, and you stole, and I am used to you stealing the words of others seeing as you are a plagiarizer. My problem with what you did, was you used my words and added a link of your own, in of itself that doesn't anger me, but you are using my name to make a profit.

Well today something special will happen on Expose The Tard. Today, I will do what you want. I will link to articles on AC that feature the writer Nickolaus Pacione so that the author of those articles can make money.

Let's start off about that damn cabal that you try so hard to warn us about!

A Literary Cabal

Review: Storms of Armageddon

Review: Spectral Exile

A Review of Mr. Pacione

Folks do what is right. Click on the above links. Read the well written articles featuring Nicky that talk about Cabals as well as his work. Give the authors of those four pieces above a read and your clicks so that they can earn money for their work.

There I did it. AC article link? Check. Featuring Nicky? Check. Featuring Nicky's work? Check. Talks about Cabals and Trolls? Check.

There. Peace has been made. Did what Nicky wanted so there should be peace now between us.
Hey asshole, ExposeTheTard, yeah I am talking to you here — are you so willing to back your lies up in a public forum as a courtroom?
Sure, although I'm not sure how you'd get me in there. Are you prepared, you poverty stricken asshole, to actually buy some new clothes for your courtroom appearance? Because I remember the first time I saw you "dress up" you wore your Dali tie, light blue denim-like shirt, and black White Sox hat. I've also seen recent photos where you are wearing the same damn thing. If you go to court, you'll have to dress the occasion, and bathe. Are you prepared for that?

Why would I be in court anyway? Oh I know why; because I have documented proof of all the money you have spent since you've posted your most recent sob story that you can't pay contributors. I can show a pattern over the years, where you have posted either on blogs or PDFs that you cannot pay the authors what you promised because you are broke at the moment, and your yearly excuse that Christmas is coming up and you have to buy the family presents, then I can show them in your own words where you admitted to going out somewhere to party and give away dozens of free copies of books those people contributed to even though you haven't paid the authors that did most of the work in them. I can tell the court that there are a select group of people who, every time you get a new "book" out there, always get a free copy, and how they get them before the authors get their contributor copies. Band members and others who don't want them, but they get them first and foremost, and they get them before the people you promised you'd give them to do. Remember your warm hearted story where you felt bad that an author got paid $25, but has to buy a copy of the book she was featured in because your cheap ass won't do it, so you gave her $26 so she makes a $1 profit? I have that, and I also have proof that GWEN gets copies of those very same books even though she has never written a story for the series. The authors that contribute don't get contributor copies, unless you count PDFs, and even then you are too paranoid about those anymore, however, because you aren't a real publisher and have to pay for your books from lulu like the rest of us, you spend money on them, and give them away at every concert you go to. Because Nicky can't simply go to a concert and listen to music, he has to kiss up to every band he hears and give them "freebies" while the people who put more effort into their stories than you did, suffer.

Is that what I am going to court for, Nicky? Well I'd better start preparing by sending each and every author from the series an email with blog captures, of your own words, during the times you swore you were broke, admitting to giving away copies to everyone but them.

EDIT: Look what just now popped up.

Nickolaus Pacione wrote at 12:19am
Hey Andrea -- you know I do have a copy of Tabloid Purposes IV laying around if you're interested. There is a ghost story I wrote in this one called "PASSENGER" and there are some other types of horror stories in this one.

If you want I can see if I can talk to my publisher in South Carolina to score you a copy of House of Spiders 3 since this ... Read Moreis published and carried on shocklines.com. I am curious if you read true ghost stories or the Gothic horror stories.
See that? Extra copy of Tabloid Purposes IV laying around, and another lucky person has a chance at scoring a free copy.

Passenger Review

I was sent a review of "Passenger" a while ago and have been forgetting to post it, so here it is! WARNING it may contain spoilers, and by spoilers, I mean seeing the actual words as they appear in the book or how lame the story itself is may spoil your appetite.

Here is my review as promised. Cannot say where I obtained this to read it, but let's just say Nicky was in a giving mood again and gave a few people free copies of Tabloid Purposes IV at an event. Thankfully one of the people that keeps giving away the copies they get to those of us who know how to have fun with them continues to get freebies, so I was able to review this dung heap free of charge. He'd flip at that, but since it was loaned to me no laws were broke. I also acknowledge that I am not of the same reviewing caliber of 50 Foot Ant or autoaim, but my heart is in the right place. My lunch is in the toilet after reading this though.

This is my review of "Passenger" by Nicky featured in Tabloid Purposes IV. Oddly enough in his foreword, one of your favorite people, Dagstine, is mentioned in a a positive light. Either you made up all those quotes on your blog about the threats, they were in on that together, or he has no memory. Another gem to note is before that, next to a crappy black and white picture of himself, he actually wrote "."If you're interested in hiring out the photography for your magazine, e-mail the editor since the photography is entirely his work." LOL he is supposed to be of professional quality? Can you imagine at the beginning of "Cujo" seeing Stephen King writing "If you are in need of a plumber, write the author of this book." or Edgar Alan Poe writing "If you are interested in having your chimney cleaned, send the author of this book a telegram."?!

Passenger is hilarious and typical Nicky.

In it, "Seth Miles", who is Nicky of course, is a writer who submits horror and science fiction stories to "small press" magazines, but drives a Greyhound bus to pay the bills. If you doubt yet that is supposed to be Nicky, you are blessed in never having read his work so you don't know he makes every story star himself. Since the law won't allow him to drive thank goodness, he has to write about what he knows, so his stories never have him or his characters in cars. This particular piece of shit features Greyhound buses and AMTRAK written just like that.

"...once in awhile he will get an individual who boards the bus then when it comes time to drop her off.
The passenger disappears."

That is exactly how that appears in the book. Instead of a comma, the sentence is split in two with a period. Shit like this is why Nicky stopped putting his shit at the beginning of his anthologies and started putting his own writing towards the end, because even with his megalomania he knows a potential buyer shouldn't see his writing otherwise they will pass on purchasing it.

"Most people his age settle down and start a family, but he has a girlfriend at home who is a painter."

Forget the horrible writing style that the most amature writer disapprove, the lack of sentence structure and information we don't need, and look at what the sentence is trying to tell you. Remember Miles is Nicky, so it's important that you know that Nicky isn't gay because he doesn't have a family yet, he has a girlfriend at home. Who is a painter. That plays no part in the plot, it's apparently important that we know this.

A teenager, a seventeen year old teenager, gets on the bus and has some books in her hand including the ones she is featured in. Her sitting on the bus allows the passengers to notice them and that she is in them somehow, and amazingly they all know that not only is she in those books, but that she writes what she knows about. If you don't know Nicky's M.O., he used to make a point of seeking out underage writers to publish in his anthologies. While you are soaking in the creepiness of this, you get another gem:

"Seth listened in the background and drove up the long stretch of of highway crossing the Illinois and Wisconsin border, and sometimes seeing the passenger who appears or disappears without a trace."

I am not lying, that really appears in the story exactly like that, in that spot.

In typical Nicky storytelling fashion, all the characters know about each other and about whatever supernatural thing is happening. Seth is supposed to be watching the road, but knows who the female author is, and even though she is only seventeen Seth read about her in a college paper. At this point the Loch Ness Monster could board the bus and start rapping, and I'd have an easier time swallowing that then what has already transpired in this story.

Seth starts chatting with Katie, who answers his question after she walks off the bus and somehow the convo keeps going, where she tells him she wrote a story based on her encounter with Sasquatch in Portland Oregon. Nicky, I mean Seth, recalls hearing a story where a friend saw a UFO over the Sears Tower. That's a reference to Tabloid Purposes III in case you cared, and you don't.

Their conversation features words like "published", "anthology", "magazine", all words that are featured at least three times in everything Nicky ever writes. I'm sure confused girls who went to school with Nicky received loved notes written by him featuring all of those words, because he has to mention them every damn day.

The rest of the story is a-typical Nicky: Strangers recognize "Seth" for the stories he has been featured in various anthologies, the strangers were in them too, Nicky's newest favorite thing to add to stories wherein his characters eat while they talk, "I heard", "I remember hearing about", "I've read", the word "Goth", a woman being put into a sleeping bag (just as we've seen in the House of Spider books that we now know stems from Nicky's "bondage sleepsack" fetish).

People being sick, every character in the story knowing back stories so Nicky doesn't have to write them out, all of the men in the stories have girlfriends or wives and you learn that not because it helps the story, but so that you'll know they aren't gay or too lame to get women, things being out of the pages of this and that, chicks being dressed in flannel and hiking boots just like Nicky, *sigh* everything taking place in Illinois cities or other places Nicky has lived, and every other paragraph Seth takes new passengers and apparently takes their money right there as Greyhound stopped selling tickets in his universe. New York? That'll be $35. British Columbia? That'll be $45. The Arctic Circle? That'll be $10. Oddly enough, "an emergency medical crew" is mentioned, but this is the first time I haven't seen Nicky write EMTs into the story. Maybe he is growing as a writer. No, no he is not.

Amazingly, every fucking passenger that gets on the bus has heard about the ghost female version of Nicky and all of them are able to piece together her back story, including the fact her parents encased her in clear resin instead of burying her. I hope they got the Joseph Stalin special since he seems to be holding up pretty well in his.

"I've overheard the whole story about..."
"I can just imagine..."
"I've heard about that too."
"Wait, are you talking about that woman who..."
"Yes we were mentioning something about that..."
"...because, they've mentioned they've seen the passenger..."
"...some of them knew the details of the phantom passenger..."
"I read about that one in a magazine up at a college magazine..."
"Are you talking about the woman from LaGrange..."
"Really, I leaned this from a couple small Gothic magazines..."
"Holy crap you're not feeding me a line on this one? I've just met you tonight but you're telling me a story that this passenger was on before,..."
"I think I know the name of the woman you speak of..."
"...and might have read about the story in the newspaper..."
"...couldn't remember any of the full details..."

Like most crappy Nicky stories, this really doesn't have much of a story, and it pains me to try and decipher it. So, because my review is disjointed and poorly written, much like anything Nicky pens, I'm going to spend some time with stupid quotes found in this parakeet cage fodder.

"On assignment, crap -- that's right I knew he ran a magazine."

"She pulled herself off the makeshift bed for a few minutes with the cordless phone to fix the blanket so she could wrap herself with it rather tightly." Until her official BSDM bondage sleepstack arrived in the mail no doubt.

"Even when Jeanne Peterson rests peacefully in her black sleeping bag at death within her physical body, her ghost is a frequent traveler - an eternal passenger." because her bondage sleepstack just wasn't bonding enough I guess.

They had her covered in a black velour sleeping bag." black velour feels soft on Nicky's unwashed body!

"We're all going to Mt. Rushmore", they've individually answered.
"From here? That'll be $45." of course it will be.

In closing, I would rather have a rusty pair of pliers slowly pull out all of my toenails than to ever have to read this again.

I hope you all found this review helpful since it seemed to have scarred the reviewer for life. I'm sure he will recover in time to review Tabloid Purposes V.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Another essay by Nicky that will be featured on AC is on it's way.

Nicky, having a boner over a new internet security bill passed recently, is so excited that he is furiously typing away at a new Associated Content article on the matter because his books are constantly pirated over the years.

So in checking his blogs, you will very soon run across another rant by him, complete with a link that will take you to the new article. DO NOT CLICK ON IT!

He wants that very badly. Even something small like clicking on his link and going to his AC page benefits him. He gets credibility on that site based on the number of views as well as money.

Instead, keep checking Rusty Nail or autoaim to read his latest articles. They will have screen captures that will allow you to point and laugh at his ineptitude as a writer and general batshit craziness regarding the world around him without letting him profit from you doing so.

Regarding Nicky's upcoming article, where he will tell you that this new bill benefits him, I have to ask: Why would people steal dog shit? Has there been instances in the past where his work gets passed around so that people can point and laugh at it? Sure, but the people that did so wouldn't have purchased it anyway. Nicky had a plan to overcome that though, and I honestly have to give him credit where it is due because it was a rather smart plan. He hyped the hell out of his forthcoming "autobiography" in the weeks beforehand letting all of his online foes know that they were going to be bashed in it. He named names leading up to it, although the final product didn't, and was really pushing the idea that if people wanted to say what he was saying about them, they'd have to pay to do so. It almost worked; I saw a long time foe of Nicky's say on a blog of his that he would have to buy it for that very reason.

That didn't happen though.

A free copy got out to someone, who then passed it to someone else, who then started contacting a number of Nicky's enemies asking if they'd be interested in a copy. That plan fell through, although the small group of people that did that wouldn't have made him rich overnight had they bought it, and in the end the final product was so poorly written and not even edited that there would have been people demanding refunds. No really, it was really that bad.

Anyway, Nicky is now trying a new approach along the same lines. He sees the Something Awful thread about him is over 300k views now, and in his mind, if he could get all of the people viewing that thread to view a site that pays him per click, he'd be able to afford a better dial-up connection and maybe some better acne cream.

Just remember that when you are tempted to click on one of his links from here on out...

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"The sad thing I think with these assholes like ExposeTheTard is they are basement dwellers whose life is entirely online."

"The sad thing I think with these assholes like ExposeTheTard is they are basement dwellers whose life is entirely online."
This morning, half of the Internet exploded into laughter at the sight of Nicky calling someone else a basement dweller whose life is entirely online. Anyone of the thousands of people who have seen Nicky's antics online knows that Nicky lives in his grandparent's basement. Yes I said thousands of people, which makes his selling one ONE copy of An Eye In Shadows that much more hilarious.

Everyone knows this, so I don't have to point it out, right? Too bad. Nicky you are gonna see it anyway.

Let's start with this site, when someone we now know posed as his ex, and wasn't really is ex, got into an email argument and got him to admit dozens of embarrassing things.

(Person Everyone Including Myself And Nicky Thought Was His Ex):

Paying to publish your work doesn't make you successful, it makes you pathetic. My life is far more fulfilling than your basement dwelling existence.
his response
Nickolaus: I am getting PAID for it too. This is a temporary situation with the grandparents. Melanie that is one thing you didn't understand -- devotion and sacrifice.
Not only did he not deny it, he told whomever that was earlier this year it was temporary. It's been eight months and he still dwells down there, so I'm not sure what his idea of temporary is.

But wait! Turns out that Nicky doesn't consider himself a basement dweller because, well we all remember this but it has to be seen again

I proved that Ben is a basement dweller. Where I live is not a basement, in fact it has two kitchens.
Even though Nickolaus dwells in the lowest half of his grandparents house, the half that is under the house, it's not considered a basement because it has two kitchens. This has to be the biggest basement I have ever heard of, because Nicky shares it with his uncle, cousin and someone else, AND it has two kitchens!

Speaking of Nicky, and kitchens, he posted something on his website a few weeks ago that was not only disgusting, but opened himself up for more ridicule, and no one seemed to point it out, so I will.

After having to remove a story from Tabloid Purposes IV, Nicky was incensed. So much so in fact, he wrote the following:
I took the liberty to rip it up page by page and used the title page to actually wipe my ass with it.
Gross and immature, but 100% Nicky. This is the same guy who is always talking about body functions and almost got kicked out of the apartment he was staying at because he posted a picture online of a toilet with author's pictures he urinated on. The reason they alm0st booted him is because someone emailed one of his roommates and pointed this out, then critisized how filthy their bathroom appeared. ANYWAY the point of me pointing this out is because Nicky admits to wiping his ass with the title page, but what did he do with it? Let's look at a video he made that like him, is very short where the only words are "Yeah we're in my kitchen right now"

That is a piece of paper, with his feces smeared on it, in the trash. The KITCHEN trash. Can you imagine the smell of that place with a shit smeared paper sitting in a trash can down there? Worst part? He says on the video that he is in his "kitchen". So, if that is in fact an area where food is prepared, it had a shit covered piece of paper in there, out in the open, for all to smell. Real sanitary. It would be a shame if someone were to
send a letter to his address addressed to one of his relatives telling them to visit his website's September 16th 2008 entry and see that, wouldn't it? I am not saying that someone should send a snail mail to his house tipping off his relatives to look on his website to see Nicky leaving items with his shit on them in their kitchen or anything like that. Nor would I suggest that anyone print out the still frame of that video below and mail it to the house he shares with four other people so that they can recognize their kitchen and Nicky's poop covered joke sitting out in the open so don't think I am telling someone to do that.

Who was talking about "elderly abuse" recently?

Now what was that second accusation from Nicky? Oh that's right
whose life is entirely online."
More recently, Nicky has been somewhat MIA from the net with the exception of his Facebook where his life sounds more glamous than it really is, and of course his blog this morning. Aside from his recent quiet spell, Nicky can be found online daily, would you agree? Look at Something Awful's forum: Since they have discovered him someone from there has had corrispondence with him once a day it seems. And of course his myspace tells us the last time he has logged in, which is daily.

So we have established he is online everyday.

But what about his life outside of the net? He just told everyone I have no life outside the net, so lets see how Nicky fairs in that department.

From his profile on vox:

...I live in a full house (uncle, a cousin, and their spouse.) I will do vlogs when I go out to Chicago and when I get home will load them up. I am getting the feel for my digvid camera -- it isn't a strong quality.
I am a recluse in nature but yeah I am trying to get back into the dating pool (yes ladies I am single, straight, and available.) I am often at home writing a story or working on the magazine but when I get something published I will go out and celebrate. One thing I am planning to do in 2008 is try to have more of a social life.
Let's see... He admits he is a recluse here, says he is trying to get back in the dating pool, but then says that he is "often home writing a story or working on the magazine." Sound like a social life to you? Oh wait he said when he gets something published he will "go out and celebrate." Since he doesn't get published and hasn't since that was written, it's safe to assume he doesn't get out.

Oh there was New Years what a joke that was. First off he was by himself the entire night. He didn't meet up with friends or family, and didn't hook up with anyone, he went around Chicago on New Years Eve night by himself. Had he friends or a social life he'd have had a place to crash for the evening. He didn't, so he stayed at a hostel. For some odd reason he made a vlog entry from his hostel with cops in the background telling his family he was ok and an adult who doesn't have to check in all the time. (btw someone emailed me and asked me for the link to that video and I cannot find it, so if anyone knows where it is please pass it along to me so I can pass it to the person asking or just post it in the comments here and he should see it)

Remember when I exposed a number of his dating profiles earlier this year?
I am a guy who is looking for his queen in black, a horror writer
if you will. The way I think is a really complex thing and the kind of woman I
want is one that would encourage me not to be so much of a recluse.
Recluse? With the exception of the "hitatus" you've taken after Something Awful got you banned from Comcast, you always seem to be online. Everyday in fact. Oh, you meant a recluse in real life. I guess that means your life, is online?

There was another post I did on his dating past, and in yet another dating profile,

I am looking for someone I can actually grow old with in due time, sometimes an occasional intimate encounter. I want a person who is very intelectual as well as artistic. I am very much of a recluse in nature so I am looking for someone who can get me out of the reclusive phases. One who does understand that I am not really a partier but don't mind going out at times.
Reclusive phases, huh? And how lucky will the lady that he gets with next be that she has to be the one to get is ass off the computer, out of the basement, and outside once in a while? Here is a secret: He isn't friendly to anyone asking him to get off the computer, no matter who they are.

I have more, but I think I've made my point.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Product Made For Nicky!

I just now was able to get back into my email, and I came across a gem!

I cannot and will not tell you the identity of the person who sent this to me, but I can tell you that if Nicky knew who made and sent this? He would be enraged. Furious. You wouldn't guess who made it, so save your brain the hurt of trying to figure it out and just enjoy!

Did I mention Nicky would throw a shitfit complete with steam coming out of his ears if he knew who made it? I did? Ok.

I don't always reply to the reports of him going after an innocent, but I will try from here on out. My posts last night, which were many and long, were my attempt and catching up on his punishments!

Want A Really Stupid Shirt? You're In Luck!

Even I couldn't believe this.

When promoting Tabloid Purposes 3, which has an alien head on it, Nicky utilized CafePress.

The best part? This shirt!Having trouble reading what it says? Consider yourself lucky. Sadly I transcribed exactly what it says. Most shirts have catchy phrases on them, this one...well you have to read it to believe it and even then you very well may think I am yanking your chain.
Got Aliens? I've Seen a UFO
fly over the Sears Tower in
1992! All I got was this shitty
long sleeve shirt. Yeah it
could be something for the
Tabloid Newspapers but the
motherfuckers are too dumb
to write about it! And they
thought Roswell was a
hotbed for UFO activity.

The above is really, truly, honestly what that shirt says. Seriously, would you buy this? Or wear it? If you saw someone wearing it, would you beat them senseless for the minute it took you to stop and read it?

As Promised or "Hand of the Betrrayer" OR "even as when death may die"

Remember when I mentioned Nicky's first poetry reading? I hope so it was only a few minutes ago!

Anyway, here it is.

This picture was taken just after the poetry reading that I took part in and the poetess in the picture that I took here, she went up after I did with an impressive poem about vampric romance. I came on with a few peices that were nothing short of brutal. One of them is going to be posted on the page here to give some of the readers of the page an idea how the sessions were. I read two poems that I had wrote both on spot. Both were not titled but one of them I am going to rewrite into something longer -- and that one was titled "Betrayer" then the one that I have below is one of the ones I read in the session, where my freestyle came out of that. There were a lot of readers that night, I felt a little intimidated some but that is because that was the first time I read outside of Illinois but got over that one as I eased into reading "Betrayer."

betrayer -- when our minds hear the laughter
principality of end times -- black infinity
among our minds and tormented,
among the listless aeons, ashes lie
morbid entrapment as it remains

mother fucking cowards
all when it is seen in the end
just pain
prayers of the empty of thousand dismissed
faith and loss raped in light
fear and torment forever

our minds -- inside wheels of pain
forever lost -- now and the end
eyes of the eternal molest
now our lies, another victim of God
now the fucking holy mockery
prayer spoken in blaspemy -- my sin

nowhere the bullets of war
of the demise -- fucked in your fate
guns and history -- another man plays god
now birth engulfed by fire
ageless it still, death is what we become

betrayer -- I pull your strings
tormentor -- welcome to enternity
as with our ashes, we're once clay
after demise -- where we're no longer here,,
blasphemor -- crucified upon the crooked cross
as even as it remains in the fires still
even as death may lie with the countless aeons,
even as when death may die,,,,

Getting Ready For Signings, Part 4 (Finale) or "Especially if they know how your record was if you had a record."

Your friends keep you out of jail before it happens. Especially if they know how your record was if you had a record. In my case I almost got arrested at 18 for jumping a mountain bike and being too loud in the business district after 2 AM. Shaved head so they were giving me a whole lot of shit, I was lucky that they did let me go. I had close calls like that a few times in the recent years. I thought I was going to be pulled over without a license when I saved Jason Hink's life in 1996. So many close calls with the law but lets just say I was either lucky or had someone looking over me despite playing the odds. I gambled big and won, and gambled big and lost.
How does him riding his mountain bike help someone wanting to break into the book signing biz? It doesn't, and this is Nicky making himself out to be more important than he really is. Either he is claiming he was almost a victim of 9/11, saved by a tornado for going to a concert, tied in with a classmate that murdered someone (see Cabbie Homicide) or in this case, saving lives. Funny he should mention gambling, a problem he had in high school. So much so many who really know him from years past wonder if his money issues aren't related to that still.
Being a writer is a gamble each time you submit out to magazines, sometimes you make a large publication while others are small ones. Mine that I helm is a small one but I made it into something that I knew I would pass on when I got older to my sister -- if she wants to follow in the footsteps she got that vehicle to work with but the future is wide open for her. The reason I try to keep my nose clean with the police because I want to be able eventually find my son and do have a half-sister who is a teenager right now. When I became an older brother 13 years ago -- that was something I had a hard time adjusting to because the age difference.
Again, what? This is a long post so I will reitterate that he is trying to make himself more important than he really is. Ladies do you see his brushes with the law? Does his bad boy behavior make you want him yet?

No? Well then let's move on.
I do want to take my sister with me on a few signings to help me set up but when I realized how long she will be sitting at the table handling large wads of cash, I kept thinking those long weekends I had to help my parents with their craft shows. It is a humbling experience but something that I didn't quite have the patience for.
But it wasn't the last job you got paid under the table for, now was it Nicky?
Becoming an author -- that was entirely accidental
Much like his conception.

but it was something I began to fit more into as the years came by -- Halloween will be my 18th Anniversary of becoming an author, but it was when I was 28 when I got published in print on my birthday. When I got published I had over 14 years under my belt as a writer, and one of my first online credits (and it is safe to say it was Clive Barker's site where I got published. Something I really don't like talking about, but if you see me sitting in the room with Chad Savage it will pop up because I was 23-24 when that happened. (I will say this right now, I am not influenced by Clive Barker so don't even ask. You long timers will see the influence off the back but some of you who are new to my field -- I recommend picking up Algernon Blackwood and New England Ghosts.) I've been writing horror, science fiction, Cthulhu Mythos, and Ghost Stories. The ghost story style was there a while but I really developed it in the recent years. Science Fiction was written on a half-joke to Nicholas Stember.
Orly? NOT influenced by Clive Barker you say?

They would say that I am going to hell in a handbasket because I read the writings of Clive Barker and H.P. Lovecraft.

If anyone wonders who I write like -- similar to Clive Barker without the sex written into it but hold nothing back with the macabre.

On that note — one of my stories that I have written had caught the eye of one of Clive Barker’s contacts.

There is more, but I'll stop for now.

I've been writing horror, science fiction, Cthulhu Mythos, and Ghost Stories. The ghost story style was there a while but I really developed it in the recent years. Science Fiction was written on a half-joke to Nicholas Stember.
Ironically all of your writing, your career, and you are a full-joke, Nicky.

Getting Ready For Signings, Part 3 or "pencil fuck them"

Coming back from my signings I will end up having a weird story sitting in the back of my head and made me wish I had a laptop to write the damn thing. These days I can't write exactly on paper anymore because these ideas pound out so damn fast. How far can you go without actually crossing the line? I crossed the line many times over and this allows me to share a transgressive author trait but others I don't share.
More talk of a laptop when he still has dial-up, still hasn't paid off his last computer, another one he managed to crash recently.
When I got my ideas of where I want to do a signing at -- it was from actually listening to Martin Atkins speak about touring he wrote the book on it but might be pointed to musicians but this also applies to authors who want to get a signing going. Go to the night clubs and befriend the promoter but there are always those promoters you want to up and sock them one. I came across those recently. After leaving my apartment, they basically thought I was fair game.
One of us EONs should contact Michelle and ask what promoter he wants to punch, then tell that promoter. It also helps that he admits to befriending them for his own benefit. Those promoters we do know the venues, so it would be a shame if that got out to them, wouldn't it?

People like that use a site like AssociatedContent.com and be truthful when you do it. As much you want to up and put them on their ass -- keep your cool with them or try to. You're on a working vacation but don't come back on probation. Use that site to review their night if you hate the night, pencil fuck them. They hate that kind of press worst than writers do.
"Pencil fuck them". Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "pencil fuck them" For those reading Nicky's advice earnestly you should know that he is referring to the feeling his partner...s(?) get when he penetrates them.

This gets weirder btw.

As much Jeff and Apathademon try to do to help writers there are the promoters who try to take a crap on a writer. I am not going to give the name here but the promoter booked friends of mine. The person looks like an American Idol Reject but is from the West Coast originally, and I will leave it at that. If you have a rival in the circuit invite a lot of your friends who knew you from way back when, they saw you struggle your way up there and know what triggered you to get there.
By his own admission, he doesn't have many friends, remember that when reading his "advice".
They see the person who gave you the flack, and pull them aside and mention, "I wouldn't do that. Just care him a little bit." I did that to ease things down with Don Henrie and Current TV -- I knew how Don was with his temper from other sites. I was talking to the interviewers off record and scaring them a little bit by playing it cool casually showing my scar on the back of my head and then the ripped fingernail/knuckle scar on my left hand.
This was sad and if you doubt what I am about to say, remember that not only did I report information about the last Gothicfest about Nicky before he blogged about that night, he acknowledged what I had said and tried to explain all of it. Such as his shirt not fitting over his fat gut.

Anyway, getting back to what I know from that night, what he wrote above really happened and was both uncomfortable and hilarious.

He was clinging to Don that night, which like I said was uncomfortable to watch and yet hilarious. Really it made you embarrassed for him. Well what he said above is all true. He did try to intervene between Don and someone interviewing him, but not only was it not as bad as Nicky made it sound, Nicky didn't know him well enough to act as his manager. Then, as he said, after interrupting an interview, he detached himself from Don and re-clung to the "reporters" trying to convince them that he was the "dark one" they should be interviewing, giving them way too much information about himself, and as he said showing his scars to prove it. True they were scared off, but not scared of him, just scared they wouldn't be able to shake him from their dicks.

Getting Ready For Signings, Part 2

I liked Excaliber because of its atmosphere (I just wish it was promoted a little better and had a couple MC's through out the night.)
He likes it so much he doesn't bother spelling their name right.
Coach could tell you that too along with Scot Savage. I wish I had more gear for this but with family emergencies made it really hard to promote it -- when I did 2005 I had all of Coal City promoting the project and the show. My grandmother was in the hospital during the whole time I should been making radio appearances and all of that.
See, he blamed his lack of preparedness last year as well as his poor sales on his family's health, as if he isn't the cause of their stress.
This time around I will be making a radio appearance and this time around I do have a radio station interested in some part doing giveaways. This is the hardest part when the project is finished and promotion. If you have friends who are in bands and have a CD out or a buddy who is an actor with a DVD out -- you know exactly what I am talking about here.
Again, to anyone patiently waiting to be paid by him, and for that chick whom he gave one dollar over the cost of the book to, he his giving the fucking books away. 1) He has to pay for those, in case you wonder where his money goes, and 2) he is always giving them away, which is one of a hundred reasons he can't sell them. Oh, and he bitched about his roommate giving them away the hypocrite.
I got one friend from high school wanting to become a write and suggesting don't anything really light right away. Night clubs are your best friend in getting it out there especially when you got friends playing larger venues, give them a copy of your book if you have plenty to give. If they are cool enough to buy a copy of it even better; this came back seven fold in securing my first MC gig because one of the members of Withering Soul was showing the anthology to the other bands involved. The copy being shown around was the one I gave to III and the guys in Neutral Red.
See? What did I just say? I mean we all know the only way the books will move is if he gives them away, which he is always doing. It's a way to promote his own name, not his fellow authors, and to make friends. This bit him in the ass last summer when a number of his freebies turned up on the web being burned by multiple people.

It helps to know a few promoters,

I'm sure it does. Too bad he doesn't.
because they can help set something up because if you're on a print on demand vehicle you don't have many options unless you get on a waiting list to do a local author night. I read at Twilight Tales twice in 8 years. The first time was on March 5, 2001, then six years later that same day. I plan to read there again but wait until I have one of the stories I wanted to read tested a few times live. There is one I wanted to read live and it's titled Greetings From The Bible Belt -- I didn't have much time because I was the last author on and got there really late. I needed at least 35 minutes to read the thing but only had 20 to work with.
And it was a train wreck. Here is a blast from his past: His first reading was something he wrote that night which I will post here if you all want to see it. He wrote it on the fly and it shows. Very pathetic response to his first reading too. There were some polite claps, but they were quiet and few. He won't admit to the public what I just said, and he'll call me a liar. Trust me, my recollection of that evening is different than his because mine is true.
If I remember right there are few of you who were from the class who said they like to read horror stories, well I am about to toss this one up on the WritersCafe.org. With that being said -- always have some kind of freebie you can toss up on site if you have a laptop with you at the venue -- you can show them were they can read your work or pick up a project if you're nearly out of your backstock. (This happened at Gothicfest 2007, sold out every copy of the smaller paperback versions of a Tabloid Purposes.)
Odd, he told us the opposite before. I'm going to post this article then go try and find where he said otherwise. All goes well tomorrow this sentence will have a link to his much bleaker recollection of that evening.
They might not sell online but when I have them on me -- I can't hang onto them fast enough.
Because you give them away dumb shit. Their new owners can't burn them fast enough. Also, "can't hang on to them fast enough" is one of the stupidest phrases I have ever seen period. The "fast enough" applies to selling them, not hanging onto them dumb shit.
Even when I want to save a copy for a contributor that ends up getting sold to Mr. MarteeeN Atkins.
Aw, he wants to hang on to a copy for the contributors, but has to sell them. Sound chivalrous? Then read the next sentence.
I always have that one copy I save for indie record labels especially if they want to do coverage for a heavy metal magazine about the book. I remember the first time I did Tabloid Purposes, and this was right before my reunion they actually tossed up my information with the anthology in Metal Edge If you have that connection or some other connections use them.)
See? He always has one for record labels, but you Mr or Mrs Contributor, well he had to sell your copy.
Helps to be a little controversial,
Yeah your career is benefiting from everything you do.
but at the same time in your controversial tone try to play it somewhat save if you're just starting out. Coach did a very cool thing by maiking it safe for the faith community to write the kind of stories that would normally appear in the small press counterparts. So if Coach doesn't mind I am going to put his anthology as an illustration of the success of a particular anthology out there. There is an audience for dark faith based horror as there is an audience for what some of us in the micro-press does. He did an anthology that is even scarier when you blast a heavy metal album over it. I've seen anthologies where they a have a horror writer who listens to that American Idol crap. I wonder how could someone create something so visceral listen to something not so viseral. If you write horror, be fucking visceral. Think of the most hostile environment and create a story that is an invitation to a brawl. If you live third shift this also helps in the dimension with it.
I hope Coach doesn't mind you using him and his work either because you once again used him and it to promote yourself. If I remember correctly, Coach didn't approve of me using his name, but at the same time I could have sworn he also said he didn't appreciate Nicky doing it either when he left a comment over at Rusty Nail.

Getting Ready For Signings, Part 1

I wrote responses to Nicky's latest blog post, which in of itself was very long, so instead of one giant thread I am posting it in pieces...all at once!

Have plans for November 19th, 2008 around 8pm?

Nicky does! He is going to be at
Reggie's Rock Room that night.

He will tell you that he is "
sharing a billing with Funker Vogt and Lady Parasite" but the truth of the matter is it's a bazaar, THE AWAKENING II : DARK BAZAAR to be exact, and he isn't going anywhere near the stage, he will have a table if that.

Most of you know this, but he gives advice on how to do it proper.

Some of you went to prom right? Okay preparing for a book signing is just like that.
First off he didn't go to his prom. He'll give two different people two different reasons, either that he was sick or that he couldn't afford it, but no one said yes sadly, so his prom night analogy is sad in a way.

Remember his sob story about why, once again, for yet another anthology of his, he can't pay the authors all at once because he is having money issues?
It's almost as costly if you're a small press or self-published author because if one works with lulu.com or Lightening Source, the shipping will kill you. Not to mention vendor tables. You're lucky if you break even if you bring a few other authors with you and helps to be all local for the most part. I haven't had a chance to talk with each of these authors on the phone before the signing, so we were meeting the first time at Gothicfest 2007 (with Coach's Midnight Diner -- he had the booth day one and believe me if you haven't read this anthology get it because it well worth it.) I had a similar situation when I met Kimberly Steele two years earlier, she knew what I looked like but she had no idea that I was nearly 200 lbs. This one I nearly busted the table when I jumped on top of it. I was asking the venue to get tables that support 400 lbs.
First off how insulting must it be to be told some douche is trying to make money off of something you wrote, then read that he has the money but he wants to spend it to promote himself? That is why I feel no pity for authors who have been in multiple Tabloid Purposes because this happens every year.

Secondly, even though the height he admits to being has been scientifically proven to be wrong, as he is much heavier than he admits, for the height he claims he is being nearly 200lbs, if you believe him saying "nearly", is still too much.

Third, real authors go to signings and sign books THEY have written and talk to either established or new readers. Nicky goes to book signings to jump off of tables. Real mature. Then he wonders why he doesn't even break even at those things. Maybe they were on their way to sample your wares and saw you jumping on and off of tables like a spaz, Nicky. Can you imagine what the staff thought when some douche demanded tables that held more weight than most so he could stand on and jump off of them? Remember his AC article after the last Gothicfest where he admitted to checking the maximum weight capacity of tables because he wanted Philbin there next year? Apparently he thinks that is a requirement for authors. He is the Bobby Flay of literature.

This is a very long post folks, so maybe now you should use this time to stretch and get a snack before reading the rest. ;)

Friday, October 3, 2008

11 Years? Let's go back 7

Nicky is crying that he has only had to change his internet 3 times in 11 years, and since that got me in a nostalgic mood and to celebrate the victory of getting Comcast to dump him like his ex, I thought I'd take you back to 2001 again.

Nicky loves his Morgan Freeman!

2001 04 30 Nickolaus Pacione

I am on a quest to find a get my horror writings and dark journals published. Some of my favorite movies are Se7en and Kiss The Girls while my favorite colour is black. I am here through Word of Mouth and I am from Chicago USA. My favorite section is the Writer's Box and I will return and visit. My URL is [has been removed bc of content]. Comments: I remember reading Dr. Suess to my kid sister who is now six and used to have them when I was a kid. But as a writer, for me influence wise would have to go to Stephen King and H.P. Lovecraft being the main two. This page is nicely done, and keep up the good work -- don't be alarmed by my website though it is just another holiday back at the funny farm.
Nicky needs to surrender because this week, he lost very badly. What's that? Nicky will never surrender?

He has before.

Tuesday, May 3rd 2005

8:57 PM

Enough is enough, I am tired of these people going around creating cute little communities slandering my name -- "fan sites" as they call them, if they were a fan site then they would not go around using my name as a urinal. People coming on stealing my posts from one blog to the next, then the mean and spiteful reviews every chance they get.
The shit with the bitch I won't mention by name was the straw that cracked me, but I am not going to go cussing everyone out every chance I get. I try to get new material out there then these idiots go around trying to offer pirated versions of Tabloid Purposes II. You had no right to be distributing the anthology if you didn't contribute a story or edit it. In all seriousness, what is destroying me going to prove? Then going around stealing my covers and bastardizng them to their perverse little need.
I want this shit to stop because clearly it isn't fun having to fight with every cum gulping schmuck out there. They say I go around hating common sense and clarity, they cleary hate it more than me. Their idea of common sense is a bit twisted, what kind of logic do they find in mocking me or impersonating my family. If you have an issue with me -- leave my family out of it.
White flag -- I am not the one to surrender but seriously, I want this to end. Going around stalking me from one forum to the next, stealing my online personas via yahoo. I am addressing every asshat out there who thinks it is funny going on as my alter ego, characters from my work, or as my story's titles. Every person who practiced e-piracy deserves a punch in the head.
This is nothing new, same bullshit another name. Am I going to mend the bridges I burned, I will try to keep civil but seriously those who've created threads slandering me or journals that slander me better stay the hell out of my way. I might have a mouth on me, but I won't let that destroy my career. Will I stop with the vulgarity, no because that is just the way I am. Point fingers at me; I will point one back and it won't be pleasing either. Some might not get my logic, but the ones who would understand this are the ones who've been around me the longest and in person. I am exactly the way I am in person I am online.
This bothers some people, especially if they hate my persona online. The whole thing about them wanting to, "burn the monster." That is what wants me to do this kind of rant. I've seen this too many times. I am not about to come out to be a kiss ass either, that was something I never was brought up to be. I do find myself being on the brunt of a lot of things, but sometimes I don't care. Though when someone decides to get personal and try to create something extremely slanderous, as what the Truth Abuth Nick is doing. Every bit of it is not true, I don't even wear slippers and that little picture he doctored of the magazine was really of me holding a copy of Tabloid Purposes I. They thing this is going to silence me by stealing my posts -- wrong. I am a mouth, and say exactly what is on my mind no matter how offensive it will come out to be.

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