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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

"I was a bit of a crab there because I was rained on -- decided to camp instead of getting a hotel." October 11th, 2002

Innocents attacked, ETT attacks back. It's so simple even...well nevermind.

Sorry folks I know I said I would go in order but I messed up, so let's go back to the begining of October 2nd, 2002, and read about "The Crazies"!
7:23 am Tired. I had one of those time frames where there are times where I don't sleep and when I do sleep -- it would be way too long and I would not be able to compose anything. So as I am just winding down to go to sleep for the morning; I am trying to brainstorm the next part of the chapter of the novel which is written by a webmaster which asked for me to do a cameo in form of one of my pictures -- the one that is being used is from the critia of Oct 2000. So I am writing the chapter as faithful as the novel is on his page, but adding a few twists of my own on this one. I cameo on Chapter 9 of the novel, and the chapter is called The Crazies. This chapter I am writing expands on the one about the crazies but darker -- goes into the detail of a vampire who self mutilates himself and allowing the female vampires to drink from his wounds. So you can say this chapter is a Robert Bloch take on the vampire myth. So this is going to be in the true muscular nature -- and it helps it along. I haven't
really written a vampire story in a long time -- I wrote one that is very psychological where the self mulitator in that story wanted to commit suicide and in the death party, he invited his friends who were vampires and had them all drink from him as he bled to death. The title of the vampire story I wrote is titled Nightmare of the Postmortem. The setting of the story is Wheaton College -- figured that I would write a horror tale set in DuPage County. The best way I can describe this one is it is more tormented than Bloodletting or Death Row: Incarceration of the Vampire. I wrote those in the very end of 1999, after my best friend and I were driving around Joliet -- he decided to make a turn around in a driveway and that driveway turned out to be Stateville Prison.
So from that Incarceration was born -- it was a story by itself and as close as
one can get to a sequel to Wrong Side Of The Tracks.

And, you'll get to read about the "handicapped cabin" and how he somehow qualified to ride in that!
5:29 am - three years later I was wondering if anyone who is reading this is familar with the train crash of March 15, 1999, of the Amtrak City of New Orleans. It was not far from where I used to live but on that note the inspiration came from watching a show called Minute by Minute on A&E to break my writers block and the result was the speculative journal entry titled Clocks of Eternity. I remember exactly was I doing that morning and everything -- I was struggling to wake up to get ready for work. This was the town that it happened in because I remembered them stopping and closing down the power to the train when they in Bourbonais, Illinois. The sleeper car I was in was one of the ones where a passenger died. I thought about that day the train crashed a lot because I was going to be going the same route for Goth Con 2002. As excited I was to go down to New Orleans, Louisiana, I was spooked about the idea that I was going to be taking the train that collided into a Semi truck -- killing 11 and injuring many more. I left exactly a week after the three year dark
anniversery -- and as a result I had a ton of nightmares about seeing the ghosts of the children that died in the accident -- there were three girls who died in there and then their grandmother and a family friend. Five right there --- then 6 others, then a girl then 8 losing her right leg. I am deticating the three essays to the families who died in that accident. If anyone from that accident would like to contact me may do so via email -- I was not being disrespectful, just this is a horror writers taken and the nightmares that came in the mind because I took the same train three years later. I was talking with a few people about this -- the ones who related were Lia and Necrotica because they both remembered what happened and what they were doing on that morning. So I was starting to think about that accident when I was on the train more and the nightmares combined with the not being able to find my meds caused me to go into a bipolar version of a diabetic shock. I think that explained why I was so tired coming down to New Orleans because I did not really get that much sleep or when I did sleep -- it was a very light one. Though I knew that Michelle was going to be down there to meet me -- the train was running late. I was basic carted in because they thought I was in bad shape. A nervous wreck -- basically that was the way I can best describe it, I had pulled out the bedding I had packed for the trip and fell asleep on the handicapped cabin. Where before I left -- after getting the ticket for on the train managed to pen the narrative Derailed and when I got back immediately wrote Among Shadows which is acutally a wraparound sequel. It is a sequel to Among Shadows but wraps around Derailed.

Now let's jump to October 11th because a lot of good crap happens in September.

While others are in their motels, he is too stupid and cheap to get a room so he always slept outside. Well this time it bit him in the ass because he not only got stuck in the rain, once again the cops were going to arrrest him for camping where he shouldn't have been.

October 11th, 2002 12:11 am
- a year ago this month It was a
year ago that I had attended the convention known as Journal Con 2001, now here I am writing a little bit about it in the sense I did not really feel in place there because everyone around me were humorists or ones who celebrated the diversity movement (something I really shun, and disgree with openly.) I felt out of place because of what I did as a writer was way too dark for what they could really understand -- or even wanted to understand. Coming back from GothCon, journal con was one of those that did not really appeal to writers but more the ones who were chatty journal keepers -- GothCon was a mixed bag, really introduced my style of writing to a widespread audience. I was a bit of a crab there because I was rained on -- decided to camp instead of getting a hotel. I went to the first two days of this then I started to feel ill because the lack of sleep and the hard rains. The winds kept blowing over my tent even with the good stake; and it caused me to run a little late to the reception dinner -- I caught the very end of it but managed to get in there though. I was not photographed with the group because I was the one behind the camera and one of the others did my picture separately - I am thankful that she was willing to do the separate one; and this picture became my favorite picture of the ones I did around that time but there is one that I did between the nights -- when I missed my train. I had a scare which I was almost arrested by Chicago's finest until I told him I was camping in Tinley Park and I was a writer. He was searching my backpack and found all the journals -- the story checked out and I was free to go. The other scare that week was when I got stopped by Cary police department -- the first time when I was doing an improv photo session (self portraits. I wanted a few for the website since I was writing some new material -- that was the first time I wrote something on the road when I made it to my cousins place in Algonquin, Illinois. She came and got me from the hospital -- I don't remember how long I was kept there but I remember having to be wrapped with a lot of blankets because the place where they had me was colder than a morgue.
Literary looked like a mummy with my face showing -- I did dose off some but when I got to the cousins, dead to the world.) I had always had this creepy feeling when I was in the hospital -- ever since I had been bundled down from my stabbing. I had actually had a peaceful sleep when I was staying with the cousins -- the change of atmosphere was what did it for me. As I am, the cousin is also a writer but writes children stories -- I don't know if there are other horror writers in the family. I hate having to compete with a relative for exposure but I wouldn't mind co-writing one with a cousin. The one cousin who lives in the Hanover Park area is also a writer, writes like J.R.R. Tolkien according to the aunt. I was so tired that night I made it to the cousin in Algonquin -- the moment I pulled myself into the sleeping bag I packed and laying on the rug, it was a matter of seconds that I was asleep. I did not even change into the sweats I packed since I normally sleep in sweats like how people sleep either nude or in their clothes -- I had a bad habit of sleeping in my clothes especially when travelling. I did this a lot when I was in college -- especially when I was sleeping in the infirmery. The nurse could not get over how I slept -- remembering how they would do for treating victims for shock, I would curl up in a blanket and basically be close to dead to the world. That it how it was that Sunday when it was the last day of JournalCon -- I found myself too sick to go to the last part of it, I caught up on a lot of sleep that day but I could not get over how bad my clothes were waterlogged. I did not have anything dry so I went to the PADS shelter in Cary and McHerny until I got a hold of the cousin. I stayed with her for a few days then the last part of the trip I stayed with the other moderator if my e-list -- I am in touch with her from time to time but things get busy on both ends from time to time. I thank her for helping me getting over my fear of going through Cicero -- I basically know my way around since I met bugbear. The first time I met her was when my best friends were going camping and I was trying to go to the Taste of Schamburg -- which it was cool though because I got to check out the Italian Festival of North Riverside. She showed me around the Jewish Cemetery; Bug was one of my few good female friends -- look up to her like the big sister I never had. It was from her place I made my way to Canada -- since she lived near the blue line and needed to take that all the way to O'Hare. I did not know that was going to be my last time in an airplane for a long time. Which lead me to going to JournalCon -- the thing that was not on my side was the weather then. But I was running out of money then as well -- but I will be going into a hostel, and this is the first time I am doing. Between the December of 2000 and Feb 2001 -- there were many firsts for me and after 9/11 I found myself making a few choices when it came to travelling around . What I was doing that day on 9/11 -- I was looking around for a campground which allowed tents hoping to save a few dollars since I knew how much hotels can be in Chicago. I know of one place now in Chicago Heights that I can stay at because it has a $100 weekly rate which is
not bad -- I had done that before when I was in Canada . So a year ago this month I found myself hiding so I could catch myself up on a lot of lost sleep.

New Feature At ETT

You will notice at the bottom of the five most recent posts here simply titled

Report Him Anonymously

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And it means exactly what it says. Have you seen him on a website attacking an "innocent"? Is he publicly going after someone who hasn't done anything to deserve his hateful stalking? Simply copy the url of the site where it took place, copy it, and paste it into the box before hitting the 'Submit Form' button and wala it's done! I'm not asking for your email or name, I just need to know if he is somewhere going after someone who doesn't deserve it. Well none of us deserve it

Please help me help them. In return for your anonymous tip, you and the general public will be treated to a new post here on ETT chronicling the misadventures and general whining of the world's saddest asshole!

Thank you in advance.


Tuesday, April 29, 2008

"Some of the strangest places where I passed out"

Wow he must love me and like it when I do this. He broke the rules again and once again topped himself in his disgusting behavior.

Making fun of other's health? Let's delve into yours, shall we?

Everything from a bad back and carpal tunnel to sleep disorders are in this entry, and his health will only get worse. Good thing he's hopped up on drugs to deal with his misery.
Glad to see you finally arranged to start going back to a doctor, let's hope he sees you for the psychopath you are and gets you back into therapy.

October 23rd, 2002

2:58 am - sleep;;;;;
How much is one willing to pay to get some sleep -- that is a question that is always asked in the mind as I would stare at the older entries that I wrote in a journal I had printed out from parajournal before it closed its doors. This is often asked when I am travelling because when I go to visit Sarah at Nocturna, I would almost be dead tired at times because of the hours I have to live so I can catch the bus out to Joliet. So I find myself dosing off on bus going from Morris to Joliet -- usually out when the drive hits Lorenzo Road. I haven't really slept for two days, but I am going to try to sleep in the six o'clock hour though.
It hurts to type sometimes because the pain building in the shoulders and the back when I injured it. Good thing I got those muscle relaxers from the hospital because I don't know how I would manage. It helps with signs of carpetunnel sometimes because I do a lot of typing and it would hurt like hell at times when I try to type; and sometimes I would feel something like a stabbing pain It is one of those thoughts that go through my mind as I try to self medicate -- the sleeping pill and painkiller cocktails; sometimes very effective in putting me down for the morning. One of the reasons why I am willing to go through the sleep study that they are trying to arrange for next month. Sleep; something that I cannot always get even when I want to -- and sometimes when I was at the college and working as a personal aide, I found myself passed out on one of the couches in the hallway of where I used to work at the college.
Some of the strangest places where I passed out was in a computer lab -- my face had the imprint of the keyboard. But with that note -- I am going to close this entry up for now but I will post more later when I am more alert for that matter; without the sleep I feel like I am at least 35 years old but with the sleep I feel the age I am, and that being 26 -- and at times it is something that is not attainable. Often the reason being the thousand racing thoughts that go through there at one time; the nightmares, the dreams as they are there -- the random images which drawn from a darkness one cannot describe but that darkness is the one that greets the hours of sleep.
: It is when in the hotels or camping when Iam finding myself resulting to sleeping pills to go down for the night, usually when camping I don't have the sleeping problems because the cold helps with going to sleep at times.
Miss your parajournal site? I don't; I saved every damn page. Every one. When I want to see your parajournal page I need only open a particular folder on my hard drive. Too bad you never did.

This entry seemed a bit weak. Tell you folks what I am going to give you another journal entry from the same day followed by more whining along the same vein.

When reading this, know that he didn't fly over the top of the roof of that car. Sad that even though he can remember the feeling of dying, he forgets how it made him feel currently.
October 23rd, 2002
11:03 pm
I managed to get some sleep -- something that I much needed but right now I am coming down with a cold. Though it would be something that I needed but took a ton of sleeping pills to numb out the pain that was impaled into my back. I was reading a story that Aimee Monroe penned and freaked the shit out of me -- because it gave me a nightmare about falling from a sky scraper, that I was falling without a sign of end. Usually when someone falls from that height they would more than likely die of fright than hitting the ground; I had spoke of nightmares like this to my former boss at College of Du Page when I was working there. I asked about that when I got hit by the car in December of 1996. The feeling I had when I woke up out of bed the next morning from the impact was that I felt like that I was dead or dying because of the pain. It came from that which I had a ton of nightmares that are beyond what I can put into documentation. Where it comes in the mind as it is trapped in the torments that followed from the impact -- the impact of the car hitting and throwing me over the top of the roof. I think that was why I was freaked out the most when I read Aimee's piece -- normally I am not the one who would spook too easy. I get spooked when I am staying in places knowing that people died in. Where I would take into the narratives over the years -- the pressure from the peers who I used to go to Intervarsity with; them saying what I ink are the things that should never be That I have always had been intrigued by nightmares -- it is what makes a horror writer want to ink out what they put into a journal or a notebook.

"I have been abusing the keyboard since 1991"

More innocents mentioned, more vulgar behavior, so more posts.

Let's go back to 2002 and hopefully I can manage to post all of these in chronological order. Let's go back to before he ran the goth community over at livejournal, where he was badmouthing them on xanga expecting a fallout for his stance against homosexuality.

Here he goes from going off on livejournal and it's goth community to complaining that he could have gotten a disability discount on the train and didn't. As you will see in future entries of this series, he goes back and forth between complaining about livejournal, his health, then telling the world that wherever he goes he sleeps outside. At some point he seems to realize that maybe him sleeping outside in the elements may have adverse effects on his health, but that logic quickly goes away.
Monday, September 2nd, 2002
their messiah pissed because I wonder what they can fucking do to me -- have me censored out. All it is going to do is give me more fuel to throw back in their faces -- saying Heterophobia is what sucks. This world is perverse on how a family is -- literary. Where I get scorned because I still believe in biological male and the biological female in marriage -- I am a traditionialist there but on the views of the written word I am one who will back the first amendment. Where they would say that a male who is a heterosexual does not deserve to have their say, as I am straight, and they say that we should be silent -- it is almost like the as the saying goes, children are should be seen and not heard. Hear no evil, see no evil and speak no evil. not sure yet because of some expenses that I have to cover -- old medical bills and financial obligations from when I lived in Iowa. I stayed home most of August and when it gets colder out is when I want to go out more -- planning to go to either West Virginia or out to Wyoming for a few days, since I am getting a 15% disability discount -- found that out when I was calling Amtrak. I am kicking myself about that because I might of gotten my sleeper ticket a little cheaper to New Orleans. I scored a sleeper for that trip because I needed a bed to sleep off a cold that I was coming down with from the change of climates March 26th, it was still bone freezing out there and without a coat one would come down with a flu bug or something of that sort. fleece one which were for one of those cocoon
Here he goes into his health or lack thereof. Remember as you are reading this how he makes fun of people with serious or terminal illness, and how much he complains when he doesn't feel well. This also gives you an idea of his obsession with having people, strangers or family, photograph him when he is sleeping.

6:17 am
Groggy as hell and trying to break in the shrink couch that was given to me by one of my cousins -- interesting little thing I migth add. It is black as night but a little water damage from being in the storage facility for nearly 6 months. This is the month I am hopefully planning to go out but
I always make sure I have some chemicals with me when I go though -- namely my meds and some OTC sleeping pills so I can sleep on the train. I actually went into something that was close to a diabetic shock because I could not find my meds when I was getting ready to leave the train to meet Michelle Tynes (the woman I was going to GothCon with -- told her that I had a scare on the train because I thought I lost my meds) since it was running a little late in Mississippi; hit some bad track along the way. I basically packed two sleeping bags -- a thin liner type and a type sleeping bags (I knew how the blankets were on the train from the last time I was on a sleeper -- best advice, pack your own bedding when metropolitian lounge -- the picture with the peice, Among Shadows was the result of leaving my camera on taking a train and get a sleeper on the long trips. The reason is that your meals are taken care of. The sleeping pills were for when I was on the train and for when I was sleeping in the the Attendants desk, where I was curled up in the shroud and trying to hide my face from the light.)

Though it was less than a week that I was on the rails and in New Orleans -- it gave me some material to write about the moment I got into Union Station, then basically I was dead tired when I got home -- crawled under the shrouds and slept. I haven't really took a big outing like that since that day but I did have a lot of fun in that weekend -- a few scares in there too when Michelle's car was broken until (a smash and swipe.) The panhandlers down there will not leave one alone especially since if one is from the North -- as I was, they call all Northerners Yankees but the more accurate term would be Midwesterner. There were a lot from the Midwest down there -- a few from Chicago -- few from Milwaulkee -- actually got to meet the crew behind The Milwaulkee Gothic Council. There is a photo on my site which is of both me and the webmaster of the website--that was the one I looked like I rolled out of bed that day because I was sick in bed for a few hours with back pain -- back pain like I would not believe.
Not being able to sleep or not even trying, he gets back online and decides to play the "poor hetro male" angle while once again basing livejournal, specifically it's goth community.

7:08 am
New community is open -- this is called The Literary Gothic, I basically made it clear that I am trying to bring in more Lovecraft based writers with this one since there are not that many around now or days. I would love to see a lot them come out of the shadows, especially since I am hoping that I would see some promising writers to come out of this one. I am not going to encourage the lj-cut to be written in there becuase that will be too cumbersome for those who are used to writing the longer entries. I am a rival of both Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite because the writing style I have is more in common with Brian Lumley, Robert Bloch and Anne Rule. I know I am about to piss off the host of the goth community on here but I know how the competition is and she might be sending some complaints to the main server here -- I am expecting it, nothing new with me because they bitch about me on livejournal because I badmouth their asses on xanga. For that matter those who bitch -- it is giving me more of a reason to be an itch in their plans.
I piss off the rainbow community and the Christian community equally, but I have respect for the faith community though. It is fun to get the community who hates Eminem and call Madonna
Here is is back on the internet, this time going on about a personal hero of his and making his infamous comment that is the title of this blog post. The problem is it isn't just his keyboard that he has been abusing all this time.

9:38 am
A review -- The Trenchcoat Chronicles
This talented poet never ceased to amaze my senses of how good of a writer he is. The peices to look at of his are Death of a Jester, Media Victim, If I Knew Then,,, Eleven, and Quadrinity. The site would be found from here, The Works of The Trenchcoat. In the five years that I have known this individual -- he is starting to show some of his humor toward a lot of things -- the funniest post he made was poking fun at Lance Bass' dream of going into space where he has better chances for being Ted Nudgent's quarry than going up in space. His writing style is dark and the way he sees the world through the eyes of a conservative but with liberal ideas. Very creative indeed, in the five years -- between my own site and his -- seen the most bullshit than any other site on the web.
Where they tend to use 9/11 as a ground for finding religion, he found it as a way to be very dark about it -- the poem 11 is one of his stronger peices of the time when it was written and the one that I inspired was titled Nightmare Of Reality -- that one captures what I do in a short poem. It was inspired by Real of the Uncertain which turned out to be on the money to how some of my visions are. I wrote this one as a journal passage on diary-x but turned out to be something more when the poem was included in with this one. His work reflected the times of his life that marked the good and the bad -- they get to show the reflection from being the bachelor to being a married man. The question of has marriage taken his edge off -- I think it added more of edge to what he was doing.
He had a 17 year head start on what he was doing -- abusing his thesaurus since 1985, I have been abusing the keyboard since 1991 -- which he shows that he has a strong writing style and used a tradgic event to make him shine. Shine on Trench -- may your work influence many poets and writers to come.

Monday, April 28, 2008

"sometimes an occasional intimate encounter" or "looking for his lost lenore"

You spoke, I listened. I recieved a number of emails that Nicky went after another innocent and after checking the link sent you were right. Disgusting.

Well this gives us a chance to look at part 2 of Nicky's dating profiles. This one is from
loveaccess.com. The title of this post is the most disturbing of it all and frankly to me, the most disturbing thing I've ever posted here as you will see at the bottom of this entry but I have to comment on here first :

" I am looking for someone I can actually grow old with in due time, sometimes an occasional intimate encounter.

Have you ever seen anything like that before? Sure everyone expects sex in a relationship, especially a long term one, but an "occasional intimate encounter"? So his sex drive is such that he only needs it occasionally, or is he trying to sweeten the deal by saying that if you choose him, you only have to do it once in a while?

Well now that I've blown the surprise, read on.

Gomez looking for his Mortica

Age: 25
Gender: Male


Country: United States
Location: Morris, IL
Height: 5 ft. 10 in.
Body Type: Athletic
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Hair Color: Black hair
Eye Color: Brown
Religion: Christian - Other
Astrological sign:


Level of Education: Some college



$25k to $34k

Smoking: Smoke Socially
Drinking: Drink Socially / Occasionally
Relationship Status: Never Married
Have Children: I'll tell you later
Want Children: Yes
Looking to meet a: Female
Age: 19 to 29
Relationship Desired: serious relationship with marriage potential
Last Visit: More than a month ago
Link to this page:
In my own words
About Me
I am a horror writer who writes on the lines of H.P. Lovecraft looking for his lost lenore so to speak. I am an avid outdoorsman at times like to do some backpacking from time to time. I am looking for a woman who I can take backpacking from time to time. I am disabled for mental health reasons; wishes to go back to school if timing allows. I carry myself as mysterious but at the same time I am very outspoken. I am flexible when it comes to the type of woman I am looking for, but I will not go for women who are twice my age since I was a teen pregancy -- I am marriage minded but will take anything right now and allow to take by sails and enjoy the ride. I like to do a lot of photography and do a lot of drawing -- do a lot of things that are artistic in nature, so I am trying to find a woman who is intellectal but at the same time will go to an occasional night club. I listen to heavy metal and grunge and the way I dress is a cross between heavy metal and grunge. I am an independant freelance artist/writer. The website is forum of where I display all three forms of expression. Material possessions -- don't matter to me to be honest.
About You
I am looking for someone I can actually grow old with in due time, sometimes an occasional intimate encounter. I want a person who is very intelectual as well as artistic. I am very much of a recluse in nature so I am looking for someone who can get me out of the reclusive phases. One who does understand that I am not really a partier but don't mind going out at times. Someone who is also an artist or writer. I sometimes will go spend a few days outdoors -- sometimes walk around Grant Park or Pilitcher Park and watch the stars in the sky.

What lady in her right mind can pass that up?
"I am marriage minded but will take anything right now..."
Translates to "I want to be married but at this point I'll take sloppy tenths in your male harem" at least to me.

And save it. After you realize why I am posting this blog entry you will surmise in your head that I have to be someone else because it was a relative of theirs I insulted and as usual you will be wrong. Instead of trying to figure out who I am and the identity of others, why don't you work on yourself first? I haven't seen you blog about a therapy visit in years, and there was a time where you documented publicly every thing you did from doctor's visits to whatever medication you started. You need to get help again, because your anger is making you look more and more like a monster. No one has to say anything about you to make you look bad, one only need to link people to sites where your own words are the most damning evidence against you. Stop being a disgusting spoiled brat and making fun of the sick, dying or dead you little weasel.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

"a really young version of the writer from "As Good As It Gets" "

Remember a few days ago I posted Nicky's dilema where he had too many women to chose from? Remember that I did it because he went off on an innocent? I just discovered where he did a similar rant on the same person on a different blog, so that counts too. Because of that, we will just continue with Nicky's dating life, shall we? Well I gave you people the names of the dating sites and none of you picked up on that! For the lazy

Three ads
Tattoos Number of Tattoos: 0
Body Areas: do scars count?

No stupid.
Number of Piercings: 0
Body Areas: used to have an ear peircing,,
Of course you did on the right earlobe!

Forlorned thinking man,, seeking his dark queen,, Male seeking Female for Long-term Romance

seeking his queen in black.
Male seeking Female for Long-term

Looking for Correspondence
Male seeking Either for Pen PalLet's
start with the first in line.

Remember men: We want to know in the first ten words if you have mental problems!

Well to begin with I am a horror writer, and been dianosed with a
mental illness now on disability. I look for females for long term romance (I am
straight) but when it comes to pen pals I take no prisoners there. I am a host
of a few mailing lists and manage a few websites here and there. This is how I
get my work out there for the world to see -- I do travel and like to do a lot
of camping (so if you see that I am never in leather, velvor, or pvc, that would
explain everything because when I go camping is in the late fall to early
spring. The picture above was something I did for a change of pace, something to
send to the family.) My website would answer any other questions that one may
have about me. If you [the ladies] want to send me an message here, and I will
give you an email address, with the subject line "Gothic Personals." I'm a bit
of a Gomez Addams, as I like to joke to my parents -- I am seeking the lady to
be my Mortica, not quite looking for the wife yet but the question of marriage
had popped up a few times. I am looking to see what direction it goes to so I am
just playing it by ear. If the lady can put up with my illness and the friends
who are partiers, they are in. I go for biological females, so for those of you
who are born ladies -- please respond if you want to, this is an open
invitation. I am a bit of a renaisance man, but with tinges of a really young
version of the writer from "As Good As It Gets" but not Obessive/Compulsive
disorder -- a misanthorope non the less. I will travel pending on the region
west coast -- I won't travel in that area because I am too sensitive to heat,
but colder climates I will travel in the dead of winter. If the lady can put up
with my illness, they are in. I don't drive (because of the medication,) but I
get around surprisenly though fairly well. I don't look it but I am a bit of a
renesiance man, some things I do were things I learned when I was in boy scouts
and been tagged affectionately by close friends as "the last boy scout" at
times. The ones who would say this would understand when I live out of a
backpack a week of a year. I also read a lot of books as well (H.P. Lovecraft is
the man, and I raise my beer to all the authors I appear on anthologies with
over the years.)

He won't live on the West Coast because he is sensitive to heat. I really have no joke for that it's just something I have to type myself it's that good. Let's look at the second one "seeking his queen in black" shall we?

I am a guy who is looking for his queen in black, a horror writer
if you will. The way I think is a really complex thing and the kind of woman I
want is one that would encourage me not to be so much of a recluse. I am a
conservative mindset -- despite all the black clothing, I am the kind of guy the
ladies can bring home to their parents.

Well that was short. I mean the author the ad is too. He'd better pray to whatever deity he follows this week that her parents don't have the internet. Lastly, Nicky wants a penpal!

I am a horror writer who is seeking correspondence on trying to
find underground publicatiions who are balsy enough to publish the cryptic style
of gothic literature. For the record I don't write erotica and I am not bisexaul
or gay, far from it. So for the females who are responding see the other ads.
This one I am looking for the correspondence and connections if they know of any
magazines which has the balls to publish things on the vein of "Seven" or a
cross between that and "Darkness Falls" or "Blair Witch Project." I am not
wearing make up in the picture -- my eyes were blackend out because of the lack
of sleep I had in the hotel I stayed at before the radio appearence. As far as
romance goes -- I am looking for that living dead girl. When it comes to pen
pals though on the other hand -- it is no prisoners. My email address is

This is only part 1. There will be a second online dating site coming soon!

Friday, April 25, 2008

When Teenage Girls Attack! or "midwestern mindfucking"

Why is it that no matter who fucks with him, he always goes after people that aren't doing anything to him and never have in the first place? Anyway he did, so on to the show.

Egads! Nicky's picture was stolen from a teenage girl! Especially in Chicago! CHICAGO!

hivalisious hivalisious was 14 when this happened, but it didn't matter because Nicky was the victim of

idenity fraud [21 Dec 2001|06:20pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]
[ music | Alice In Chains -- Sludge Factory ]

I had got a little pissed off at hivalisious because she made off with one of my picture icons -- namely the one of me that was taken on December 16th at the Riverwalk. Getting away with calling me an ugly old man -- I am laughing there but when people steal another persons picture and assuming it is them is something I hate more than anything. So for those who are friends with her -- I am sorry that you are pulled in the middle. I was using my real name as my sn, I did not know she was a female though because I was getting very pissed as I would with the host of
darksites. And in this case when someone steals your picture -- it is not flattery but a lot of ass kissing on their part because when I got into it with the assclown it was a two hour long stand off to get my files back. I will not snap that often but if someone tries to use my picture and passes it off as theirs -- rule of thumb, someone uses their actual pics -- don't steal them. Moral of the story -- don't steal from an Italian who tends to have tangent of having trash talking to an art form. I have three screen names on aol -- Blind Stigmata, nickolauspacione, and urbanizedsin for the record. The ones who would know about the incident about my hotmail being hacked and my handle in beseen being stolen would see why I would get pissed. Stealing my pic is grounds for getting fucked with on aim and get a midwestern mindfucking. But to give that person a lot of credit try to pass off as me -- good luck trying especially in Chicago.

Good luck trying in Chicago little girl! You don't want to start out your young life with a "midwestern mindfucking"!

At this point Nicky felt defeated and said
I can't win [21 Dec 2001|09:50pm]
[ mood | cynical ]
[ music | Megadeth -- Silent Scorn/Return to the Hangar ]

I had changed my picture for the icon, this is one taken in front of my home in Morris. I know that is one of my pet peeves of people taking my icons but what could I do -- there are five people snagging that one picture from when I was at journal con then one that I took on December 16th. The other one I don't mind so much as long as you put my name with it sheesh or link back my website. It gets cute for awhile but it gets to be a real eyesore.

Disturbing, isn't it? Not someone taking your icons, Nicky saying "sheesh".

How did this saga end?


[21 Dec 2001|11:53pm]
Those who took my picture off their use of lj icons -- I appreciate it. Some of you might of thought it was amusing but the one who is still on my shitlist for doing it and you know who you are. For the sake of valuing your freedom -- knock it the fuck off. This is her email address.

I removed the email address. RP is an adult now but none the less no need to post that, especially when I am proof that no one will ever harass someone's email for Nicky's sake.

Cliff Notes?

I got this email this morning.

Date: Fri, 25 Apr 2008 14:25:53 -0700 (PDT)


Subject: cliff notes plz

To: exposethetard@yahoo.com

wow you unloaded on Nicky this week but I am lazy and reading all this from my phone until so can I just get the cliff notes of all you posted? thx

That's actually not a bad idea. So, starting from last night, here is what we learned...
  • The state of Iowa will never let him see his child "I will always be here for you even though the state would not allow me to be your father, my mind was too far gone and need to get the help I needed before I even began to be a father to you."
  • At one point five years ago, he had many prospects for love. Online. "In that note I was responding to some email and got a few ladies from gothicpersonals responding -- the plan for me to go see one of them is in effect in October."
  • He used gothicpersonals to look for love "I have been getting an email from this lady from gothicpersonals who really been eye'ing on me for I don't know how long"
  • He used loveaccess.com and
  • Romanced older women, women his mother's age and older
    "Women my mother's age or the same age as one of my cousins (the one I went to Pantera with, she is the same age as the members of Slayer and Anthrax) actually hit on me as well and they don't even look 42. There was this case on loveaccess.com where the woman was 45 years old -- I told her I made it a rule not to date women older than my mother or five years younger than my mother.
    "I knew it was something on those lines. It is sometimes that case with me
    where the lady is actually taller than me on more than one occasion."
Sorry folks that one had to be exclamated
  • "Nick the Boxer", wasn't "...when I was bullied in high school because I was in special education classes"
  • A teacher was too scared to come hear him read poetry "I tried to invite the teacher to the open mics but she would not because she knew how dark I was getting with the writings."
  • He was banned from college "...got banned from Wheaton College because they thought I was a Satanist because I dressed in black, wrote gothic poetry, and listened to Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd."
  • He thought someone's aggresive online behavior should get them committed like he was
    "I was wondering how many out there agree with me that this bastard needs to be committed into a hospital and never let out."
  • Thinks livejournal members are sellouts "I am trying to figure out how many enemies that I made total on livejournal because it is almost laughable. It is all because of who I am, and opening disagreeing with the thing that is popular. Someone needs to light an m80 under their ass or a full stick of TNT up their ass. I don't know how to begin the list of the people I had pissed off because I had the balls to poke society in the eyes with a sharp, pointy stick. I don't know how many ass pirates came around and made my life a living hell -- one of them I made the mistake of introducing to livejournal because she turned into a livejournal sellout."
  • All of this was posted because Nicky decided once again to stalk someone who didn't do anything to him
I am compiling his numerous rants about livejournal over the years to be featured here. That is if he continues to harass innocent people online who haven't done anything to justify his stalking. Of course if he stop harassing them you folks won't see it, his old lj goth discussions, his illness diary, or anything else.

Tit for tat. For every stalking and harassment, a new tidbit. ;)

And The Truth Is Revealed

Sorry folks I'd rather concentrate on the old stuff, but Nicky fucked up.

This is the description of his latest "piss" video. First off he wrote the description in the 3rd person, as if he has an agent or a fan writing it for him. It's his own account, and we've seen in the past with alias of his such as "Twin Dummy" Heaven in Black
and his Richard Bachman rip off "Theo Wolfe" who was supposedly an author who liked Nicky's work and wrote a story about him. He later admitted it was him like we didn't know.

Added: April 24, 2008
Channel Icon
From: NickolausPacione
Joined: 2 years ago
Videos: 22
Please login to subscribe.
Added: April 24, 2008 (More info)
Sounding off on piss bloggers. Nickolaus Pacio...
Added: April 24, 2008 (Less info)
Sounding off on piss bloggers. Nickolaus Pacione, author of the controversial small press title An Eye In Shadows sounds off on the assholes who made his life a living hell on the web. Warning this might have explicit vulgarity.

He did mention some about these kind at length via his book published with lulu.com. Want more information on that drop him an e-mail at npacione@gmail.com.

This was in response to the repeated slandering of his name on places like Eneyclopedia Dramatica and the douchefags who go writing slash stories of him and some fucking pop star he doesn't give two shits about.
Did you see that?
He did mention some about these kind at length via his book published with lulu.com. Want more information on that drop him an e-mail at npacione@gmail.com.
Not only does he reference his "autobiography", you know the one that was passed around to everyone of his enemies the day it was released, but he conveniently links to the site where you can buy it.

Proof Nicky only stirs up shit online to make a name for himself in an attempt to gain notoriety and infamy through controversy.

It's always sad when he writes about himself in the third person when you know it's him because you know that no one would ever do that for him, but once again he slips up and shows his true agenda.

It's too bad everyone has read that book and has no need to buy it, he might have sold a few out of curiosity.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

"this bastard needs to be committed into a hospital and never let out."

This is ironic.

Five years ago, Nicky was upset because he was being stalked. Ironic since he went on to stalk many people, men and women, authors and otherwise. Currently he is stalking a female author and believes that everything can be blamed on her.

Date: 2003-08-20 15:56
Security: Public

I want to know what is userinfopunkboi's problem and why is the bastard obsessed with stalking on me -- he was not just stalking on me but stalking on userinfointoxxify as well.
Five years ago, Nicky believed the people stalking him should be committed to a hospital. Ironic since gothic.net years ago posted that very question, even starting an online survey to get people to sign asking that he be placed back in an asylum. It happened again almost a year ago too.
I was wondering how many out there agree with me that this bastard needs to be committed into a hospital and never let out. There was someone on melo that obsessed as well but at least I can block him from ever viewing my journal if he is logged on the place but this little cum tosser is another story though. That little mall punk is trying to cramp my style but that is not going to happen. I am glad that trench tossed out one of his buddies though, but here it would be a different story that the bastard is trying to make my life a living hell.
Five years ago, Nicky wanted to report the people stalking him to the authorities. Ironic since many people have done that very thing. He has restraining order(S) against him, cease and desists, and if one were to call the Morris Illinois police they would immediately know who you are talking about and know right away that he has problems. It is said that when you call them, they return to his residence to make sure he starts taking his meds again.
What did I do to him besides tossing him out of the community I run -- he was harassing on every member in the community then decided to take a few shots on me. I am going to report him to the authorities here so they can deal with him in person, that's right the reason I got the ip number of that bastard so I can turn him into authorities. Then this little charitiy case thought it would be cool to go on the hatewagon.
And finally, this is just a tidbit, a taste, at the very end of Nicky's hatred towards livejournal. Oh there is more, in this article it's at the end, but since there was another uproar with lj it's time they and others see what he really thinks of them.
I am trying to figure out how many enemies that I made total on livejournal because it is almost laughable. It is all because of who I am, and opening disagreeing with the thing that is popular. Someone needs to light an m80 under their ass or a full stick of TNT up their ass. I don't know how to begin the list of the people I had pissed off because I had the balls to poke society in the eyes with a sharp, pointy stick. I don't know how many ass pirates came around and made my life a living hell -- one of them I made the mistake of introducing to livejournal because she turned into a livejournal sellout.

"banned from Wheaton College because they thought I was a Satanist"

I am trying to remember where I placed it, but I have a page saved where a certain someone is admitting he studied "Satanic Verses" but until I find it, I am not officially making that statement.

You get to see his "sense of humor" which, if you've ever seen him try to tell jokes (refer to November 2007 on his DeviantART where he tried in vain to woo a woman with his humor) you know he lacks that ability too.

Thursday, June 7th, 2001
10:21 pm
wrote one about wheaton,,
Well I was talking to Heidi Leigh since she was living in Du Page County near where I used to live for 11 years and mentioned the DuPage Projects, so she mentioned that she worked in Wheaton so I thought I would write a little more about Wheaton in an entry at d-land called Protestant Vatican. I had heard many jokes about Wheaton being Illinois' Christian capitol and got banned from Wheaton College because they thought I was a Satanist because I dressed in black, wrote gothic poetry, and listened to Black Sabbath and Pink Floyd. It was something that I would look at them with a dirty look on the lines saying -- "do I look like a person who cares about what God thinks?" It would be that which would be a heresy to them because many of them had never picked up an Anthrax ablum or Metallica , they had grew up on a diet of gospel or even Michael W. Smith --- they would be forcing Christianity harder down peoples throat since the Columbine killings or even that homicide in front of the Danada McDonald's. I could already hear some of the jokes that would come out of Glendale Heights and Lombard on that one because most of my friends from there are similar to how I am -- a really sick sense of humor. They are one of those who would look at a crime scene then would say -- let's get something to eat. My friends Jay and Richie are like that -- they joke about the woman who had her baby carved out after being stabbed over seventy times. It is one of the most fucked up things that happened in DuPage County -- actually take that back, the mother poisoning her son and daugther in Naperville. I know exactly where that area is because I used to work as a personal assistant there which was about two blocks from where the psychopathic bitch killed her children with her antipsychotic medication -- placing it in their drinks then she tried to open her wrists. That would be a pool going on now -- would she be locked up for life in a sanitarium and given good drugs or they would kill her in prison. I am in a sick mood here because of that one. I had grown numb to the horror in DuPage County -- for me to even write of it would be something of a taboo because Wheaton is one of the more religious towns in DuPage, and Glendale Heights is the area where it is cynical. I am one who doesn't duck and run when it comes to my writing but when it comes to marriage, it is another story because I am still young.

Actually let's look at his sense of humor again, shall we?

Uh huh. One of his alt IDs was in fact named "God Am". Yep. And the death of one of the Bee Gees is apparently hilarious.

Date: 2003-01-17 14:59
Subject: ::one of my rare weird moments:: very vulgar but funny
Security: Public
Mood: hyper
Music: Candlebox -- You

God Am 1/17/03 12:28 PM hello there. I was listening to the radio up
here and they were making "Disco Sucks" jokes
all over again -- I was trying to call in
when they were playing beegees as a prank I
busted out laughing so hard that I could not
say what I wanted to say and "shit" slipped
Kitty B 1/17/03 12:28 PM *laugh*
God Am 1/17/03 12:28 PM this was while I was cracking up, the jokes
were about what caused Gibb's heart attack.
Twisted bowells.
Kitty B 1/17/03 12:29 PM dennis leary said of andy gibb after he died
years ago..."One down, two to go..."
Kitty B 1/17/03 12:29 PM so now I guess it's 2 down, 1 to go?
God Am 1/17/03 12:29 PM yeah
God Am 1/17/03 12:29 PM :-D
God Am 1/17/03 12:30 PM it was a bunch of metalheads joking like that
l though -- so you have to say it is funny when
a bunch into Slayer or Black Sabbath rip on
The Bee Gees :lol:
Kitty B 1/17/03 12:30 PM so he died of shit. Brilliant! *lol*
God Am 1/17/03 12:31 PM something like that -- trying to take a shit.

"I was bullied in high school because I was in special education classes"

This one has it all: Prison pen pals, him forgetting he is supposed to be a boxer and judo master and admitting he was picked on, again, and him admitting again that he is a hermit (this person who can summon any Chicago resident to do his bidding).

On to the show. Sadly his writer's block lifted, and he sieged the world with a lot of poor writing piece
Tuesday, June 18th, 2002
7:37 am
still working on that speculative
So far I am coming along really well with that new one, don't have a title for it yet but it will be a sequel to The Blacker Hours. Since there are a lot from AuthorsDen who are showing some interest in the older peices, figured I might post up the link to this one. This was one I wrote on xanga originally then mirrored it twice over -- this is the one that caught the eye of the webmaster of Reality's Edge. I actually met a few writers online from there. But going back to sequels I haven't written a story where it had a sequel in four years. I had this strange feeling my writers block will not last that long as it did last time -- the longest writers block I had was in 1998 . I was more counterproductive than productive during that period -- and having friends over there which were not quite supportive, only had a few over there who backed me on trying to get published -- one of them was a writer named John Stonecypher (another from DuPage. This one introduced me to the writings of St. John of the Cross.) I think in the years 2000-02, I have been the most prolific than I ever been in five years.

Nicky loved his beret. Apparently no one ever told him it made him look like a homeless Frenchie.

The most disturbing part about this is that he went to an internet cafe and as a favor to a friend, printed out one of his stories for the guy to read. Can you imagine being handed that crap? From what I've seen on youtube, when people get their hands on his writing they'd rather piss on it or burn it.
Current Mood: determined
Current Music: 96.7 FM
(11 Comments |if you must)
3:45 am
I am taking the time to work on a new entry for the diary-x literary journal -- I will be posting the link to that one on a few communities in due time, and had been playing around with the use of shockwave. I will have my community linked up from my page at horrorseek. The way I have that site set up as well as Writings From The Grave is where I don't have to update it as often but I will from time to time. I am sure that some of you on here might want to take a look around, I was getting visitors in the guestbook which is shared; and for those who linked up my diary-x journal -- thank you for the backing, to those who signed the guestbook over there. I had a few when I had the dreambook posted some snide remarks and using a fake address. I rarely get visitors off livejournal to the website but the ones who do take the time and visit -- thank you, and for those from melo and visit. I am definately going to be keeping seminolebeauty, dreamsinsilence, and a few of you busy for a while -- go visit Christina's website since there are a few surprises over there. I am teaching her some good tags as well as doing the html workshop. I wonder how many people are going to be actually posting to come community now -- and I managed to actually talk to a few members of the community via either AIM and yahoo. I will have my ICQ open but I am more of a hermit more or less on there. My best friend uses yahoo so I am in touch with him -- and one of my invite codes is being saved for him, the other best friend is Enuresis. I sometimes wonder what he is up to at times because he don't have a phone where he lives (he stays in a rooming house, sort of like what I did in Iowa but not above a bar.)
I have been doing a lot of updating to my page at authorsden -- (that is linked up from my profile here.) I was playing around with posting up a picture that I was using in my main area of the website itself. I am just surprised that I have kept the site up this long and going strong too, and the picture that I am going to share is one that I used a year ago as an icon for posting. A little background about the picture -- I was invited to go down to Bloomington with a friend of mine and a former girlfriend of his. We went a little bar hopping but I felt a little out of place in the bars since I was one who was more used to 24 hour diners -- used to go with the friends to the diners all night. The story I was printing up for him to read on the way back to Morris was my vampire short story, Bloodletting. Richie is a long time friend of mine who backed me when I was bullied in high school because I was in special education classes (kind of hard to believe now but it was one of the teachers there who help mold what I have now. I tried to invite the teacher to the open mics but she would not because she knew how dark I was getting with the writings. I had a poem I read on the circut that was written by a pen pal in prison -- I did not really really impact of readership there.)
But for me do something like this -- it wasn't since 1996 in Elmhurst. For those of you who are in Chicago -- keep an eye out for open mic nights, because I have been wanting to try Black September on them. I was looking at some of the reviews on authorsden -- the higher profile writers on there cannot help but wonder what move I am going to make. Here I am heading into the four o'clock hour, writing both this entry and the literary entry on the word processor. I do a lot of my longer entries offline (those of you who bug me to use the lj-cut, should know by now that is not going to happen.) But I will be posting plugs to my journal there when it is done -- those of you who are watching various communities, more than likely I will be posting it there with the comment feature blocked.

"It seems like I don't know what lady to go with." or "Right now I am keeping my options open as far as the ladies go -- as long they are born women."

Hard to believe almost five years ago he had so many internet ladies on the net wanting him he didn't know what to do. You can guess how this ends, since every profile of his that you've seen him create even as recent as the past few months has him as an "eligible bachelor" looking for his Morticia Addams. The closet he came since then was "Angel" who lived all the way in Florida and had no intentions of being his girlfriend.

I gave plenty of warning about the "innocents", I even held back since he hadn't gone after any since his ill-fated gig at the Nite Cap.

Date: 2003-08-07 15:43
Security: Public

I like to welcome userinfoechocrush to my journal on here, but she was one who followed my other journal from the day that I got pulled from interviewed.diary-x.com. So if anyone knows that I have an infamous reputation for taking an unpopular stand it would be her. Then a new person added me but I had this feeling this one came from deadjournal, userinfodefcon9. In that note I was responding to some email and got a few ladies from gothicpersonals responding -- the plan for me to go see one of them is in effect in October. A woman responded to me from Indianna, I am not ready for the instant parent role yet. Though I found one on there who is doing a study of the darker side of life, which I am intrigued enough to take part in -- I might post parts of the interview on the other journals when it gets off the ground. It is funny how one of them who responded to an ad that I had up there was a friend of a woman I worked with in the past -- I was thinking, "Damn, small world."
When it rains it pours!
Date: 2003-08-08 12:48
Subject: what is it with the older women,,,,,
Security: Public
Mood: amused

I have been getting an email from this lady from gothicpersonals who really been eye'ing on me for I don't know how long -- it is almost like since I broke with ** a few years ago. It seems like I don't know what lady to go with. The one from Indianna has a kid -- as much as I like young kids, I am not ready to be the instant parent. Though I wouldn't write off a mother with a child though as a possible girlfriend. Right now I am keeping my options open as far as the ladies go -- as long they are born women. (Making like Rodney Dangerfield with that remark.) One that I am planning to meet is actually taller than I am which is not so bad -- userinfodecima actually made a joke about being taller than some of the guys she dated or they were taller than her, could not remember. I knew it was something on those lines. It is sometimes that case with me where the lady is actually taller than me on more than one occasion. Women my mother's age or the same age as one of my cousins (the one I went to Pantera with, she is the same age as the members of Slayer and Anthrax) actually hit on me as well and they don't even look 42. There was this case on loveaccess.com where the woman was 45 years old -- I told her I made it a rule not to date women older than my mother or five years younger than my mother. I had friends who kissed dating goodbye but that is not my style though, I had seen friends get married off over the years -- I am still the bachelor among the bunch then some of my long time friends are not married off yet but popped the question to their ladies. They are not so much harping on me but trying to fix me up with the friends of their girlfriends though, one of them was trying to get with my best friend but he turned her down.

"my mind was too far gone and need to get the help I needed"

At first reading this you will see something very rare with him in that he actually takes on blame.

But you know who we are dealing with here, and you know he cannot do that. So whatever credit you may give him at the start will receed when you see that he winds up blaming her and the state of Iowa.
Date: 2003-01-30 00:09
Subject: from father to his non-custodial son
Security: Public
Mood: depressed
Music: Theory of a Dead Man

Happy birthday ** -- it is your ** birthday last night. It was ** years ago that I was in the hospital with your mother (even though the mother and I are not talking, we will always be your parents.) I will always be here for you even though the state would not allow me to be your father, my mind was too far gone and need to get the help I needed before I even began to be a father to you. A year ago I did a post like this and one of the longest I had done in a long time along with the one on my birthday; I think of you all the time my **. This was about ** years ago in Feburary that I had to sign you away to adoption, it kills me every time when the holidays come around and when your birthday is here and gone. I hope that your family who is looking out for you is doing a good job since if I tried to write a letter to you, I know that the bitch Blankenship would not make sure you get it. I still have a hate for her that is very strong as it was in 1999 -- but this post being that you are now ** years old but when you turn 14 or 15, that your family would allow you to seek out the father that loves you but the state would never let you see. Your mother might hate me and I never speak with her -- it doesn't mean that we don't love you though. I don't know how she is taking it when she had to adopt you out -- but when I had to sign those papers it felt like the very thing that was keeping me alive was no longer there. So I continued with my writing in vain hopes that when you do find me, that you would find that first then seek me out. I will be 38 when you are old enough to seek me out, that would be a long time though because of the fuck ups of the system Iowa is.

Rules Have Most Definately Been Broken

I've been holding back the water, it's time to break the dam and let it flow.

I did this wrong, because you will see the blog posts before me actually saying I am going to post them. Oh well if you are reading this now you have scanned through most of it.

I am not Rusty Nail, or Karen, or Valyn, or anyone else. I am me and none of those people.

"It's not rocket science, it's journalism. There's a difference between me and you esposeatard, I'm actually a journalist."

No he's not, otherwise he'd know that I am not Rusty Nail or anyone else. Remember last week he thought I was someone with one ear? Remember how quick he then asked if I was Rusty Nail?

He's not even a tabloid fake journalist. They at least make money, can drive, and make sure their work is proofread and mistake free before it's printed. No Nicky, journalists actually get paid by someone else other than the government. And how can you say in the same video that we don't do our research then admit that we have a lot of your old crap that you wrote?

"they won't force me into hitatus"

Technically he is going into hitatus. Like an anonymous commenter pointed out, he usually goes off on those who bash him and this week has been very active among the EONs yet no tirades from Nicky.

Wisely he did not mention any names. I am a person of my word, and because of that will not post any "blasts from the past" for this.

I did this video for those who are wanting in detail what I want for issue number seven. And seems like now I am deemed a public figure being a publisher, but I will also put on fair game that the person who said that is also a public figure too if I go blasting on him. Right now I won't rail off on the loser. but this is what I am looking for as far as submissions for the seventh issue of the magazine and this is a local author issue (local for those who are from Chicago down to Kankakee. Between dealing with piss bloggers and yellow journalistic bastards, I am still working on a number of manuscripts and they won't force me into hitatus.) I will go more into detail via e-mail about the stories if you respond to the comment..

comments: Leave a comment Add to Memories Tell a Friend

He messed up did you catch it? No I don't mean "hitatus" he messed up worse than that.
but I will also put on fair game that the person who said that is also a public figure too if I go blasting on him.
Anyone else catch that? Livejournal said this week people can discuss Nicky and not violate the TOS because they deemed him a public figure.

Is tjcrowley? If they looked him up like they did Nicky would he be deemed a public figure? No offense to him but I would guess no, as I would say the same for most of the people on livejournal Nicky goes after with the exception of a few authors.

This means that the very weapon Nicky was trying to use on lj can be used against him. Does Nicky mention you and harass you? Are you a celebrity? No? Tell them. Turn him in. He's done it to you and would do it again were he not given the honor he got this week.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Bad News: #5. At The End Will Never Happen

He did threaten someone's life yesterday, didn't he? And for someone who was upset that his address and number got out, he spends an awful lot of time lately doing the same to others.

Onto today's post, this is light compared to what is in the queue, so if you don't like this don't lose hope there is a lot more to show you. A lot. What I forgot I had and stumbled across this week amazed even me.

"Faggot boy" was a gay teenage blogger who Nicky swiped this survey from.
Tainted Angel was a single mom Nicky fell in love with over the net and proceeded to send money to. If you go back and read my previous posts you'll see him preparing to meet her. In one unpublished post he is entertaining the thought of getting a bed and breakfast for the two of them. Well she wasn't into him like he was her, and this caused him to become enraged and feel betrayed, believing he was scammed by a lesbian. All the money he gave her he expected back and turned into an outright monster about it.

Please note that one of the things he hates is censorship, and how that very statement is on a site he is looking to censor.

okay I got this from the faggot boy [18 Dec 2001|04:58am]
[ mood | apathetic ]
[ music | System of a Down -- Snowblind (Black Sabbath cover) ]

5 cravings:
1. junk food
2. being able to travel
3. Snakebite and Black
4. higher learning
5. caffine and cigars

5 women I admire:

1. Tainted Angel
2. Rinat (Happy Hanukkah!!)
3. Paz from A Perfect Cirle
4. Angela Clarke, one of my proteges
5. Dream Disturber

5 men I highly respect:
1. Edgar Allen Poe
2. H.P. Lovecraft
3. Maynard James Keanan
4. Tony Iommi
5. my step-father

5 current 'I really fucking hate...':
1. same sex marriage (those of you who knew me from FireFly would know this one.)
2. stupidity
3. shallow little snobbie bastards (they should be tossed in the gas chamber with the boy and girl bands)
4. lil boy and girl bands, they do nothing but annoy me
5. censorship

5 most wanted CDs
1. Slayer -- God Hates Us All
2. November's Doom -- The Knowing
3. Black Sabbath -- Sabbath Bloody Sabbath
4. Dio's Holy Diver
5. Motorhead -- March or Die

5 current songs:

1. Death -- Low Life (R.I.P. Chuck)
2. Megadeth -- Crown of Worms
3. Control Denighed -- The Fragile Art Of Existance
4. Alone -- The Hard Way
5. Descentless -- Clay and Dust (this is my spoken word)

5 most wanted items

1. anything from Death
2. a shitload of film
3. the reasons why for September 11th
4. to be understood by the fundementalist community
5. to see my work out there and making money from it

Well That Didn't Take Long

Apparently his hitatus didn't last very long.

I've known about Nicky's dealings with him for years although I was never involved in any of that. The question is- Is "tjcrowley" considered an innocent? I think so, but at the same time he's not stalking women at the moment, unless he is sending someone private emails?

What do you folks think? Is this a violation of the embargo?

Monday, April 21, 2008

We Get It Already! Pizza Pizza Pizza!

Wow. As seen over at poor NR's myspace, Nicky was tickled over the 24" pizza.
From Neutral Red's myspace comment section oddly enough Nicky's comment was in black font so unless you highlight it, no one can see it. It's for the best

Nickolaus A. Pacione

Apr 21 2008 11:48 AM

LEt me know when you have the pizza box posted up in the practice space. You guys who've known NR from Neutral Red, be expecting a new decoration in their practice space. It was good to see all of you again after ten years. My cousin was laughing her ass off about you guys bringing the pizza boz home with you.
That's going to get me laughing for years to come

Still interested in the pizza? Let's visit lj's goth site run by someone who just recently admitted over at chicago_gothic that is realizes now he really isn't goth at all!

From livejournal

Nickolaus A. Pacione (n_pacione) wrote in goth,
@ 2008-04-21 16:29:00
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Entry tags:author, heavy metal, maintainer, vlogging

A chime in. Show Recap.

Hey all your maintianer here, things got busy around here lately as in been working on two manuscripts and got done with the show at The Nite Cap. It wasn't at all like what a particular blog had tried to make it out to be, I had a fun time MC'ing the gig. NR and everyone involved had a blast. Between working on manuscripts (plural here. One of them was started back in the late part of January, and the other was started in mid-march.) It was good to see III, Daemon, Xris, and the new guys. They kicked ass as a five piece and they said they will be back in Chicago again.
I was given a new nickname by the headliner too -- the heavy metal author. I am smiling about that one and Rebel Radio's sound guy was wondering where the vocal pipes were coming from in the soundcheck. IT's a hell of an experience. I got to meet some of Chicago's heavy metal personalities too, and in that was a real blast to do. We all had a lot of laughs at this thing -- the promoter brought a pizza in for NR, and what he said to NR they didn't believe how big the pizza was (this one I knew how big it was because I brought one of these into my apartment when it wasn't my apartment yet.) One of my cousin's used to do the delivery for them (and NR brought the pizza box back with them as a momento. I am waiting for the picture of the pizza box to be posted in their practice space. This box is for a 24 inch pizza (Withering Soul was laughing about this too.) I was looking at them, you're taking the box home with you. When you're from out of state like that and see a pizza that size you're thinking, Holy shit! How the fuck could they make it that big? There was lot of pictures taken of everyone involved -- there was one that one of the people snapped of the vocalist/guitarist from Dark Spectrum, Vocalist of Withering Soul, and then myself. I was the shortest of the bunch at 5'10. The guitiarist of the first band was the youngest on the bill too.
You can tell if the promoters and the MC are from the South Side area if they know the exact place where to grab the pizza from and willing to drive as far as Polaski to get it. These pizzas are large too and a single slize are twelve inches, and for $3.00 is that slice and a small cola. One thing about the area is you know where all the by the slice places are at. So with that, NR didn't believe us how big their dinner was going to be. An Igloo full of beer, two cans of Monster Java, and a six pack of Coke (the Coke and 2 Cans Monster Java is my only rider if I host shows.) I am not that expensive when it goes to rider, but I've seen some rather costly riders too. It is one of those shows I want to see happen again in a mid-sized venue for the all ages or 18 and over set. I took the day off from working on material that day to focus more on being an MC and this was the first time ever I did something like this and hopefully it won't be the last.

It's over thankfully, now Neutral Red can go back to kicking ass and rocking the asses off of whatever state they visit. I am glad now that they did allow Nicky to MC their show, because it gave us EONs a chance to meet a very talented and awesome group who we wish more success in the future!

Thanks once more to III andXris for everything!


Nickolaus A. Pacione

Apr 21 2008 12:54 PM

Let me know when you get that pizza box plastered up on the way -- I want pictures of it because one of my other cousins used to do deliveries for the place. I am always curious how many people bring those boxes back with them. I am going to get a laugh out of that a long time, I will be telling my sister about that when she gets old enough to be able to go to shows. Thanx for coming, good to see you guys after all these years.

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