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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Let's Play Pool! or Mullets Ahead

So many rules broken, so many innocents harassed.

Because of this, hop into ETT's Time Machine and let's go back to 1997 to play some pool!


Let me answer the first question that is going to pop into your head: Yes, that is him

edited (for now) for a reason to be explained later, and no I have not been threatened or told to do so...

*I should note this post was inspired by Rusty. I haven't been ignoring anything or missing out on his shenanigans, I for sure have been around and active. However last week an innocent was harassed and Rusty said I should post because of it, so while she has nothing to do with this and didn't know what I would conjure up, she inspired me to get off my butt over here and PUNISH the guilty!

Report Him Anonymously

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