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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Embarassed About Tabloid Purposes 5?

Has anyone seen Tabloid Purposes V (5) around anywhere for sale? Most recently he has been whoring Tabloid Purposes IV, hell even 2 and 3, as well as still trying to sell A copy of An Eye In Shadows which only sold one copy yet has been read by thousands of people.

And the kicker is that he is taking submission calls for Tabloid Purposes 6:66, but there is no 5 that I can see, not one he is whoring out anyway. Then there is this (from Rusty's site)
Nickolaus Pacione on July 2, 2008 at 9:42 am

Jerrod — you want to bet your company on Tabloid Purposes V? The stakes are high bitch. I am sure you’re a gambling man. I get Tabloid Purposes V out by October in fully operational form and sevenheads, you give up your company. I own it. Ownership for your pub company vs. one of my publishing companies, not lake fossil press but another imprint. I am sure your sporting. Imprints that will be the bizarro anthology planned, you get ownership of that company if I get a fully operinating line up of unknown authors. You lose your company but gain a small imprint start up. Leave Tabloid Purposes alone and you leave any my titles well enough alone and gain the readerships you sabotaged. Do you have a deal?
Nicky suffered greatly after someone got a sneak peek of the actual cover of Tabloid Purposes V, the official and final version you can see here, when Nicky became enraged that someone leaked the cover he made early, which he wrongly blamed on a woman on a particular website. He began stalking her, again, along with threats and name calling, all of which caught the eye of someone from Something Awful and the thread that was started there became legend bringing Nicky hundreds upon hundreds of new enemies and trolls.

All of that, and the apparent lose of Lake Fossil Press to Jerrod (Nicky's deal, he said he'd have to give it over) and it's not even available for sale? Nicky could say he has or had it somewhere for sale already, but he's re-pimping IV as recent as a few days ago, along with others in the low selling series and other books thousands have read and a few have burned but never purchased, yet he never, ever, mentions Tabloid Purposes V. It's like he's ashamed of what he put together OR, he didn't complete it on time and rushed to get 6:66 out before the goons who already started their own Tabloid Purposes 6:66 could release their's, and in doing so forgot all about 5, and his claim that he'd give over his "company" if it wasn't released to Jerrod.

Oh that's right: Cowardly drunk Nicky said not Lake Fossil, but one of his "other" companies, which I don't see on his LinkedIn featured over at Rusty's, so I guess Lake Fossil is the one he has to give away.

Unless anywhere here has bought, read, or burned Tabloid Purposes V?


Thomas Jode said...

I had heard that around the time Tabloid Purposes V was supposed to come out, his drinking problem was going full bore and he used the money he was supposed to pay his authors to buy booze. I had also heard the final version was put together really bad even for him because he worked on it when he was drunk off his ass. That's why you haven't seen him release any new projects in the past year, instead he tries in vain to submit to other publications, because he isn't sober long enough anymore to put together any anthologies.

Maybe his next charity anthology should go towards organizations that provide help and education about the dangers of drinking?

Anonymous said...

Interesting cover. Did he shoot himself in a mirror?

Anonymous said...

Are you the same Thomas Jode who wrote a review for An Eye In Shadows here http://www.authorsden.com/visit/viewwork.asp?AuthorID=8374&id=21816 ?

Anonymous said...

The cover was to be a bunch of monkey asses?

And we all thought he was simply a repressed homosexual. In reality, it would seem he just wants to fuck something closer to his evolutionary level.

We Are Many said...

"someone loaned me their copy, and when I was done reading it, I emailed the pdf back to them, so I didn't steal it"

I'm fairly certain I injured myself from laughing too hard at that!

When I thought it was safe to read again, I got to the part that said it's for adults because at the end the author doesn't overcome anything to make something of his life, I re-injured myself.

Jenny said...

TP 5 has been out on Lulu for some time--since last October maybe? I spoofed the story names in my own version of Tabloid Purposes. TP 5 is significantly shorter than the others, though.

ExposeTheTard said...

Jenny: Do you have a current link to it?

Thomas Jode said...


And before Nicky gets furious over my name being from the title of his most recent unreleased story, he needs to face the fact that Tom Joad was John Steinbeck's character first, although I'm sure he'll point out the spelling in "The Story of Thomas Jode" is different because of the spelling.

Vern said...

Ah, I remember this one. Didn't Nicky crow about getting his wrists slapped for taking the cover shot on the underground?

I think he said something like "They (the police) let me off as they said it wasn't my fault, just make sure they get a copy of the book as they'd seen the series" or something like that.

There was a lot of hot air about this one, but little fire as usual.


Vern said...


Here's the link -


Anonymous said...

LOL he says about how he's been a photographer for years, and yet, there isn't one "cover" of his books that isn't blurry or too hard to make out.

I heard one of the same cops that he talked to when he shot that cover was also one of the ones that picked him up that night his signing failed so badly.

And to the people who think he can't drink in that house, you should know he waits for everyone to go to bed to sneak out to either drink at a local bar or sneak it in. He's really not allowed to leave the house unsupervised even in daylight.

wearemany said...

Regarding his drinking, he pretty much just admitted to it.

Sad that on top of all his other issues, he's got that.

therustynail said...

I'm curious to know how he gets to a local bar. It looks like the center of town is a good three miles from granny's house, across the river. Now, that's just going by looking at a map, but I still doubt there are any bars in the residential outskirts of Morris. If he sneaks it in, how does he dispose of the evidence? Toss it in a neighbor's trash?

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