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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"Can't do a site that trashes on me in a drop of the hat."

Anonymous NIckolaus Pacione said...

Still stealing my work ExposeTheTard. You had no permission to use my work on your website so you better take it down. Can't do a site that trashes on me in a drop of the hat. Melany, what kind of life do you have now. Where you're stalking me just to make my life a living hell.

August 17, 2009 10:20 AM

He's just now getting around to bitching about me legally posting a small bit from one of his previous pieces that is so bad, even Nicky wouldn't admit to writing it, hence Theo Wolfe.

When I first saw his blog entry, I thought he was upset about me reading another story of his called "The Story Of Tom Jode" which, speaking of stealing, is a misspelled name that should sound familiar to most. Anyway I hadn't said that I myself got to read an early version of his latest garbage that proves he is incapable of improving, so I couldn't understand what he was bitching about this time until just now.

You'll have to forgive Nicky for his outbursts he's had a rough August. As you know the beginning of August is his birthday, and he's so unloved he had to treat himself to a White Sox game in Chicago.

I mean, you'd think if he were loved someone would have offered to drop him off then picked him up when it was over.

Sadly, Nicky had to do the hospice thing again. Not only that, but there wasn't any guarantee that he could even treat himself to something. He almost couldn't go because his "tugboat" money wasn't in his account as the day was getting closer, which would have led to yet another night of him sleeping penniless in Chicago with the possibility of getting re-arrested.

Not that anyone should have to care for this gothy manchild, but when he makes a trip that far from home and winds up in a hostel room hoping money he didn't earn makes it to his account on time? That's yet another clue that Nicky needs to have people watching him around the clock, but I'm talking about folks in white coats, not his family.

All of that being said, Rusty's list of how Nicky will act from this point on for the next couple of days probably won't happen. He'll let you insult him and his family all you want and not say a word, but what sets him off is him seeing what he considers his masterful creations posted somewhere without his permission.

There is always the chance he'll chime in regarding his criminally boring "Thomas Jode" story, even though I I never indicated an unfinished copy was floating around out there lately.

Speaking of that story, it is taking him forever to write it even though he doesn't have a job. Don't believe me? I made a little something about it months ago and never posted it, which I believe I'll do right now...

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