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Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I'm not talking about Lake Fossil Press because that certainly wasn't a business, and sure as hell isn't a "press" in any sense of the word.

No, I'm talking about Nicky's desire to take over ownership of a place called Ven-U , a multi-leveled establishment in downtown Joliet that features a range of musical genres and food.
Nickolaus Pacione
Lamenting the closing of The Ven-U. Saw the disrepair of the place, now thinking of taking over the ownership.
Now I know what you're thinking: You're thinking Nicky doesn't have a chance in hell of achieving this goal. Why? Because his sole income is based off of disability checks that he usually wastes on his failed book projects? You think that no bank would loan him such a large amount needed to take ownership of such a place? You believe the fact he continues to spend his money on books no one ever buys (but they certainly torch) he must have no business or common sense?

Maybe you remember Nicky explaining that the money he got from his former Associated Content account (haha former) he could finally afford to eat lunch at a Chinese resturant, denoting that he is so poor he has to save to pay for a $7 meal. Is that it?

You guys don't know that for sure. After all, he recently had a book signing and for all you know he may have sold every last copy of his boo...
Nickolaus Pacione
is home right now. Signing was a bust.
6 hours ago
Oh my. Yet another book signing that was a bust. Yet another bus trip into Chicago to sell his wares only to have his cruelest enemy, humankind's desire not to pay money to stare at something that will make their eyes bleed and brain hurt, strike again. Well if any good is to come out of this, it will be that Nicky now has undeniable proof he sucks terribly and has no chance as a writer. Since he's limped away from each and every failed book signing (no wait...he usually gets driven off in the back of an ambulance after the stress of being out of the basement inevitably gets to him) and since this week shows that he has failed each and everytime he's ever tried, finally he can give up his laughable dream at being a writ
Nickolaus Pacione
The Ex room mate showed up and the bitch jinxed everything.
Nevermind he's doomed to repeat this shit over and over again. Just as he's done before, he can blame yet another failure on his ex-roommate. Notice he said she "jinxed everything"? She didn't actually do anything, she was simply in the same building as him. As we all know by now, none of the constant failures in his life are ever, ever his fault. It's always been someone elses.

But now he's gotten so desperate that he has no other choice but to blame his latest string of embarrassments on jinxs. Imaginary curses that no one can prove, most certainly not him, are all that's left for him to blame his misery on.

But certainly someone who hasn't been able to sell more than five copies of anything in the past decade due to evil jinxes has a chance at "taking over ownership" of a legitimate business...right?


Melany said...

Don't blame me on the imaginary curses or jinxes Nicky. You get everything else wrong about wicca so I expect you to. =D Even if such things were part of my beliefs I wouldn't waste my time and energy casting them on someone who fails so admirably through his own actions.

wearemany said...

Sweetie he was talking about his ex-roommate Michelle.

He knows she goes to those things too so he knows he's probably going to see her especially since it's happened before.

I'm wondering now if he finally realizes he simply sucks and knows these excuses are bullshit.

cussedness said...

Nicky is a sideshow freak who wants to be big time and will never get there.

ExposeTheTard said...

Once again, the ever awesome cussedness says it perfectly.

And wearemany is right: He was once again blaming Michelle. I'm not sticking up for her and whatever went on when they lived together, but it's still pretty lame to blame your failure on someone arriving somewhere and "jinxing" you.

Melany was the person that gave Nicky a chance at a regular life so Nicky shouldn't say shit about her. Were it not for her, he'd be that much closer to being like Chris Chan. She moved on from him and made something of her life and became a beloved figure to those that hate him, so even though he hated her prior to now (and has blamed her for years for shit that happened because of his fuck ups) I'm sure he hates her for bettering herself since then when he couldn't.

autoaim.cfg said...

I <3 You, Nicky. Don't you ever change, you cuddly little bundle of mental deficiency and horrible yet highly entertaining grotesque hilarity, you... ;D

- autoaim.cfg

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