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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Nicky Is Weak

Wow. In the past month Nicky has had RoboticReader & AngryInIllinois' YouTube pages removed and worst of all, Rusty Nail.

update: Rusty is back and all of her old posts are as well!

Why? Not for legal reasons, but because he cannot stand anyone disagreeing with him. He fancies himself a celebrity (yeah right the cable guy was a fan of yours, Nicky, he probably said "Uh huh" to whatever you said to make you go away) and himself takes jabs at celebs, but the second he sees anyone make fun of him online he instantly tries to have it removed.

You see, Nicky is a fan of the Gestapo and Communist Party and hates Freedom of Speech as much as he hates America, which is a lot.

This isn't an entry mourning the loss of Rusty Nail because Rusty Nail will be back. Be it on Wordpress, or somewhere else, she's not gone and never will be.

Speaking of videos regarding Nicky, his voice mail messages and hilarious talks with the owner of Lake Fossil Press may not be on YouTube, but they are online. Their locations aren't public so that Nicky won't flag them, but whenever Nicky tries to sell his work to a publisher and our well-placed spies find out which publications, they are sent among many other pieces of evidence, links to the calls from Nicky from the past year. It's important they hear a potential client threaten to kill people...over and over.


Lewis said...

Rusty's already back.


And a Merry Christmas to you, ETT.

Rusty said...

Yes, I moved the entire blog, archives and all to Blog.com, before WP deactivated the old one. The next day, Nicky found out where I'd moved, and raced over there to set up an account of his own, then predictably accused me of stalking him.

Merry Christmas.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back ETT!

Rusty said...

Ditto what Anonymous said. It's good to see you back.

Dumpsterbaby said...

I know this isnt the best place to ask but anyone has a link to get some of Nicky's work...

Sorry for the very off topic comment!

Nickolaus Pacione said...

ExposeTheTard -- you faceless cunt. I never lost Lake Fossil Press. Getting Robot Reader's videos pulled was the right thing. Harassing would be publishers, don't you think that's a little unprofessional? Also I am reporting you with all the photos of mine you watermarked. I Am going to destroy you Tard. So harassing would be publishers is a very bad idea.

Jenny said...

@Dumpsterbaby: try Nicky's Authorsden.com site here - http://www.authorsden.com/visit/author.asp?authorid=8374. It has links to a large number of crappy stories and crappy poems. Warning, though...that page has a heinous green and black color scheme.

NIckolaus Pacione said...

Hey DumspsterDick, if you want my work. Buy it like everyone else. I reported your profile as a fake profile on facebook because of your thing about wanting to pirate my work. I am thinking you must be one of ExposeTheCUNT's spies to find out who my future publishers will be. The only way everyone will know is months after the stories are in print so dykes like ExposeTheCunt doesn't harass them.

Melany said...

Maybe we should report your profile to Facebook for being a fake one since you are a fake author and editor Nicky...and for probable TOS violations because I have no doubt you send death threats to people on there.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Melany, piss off. I use facebook to interact with long time friends. I am starting to see where Rob was right about you. And for the record, I just sold another story. I am saying where because I don't want these FAGGOTS harassing the publisher into dropping the goddamn story just like they did over the summer when I sold my novella. Melany you're the one who's the fake writer. Meet your new occupation, horror target. Oh yes I've written about rotted corpse you call your mother. How long it's been since she was a cadaver?

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I actually behave myself on facebook, and the way I see it the only reason I got a denial of service attack is because Ray Garton was pissed off at the fact that someone was willing to start a fist fight with him.

I really meant to say, where I sell my stories or get published with is classified information until after the publications long been out. If I get such strong emotions with my work, I must be doing something right.

As for Jenny, I am reporting your site to the CEO on the site and have you canceled like a check. Who published me is none of your fucking business or who I publish is none of your fucking business either.

Go back to what you do best, sitting on your ass and watching soap operas and eating bon bons then making babies with every guy in Hampton. Ever since you dumped me you decided it was cool to hate my work and hate my guts. Well I've been over you for 11 years. Now I am just waiting for your dad to either kill himself or keel over from a fucking chest buster.

baupdeth said...

Well, peaches does have multiple accounts over on facebook. Of course the rules don't apply to him.

Dumpsterbaby said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dumpsterbaby said...

@Jenny thx!

@NIcky I reported your face for animal cruelty. And I reported you to Facebook for reporting with the sole intent of reporting for report of the reported.

I also reported you to the Goth police for goth faggotery with intent.

and a Happy new year! I hope that you will continue to bless us with much more of the greatness that is your epic work!


Melany said...

Oooh a horror target I'm going to die a horrible death that Nicky is too stupid and incompetent as a writer to describe! How am I a fake writer Nicky? I don't pretend that I'm a writer on the internet with really badly written, incomprehensible stories like you do. I don't pretend to be an editor then not pay the contributors and put out books full of glaring typos and grammar mistakes. Seriously when you can't even get the NAMES of your authors and the titles of their stories right you are no editor.

Hell I can even spell HITLER correctly where you have a story written that's badly disguised CROW fan fic where you spell it HILTER through the whole thing.

Jenny said...

Nicky, Blogger's CEO isn't going to give a crap that I'm reviewing your carelessly edited anthology. Reviewing books is entirely legal, you silly little hypocritical troll.

Melany said...

And for the record I only watch soaps at work...you know a real job where I get paid? And that is because the clients insist on watching the young and the restless and days of our lives.

And you are such a wonderful person wishing my family dead. I don't even wish your mother and step father and sister dead even though I think they are as bat shit insane as you and assholes for throwing me out of their home without even bothering to get to know me. Even my grandmother was nicer than that. She at least gave you a place to stay for a few months which was a hell of a lot more than you deserved after you rang up $300 phone bills every month, stole from her and me, and treated her like shit.

Tell me Nicky has the social security administration gotten after you for the fraud you've committed for not reporting your income yet? I can guarantee you'll be flipping burgers soon because they're going to rip that check you do nothing to earn right out of your fat little fingers and won't feel a damn bit sorry. The day that happens you can guarantee I'll be laughing my ass off when you start whining about having to wear hair nets.

Dumpsterbaby said...

Is Melany for real? I mean like exgirlfriend *shiver* for real?

@Melany You ever touched him? I bet it feels all wet and oily. *Shivers*

Please tell me you never kissed him *gag reflex*

(No really! I am shivering like I've never shivered before!)

But being such an insider you must have some epic shit about Little Nicky to share or that you did share (Somewhere else?)?

Sorry, I am extremely credible and kinda new to Little Nicky's world. I'm just dumb like that!

Melany said...

I wish I wasn't for real. I look at pics of Nicky now and wonder "how the hell did I find that THING attractive????"

Yes I call him a thing. I don't call him my ex, I don't call him my baby's daddy, I don't call him the thing I once almost married. I don't even consider him to be anything good anymore. He's not a man because real men don't hit woman and helpless babies, he's too vile to be called human but not bad enough to be called a monster, so he's an it.

Anonymous said...


Report Him Anonymously

Copy/paste url of offending website