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Saturday, January 15, 2011

"would be publishers"

"ExposeTheTard -- you faceless cunt. I never lost Lake Fossil Press. Getting Robot Reader's videos pulled was the right thing. Harassing would be publishers, don't you think that's a little unprofessional? Also I am reporting you with all the photos of mine you watermarked. I Am going to destroy you Tard. So harassing would be publishers is a very bad idea."

After reading posts like the one above, it's no wonder this spaz lost his company, Lake Fossil Press. Harassing would-be publishers isn't required when simply emailing them and showing them his own words like those above do the trick in an impressive amount of time. Showing would-be publishers his Encyclopedia Dramatica entry used to close the deal in regards to getting them to cancel their plans with him, but now showing them his new NickRants channel on YouTube seems to work a lot better.

So from now on, when you the reader contact publishers to warn them about Nicky, be sure to send them a link to his latest YouTube videos to make sure they know he's just as crazy now as he was back then.

Did I mention how much I LOVE nickyranting.blogspot.com?

"This is addressing that prick who went around impersonating me on facebook and trying to convince my best friend of over 24 years that the dick was me."

Are you talking about Mr. Hicks, Nicky? He already knows you're a dick. If you're his best friend why did you bash him on one of your updates a few years ago? Saying he was trying to get you into a "get rich quick" pyramid scheme via IM and how that was interrupting your "writing"? Does a "best friend" say that to the internet about someone they care about?

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