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Tuesday, September 18, 2007


There used to be a photo here that Nick has seen fit to complain about and remove. Yes it's the same Nick who bitches that people don't have a right to impead on someone's Freedom of Speech.

What was the photo? It was a screenshot; A picture take of a website that Nicky himself posted a few years ago, with his address on it. The website is still accessible via the internet and the reason it can be found online is because of Nicky. No one forced him to put his own address online, he did that. Just as no one forced him to get online and threaten people and write shitty books that slander others.

If Nicky showed you folks that we linked to his posting of your address, maybe he can show you the hateful and threatening messages he has left others.

Maybe you can reconsider him having internet access in your house. It's a simple formula really: Nicky gets online, threatens, harasses, libels, and asks others to maim and kill others, those people get upset and say something back, Nicky threatens them again, and in self-defense they look up who this psychopath is that is asking others around the world to blind or kill his enemies. Seems to me that the solution would be to remove internet access from your house, or remove him. Hospice workers can do a lot better job than Nicky and they won't draw the ire of thousands of people like him.

Consider replacing him with Hospice workers. Consider having him sent back to a mental health facility. Consider what he is doing down there instead of taking care of you.


bb said...
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Anonymous said...

hi all

Report Him Anonymously

Copy/paste url of offending website