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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Traditional Marriage does work

What people fail to understand about this wonderful country of ours is that this country was born out of radical ideas, and the fact that I voted for George W. Bush will piss off the whole velvet mafia.(you bastards have way too many rights. Besides, I donate money sometimes to the American Family Association. I support the traditional family. Traditional Marriage does work.)

Nicky supports traditional families, and believes that Traditional Marriage does work.

That must mean that he has been lying to us all this time, that his child was conceived in wedlock and that him and his wife have custody of his child.

It also means that his parents were of legal age and married when he himself was conceived and are still married to this day.

And if he is donating money to the AFA, that must mean he already gave monetary donations to the American Red Cross like he promised he would do for Katrina, and that all of his authors from Tabloid Purposes IV are paid off.

It seems that Nicky has been putting on a front all of these years. In reality he came from a wonderful family and has himself a family and his talk of divorces, statutory rape, restraining orders, and the state removal of a child are all fabrications.

Just like 99.9% of An Eye In Shadows.

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Shadowtron said...

The truth is, Nick doesn't actually believe in any of the nonsense rhetoric he's in the habit of spewing. I'm sure he hates homosexuals (and maybe Hispanics), but not on the grounds of morality or traditionalism. He hates them the way low-income white trash are born and bred to hate.
The rest of his rambling nonsense is just belligerence. If we were all hyper-Conservative, he'd go extreme left wing Liberal. He neither understand nor cares what he is (conservative/liberal) as long as it's going against someone--anyone. Just go back and read his blogs circa 2004. He goes on and on about being the last surviving liberal in bible belt America. Truth be told, he doesn't have the intelligence to understand politics or moral dignity or radicalism. He is what he was groomed to be, an ignorant, non-wage earning, hateful piece of white trash scum. In other words...a product of his environment. He's a stereotyping stereotype.

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