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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Funny You Should Mention That

Fucking loser posted my address up this time around. Now I have to fight using video blogs now. It's going to happen I am going to go video too now just to prove that I am not the fake and those assholes are the fakes.

His timing is perfect. We were just about to say

Nickolaus Pacione is a fake

Why do you think this blog is titled "Expose The Tard"? We plan on slowly exposing the facade behind Nicky and how it's all fake.

That is why there will not be any videos of "Pacione" on the net anytime soon.

We are so sure that Pacione will not make a video of himself and post it on the net that we are willing to bet this site on it. If Pacione posts a very recent video of himself, speaking, for longer than five minutes, in the next month, this site with his address goes down for good.

But it won't happen so we won't be closing.


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