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Monday, December 8, 2008

"just note that I support this man no matter what he thinks or believes." or Wrestler Lady To The Rescue!

In the comments section of an AC article Nicky wrote, someone comes to his defense.
Now, I may not agree with everything Nick's saying in this thing, but I feel he has a right to be frustrated about mental illness and the effect of it in our world. Whether or not you think he's got problems, flaming him for his views isn't going to get your point across. Of course, looking at some of the comments here, it's not about viewpoint, but satisfying your own sadistic tendencies to slowly rip the legs off of a spider. Not that anything I say will make a difference to your butcher-fest, as you will likely attempt to do the same to me for stepping out and saying I believe your wrong, but just note that I support this man no matter what he thinks or believes. If that makes you my enemy, I warmly welcome your blunted razors of your wit attempting to slide across the jugular of my career as a writer. You are never truly doing something right unless you have enemies. Sincerely Yours, S. Whitaker

Posted on 12/07/2008 at 1:12:52 PM

A kind statement made by someone who wants to defend the mentally ill? A champion of free speech?

No, her name is Sarah Whitaker, and Nicky "published" her in Tabloid Purposes 5, and, a wrestler

contestant 35845 on American Idol.

Her defense of him couldn't have come from that fact or the fact he called her one of the "extremely gifted newcomers" in that anthology, could it?

Or that Nicky is number 7 in her top Myspace friends, could it?

Or that on her goth vlog, Nicky left this comment
LakeFossilPress (7 months ago)
This is N.A. Pacione (Skot's friend from Chicago.) Right now I got no sound on this computer but I can appreciate the editing you did with your one vlog. I am looking to do some book trailers on here (and not using a lot of the stock clips either. I came from a radio/TV production background and trying to put that background back into play when I start making more videos.

You got some good stuff here, I do run a community on LiveJournal which I am opening up to vlogs on there so go ahead and make yourself at home on there.
This isn't a "butcher fest" against Sarah for sticking up for Nicky as she predicted, this is pointing out that some people aren't as noble as they'd like you to believe. I am going to guess that "
Now, I may not agree with everything Nick's saying in this thing" means she doesn't agree with everything Nicky said in that particular article, as noted by her saying "everything Nick's saying in this thing", but given she has befriended him on myspace, sold a story to him, and generally defends him, that the homophobia, threats to women and children, stalking, hate speech, racism, and call out for authors to write stories where homosexuals be physically assaulted are okay.

Did she say that specifically? No, but actions speak louder than words, and commiserating with someone who does all of those things is usually an indication that someone has no problem with that person as a whole. After all, would you the person reading this blog, do business with, allow someone to use your name to make money, and "friend" someone that commits the offenses listed above? Me either.

And if not, if she doesn't agree with those either and chose to do business with a horribly hateful person just for the money (HA!), then by mentioning his mental illness and how people shouldn't argue with him, she is enabling him, something his own family won't even do.

*edited to add*

In October of this year, in insulting someone, Nicky said the following
As much Jeff and Apathademon try to do to help writers there are the promoters who try to take a crap on a writer. I am not going to give the name here but the promoter booked friends of mine. The person looks like an American Idol Reject but is from the West Coast originally, and I will leave it at that.
I never knew what he meant when he said someone looked like an American Idol reject, but now, I know.


AlKilyu said...

First off ETT you owe myself and Rusty Nail new clothes. Both of us had carbonated beverage accidents because of this article.

Secondly, what an attention whore. If she didn't know Nicky's past before agreeing to do business with him, she is an idiot for not knowing how to google something before investing your time with it. If she did, and I think that is the case, it's because she is an obvious attention whore who craves the attention (good or bad) that Nicky gets.

ExposeTheTard said...

Oh dear sorry both of you! I guess I should post a warning then so I don't go broke buying detergent and new shirts! Al you stole my "attention" idea from Nicky's AC comment section that Sarah posted on so we are even. ;D

50 Foot Ant said...

Yeah, with her little comments I pretty much knew exactly where to place her. Of course, knowing that she's one of Nikita's kindred spirits and an actual fan of the crap he regurgitates out goes a long way to explain why someone can think that what he does is OK.

Anonymous said...

The Lady Wrestler AI reject is back on AC defending Peaches in comments on yet another one of his rant articles from yesterday.

Anonymous said...

Just so you know -- Nicky (or someone using his 'puter) has been online within the last couple days. He checked his reviews over at Epinions.com.

Anonymous said...

Nicky baby has posted a new review at Epinions. Keeping a low profile, but the boy is back.

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