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Monday, December 1, 2008

Suckered Again or Correction: Source 1 Was Never There

The last time I was taken for a sucker was when someone tried to convince me he died, and I fell for it.

This morning I get an email from one of the three that went the other night telling me his friend was full of shit, and that none of the three even went.

Apparently the "ball sweat" thing was an idea that none of them had the "balls" if you will to go through with so they didn't. Well here read a part of the email I just got I'm not much for typing at the moment
"but no he is full of shit. He thought the idea of Nicky thinking someone contaminating his books would infuriate him but that never happened. Truth is we didn't even go. When I sent you that email saying we weren't going that never changed. I didn't know he sent that til I read your site nor did I expect him to send anything about it. The price to get in was pretty high, didn't know the band, wasn't worth it just to see him etc."
I apologize and that's what I get for posting the source I know to be real as #2. She had sent a few more emails among the two edited ones I posted and I wondered why one seemed uneventful while the other sounded pretty wild.

Last time I was duped I considered never taking info from folks and posting it on here again. I won't go that far, but will be careful in the future as to what I let get through.


Anonymous said...

I really am sorry ETT. I wasn't my fault he did that but since he is my friend I feel bad.

ExposeTheTard said...

I got to thinking, how did he know about which hostel he is at? He emailed back like you said he would and apologized but I still don't get how he knew about which hostel he was at.

Anonymous said...

It's me and I am sorry to both of you. He has done that in the past, and that is the hostel he talked about from the time I actually did see him in person. It's where he always goes. I'll shut up now.

ExposeTheTard said...

I am done posting updates but there was a third email I got from the second source and she said it appeared he was having a good time.

I was going to, at the begining, suggest you send current news updates to Rusty Nail since that is her thing and I am more of a cataloger of the past but I'm glad I didn't since it was bull. I'm glad you wrote about it as opposed to doing to but still.

Lewis said...

I think he's earned another trip down memory lane http://npacione.wordpress.com/2008/12/03/i-could-be-a-prick-and-say-something-mean/

Anonymous said...

I'm not related to Nicky, I have nothing to do with nor know the douches that gave you bad information this week ETT, but I was the one that sent the anonymous email about him and the cops the day before yesterday. I guess I can see why you were weary about posting what I sent. I am neither Kim nor Mike, who apparently told Rusty.

What they either forgot to tell her, or Rusty kept off her site, was that the cops picked him up because they were called by his family. There was an odd phone call the first night, money and bus issues the following night, so they, being paranoid about him leaving the house because his success rate of doing so is something like 5%, called the cops on him out of concern.

Anonymous said...

Well, that's a fun bit of information. I wonder why his family ever lets him out of their sight if he can't even do something like spend a few nights away from home?

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