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Monday, December 8, 2008

Print This Out, Kim, And Show The Doctor A Severe Problem Nicky Has

Nicky's severe hatred towards women needs to be addressed, and if you are going to print this out to show the doctor sadly you'll need to load up the printer with paper. It only covers a few days, but speaks volumes.

Joseph McGee died. Nicky, having no concept of decency or respect, made a blog post disrespecting Joseph's memory.

More importantly though, he was expecting, begging, for controversy to stir because of it. He wanted that. That was the point in him writing it.

In fact, before he even finished writing it and making it public, back when it only existed on his screen in front of him, he was already claiming it served it's purpose.
"Now here come the bastards trying to bury me alive because of that statement."
"Will that statement come back to haunt me later, yeah it might but it is speaking with an intense honesty. If anyone sees this and has their respect for me might not have it now, I understand."
"If they want to take a ripe one on my grave now, I said my peace about Joe McGee’s passing."
"If his family want to take turns shitting on my name for that statement that’s how I thought of him."
All of that he typed before anyone but him could see it. Not happy with the slow speed in which the backlash was coming, he commented on his own post

It’s no secret that Joseph McGee and I flat out hated each other and now I am going to see a lot of mail for this remark. Finally the Good Little Christian is cussing me out like I am some kind of Anti-Christ now or a seven-headed hydra. I am waiting for the articles on AssociatedContent.com from the jokers since they’re harboring plagiarism. There is no jealousy there with him, he was a prick to me on a message board he used to frequent.

Now Nicky got his wish and became the martyr he wanted to be, but first, let's look at another secret of his that shows he was never the victim some made him out to be
Nickolaus is laughing about his legacy -- the author feud. (Damn it Rivera. Something he lives to watch -- Authors fueding.) 5:53pm
Not content to just write, he wants to fight. Lives to watch it even.

So, many commented on his disrespect towards McGee, as expected, but only one got Nicky's ire: A woman.

***As is usually the case, if a dozen people are arguing with Nicky, he will single out the women and focus his rage on them.***

People know the two females he obsesses over, who are women who have done what he cannot in the industry and are where he would love to but can never be. That being said, I am not going to give him the satisfaction of reposting the name of the female author he is enraged at, so know that in reading the following obsession
Nickolaus is fighting a lot of mental health stigmas -- and (The Woman Who Did What Nicky Could Never Do) is causing some of them. 12:55am
Nickolaus shouts, "If you support people with a mental illness then boycott (Two Publishing Companies Who Did What Lake Fossil Press Never Could)" 1:05am
Nickolaus is trying to get a couple stories done despite the (Female Author Who Makes Nicky Look Like Less Of A Man By Succeeding Where He Fails) trying to fuck things up. 1:17am
So, in under a half an hour, Nicky felt the need to attack this female three times, accusing her of all sorts of things. She never photoshopped him, never made a blog page about him, never set fire or urinated on his work then uploaded it to you tube nor did she make any hilarious you tube videos about him. She did what he wanted and expected, which was to point out his immaturity, and while she wasn't the only one she was a female, so now he is obsessed and enraged.

The next day
Three posts in a ten minute period. Look at that obsession and hatred. Hundreds of people got a hold of his books and "reviewed" them, this particular female author has never done so that I have seen, yet look at all that hatred.

  1. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 12:15 am

    Way to be throwing the first stone Mike. (Female Author Whose Success Makes Nicky Look And Feel Like Less Of A Man) I want the truth how you got that copy of An Eye In Shadows. Unless you’re going to like about it. That each of you collectively ripped into me and contributed to the stigma. All I ask is let people buy the books legitimately instead of being this holier-than-thou type that pisses me off. The fact I am getting stones thrown at me by fake Christians and witches because of the fact I will stand up against them. The fact you are using two liar blogs against me when I am telling the truth with my articles and with that book An Eye In Shadows. Were you the one who tipped me off to Preditors & Editors? I want the truth (Woman Who Can Afford More Than Hostels), I want the truth how you got this book that you one starred. Tell the truth or face your actions in court.

  2. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 12:32 am


The "best friend" he mentions contacted a few people, on his own, after seeing Nicky's online antics and asked what the deal was. At the time he was seeking out people to ask questions about his former best friend, he had already doubted Nicky enough to go that far.

The female author ignored his last post, which enraged him more. Note: She didn't respond, so he continued to, making him the aggressor from beginning to end.

  1. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 4:25 am

    (Epitome Of Why Nicky Hates Women), I will be reporting what you said to NoStigma.org — and with their help I am going to see to it that you will be hurting with your book sales and any publisher involved with you will be hurt too because you just as well had said what you said to Jerrod’s wife.

    Jerrod, if you had any heart towards people with a mental illness would you allow someone on your roster who said what they said about me to your wife. Think about that long and hard before you respond to that and my answer to this will be on an article coming up in a few hours with the captions. In other words, I am encouraging a large amount of people to boycott your company too as long you have that heartless bitch involved.

    (Woman Whom Nicky Should Take Lessons From) you really proved you have a heart of shit. Just because I don’t like Joe McGee in life and refused to buy his books in life, and vowed to keep that promise in death not to buy his books does that make me a fucking criminal?

    You’re organizing a boycott? Will you come clean about how you obtained my book? I already know you got it by piracy of the project.

  2. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 4:29 am

    They are carrying one of the magazines I am published in — can you explain that? They are carrying one story I got published with so they can read APT 2W on the newstand. My own mag is carried on a bookstore too — and I am willing to bet if someone has a wanted poster of me with mugshots they’d be carrying around picketing with it (Girl Who Would Never Look Twice At Nicky) what would you do if I got a signing in a bookstore right in your area? Would you try to steal the books and set them on fire because I know it was you who burned the book.

  3. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 4:44 am

    Care to explain why you were stalking my best friend?

Look at that. In under a half an hour, all of that rage. He is incested over the fact she got some book sales, and he is trying his hardest to ruin that. Nicky complains people sabotage his book sales and projects, much like he is trying to do here. Look at all the time and hatred he is focusing here, and tell me there is no underlying rage towards women.

  1. Nickolaus Pacioneon Dec 6th 2008 at 8:38 am

    What the fuck is wrong with you (Woman Doing Better Than Nicky) — don’t like the fact I am trying to get Lake Fossil Press back on its feet, or you would rather bury the fucking company. You and my sloppy seconds deserve each other. Yeah fuck off lady. As for your frield Scott, I have one question, does he have AIDS yet?

Two things here: He takes a swipe at his ex, the mother of his child, then after crying like a baby about being discriminated against because of a medical condition, makes an insult and uses AIDS to do so. His hatred of homosexuals needs to be delved into as well, because it combined with his hatred of women, displays underlying repressesed sexual issues Nicky has yet to deal with. Sexually, as you can see by my older posts, Nicky has an obsession with S & M sleepsacks, absolutely despises sex to the point he demands that no one write about it, along with like I said his apparent hatred for homosexuals and women point to something deeper. Get the doctor to deal with that, and I think all will be revealed. Maybe let him know your family won't disown him if he comes out or admits he is A-Sexual.
Would it hurt you that much if An Eye In Shadows gets a few sales? Be honest here bitch — I guess you and (Nicky's Ex, Only Woman Known To Have Slept With Him) have hearts of shit. I guess you’ve started the boycott and nice little shit stunt you pulled with your published author. I already know (Book Company Better Than The Deceased Lake Fossil Press) is your company. I guess it is in your nature to go ruining everyone in your path. The very fact you can’t keep track of every drug you snorted or shot up your veins. (First Name of Female Author He Keeps Typing Over And Over) — your books are the ones I plan to burn because you are corrupting the youth. You’re influencing people not to buy my books or the magazine I appeared in.
Nicky tells us book burning is horrible and even says that a book of his burned in his own home state is against the law, here he admits to planning the same.

A mentally ill man planning to burn something? Let the doc know that as well.


Anonymous said...

Okay. I've been following Nicky on and off for a couple of years and have been annoyed to varying degrees by nearly everything he does. I think, though, that NOTHING is more annoying to me in his writing than him saying stuff like, "The fact you are using two liar blogs against me when I am telling the truth with my articles and with that book An Eye In Shadows." The fact IS. IS. ISSSS!!!

Also, he can't seriously think, as deluded as he is, that he's the only author to ever struggle with mental illness? I struggle with mental illness, but that's when I'm not working on stories with real sentences and real plots and getting them published in reputable magazines, while taking criticism maturely. Oh, and I'm a woman. I guess people with mental illness can't be writers unless they're women?


50 Foot Ant said...

What gets me, is he claims burning books is a felony in his state, but I've looked and haven't been able to find a single legal article supporting his claim.

Or is it just illegal to burn his stuff, and OK for him to burn the books of his "foes" that are out to get him.

Anonymous said...

There is a felony warrant out on Nicky, but not a "knock warrant" - in other words, the cops will only take him in if they happen to have stopped him or picked him up for something and they look up his record.

therustynail said...

What's the deal with this alleged "felony" arrest warrant? What sort of felony?

It wouldn't surprise me if one or more of the people he's harassed or threatened got restraining orders against him, but that's a different kettle of fish.

Anonymous said...

Yes please details on the felony warrant.

Nickoaus Pacione said...

Leave my family alone mother fucker. They did nothing to you and you're going around stalking me like sme maniac for way too long. Those of you who hide behind many things and piss on my supporters; what right do you have to go round getting blogs shut down and saying my publishing company is long dead. Don't you think dancing on something that didn't die out is a little immature? I am bringing the fight right to you now and going around saying I need to be locked away with everything I say and do because you don't agree with it. It doesn't make me a criminal when I blog and you went around stalking my articles and stole everything from them for your perverse sport. Burning books by people with a mental illness is a hatecrime and this blog is a hate crime waiting to happen. What would you do if something happened to my family because something you said on here, they would be pointing all the fingers at you because of your untruths and false leads. I didn't talk about the book signing because it was a slow night that night; I didn't lose my freedom. I was just singled out by the cops because I decided to take a nap on a picnic table. I was tired and took my meds so I was trying to keep from getting arrested. I was frisked like a criminal but I am not a criminal. Your perfect world -- you steal everything of mine then you go around makng a trophy of my pictures and artwork.
   Expose the Tard what can you tell your children. You destroyed the life of a writer who is just trying to make an honest buck with their books. Don't dance on a company that is alive and kicking and waiting to grab you by the nose and kick you in the ass. You are giving yourself away very slowly. The fact you did when you said you reported my LiveJournal.com accounts.
   You raped away my ownership of a community I rebuilt with my own hands. You don't have the balls to do this short of shit on LiveJournal. The fact you hid behind a fake name for way too long. Why don't you do this with your real pictures as your avatar or do videos of you throwing darts on my photographs. I got a new photograph up so you can use it to throw darts at every chance you get. You and your bitch, Ben McShitface has no life either.
   You want to make fun of when the last time I got laid one year ago was the last time I got some. You go around making me look like a laughing stock; your nothing but a failure at life because you have nothing to look back on. I least have a lifetime of story ideas to dig up for my work. Let me ask this, were you one of the people who pirated my book. QWuit harassing my family and quit harassing my friends because neither of them want to hear your mother's pet names for me. Create your own damn content. You're pissing me off.

Bluey said...

" You raped away my ownership of a community I rebuilt with my own hands."

How exactly is it rape? Looked to me like that community consented to everything...

Melany said...

Your every blog is a hate crime nicky. You bash gays, you bash anyone that doesn't agree your the next coming of H.P. Lovecraft, you bash folks with mental illness and are a good reason WHY there is such a stigma. You are an asshole and a very unpleasant person. THAT is why we make fun of you. Because you make it so damn easy for us to do so.

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