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Thursday, February 4, 2010

PROOF He's An Asshole

Sadly, a few of us know the mental and physical ailments that have befallen select members of the relatives Nicky lives with. Ideally, as a grown man living rent-free who is fully capable of doing so, you'd not only expect him to help care for them in their time of need, you'd expect him to do so with kindness and respect.

You expect too much of this evil midget.
"I don't like when my relatives are bugging me when I am in the middle of editing the magazine."

"...They want me to give up on the macabre, and write things more in tune with the guy who wrote The Cat In The Hat - children's stories. yeah right! I will leave that to a former classmate to do because he told me he wanted to do children's books. I would rather leave the reader long unnerved and scared long after they read the story. As much as a I love my family. They have to understand that I will write explicit dark fiction and non-fiction until the day I die; I will keep publishing it too as long as I am able to."

- Nickolaus Pacione, Ethereal Gazette Issue Ten

Now complain some more about not having a decent internet and having to use the library's again, schmuck.


Anonymous said...

I wouldn't trust the odious little toad to care for a ball of string, let alone a human being.

ExposeTheTard said...

Please, don't forget the time he was losing his temper with his ELDERLY relatives to the point he threatened them. Never forget that. In fact, we can see how how he repaid them by not kicking his ass out: Dissing them in his latest wannabe magazine.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yes. Way to not only bite, but defecate on the hand that feeds you.

Their "crime" was to suggest that Nicky write something more on par with what they thought he is capable of doing, but they made the critical mistake of thinking Nicky could write anything salable at all.

Or maybe they were just being kind. Who knows?

Jack said...

Tha cover is pure Nicky. First there are two FEMALE angels, nude yet! Lesbian sex certainly does get his back up (as well as another, more secret portion of his anatomy-- such as that is...).
So to him it's a perfect represnetation of pure horror.

Anonymous said...

What a worm!

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