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Thursday, April 22, 2010

"I am looking for an apartment because they won't be around forever."

From VampireFreaks, where he is making a Nickolaus Pacione out of himself lately...
Apr 21, 2010, 02:18pm
"keeping an eye on my grandfather -- he never been the same since coming out of the hospital. I am looking for an apartment because they won't be around forever. I care for my relatives while writing and such. I haven't added more to the novella."
This is the same Nicky that made the statement in his own magazine
"I don't like when my relatives are bugging me when I am in the middle of editing the magazine."
Not surprisingly
"I am looking for an apartment because they won't be around forever."
shows in the same post the truth: That he's there not for his grandparents, but because it's a place to stay. Same Nicky mind you that used to add extra stress to his grandmother by getting her to go after the meanies that hurt his feels and even tried again recently while her husband was on life support. Nice guy. That time however, she and they had enough, and he came very close to being evicted.

Sadly I don't think Nicky learned on that day to fight his own battles, you know, the ones he starts? He appears on VampireFreaks to be using admins to do that for him and when all else fails, play every race/health/pc card he can muster up.

You're a sick monster, Nicky.


Melany said...

He loves to talk big about beating up people and putting a hallowpoint in their skull, but that's all he is. Talk. He's too much of a pathetic human being to actually follow through on his threats.

ExposeTheTard said...

I saw that part where he said he wanted 5 minutes alone with autoaim and instantly was reminded of the phone calls I heard between the two of them where Nicky was shaky, non-aggressive, and kept hanging up as if he didn't want to talk to him. He had a chance to tell him off and make threats and swear and whatnot but if you hear those calls, he's scared shitless and keeps running away.

So I agree Melany, he won't be dispensing any beat downs anytime soon! Seriously, he's indicating his wish is to be face to face (or since it's "alone", face to backside) with him you'd think when he had him on the line he'd unleash his tard fury on him! Right?

Anonymous said...

How hilarious is Slade_Kraven over there on vampirefreaks? That guy is hilarious. He called out Nicky for going on and on about himself and became his latest hate target, and he's basically bitchslapped Nicky daily ever since.

It's kind of sad because he pays money to be there and for a time that was his little slice of heaven, but when I say sad it's no one elses fault but his for looking like such a massive fool over there.

therustynail said...

This is the same Nicky who once wrote that he expected to inherit his grandparents' house after they died. Don't remember where he posted that, but I remember reading it and thinking "fatass couldn't even pay the property taxes on the place if he did inherit it."

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