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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Apparently We Want To Ruin Stephen Hawking

BloggerNickolaus Pacione said...

You fucker have no life and no ambition either. What is your biggest ambition in your life, ruin an author who is disabled. And FUCK GAY RIGHTS; think that could be the reason none of you want to see me suceed either because I am the worst nightmare to that.

March 3, 2008 10:59 AM

He must mean Stephen Hawking, right? He must have meant we are

trying to ruin him. He is an author after all who was actually published more
than once with an actual publishing company, and he is in fact, disabled.

While I would never say that mental illness is not a disability, I would say
Nicky should read up on Mr Hawking.

From Wikipedia
Hawking is severely disabled by amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or ALS (a type of motor neurone disease); this condition is commonly known in the United States as Lou Gehrig’s Disease.

He gradually lost the use of his arms, legs, and voice, and is now almost completely paralyzed. During a visit to the research centre CERN in Geneva in 1985, Hawking contracted
pneumonia, which in his condition was life-threatening. It resulted in acute difficulty of breathing, which could only be overcome through a tracheotomy by which Stephen Hawking lost his natural speech ability. He has since used an electronic voice synthesizer to communicate.

Despite his disease, he describes himself as “lucky" – not only has the slow progress of his disease provided time to make influential discoveries, it has also afforded time to have, in his own words, “a very attractive family”.[19] When Jane was asked why she decided to marry a man with a 3-year life expectancy, she responded: “Those were the days of atomic gloom and doom, so we all had a rather short life expectancy."

What is it like to be a disabled author? Let's compare one to Nicky

Stephen: Lost the use of his arms, legs,
and voice.
Nicky: Has use of his arms, legs, and
high pitched voice, but still whines about being disabled.

Stephen: Now almost completely

Nicky: Not paralyzed, but still whines
about being disabled.

Stephen Has written many best selling

books, most published by an actual publisher (Bantam Books) one of which sold 9
million copies by 2002.
Nicky Has not written a best seller, not
been published by a recognized publishing company, has sold 9 books mostly to
himself, but still whines about being disabled.

Stephen: Despite being almost completly

paralyzed is a millionare.
Nicky Lives in grandparents basement for
the past decade, on S.S.I., can never afford to pay his authors, but still
whines about being disabled.

Stephen: Has had one of his books made
into a movie and has actually been on the big screen and television.
Nicky: Lies to everyone and says a movie
studio wants to make one of his anthologies into a movie, was featured on Jerry
Springer for a minute, but still whines about being disabled.

Stephen: Has been married twice despite
almost completely paralyzed.
Nicky: Not paralyzed, single, never
married, hasn't had a girlfriend in years, but still whines about being

Stephen: Doesn't whine about his
disability or use it to gain pity, but instead has become a rich and famous
despite it.
Nicky: Whines about being disabled and
blames his mental quirks and others for him not being rich and famous.

Nicky stop whining about being disabledIn surmation:

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cussedness said...

Nicky uses his alleged disability as a crutch (which is the way he uses everything else in his life)

When I had polio at eight, Mama gave me an expensive pen and mechanical pencil set with the admonition to "whip them with a pencil."

That is something a lot of disabled people take to heart -- the idea that being disabled is not something you whine about, but something to work hard at overcoming.

Nicky does not see his own hypocrisy when he a) complains about being picked on because he disabled; and b) goes after me again.

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