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Thursday, March 6, 2008

"this is the physical injury list"

With the exception of watermarking, the picture below was not doctored. It may just be a trick fo the light, but his right eye (our left) looks like it has a shiner.

Date: 2002-10-18 19:39

this is the physical injury list:

Security: Public
  • Broken right ringfinger at age 16, during a preseason basketball clinic
  • strained my back at 17 while in judo <---LOL
  • spraned my ankle at 14 on three different occasions two while in wrestling practice, then the third when I was 16 -- a car nicked it.
  • ripped out my fingernail on my left index at the age of 19 in a work accident
  • strained my back at age 20 from getting hit by a car
  • stabbed at age 22, bit by a rat at age 22
  • scraped up my face at 19 from moutain biking
  • now strained my back at age 26


cussedness said...

All but one of the injuries mentioned are small shit that most folks would brush off.

Anonymous said...

bit by a rat at age 22

I wonder where he was bitten, and if it's related to his "missing" pet rat suspected to be found in his a$$.

Anonymous said...

I guess we should just be grateful he never owned a gerbil.

Alice said...

I like how he sprained his ankle three times when he was 14, but the third time was when he was 16. Nicky travels through time!

He could have saved a lot of words by simply admitting that he's a clumsy fuck.

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty klutzy myself, but these seem unworthy of mentioning. Wrecking a knee during a skiing wipeout is the only injury that leaves me lasting reminders when the weather is about to get stormy, and it only aches a bit.

Phil Smith said...

Shiner? Nah. His mascara's just run a bit.

Anonymous said...

I think he got smacked in the eye with a hard rubber dildo by his Baltimore love machine.

Anonymous said...

Didn't he brag about having a talent for pushing cars with his back somewhere?

cussedness said...

Nicky is always trying to say that he is discrminated against because he is disabled.

Well, New York's governor-designate is black and legally blind.

I think that Nicky needs to shut up about being disabled and all the poor me's he is putting out.

A person is only as disabled as they allow themselves to be.

Karen said...

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