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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Banned Video #2

What is Nicky afraid of? Oh thats right his own words.

And how can someone who cries, litereally cries when his speech is surpressed by places such as livejournal, xanga, deadjournal, Shocklines, xanga again, livejournal again, livejournal a third time, livejournal a forth time, xanga for a third time, and livejournal for a fifth actually go around and do the very thing he claims to hate?

Because he is a hypocrite! Not just a plagiarizer, but a hypocrite!


Sam Young said...

This is great. These last two were ones I didn't swipe in time when they were originally posted.

Anonymous said...

I love it when Nicky pwns himself.

Susan said...

That video makes me smile. (And not just because he mentions me in his tirade.)

He's totally got teh crazy eyes.

deadmanwalking said...

He has wild eyes.. oh my god I just remembered that where he returned banter with the troll-erm young lady who was trying to "Pick him up" and asked him if he had a lazy eye.


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