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Monday, June 23, 2008

This Is Going To Piss Him Off!

Looks like Nicky's detective skills are about as good as his writing, which is bad. Nicky was going around saying the original book burner was a woman because of the hands. Here we see the same spot, same hands, but this time the camera person pisses on the smouldering pile...standing up.

Thanks for the heads up anonymous!

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Anonymous said...

lol I love how he will go off a little bit, then come back and do it over and over in little increments.

Like today he left

"NickolausPacione (2 hours ago)

on draykid's latest video, then in his account comments he just now left

"NickolausPacione | June 24, 2008
HOPE YOU DIE FROM AIDS mother fucker."

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