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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Banned Video #3

When you run out of people to blame for looking like an ass and having a life and career that aren't going anywhere who do you turn on?

Here is an email reposted with permission

Expose The Tard,

I went ahead and reported Nicky for threatening me on YouTube. It's right
there as clear as day in text and he can't remove it. Normally I wouldn't
have reported this because his videos are a hoot, if unintentionally on his
part, but since he is getting other people's videos removed I thought it

I told him I did it and he must know he fucked up and is scared because now
he is using yahoo to upload his videos. I was told by YouTube that I can't
report the other threats and libelous comments he has made on there on
behalf of others and that I need to ask those people to report him on their
own behalf.

Please let your readers know that if he dissed them on video to report him.


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