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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A New Home

This will be the place videos can be seen without fear of having them removed because of someone's crying.

Starting it off is the second video removed from YouTube and magically appears here!

You know Nicky if the people whose names you've mentioned on youtube that you libeled by accusing them of sexual acts and other horrible things were to complain your videos, and your account, would be deleted. Remember that when you go to them with your butthurt.

Two other items of note... I have been given three very important pieces of information that arrived in my mailbox this past week. I don't mean to tease, but I understand why I am being asked to wait on posting it here. It should be worth the wait.

And finally, a third Hypocrite video is on it's way. Since someone has taken to whining to youtube about his feelings (while his videos naming people by name and subsequently libeling and threatening them are allowed to stay on there) the video may show up here then anywhere else people want to host it. I was able to download a few from the file site they are being stored on and it was relatively easy, so if anyone wishes to post that and any other videos on their site email me at exposethetard (at) yahoo.com for the links.


therustynail said...

I do enjoy those hypocrite videos.

cussedness said...

It has to be copyright issues that he complained of.

ExposeTheTard said...

Probably cussedness, but YouTube needs to remember Chris Crocker.

Chris Crocker originally uploaded his videos to youtube, Within days people were not only watching his videos, but they were downloading them, editing them, and reposting them without his permission.

Search for Chris Crocker on youtube and sure you'll see his videos on his account, but you'll see many many more videos of him that he didn't upload, as well as parodies.

Nicky is an accomplished author after all, which would make him a celebrity, and therefore open to parody.

cussedness said...

Livejournal recognized him as a public figure. If youtube could be convinced of this fact, then they would also have to allow the rest. I am currently working out my budget and if I can squeeze it in, then Nicky is going to get his arse handed to him by me. I'm feeling more curmudgeonly than ever. Check out my cussedness at wordpress blog for what's got a hair up my ass this time.

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