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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

"I will let the ones who hate my guts do the promoting for me"

In the past 24 hours, I have recieved multiple anonymous tips that Nicky has been harrassing people in private, and 100% of them reported him saying the same comment telling them to go fuck their mothers. He has finally replaced the "movie theater videotape" insult with something else.

If you read "An Eye In Shadows" you'd see he brags about using insults like that to get under people's collars.

Now, onto our next lesson which also concerns him getting under your skin. It's what he and his friends want so that they can promote their own name through you.

First off, don't mention money and writers, because that angers him.

Monday, October 25th, 2004
4:16 am - Publishing: What my Philosophy is...
I read around some of the message boards from time to time and the bullshit saying being, "Money flows to the writer," they can kiss my ass about that one and one of the reasons I self-publish is because want it done on my terms. Not the terms of another person dictating when I will be published, self-publishing is one way of saying fuck you to that especially if a certain style of horror or writing isn't exactly welcomed in one way or another. Or if one has that story that is too controversial to publish by a traditional publisher they will put it out themselves. I learned lot from various authors when it came to writing, and many of my lessons about publishing came from the self-published authors.
Here is the payoff. Here is what he and his friends count on when they get online and attempt to start fights.

I am trying to figure out how to do the promotion, sometimes I will let the ones who hate my guts do the promoting for me namely when they want to do a voodoo doll of me to use on dart boards -- it shows I've gotten to them. I show that their hypocrisy is there because one of their publishers works with a place I published Collectives In A Foresaken Landscape at. One thing about being self-published is more of a challenge but the reward is even greater than the traditional publishing houses. I am not working with a vanity publisher -- but I am working with a place that also works with CyberPulp Press. Self-publication is sometimes the only way to do it. The willing to not play by the rules is the other thing that makes it more known these days. Costly yes, just depends on who one works with in the process -- I learned more about self-publishing by being on AuthorsDen and FictionPress.
And more insight on why he might not be as successful as he should be at this point. Has to do with free money he is getting.
If a publisher won't take a reprint -- fuck'em; I have no choice but send stories as a reprint because I don't want to endanger my disablity status. If I make a little pocket money here and there, fine but I want to do this on my own terms.
Keywords here: "A little bit of sucess online" (misspelling not mine)

I tell a prospective publisher to pick up projects I've been published with first before they consider just so they know what they are getting into with me. Right now I am that long, black-haired equal to a red-headed stepchild when it comes to the mainstream horror industry. I learned a lot about the industry as I am starting to advance further -- as some bastards out there would love to see me disappear into obscurity but they keep telling themselves I will never get published. I never came online to be a nice guy, pushing buttons is something I've became known to do and that is something I did a lot of when I started writing horror full time. I learned the fine art of being an atagonist from hanging around The Trenchcoat, and that is what drawn me to the website The House of Pain knowing a horror site like that was designed to push a few buttons. Exposure is more of value than money is if one is already published and seen a little bit of sucess online.
I've never read a book on success, but I think a big part of him not having any is his inability to spell the word itself.
His "infamous reputation"
I've seen publication on a number of websites long before I came to The House of Pain -- funny thing about it Brigit knew who I was long before I joined the ranks so for me to offer to help around with the website, it was the chance I saw as a way to get the site even bigger especially with my infamous reputation of being one who pulled no punches. I am encouraging more writers to come to the site with that attitude, the site allowed writers to be themselves. No matter part of the spectrum they were part of -- I am trying very hard to put my own opinions aside at times when it comes to being a co-editor, but when it comes to my own projects as an editor I am very particular in what I want. Some would find my Conservatism offensive, but they learn that is as much a part of me as what I am able to do with writing horror.
With the following, I'm going with Neo Nazi over Conservative. He does wish a lot of death on people.
Conservatism does have its place in the horror genre. It is a rare thing to see but when it is there, you know someone is going to be kicking a dent in the industry. I wanted to bring back the conseravtism that Lovecraft brought to the table. He got accused of being a racist, some accused me of being a Neo-Nazi but I am not one of those. Just that I have a strong sense of morals and strongly disagree with a lot of things that are passed off as the mainstream these days.
And finally, I think had he tried to put together a "Conservative Only" anthology it would have been a rude awaking for him when he realized that he isn't one of them.
I would love to do a collection of short stories all by writers who are strongly conservative -- would like to see some literary fiction as well in an anthology. I am learning more about that genre as I am branching out from horror, writing Science Fiction was my first attempt of branching out. The project of the Class of 1994 anthology is my next branching out effort as in the spectrum of authors I am looking for. When I went to my class reunion I ran into a kindred spirit, as in another writer -- I won't mind publishing him in this project if I can get a hold of him. There are a few writers I went to middle school with I wouldn't mind publishing either. I want to be more than a writer when it comes to a project like this, and talking with William J. Wright, he saw this too because when I did TABLOID PURPOSES that was my sitting in the editor's chair. I might of alienated a few authors in the industry with the project but that was my way of saying, "so what if I offend a few people. The writers in the project have some work that is bound to offend someone in some way or form."
So remember folks - Nicky and his friends who have recently attempted to stir up shit on other boards are counting on you to get upset and repeat what they say. There aren't going to be any lawsuits because they not only couldn't afford for their own actions to face them in a court of law, they couldn't afford people not talking about them.


Anonymous said...

he has been peppering the book burning videos with comments lately.

Look at the videos where his books are burned, and there he is

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and so on

Phil Smith said...

I love how he tries to compare himself to Lovecraft, with that little note suggesting that HPL was falsely accused of racism. Utter rubbish, of course. He was a bigot like so many other people from that time. Just look at his poem 'On the Creation of N------s' for one of the most egregious examples...

Anonymous said...

If I understand the Wiki topic correctly, the only difference between vanity publishing and true self-publishing is that the self-published author can bid out services such as editing, cover design, marketing, etc. rather than accept a package deal from the publisher. This is supposed to create a higher quality product.

Well, except when your editor, cover artist and marketer is Nicky, of course. Then you can kiss any notion of quality goodbye.

(Sorry for stating the glaringly obvious, I just needed to get that out of my system.)

Anonymous said...

Then there are those, who, like Nicky, set up their own companies, and think reformatting suckers' contributions IS editing.

At least Kristy takes it a step further and sets up conflict-of-interest sister companies, to try to rake in the package deal.

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