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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Nicky The Football

I was just about to go to bed when I got an email notice from my comments section that Robotic Reader has struck again!

It's official: I have to sit down and attempt to read this book from beginning to end. Apparently it has far more dirt on Nicky than expected!


Ben McClellan said...

Wow, looks like Nick was really treated like total dirt in high school. It surely couldn't have been his stellar personality that led to his peers making fun of him like he spent his entire memoir whining about!

Anonymous said...


omg I chortled twice, the first time when he is sitting on the bus and out of nowhere another penny is thrown at him (the driver?) and of course, when he is the football.

people stop growing in highs chool, so him saying that he isnt really short is officially a lie. I think at gothicfest 2008 someone should get a game of touch football going and use him lololololol

Anonymous said...

I seriously doubt that anyone other than Nicky himself saw him as nerdy. Nerdiness implies brains.

Anonymous said...

Oh ha the upper classman or whatever was a girl.

Nicky getting his ass kicked by girls probably happened more than he'd ever admit.

Anonymous said...

The story, as told by Nicky, doesn't always make sense. I really don't understand getting on a school bus to come back from lunch, in the ass-cracked window video. What high school buses the kids off campus for lunch? If the school doesn't have a cafeteria, wouldn't they set up tables in the gym or something and let the kids brown bag it?

As for being considered a nerd, special ed kids are the antithesis of nerdy, but his mother sure dressed him like one, judging from his senior picture.

Anonymous said...

He's totally incapable of telling a story from his own life that makes any sense. He as no business even going near fiction.

I've only read the preview of the book, and so I can see why ETT only skimmed the thing. It just doesn't make any sense at all. Some guy who Nicky didn't know and didn't care about dies and it suddenly colors his entire world black? Um. And then something about how drugs are bad, kids (except the ones Nicky is taking, of course.)

I especially like all the parts where he would have fought his oppressors but didn't because they were friends when they weren't being total dicks/it was near graduation/he didn't want to get his TV taken away/insert other lame, random excuse here. I think he included a story about popping someone with a padlock, but an acquaintance of Nicky's debunked that story a few months ago.

Anonymous said...

He was probably like the kid in A Christmas Story: "Football? What's a football???"

Alice said...

Hi, ETT.

Is it all right if I link your blog at nickolaus-pacione.com?

ExposeTheTard said...

That would be just fine Alice. Thank you!

If extra traffic is coming I really should get back to posting his old and incriminating stuff here soon.

Anonymous said...

We can't wait. Bring on the lulz!

ExposeTheTard said...

I was actually taking a break on him since the area he lived got hit with really bad weather and he was unable to get back online for a few days.

At least that is what I was told by a "friend" of his who lives near him.

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