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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I.O.W.A. Review Is Up

Someone volunteered to host the review of I.O.W.A. and did, so if you go on over to AngryInIllinois' deviantart page here you can read it.

I really don't know what his rage is about. It's not the story and doesn't contain any of the text from the story.

From what I've heard that's a good thing.


Anonymous said...

Gerbil boi thinks linking to one of his stories on Writerscafe.org is the same as stealing it, or e-piracy, as he likes to call it.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

EAT SHIT YOU FAGS. Do you take turns snorting her dead brother's ashes?

Anonymous said...

I forgot to mention that I think Dean is supposed to be gay. He doesn't care that his woman and his best friend run off together while he types. I think thats why she had an abortion because Brian knocked her up, and Dean would know it wasn't his because he is always too busy writing and staring at birds to do her.

Also I forgot he brags a lot. When his woman and friend run off to the "ma and pa greasy spoon" (translation: Brian fucking her senseless) he says to himself something like "Here I am 24 sitting in this house with one story published and other on the way but something passed by the apartment that looks like a large vulture but disappeared." or something like that. I'm paraphrasing but it really read like that with no comma or anything.

Later Lenore asks if he had been reading too many Edgar Alan Poe stories from his book case, then he says no, that it "wasn't from an Edgar Alan Poe book or the short stories in the book I am published in." WTF Dean is an asshole always bragging about being published or his book case.

Shit at the end Dean says that Bryan, not him, would find her suffering nightmares because Dean was busy typing. I am not making that up. Dean is an asshole. No wonder Lenore does Karma Sutra with Bryan.

ExposeTheTard said...

Surely Dean can't be gay anonymous. I'm sure he had sex with his girlfriend in the story, right? That would be proof he isn't gay.

Crawford Tillinghast said...

That's fucking e-piracy you motherfuckers..!

Anonymous said...

Relax he isn't mad. If he were mad he'd make a video about it!

Oh I forgot he is scared to make videos now that my sexy boyfriend made him look like a homo. Nevermind dont' expect any videos from him anymore hes a coward.

Anonymous said...

I honestly thought he'd kill himself after the hampster video. I thought he did after the What What In the Butt vid because he was mia after that.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Trying to butcher the story -- you had to no right to do that. They're married you moron. They relocated to Illinois and live with their brother-in-law (step-brother on Lenore's side.)

But what right do you faggots have to butcher up a story for your own purposes. You assholes realize the story is far from done. I have the copyright to that story you fags and I can get you shut down for this.

Anonymous said...

Cry impotently for us Nikki, go on, cry.

Mike Brendan said...

Nick, you're an idiot. No one has violated your so-called copyright to your piece of crap drivel you call writing.
You gave the story to somebody. They made a review. You went all "wah!" over it. End of story.

Now go do your vlog like the whiny brat we all know.

Anonymous said...

I have the copyright to that story you fags and I can get you shut down for this.

Really, Nick? You paid the US Copyright Office $35-$45 to copyright your story? Your unfinished story? Seriously?

Somehow I doubt you did, but just in case you are really that batshit insane, a reviewer is well within his or her rights to use excerpts from the story for the purposes of a review. That is the law. You don't have to trust me on that; you can look it up for yourself.

Also, if you're going to get your panties in a wad about people reading your unpublised works, you might try, say, not giving out free copies. Just a suggestion.

Anonymous said...

Snookums, you don't own copyrights to something that hasn't yet been written.

Now here's a suggestion. Have Dean and Lenore move out, like real adults, and make their own living, rather than mooch off family. I know you love to endow your heros with all your own characteristics, and just change a few names or relationships, but this is never-ending sponging deal is really pathetic.

Anonymous said...

I think Bryan brought up Lenore's abortion to set her over the edge and make her go crazy. Once she was, Dean and Bryan could resume their secret love affair while a bird that may or may not be a vulture watches them butt fuck from across the street.

Naw I'm just kidding. Dean doesn't have working genitals thats why he types all day.

Reminds me of that blog entry of ETTs where Nicky's ex wanted to have sex and was all horny but he wouldn't stop typing to do her.

Anonymous said...

He posted this on Rusty's page

[i]on July 2, 2008 at 8:58 am20 Nickolaus Pacione
The only reason I haven’t gone video yet is because I am saving it for something big and do you think I want to waste my fucking batteries on each of you losers? No.

Oh man I am laughing so hard right now I'm crying! What kind of a loser has a camera that takes aa batteries and can only record for six minutes? Doesn't it have an AC power cord to plug into a wall?

And...(I have tears running down my face I'm laughing so hard) he can't afford two aa batteries?!

At this point it actually hurts to laugh at this! This is taking forever to type becauase everytime I think of him having to save up to buy two aa batteries I start laughing again!

ow ow ow Didn't he tell us he was doing a documentry? "Vampire Don what got you interested in horror? And please keep the answer down to five words this documentry can only be two minutes long!"


Serryah said...

The thing I don't get is... ok... he gave someone a half finished story? Why?

Wait, he's mentally disabled therefore he's not accountable for the shit he says and does. I'm sorry, my bad.


Nick, get the hell over yourself. You sent someone a free copy of this story, they gave someone their review of it - which you CANNOT STOP THEM FROM DOING - and now you're claiming piracy/copyright infringement/harassment/etc and so on?

Just bend over and get buttfucked already and stop your whining.

Anonymous said...

Yeah he gives the manuscript to someone and they share it with others on the internet. Yet this concept is totally beyond our Nicky's ability to comprehend. OTOH maybe he knows this is the only way anything of his will ever get read since no one in their right mind - or their left - is going to spend $ on his shit.

Anonymous said...

I love this line best

The very fact I worked months on this story gives it some credit here.

Counting the title and his name, the story is 5,120 words, and it took him three months?!

And you're still lazy because at the end you said the stillborns were trying to tell you something or Lenore someting but you weren't able to place a finger or thought upon it yet.


Three months, and you couldn't come up with a reason they were appearing in your nightmares? No you do that every story. Every story you take the lazy way out and either say something was too horrible to describe, or you couldn't describe it.

9 pages, 71 paragraphs, and a guy who doesn't work who can sit home all day took three months to do that. And what he wrote was the same shit he always has, and even then he didn't explain anything.

If I were you, I'd remove your comment about it taking you three months. I could write something longer and better in a day.

Mike Brendan said...

That puts him at about 57 words per day. My, what an exhausting schedule.

Anonymous said...

So, should I submit my review of "The Roommate" yet?

Nickolaus Pacione said...

I am the rightful owner of the story and this is a cease and desist from you asshole. Brennan if it takes getting into a fist fight over this -- I will fight you hand to hand for the rights to the story I.O.W.A. that story is rightfully mine and what reasons do you cocksuckers to go around stealing the story and doctoring it. My rightful copyright for your spilled blood Brennan. We will brawl for that story. You win the story is yours, if I kick your ass you leave the story alone.

Phil Smith said...

Aw, Nick. Another challenge?

You really should realise by now that it doesn't make you look at all hard or clever. A writer's weapons of choice are his or her words. And yet again you've demonstrated just how little skill you have with them.

Anonymous said...

So does anyone want to see my review of "The Room Mate" too, or was my review of "I.O.W.A." too amateurish?

Anonymous said...

We want moar!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I vote for a review of The Roomate!

Anonymous said...

Another review, please!

Lake Fossil Press said...


Anonymous said...

Ditto. Moar reviewz plz.

mike Brendan said...

Nick, fighting you would be a waste of my time and the 50 calories of energy I would need to expend to defeat you. I don't want your piece-of-crap story. You can't bully me around so don't even try it.

Go get yourself a copy of "Strunk & White's Elements of Style" and a refresher course in English grammar. Learn to write before you can call yourself a writer.

Oh, and learn to spell my name correctly while you're at it, you greasy little retard.

cussedness said...

You are a shameless sack of shite, Nicky.

Your brains is filled with bullshit collected from the wastelands of the back pasturage.

Mike Brendan said...

The sad thing is, I don't Nick even remembers who he gave the draft to...

Anonymous said...

To be honest I am considering sending "The Room Mate" to the person he wrote it about so she can see it first.

But I haven't yet, which won't stop Nicky from threatening her and accusing her of having it.

Since she usually stays out of Nicky drama I'd doubt she would accept it.

See everything I've said above? Nicky will read that as

"I am giving a free copy to Nicky's ex roommate because I am distributing it for free on the net. She has it and is going to cost him sales."

Maybe I shouldn't even offer it to her, but instead just tell her the gist of it so she can let her lawyers know ahead of time to get ready to sue him again.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

STealing a story that I am rewriting for fuck's sake -- leave those stories alone because I am trying to make the money on those.

What the fuck is it up to you? The very fact you go around butchering up the one story when it isn't even close to being done. Everyone knows I don't write with gay characters.

All the characters in the story are college age, so in the 1990s it was very common for married couples to room mate with step-relatives.

I don't even mention real names in The Room Mate, and it is being rewritten. You bastards have no right to go distributing my work.

I just been busy writing more on those stories, the fact you're stealing stories that are not done is something that goes crossing the line more than anything I've ever done.

If this was any other writer would you do that to their work?

Mike Brendan said...

Nick, simple fact: you gave that story to somebody for some reason or another. They reviewed it. Nothing of yours was posted other than quotes for purposes of citing for review. Reviewers do that all the time. Fair Use law permits it.

And don't hide behind the "story isn't done" excuse. A story is never done on the first draft. Any writer would know that.

Anonymous said...

"in the 1990s it was very common for married couples to room mate with step-relatives."

Sometimes when Nicky says crap like that you are confused and amused at the same time. I don't think there was an outbreak of living with step relatives in the 90's.

I don't think you purposely write gay characters, but I think you don't know yet that you are gay so things come out in your writing that you may not intend to because you are too scared to come out.

If it's true what they say about you not having a real life girlfriend or sex in ten years that speaks volumes. Homo volumes. You are probably taught by your grandma and other relatives in that house that gays are evil and wrong, never stopping to think that the reason they probably think that way is because they are still pissed your aunt left your uncle because she was a lesbian.

Anonymous said...

nicky has no business making someone else feel bad for their lack of originality.


Anonymous said...


I was googling something about Nicky, unrelated to any of his books, and I found a link for a torrent for "an eye in shadows"

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that's hilarious!

Anonymous said...

hey can I get a copy of "The Room Mate" sent to my email?

it's wearemany (a) yahoo (dot) com.

thanks ;)

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