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Thursday, September 18, 2008

"My Name Is Larry And I Beg of You To LOOK AT ME!"

Today, Gagstine aka Valentine Vegan posted a tribute to Barbara Malanky on his blog. Why?

Simple. Attention.

You may think it was to help his friend, whose lack of a tribute to Barbara I pointed out yesterday. A friend would have either insisted Nicky do it on his own blog or made it for him so Nicky could paste it on his own.

You make think it was an honest tribute. No. Did he know her personally? Were they friends? I stand by my no.

You make think it was a snark at me for suggesting Nicky should have done it a long time ago. Wow that is a really lame snark. I don't mean lame as in using the death of someone else for a joke, I mean lame as in he lacks the ability to make people laugh intentionally.

So why did he do it?

Simple. Attention.

It was brought up, and recently Nicky has been getting tons of attention. His thread on SomethingAwful along is over 200,000 views. Dagstine tried a different approach as of late, which was to follow Philbin around and be his yes man. Wherever Mike posts, Lawrence follows sometimes the first to reply, and it is always a blatant display of ass kissing.

So, seeing yesterday that there was something to be done that would have made someone, Nicky, look like less of a monster, he seized on it. He thought that if Nicky doing that would have lessened his monster appearance to the world, and it has yet to be done, he could get in on that.
More than anything though, he'd be the center of attention, of only for a few minutes, if only a sliver of the time his former bitch and punching bag Nicky gets. He has tried using Nicky in the past desperately to bask in some of the attention Pacione gets and never has had any success.

First he was published by him, then he interviewed him taking shots at Nicky's enemies too, then he turned on Nicky and tried aligning himself with Nicky's foes... all these things he has done have revolved around Nicky like a desperate cancer-faking moon trying to get the same amount of sunlight Planet Pacione gets, and so far has a failed orbit.

That's all it was, and this post is giving too much attention to this pathetic monster who proved at least he reads me. Funny that he has never posted here before as himself. He can I won't delete his posts, but he is scared to.

That's ok Larry. As long as you are hiding in a corner somewhere occasionally trying to get people to notice you and not stalking women and others that is fine with me. Gives us more time to expose Nicky.

But I promise you this: You try stalking anyone again, and I get word of it, Nicky will lose his title of Tard in this blog and we will expose more than you'd ever want the world to know about you.

Remember that.

Now hurry the sun is burning your scalp you need to run back to the shadow of Philbin where it's safe.


therustynail said...

You've got his number, alright.

cussedness said...

Dagstine left me a flurry of his usual waah waah bird comments. Nicky left me one on the "Once Upon A Time" entry.

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