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Monday, September 15, 2008

Russle Wolf / Theodore Vincent Wolfe

Hi folks. Sorry I've been busy moving and haven't had a chance to jump in here as of late, but whenever possible I have been checking in on the lulz. Everything from the Philbin and Dagstine Show to of course, Nicky.

I am coming back don't worry. I have tards to expose as well as balding, cancer-faking psychopaths who, along with his UK boyfriend, think that it's ok to stalk women in real life if they punk you online. The latter is my new passion, but Nicky will get equal time so don't worry.

Why I am here
This morning before I went back to work, I saw that Janrae had linked to another blog of Nicky's where he said the following

"The cousin who did that family tree page couldn’t do the complex structure being that my father is Russell Wolf."

With the exception of that douchebag in Brooklyn and his top partner, everyone else knows better than to believe what Nicky tells you. He hates his father that is no secret, in fact if you track back on this blog you'll see he doesn't call him a father but a "sperm donor".

Anyway, Russle Wolf? Anyone here ever heard of Theo Wolfe? That was Nicky's pen name some years ago.
Yes, I know, lately he has been bragging that he has always written under his real name, that is a lie, just like him telling you he is 100% original and not a plagiarizer.

Theodore Vincent Wolfe is just like every lead character in Nicky's work in that he has a female companion, which Nicky hasn't had in a decade. Oddly enough when Nicky created Theo, he made sure his wife had the same first name as his last girlfriend.

Russle Wolf / Theodore Vincent Wolfe - Anyone else suspicious? Even I, who has a deep knowledge of Nicky's life and cannot reveal why as of right now, have never known the name of the man who had sex with a very underage girl and made a madman. There are pros and cons that this is his real father's name

Pro: "Theo Wolfe's" family in the story below uses real names, such as "Melanie".

Con: Nicky hates his father, but probably wouldn't want you writting to the prison he is current residing in and getting dirt on him.

For those of you hungry for dirt on Nicky, I present to you Theo Wolfe's piece about Nicky's horrible on the job accident that was so bad, it warranted "Theo" to write a story about it. For those of you new to the world of Nicky, prepare to read hundreds of words written about a slacker who got a paper cut at work and was traumatized by it for life. Enjoy.


therustynail said...

Yes! You're back. I've missed you.

Jodi Lee said...

I was starting to worry you'd never come back! Good to see you, ETT!

Nickolaus Pacione said...

That isn't a papercut you fuck, that was nearly shredding a finger in a grinder. To that Double Wide fuck up there, that wasn't a papercut so get your facts straight losers. (Yes I am talking to the greenhaired gastric bypass reject up there.)

The grinder pulled mu fingernail out of the nailbed in the middle and leaving two pieces of nail on each side and taking part of my knuckle too.

I am sure she would end up sitting on me for this remark sure she would want to sufficate me while breaking wind.

You fucks are so damn hellbent since I did that blog on WordPress.com and noticed one of you assholes is posting parts of my book in the commment area, nice try you schmucks. Let me ask this Jodi -- would you lower yourself to E-Book Piracy just to get your point across.

I am sure you're encouraging your daughters it is okay to wreck someone.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

Asshole that was when I got stabbed in the back of the head -- mother fucker. Get your fucking heads out of your ass and think about what your saying for a minute.

Mike Brendan said...

"...think about what your saying for a minute."

Actually that should be "you're," but otherwise it's good advice -- you should follow it.

Anonymous said...

[H]e wanted to write something that is likely top scare the shit of someone from Iowa as well as in Chicago Illinois.

Ah, that explains everything. People in Iowa and Chicago have a completely different definition of "scary" than the rest of the world.

Anonymous said...

Mr. pacione, are you aware that nothing you have written so far is actually scary?

ZombieWriter said...

Wow. The sad thing is that this older story actually has better mechanics than his current work.

Nicky, this is what happens when you start to believe your own hype. You think you're a great writer, and you turn into a joke. Well-played, sir.

Anonymous said...

I hope you check your email today. Very tasty lead sent this morning.

Anonymous said...

We read that story.

There really isn't anything scary about a bunch of obnoxious teenagers chasing after Nicky for being an annoying little prick. Maybe it was scary for Pacione after it dawned on him that he was running his mouth too much, and the people he was so desperately trying to impress decided to take him down a peg.

Also, we seriously doubt that Nicky was a victim of an assault that violent. We think he combined an avoidable accident with a sharp object with the day that those kids he wanted to be friends with so bad decided they had enough of him. We don't doubt that there probably was a lot of name calling, sexual insults, and maybe one or two blows to the arm, but it wasn't attempted murder.

cussedness said...

I have always been skeptical of Nicky's claim to having been stabbed in the back of the head.

For one thing, the head is mostly a hard bony thing with only a single point of easy entry.

D. P. Lyle M.D. wrote a detailed description of what it takes to cause serious damage to the head with a knife and the normal results of such types of trauma in "Murder and Mayhem"

Jodi Lee said...

You want to be careful, mentioning my daughters, nicki-poo. You have no idea who I am, or who my friends are. You know only what you see online.

So, as I've mentioned before - I can lose weight, can you gain more penis?

JupiterPluvius said...

Mr. pacione, are you aware that nothing you have written so far is actually scary?

I'm terrified whenever I read something he's written.

Terrified for the future of the English language.

Anonymous said...

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