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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Why Nicky Is Going To Hell or Nicky Uses The Deaths of Others For His Own Gain

"Jaen you're way out of line with this one, and since you pissed on a dead authors grave with your act that is personal."
Nicky got bested by Baxter and in order to get back at her, he once again uses Barbara Malenky's death for his own benefit.
" The bitch ruined the legacy of Barbara Malenky. Jaen you're way out of line with this one, and since you pissed on a dead authors grave with your act that is personal."
A few months ago someone on Shocklines brought up Barbara's' death and most on the board expressed sadness. Nicky acted as if he knew about this already, but if so he had never spoken a word about it prior or made any kind of remembrance on any of his hundred blogs or book dedications.

In that Shocklines thread, Nicky chimed in. He didn't just confirm she died, he made a point to tell you the projects of HIS she was in and where you could buy them. He then went around and tried reselling his previous titles using her death as a new angle. And now that Jane punked him for the world to see, he is using Barbara's name again, never having actually said any last words about her, as a shield to protect himself.

But this isn't the first time Nicky has done that.

Someone at his high school killed himself, and even though Nicky wasn't his friend and didn't like him, Nicky wrote about his death numerous times in stories you had to pay to read.

A few of his former classmates murdered a cab driver years ago, and again even though Nicky didn't know any of those involved, he felt the need to write about it as if he did to link his name with them.

Same with a local newscaster who was murdered.

Same with the Columbine victims.

Same with those who perrished in 9/11.

Think the last one was bad? Nicky tried his hardest to sell "Quakes and Storms" using the 2004 Tsunami tragedy to market it. At least 225,000 people died in that, and even though Nicky told you to buy "Quakes and Storms" to help them, they never saw a dime. Not just because no one really bought it, but because what little money he got from it he never donated to the Red Cross as promised. Of course we all know now he then tried using the same book to "help" Katrina victims in a move to cover his own disgusting jokes about the victims of that tragedy. And we know that even though he tried selling that book using them, even though he would retort to anyone to critisized it's poor quality and plaguerizing editor with the idea that in doing that you were hurting Katrina victims, he didn't send any money to the Red Cross for them either.

He will use the deaths of others to promote his writing and his own name.
He will tell anyone who correctly thinks his books are shit that they are desicrating the memories of the dead by criticizing him.
And he will keep whatever money is sent via him intended to go towards the dead and their families.

Does he disrespect the dead? Always. He wished for the death of his ex's mother and bragged that he had planned to party on her grave complete with urinating on it. In the past year he has made terrible remarks towards his enemies by using their deceased relatives in his insults over and over again.

In fact, his views towards the death of others is so cold, that I refrained from posting one of his old blogs because it even bothered me how he disrespected the dead. I will have to dig it out, but basically...

There was a time years ago where he thought he had a girlfriend online (she didn't think the same way about him, and when he discovered she was a lesbian he felt betrayed) and loved chatting with her online. He was living at his grandparents by this point. Anyway, his aunt died, and in one blog he dedicated about two sentences in a blog to her memory, then went back to promoting his work.

To me, the worst part was when he was complaining about the funeral arrangements. Apparently relatives came from out of town for the funeral, and a number of them needed to use a computer to check their email to contact relatives elsewhere. Nicky was more upset that they needed to check their email which gave

I would like to think that someday someone will show the family of Barbara what Nicky is doing using her death, but I would rather they never have to be bothered with him or that.

Nicky, you little plagiarizer, you do more to disrespect the dead than all of your enemies combined. You are a worthless failure and worthy of the same disrespect when you pass on.

However, your enemies will have more class when that happens than you.


cussedness said...

My only companion for the past eight years was my dog, Levy. When Levy died of kidney failure at the age of 11, Nicky posted nasty comments about it to my xanga.

Anonymous said...

Nicky was more upset that they needed to check their email which gave


Anonymous said...

Nikki is a bit pissed, I think, because Baxter is not taking the bait and responding to him - and so he now has 5 blog posts about her.

I have a feeling that she is letting out enough rope for him to hang himself -which he will- and then she's gonna give that rope a nice little yank.

Anonymous said...

When Kelly Goldberg died, Nickums had some choice words about her. He has no room whatsoever to talk about disrespecting the dead.

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