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Sunday, November 30, 2008

"What kind of crates does he use that shatter?"


Again via friend

This is the place I am staying at until 10 AM then I have to move over to the hostel up north which I sometimes call the home away from home (I’ve been to the one up by Loyola so many times through out the years. I am almost on first name basis with the people working there.

It’s going to be crazy today to say the least. I understand how you’re a bag of nerves right now because I was there last night (accidentally shattering the bottom of one of my crates (let’s hope it doesn’t snow over here because I can’t exactly get another crate off hand, I use those totes that people use more often for storage for transferring my books.)

What kind of crates does he use that shatter? Wooden orange crates? Plastic milk crates stolen from behind a grocery store? Rubbermaid storage bins?

The last one you mentioned. This has been confirmed as well, the "crates" he uses are in fact

Bonus lulz:
Yeah I am single, and hating it. Looking for a new girlfriend but seems like they're hard to find when they are over 26. Ladies seem to be either married or with someone at that age.

The Opposite Sex (I am STRAIGHT, end of story. I like to see a hot Goth lady wearing jeans every now and then. Ladies, I am single and availabe, just be between 25 to 36. I wish I can go older but it would feel too weird being my mother is 15 years older than I am.
Hates being single I knew it. And I absolutely love how he doesn't see anything wrong with constantly reminding us his mom was 14 when she was impregnated with the demon seed. I think women who aren't up on Nicky's failures might be a bit put off when a guy is constantly addressing them and begging for a date. Sad he had to go to The Awakening II without one, isn't it?


therustynail said...

So, what happened to that female photographer he was going to call, so she could share his booth? I just knew he wanted some arm candy for the evening.

50 Foot Ant said...

Is he huddled up in that sleeping bag?

Melany said...

I personally can't wait to see how he tries to make it look like the evening went perfect. Or what he thinks is a success.

As for the acne thing. I more or less forced him to bathe/shower when I was seeing him to he really didn't have scabs and acne all over his face to pick.

baupdeth said...

Don't forget in his last email rant to me, he said he was about to get a girlfriend. Could it be the phantom photog? Was he expecting too much, or sent the wrong vibe.

Inquiring minds don't really want to know.

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