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Saturday, April 3, 2010

GAME OVER Target Revealed!

I just got a message in my anonymous reporting box that Peter Propaganda is supposed to be Eugine from GAME OVER. I don't know who sent this because I have it set up so that people can report things anonymously, but I asked AngryInIllinois if he knew anything about it and he said
"No, but that explains a lot. I left out the fact that Eugine was also a DJ in my review"
Why does that name sound familiar? Because Nicky went after him recently as covered here. At the time I named that entry "Nicky's Latest Horror Target", now magically there's a Mary Sue about an editor slash DJ, so I'm inclined to believe this anonymous bit of info.

Thank you anonymous for that helpful piece of information!

This begs the question: Should someone tell him?


Anonymous said...

omg he just broke the record for most pathetic whine ever

"HorrorGal you really are fucking pathetic -- 40 years old picking on a 33 year old."

then he accused her husband of punching little kids. i've never seen a grown man cry so much when people fuck back with him

therustynail said...

Okay, I do remember a DJ who goes by Peter Propoganda. This begs the question, however, of whatever happened to Pathogen. Nicky used to love railing at Pathogen.

ExposeTheTard said...

Wasn't it Pathogen who pointed and laughed at Nicky at a Gothicfest?

therustynail said...

Could be. I remember Pathogen from either the Goth community at LJ that Nicky lost command of, when he lost all four of his accounts there a couple of years ago, or the Chicago_Gothic community there. Might have been the Chicago one.

Sarah said...

I can't believe he's using the "I'm mentally ill, you can't say anything bad about me!" card.

Mike Brendan said...

Sarah, you mean "again," don't you? :)

cussedness said...

He's been using that card a lot lately.

It was fine in his twisted little mind to harass a crippled woman older than his mother, but not him.

I guess he's just speshul

Melany said...

Let's all use the "Hey Nicky poo we're mentally ill you can't talk like that to us!" card. Granted the fact we're making fun of his hypocrisy would be lost on him.

Anonymous said...

According to Nicky, Horrorgal is going to hell because she is 6 years older than he is. In other words he's saying she's picking on (excuse me for a second...bwahahahahahahah!) she's picking on someone younger than her, and that's bad.

By that rational he's picking on Slade and anyone else younger than him.

Oh wait! I almost forgot! Someone younger than him dissed him and it was disrespecting elders! So if anyone catches Nicky ragging on someone who isn't exactly 34, we need to call him out on that.

I really am shocked lately at all the reasons and excuses he has that people shouldn't be mean (back) to him. In this past decade I've never seen him hide behind so much shit. I've seen him do it sure, not to this extent.

Jenny said...

Here's another Nicky-lapse-of-logic:

In his latest Wordpress whine-fest he says something like "my magazine, I get to choose what stories I print". OK, fine, but...

In his latest pile-o-words called "Game Over", the supposed villain is *evil* because he won't print blue collar Gothic horror (whatever the hell that is). Well, his magazine, his choice of what stories to print.

Lewis said...

If Hypocrisy was a religion, Nicky would be the High Priest, even politicians have trouble matching him in that area.

Mike Brendan said...

Thing is, even if you're the same age he'd complain and try to claim you and he were peers (he tried that with me while he was on Associated Content).

Anonymous said...

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