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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Nicky's Latest "Horror Target"

First and foremost, Nicky's latest old target is something that actually got him on Wikipedia!

Nicky recently left a comment on the band Caustic's profile that simply went as follows


Feb 20, 2010, 12:29am
Retire you fucking drunk. You're not getting a dime from me. Schmuck.

Wow! Pot sure is angry at the kettle, isn't he?

But why? (select words linked or in bold by me)
Lady, if you only knew the history of the Pacione / Fanale rivalry -- it stemmed from me doing the second Gothicfest. He was picking a fight with a person I call a very good friend and the reason I am visible as an author/publisher/promoter today.
It started out on LameJournal.com when I was promoting my appearence on Gothicfest 2007. Fanale and one of his other friends (a rival author) decided to pick a fight with me on there -- so I had another blog outside of the site and basically stated I will never get a CD from that drunk. Him and Crunchpod I made huge horror targets in the novella I am writing. He makes himself an easy target to have someone rip his nuts off verbally.
My hating his guts got me respect among people who think he's a prick. I decided to make a smart ass remark suggesting he retires after one of his friends pirated one of my books and he gained a pirated copy. I am now also a rival publisher of his friend Peter Propaganda too -- that actually stemmed from facebook, if you want to look up what I do just click the lulu.com links. Propaganda and I were once friends. Fanale claims to be hardcore when I have a reputation of doing things that are really hardcore such as pissing on a rival editor's picture and loading it up to a blog.
Oh noes! Nicky is going to make a vague reference to you in an upcoming book few will read!

This folks, is a tried and true marketing method Nicky has used for sometime: "I'm going to release a book that bashes you so you and your friends will have to buy copies to see what is said about you!"

Remember "An Eye In Shadows"? Remember how for years, we were all told the industry would be revealed and numerous enemies of his would have to hide in shame after what he would expose? He was hoping that people would buy a copy just to see what he said, and the only person I saw who even entertained that idea was Bluey. Sadly for Nicky though, the day before he officially released it for sale, a copy he had given away had been passed around to hundreds and hundreds of people, after which no one needed to actually pay for a copy.

Recently he tried this again with "Fandumb Writer" in order to get traffic to one of his old sites he was resurrecting.

Regardless, if you get such a threat from Nicky, keep in mind that
  • He will never use real full names, since he can't afford the legal bills that would follow.
  • The book, whatever it is, simply won't sell. Ever.
  • The three people that read the story won't know who you are in relation to him, nor would they care if they found out.
  • Many people who become Nicky's "Horror Targets" find a rise in sales and popularity, since Nicky has so many enemies people will often support those he hates just to irk him. Furthermore, many people become friends once they find they all have the hate of our lovable troll in common.
  • It's Nicky, so no attack from him, be it his fists or words, can ever hurt anyone.
And finally...
"I have a reputation of doing things that are really hardcore such as pissing on a rival editor's picture and loading it up to a blog."
What a hypocrite. He got all upset when it was done to him, but not only was he the first to place someone's picture in a toilet and urinate on it, he still brags about it. He also took a page from Baxter's book and not only wiped his dirty ass with it, he then placed it on top of the garbage in their kitchen. Such class must really jack up his sales.


Anonymous said...


Jane Timm Baxter said...
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Jane Timm Baxter said...

(Oops.. I hit the wrong button!)

Ah, yes. The "shit in the kitchen" video. The thing I found so very (insert synonyms for "weird" here) about that was the fact that he didn't buy a copy of "Nice and Strange" - he couldn't have, since it was never offered for sale. It was a little love journal thing I made as a present for my husband one year. All Nick did was print out a copy of the cover after swiping the image from a blog of mine... all so he could prove how disgusting HE could be.
And I never got hate email from anyone other than Nick, so those "pissed of TP writers" must not have been that pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the reviewer "Jeff McGillicutty" on Lulu is going to be featured as a target in an upcoming work by Patches Pacione.

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