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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Recently, we've seen Nicky complain that he had loaned somebody money in good faith and it was never repaid. Actually Nicky has threatened to bring suit against this person only to be shocked and scared that she decided to actually file a libel suit instead of just threatening like he did.

Well she wasn't the only one

Tuesday, January 15, 2002

It had been a long time since I did a nice pissed off little rant, but here goes. Never send money to someone you thought you loved then they realized that they were a backstabbing faggot who just played you, and then want someone of their own sex over the opposite sex. The bitch I am referring to here is one that I thought who was kind hearted, but turned out that she was really a backstabbing peice of trailor trash. But anyway -- getting ready to go to Goth Con and looking forward to that a lot because I had never been to New Orleans. It is going to be cool because it would be without the person I thought I had loved but the next thing I knew she was a total back stabber. But other than that I am doing fine in that department -- my best friend was right about her.

Friday, January 18th, 2002
10:01 pm
Just because of a rant I did on xanga they are trying to get me in trouble with the livejournal police, what the fuck do they expect me to do watch my fucking language. Because I have a strong opinion on something and back it up means that I should be deleted from livejournal -- what the motherfuck is up with that? I swear they had brain damage. Some people need to get a godmotherfucking damn life and leave me alone to say what I want to say, it is not so freedom of speech for the heterosexual male. I am pissed that so many tend to get more into trouble because my crime is freedom of speech, and being a heterosexual male one tends to get hell because the heterosexual male is being silenced. I helped a certain person on here and now she is stabbing me in the back, what the fuck is with that. I go by the benifit of the doubt at times and sometimes I would get in trouble for it but for others who like to get me kicked off of here -- fuck you because of all the help I had given you in the past, I wish I told you to fuck off then and there when you asked me for a website and for an online journal. You should be thanking me instead of fucking me over and stealing my money. One thing I hate are thieves and what you are is a theif who lied about sending out money that you owe. That money she said she sent me never got here -- ******** knew that ***** lied about sending it just so I can get off her back. What the motherfuck is up with that? I gave that money in good faith and now I never got that money; though you said you sent it -- you never did. Someone loans you money -- pay it the fuck back. And I am not going to watch my language, even when it comes to insulting authority.

Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Some people cannot get a sense of humor of someone with the wit of a marine drill sargent. Where this fuck is asking me to delete the other post -- fuck that, it stays here. I had this journal as a way to blast livejournal and will blast livejournal at any cost, and found a way to blast melo as well because some little faggot named rick who keeps telling me to get a hair cut. I will pay someone $90 to piss on him in his sleep or better yet take a shit in his shoes send me a picture of when the deed is done. I am going to piss two fuckers off with one stone here, one fucker who decided to take it upon themselves to bully me here on xanga and they already did that on livejournal -- will the mister father fuckers please stand up so I can throw dog shit mixed with my piss at them. Fucks cannot see where someone is pollitically incorrect and they like to hug their trees -- I cannot help if I just marked my territory on them already; raise a leg and take a leak. That is exactly what I did when I joined xanga -- I was going to do this backlash to every motherfucker who did me wrong on livejournal. Including some greeding hag who still owes me money -- who could not afford to support her own kid so she has to turn a few tricks. For that matter the money I loaned her she was using to buy crack to shoot up her veins. She might be getting it on with a he-she for that matter -- fucking shims. This fucking shim liked to get its rocks off on making my life a living hell because I am one who appreciates a born female not one that was made by a doctor. The fucker who is making my life hell on melo and this fucking shim should get together and play buttdarts with each other. I would give them each a dollar and tell them to buy a sense of humor.

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