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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Expose the Tard is a fucking loser

Why I say they're a fucking loser -- it's simple, they go around stealing my photographs and they have no right to those pictures. Stealing older works of fiction when there wasn't a creative commons on the damn thing. Quit stealing my shit you piece of shit. Obessed little loser who posted my family's phone number up when it wasn't even listed so I am thinking they got it from Susan Taylor or Russo.

Well I've heard of both of those people and met one, but I am neither. Who am I? Someone that has known you for a long time. You'd have to go down a list of everyone you knew, both online and in person, and I would be the last person you'd expect. I honestly don't think you remember me but someday you will.

The horse raper has nothing better to do but pirate and swipe my work without end. fuckers are trying to break my spirit, sorry it is not going to work. I think people like that fucker need to be drawn and quartered five ways. One car pulling their right arm, one car pulling their left arm, the other pulling their right leg and the other pulling their left leg. Then the fifth one -- going around their head. Each person takes turns hitting the gas. First the car on the right going about 140 MPH. Then the others go next the same fashion.

Who do you have in mind to do this to me? You can't drive you're too retarded and too poor to afford even the most decrepit car. Those you think are your friends who have cars won't do it they all think you're nuts.

This mother fucker is doing the same thing as the assholes who actively steal mp3s on Napster did. Listen you cunt -- I have a fucking right to get my books out there and get some legit cash for the things I write. You're violating that right and breaking the law while doing so. I think you're an obsessed little worm who needs to exterminated like some termite or cockroach. If you didn't take the picture or write the story, then why the fuck are you taking it and posting it on your blog? Copyright rape, that is exactly what you assholes are doing on that blog and on The Other Dark Place -- repeatedly stealing from someone's blog and that fucker who goes on as AL_Kilyu -- needs to have a well placed bullet between his eyes.

I couldn't find any mp3s being offered on this site, and the crap I am reposting is so old even you don't have it anymore. I do have a website of yours where you have a banner demanding a hacker be freed because he was violating software laws and got in trouble with Adobe. I guess I'll have to post that next.

I will say this much, that site will be extinct by the time I get done. Trying to get my long time friends (real life friends of 20 years, that is the most lowbrow shit I've ever seen done. What the fuck is wrong with you? The fact you got a lot of this information from me when talking to him.)

Just who are you talking about? True I have had countless discussions with people you consider long time friends but you are going to have to be more specific. If you are refering to "Coach", all I did was send him numerous instances of you denouncing his faith. From here on out those pieces and those he has yet to see will appear here.

Assholes calling my house and threatening my life on Halloween, fuck off mother fuckers. Whoever steals from people as far as copyrighted works -- it is the ultimate sin in this business and they deserve to be stoned to death.

I reposted a website that had mentioned your personal information. I never called you or told anyone else to. Read back through this site and show me where I told people what to do with your information.

You got really nasty with the owner of a free site and when you continued to threaten him, he got your information and showed it to you. He also left the transcript up in place of where your website used to be to warn others about you. Nothing has changed, so it's still pertinent to this day. You won't be stoning or quartering me anytime soon. Let me know when you start threatening me with methods that aren't from the middle ages.


Anonymous said...

You should all check out the brand new feed on LiveJournal archiving Peaches' blogspot account.


Anonymous said...

Nickolaus, you asshole, you just took away all our fun by having the feed suspended.

Just keep in mind one thing: For every Web site you have suspended, at least three more will pop up.

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