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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Nuclear Decay or Nicky's Prediction of 9/11 from 1997

Remember a few posts back when you saw Nicky claim to have forseen 9/11 in a piece he did titled "Nuclear Decay"?
Four years ago in December, I had written the story Nuclear Decay, and what frightens me about that one -- is that this story is going to become true. The poem Black Winter is about the winter after a nuclear war; there is going to be a black winter this year because of what Bin Ladden has done. That story was a horror tale drawn on the aftermath of war but never thought it would come true until now.
That wasn't the first time he tried to cash in on a major disaster. He wrote a story some years ago about a flood. When Katrina hit he was all too proud to let everyone know that he had written about it beforehand and was excited to see it came to be. He would later go on to put together an anthology called "Quakes and Storms" that he would try to get free press for using Katrina.

*** Note to anyone from Something Awful new to Nicky: Ask Nicky why he didn't donate the proceeds of Quakes and Storms to the Red Cross for Katrina victims like he promised. See the post before this one where he mentions a "platelet appointment"? After Katrina, when he was caught making jokes about flood victims, then claimed he would make Quakes and Storms a charity book for them, he actually used an old picture of him at a platelet appointment after Katrina to show people he was donating blood or plasma to the Red Cross to further add to the lie. Ask Nicky about the Red Cross! ***

As you will read in "Nuclear Decay", a story he has long since lost and will see again for the first time today, he sees himself as a prophet. You'll actually see the words "prophet's email" below. Enjoy.

Nuclear Decay
April 11, 1997

One would say the evil that men do will live on forever -- Perhaps the murdered souls remain for the rest of their days. The reality of horror one may ask -- "What kind of God sits back and watches man die in torture?" The questions which remain as one continues to ask this question -- "Why must one die for a crime one did not commit?" Is this the freedom one calls their rights to really live or is it a form of slavery? The question that one shall ask are horrifying but they remain ignored within the fantasy of religion -- the raping of the madness one toys with eats them from the inside; a hate disguised as love but the hate remains dormant within one's thoughts -- a horror the question remains. If God created mankind -- why does man go and destroy themselves with the toys they create? The freedom they very much fight for destroys them within their heart of madness, these are the forgivable -- the blasphemy of the Anti-Christ. The number one receives on their right hand -- the number of man, for one denies the sign of the cross.
��� The life they lead -- the birth of self destruction, a second holocaust one witnesses within the eyes of a prophet. The prophet witnesses the horror within a reality of unspeakable horror -- the prophet becomes a witness of the last martyr, the telltale sign of the horror becoming. The darkness fills the sky with a rain of blood and fire -- a passing of judgment as the dead are those remain unborn. The perverted reality as one cannot describe this -- the thoughts of the philosophers cannot define the signs of the end. I have seen the angels from heaven opening the seventh seal -- the prophecy one has read has come into reality. For this is known as the sign of the cross -- The ground slowly engulfs a modern Sodom and Gomorrah; for this is that the ground is drunk on the blood of the sinners. One would call this the birthright of the beast -- the beast rising out the earth with the four horsemen close behind. One shall ask that this is the wrath to become -- is the horror of biblical prophecy coming to be.
���The morbid fear remains as all the saints disappear from the face of the earth -- a prophecy which the Bible spoke of that the dead in the Christ shall rise first then those still alive will be caught up in the clouds. I slowly watch in horror as the street prophets are caught and killed at the gallows pole and crucified on the Y-shaped crosses. I saw that the angels are crying from heaven -- the choir of demons chant the message of fear within the torture of mankind. The demons of the flesh hand the philosophers a chalice of death -- for they are to drink from the chalice. The chalice was filled with the blood of all the saints and sinners who refused to take the mark of the beast. This they refused to drink -- but they were engulfed by a fire from within their soul.
���One has seen the sky turning to black -- all I could hear is Black. An angel rises from the fires of hell -- he left behind a letter. I began to read the letter -- speaking of a form of judgment from heaven. The letter reads:
���"From the inside out -- the fires from Hades is only the beginning. The whore has conceived the child who was cursed at birth -- to live for a millennium. The child was there at the time of the crucifixion -- the prophesy one writes of is the testimony of the judgment from heaven, the raining fire and blood. The city I am writing to is to all current day Sodom and Gomorrah within the country of what was known as Babylon. This letter I write forewarns one who shall read this is the message of the Father of David. For I shall testify his wrath upon the earth -- the horror that one witnesses is the hand of God."
���The prophet's letter one could see is dark revelation from above. The hand of judgment has taken its toll -- the sound deafing from the silence from a bell as it tolls the sound of the time of the final martyr bleeds. As one reads in the prophet's letter, "The sky will bleed as the last martyr will die -- the rapture will begin to happen." The prophecy one has read appears on the screen of my computer -- a horror of the end appears on the internet. The realization of it being too late as one has received the mark of mankind -- the thunderbolt steers all things, and war is the father of all. The writings in the email message tell of something cryptic, mythical carving talking about the prophecy.
��� The drawings that appear on the computer speak of a beast that rises out of the water and its followers will arise with it out of the ashes -- another letter appeared on email speaking of the seventh seal breaking open and all the followers of the world will receive a mark! -- they cannot either buy or sell without this mark. For all the politicians shall speak of peace only to start another cold war -- giving birth to a nuclear winter. The telltale horror one cannot describe in full but the future is still uncertain -- the keys to the prophet's riddle are left unclear. The horror foretold within the email letters -- a technological terror one does not wish to recall or is afraid because one does not understand how time slowly stands still as one realizes that he is a stranger in a strange land.
���I continue to read the message coming up on my email -- saying that the sky is becoming black and one third of the world's waters become red as blood. One is frozen in fear as the seventh seal begins to crack -- the cryptic message in the prophet's email. One has seen this before -- somewhere in England, I visited the place called Stonehenge. I have heard the myths about how the sun and moon will line up and unleash an unspeakable horror -- wiping mankind into final extinction. A winter of which the world becomes a place of eternal rot -- the smell of rotting decay one has written of I have been told while I was back in the service about the end will occur at one sudden press of a button.
��� The war that should not be -- a fire from the skies as one shall see before they die by their own hand. The twisted visions of a hope raping their mortal souls -- a reality thrown away to something one cannot see the horror becoming. The smell of a nuclear blast begins the burning into the lungs of hell -- the words of the prophet were typed into the internet. The message was the dark revelation of the mass destruction of an evil of mankind -- killing each other for religion. The email of blood spills slowly into the skies -- becoming a storm of world demise.


Anonymous said...

Oh bullSHIT if Nicky ever donated blood! He'd probably faint dead away if he ever crossed the threshold of a blood center.

And WTF does that "story" have to do with 9/11? I admit that I just skimmed it in order to spare my sanity, but it looks to me like he's just regurgitating some of the gorier parts of Revelation. "Email of blood" indeed.

Nickolaus Pacione said...

That story is copyrighted bitch. I didn't predict 9/11 you fucking twat. you hide behind a fake name and violate every copyright I have.

Anonymous said...

Nicky, your "copyright" is not legally defensible unless it's registered. Did you actually shell out the $40 to register this thing? If so....BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

God, you're a tool.

Mike Brendan said...

Once again, Nick, I direct you to the first rule of the Egoless Writer:

"Remember, it's not about you."

Anonymous said...

In that picture, he looks like a kid whose ice cream cone has just hit the dirt and he's trying not to cry.

Anonymous said...

You're right about the photo. He's making that boo-boo lip face. That, combined with the fugly tie and the ballcap, should tell anyone everything they might want to know about our favorite tard.

ExposeTheTard said...

"you hide behind a fake name"

Really? And Jason Trotter isn't? Do you have pictures of Jason Trotter Nicky? How about wehatepacione? Was his real identity ever revealed?

I would hope that by now you realize nobody thought Jason Trotter was anyone but you. That was a fake name. You hid behind it. Hiding behind fake names, like say ValentineVegan, is a bad thing right? I have yet to see you nag the real id of VV in public.

It's "copywritten" and no it wasn't. And you said with 9/11, like you did with Katrina, that shit you wrote came true so don't play innocent with me plaguerizer.

Anonymous said...

ETT, I truly hate to say this, but Nicky is correct. The word is "copyright," which, although a noun, is often used as a verb. Thus, "copyrightable," "copyrighting," and "copyrighted" are all correct.

ExposeTheTard said...

My bad anonymous! I blame "I Got The Power" by Snap for getting the phrase "Copywritten lyrics so they can't be stolen" for that flub. ;'D

Anonymous said...

hey exposethetard, is there a way that you can add a search feature to the site? I know alot of new Nicky fans would appreciate bein able to find certain info that way

Poppy said...

Ask Nicky why he didn't donate the proceeds of Quakes and Storms to the Red Cross for Katrina victims like he promised.

You could also ask him why he mocked the losses of every bookseller and library in New Orleans in an attempt to insult one of his imaginary "arch-enemies" (that would be me).

Unfortunately, Nikki is correct that reposting his entire story here is a copyright violation (if it is in fact the entire story -- I couldn't get through it to see).

Poppy said...

Sorry, I pressed "publish your comment" too soon -- meant to add that, contrary to popular belief, copyrights do not need to be registered or paid for. Your original story, novel, article, etc. belongs to you from the moment you set pen to paper or fingers to keys. You don't even have to put "(c) 2008 by Nikki 'Sweet-Buns' Pacione" anywhere on it; simply the by-line is enough, and too much emphasis on copyright in your manuscript tends to look amateurish. /pedantry

Anonymous said...

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