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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

"I hated to take up the role as a war commentator"

See the title of this thread? I couldn't wait to post the blog entry below and let it hit you at the very end as he wrote it, because to me I couldn't do it justice by merely making that part of the paragraph in a bigger font.

Nicky has always found a way of making any news tragedy about himself, from 9/11 to any local murder. Hell, if one is unlucky enough to read An Eye In Shadows they'll see he opens the book making a classmate's death about himself. But don't think for a second he is empathizing with any of the victims he writes about, because he can't. He lacks the ability to empathize with others. People with his condition(s) have been shown to merely mimic the act of pity on others from what they've seen in the media and from people around them because while they cannot empathize themselves, they know that's what they're supposed to do, so they pretend.

Anyway, a journalist was kidnapped while covering fighting in the middle east, and it scared the shit out of Nicky as he took it that he himself was also in danger being a journalist himself. The following was written by the same person who thought he (himself) was in danger after 9/11 because the terrorists were bound to hit Chicago, then scared to travel for the same reasons, even terrified that he would fall victim to a biological weapon attack.

7:26 am Thursday January 22nd 2002
the kidnapped Journalist
I was wondering if any of you were watching the news at all -- about the journalist who is kidnapped. I am thinking what the fucking hell. And the email the fucks used is through hotmail; it is one thing that I get a little bugged about the idea that the terrorists are using email to fuck with the country more because they like to call this nation sitting ducks. I was wondering what each of you think of the thought of terrorists using hotmail to deliver their threats. This is a shot to my system as an aspiring journalist. I cannot even begin to sleep because the dreams that would come into the picture about the thought if they carry out the deaths of journalists on the front lines -- they are risking their lives even more than the ones who are fighting the war. They don't get enough credit for what they are doing -- if I had the chance to cover it as a journalist I would go but I would not go unarmed. For the members of livejournal in the military and members of my e-lists who are going over -- my thoughts are with them. Those of you who are in Chicago and stuck in the snow be safe because it is really dangerous; for those who do believe in the power of prayer -- just pray for the safety of that journalist and the family who is here in the states. Especially since the mother is expecting, and due in three months. I hated to take up the role as a war commentator in the American front but this is something I did not ask to do but as a writer it is almost a given. In truth I am dreadfully frightened for the journalists who are over in the Arabic Theatre.
He survived this threat however, and went on to charge $3 for misspelled submission guidelines to his upcoming...work.

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