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Monday, January 18, 2010

Stalking or Social Networking?

Align CenterNicky is a shameless rock star groupie. He always has been. Whether it's buying bands turkeys, pizzas, or volunteering to be a roadie for them, his love of sweaty metal beasts could better be described as a passion.

Or if you know Nicky, an obsession. For 2010, it's Scott Ian of Anthrax.
Nickolaus Pacione
How's the comic coming along? Been a long time since we spoke, but I am not sure if you remember me -- I was the one who told you about Iced Earth, The Glorious Burden. I am looking for an illustrator for my new novella -- perhaps you can give me a lead or two.
January 6 at 12:46am
That was his facebook. In order to make sure Scott can effectvely see him, he then follows up the unanswered question on another site (seriously why would you ask someone something on facebook, then reply on Myspace if they actually did reply to you?)

Jan 6, 2010 2:12 PM

So you do remember me. How's it going Scott, I caught Anthrax with Lacuna Coil in 2003. That's where I met Ray and Gwen of Grigori 3 (Check them out if you like Lacuna Coil and Ministry.) Since we last spoke I got published with Naked Snake Press with a novella, and I am seeking an illustrator for a couple new stories. Where can I get your comic book when it comes out?
This of course is Nicky laying the seeds for a successful promoter career. See, he tried writing, and realized he wasn't very good at it. He then tried putting together anthologies, which allowed him to let other people do the writing and at the end he simply slapped his name on it and he could say he had a book. But even Nicky, with his strong will and inability to admit wrong, finally started to realize that even publishing was something he wasn't good at.

So now he's trying his hand at another medium he hopes to profit off of by letting others do the actual creative work so he can reap the benefits.

Nicky is no stranger to the fine art of ass kissing, but it's moments like this that make you hope that rock stars these days have really good security.

edited to add: DYER'S EVE (yet another title stolen from a rock band, just as AVARICE was stolen from the band DISTURBED) is another "4theluv" anotholgy. "4theluv" means the person putting the project together isn't offering to pay you, you're doing it "for the love" of the project or act of writing itself. Anyway, DYER'S EVE's purpose is for something for Nicky to hand out at rock concerts. Nicky has a habit of handing out his books to rock bands to get his name out there (and hopefully get swag in return...he loves shirts and CDs!) so the purpose of this project is for him to be able to show bands how metal he is. He wants to be able to point to the title of the anthology and tell a band how metal he is for using the title of a Metallica song, and he wants to be able to open up the book to his story, AVARICE, and point out that it's the name of another metal band's (Disturbed) song.

You aren't supposed to know this though. You weren't supposed to find out his latest project is more about him wanting into the music scene and nothing to do with the writing scene...so don't tell him I told you! shhhh


Anonymous said...

I'm just glad to hear that Nicky caught anthrax...

Anonymous said...

I guess he gave up on owning that nightclub in Joliet.

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