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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Grease And Lightning

Ugh ok it's been too long since I've gazed at long pages of his drivel. Maybe it's because I wasn't wearing my glasses, but the headaches I used to get from pouring through his years of drivel have returned.

For now, I'm just going to go back to the last time he lost a computer (but not the last time he'd lose one) but I chose this one for a reason: I have always suspected that the mere fact a BOLT OF LIGHTNING DESTROYED HIS COMPUTER was an obvious sign from above. Think about it; he's tooling along on his latest abomination, taking a break from looking at porn to create another forgettable afront unto God, and suddenly nature itself destroys the very machine he has used over the years to churn out hate and garbage.

Atheist or not, you can't tell me it wasn't divine intervention. For the love of all that is good in the world people, A BOLT FROM THE SKIES ABOVE DESTROYED HIS COMPUTER! You all know what that was. He didn't, because he borrowed from a relative to get another one soon after.

From an entry posted here used only in part legally for the purposes of review and comment, I give you, the person so dense he couldn't see a sign from above if it destroyed his computer...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

breaking in a new computer

Before you assholes who said I was kicked off the internet can celebrate, I did just get a new computer and one story is salvaged out of the whole mess when lightning it the computer I edited Tabloid Purposes II and IV on. I am working with a new operating system so I am figuring out the learning curve with the thing and when that is done I will start with the uploading of new photos and they will be in private for close friends or for a couple short stories that were brewing around in my head.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse could ride down his street, bust down his door, and let one of their horses urinate fire on his previous writings, and he'd be none the wiser. Back then trying to stop him only made him try harder, to fail, which also always happened.

I have to order up a program version of Paperport because everything I have now needs to be compatable with Vista that means I have to get a new video camera too unless there is a way around that. My writing will be back in order too when I get this going. My master copies of everying where on the j-drive and lost The Drive By Ghost.
And nothing of value was lost.

I hope I can find one of the draft versions that my former room mate sent me via e-mail to work on because I will be re-writing one story too and found all my paper manuscripts from them. One story is in my e-mail too that got published.

Even back in 2008 thumbdrives were cheap and held a good amount of information. Floppy disks would have held a number of text documents. I'm supposed to believe I'm dealing with a professional who "backs up" files on his computer itself? Well I won't. And neither will the rest of the world.

I noticed that The Rusty Nail is up to bullshit again in the new year but I am trying to make the first part of the new year the most productive and I had to cancel the Class in Session anthology because of my major system crash.

It's a shame too, because that "Class In Session" project would have sold like crazy. Pre-orders were stacked up and the world was awaiting the masterpiece that burned in hell.

The little fuck will see his blog go to hell the moment I get the vista going to my liking. The computer I have now is a Compaq after having a gateway for the last seven years. I am going to invest in a Laptop too so I can do my short stories on the road too, and thinking how much it would cost for WiFi too.

"...because investing in a back-up harddrive or software to protect my computer is low on my list of things to blow money on. A SEVEN YEAR OLD computer and he was shocked it died? That computer crashed on it's own without the help of Divine Intervention dozens of times before. You literally could count on him whining about losing everything at least twice a year, and yet when it finally died, nothing was actually backed-up properly. If you didn't know this was the guy that misspelled his own name on one of his projects you might think he was stupid for that.

I am going to be paying my cousin back for this computer because it didn't cost as much as my one I used for Tabloid Purposes II -- I am going to have two computers if all goes well maybe three. I began to realize I am a person who almost needs three computers just to keep lake fossil press running,

LOL and since it's dead now I think it's safe to say he never got the additional two computers, am I right?

I am not about to close the company either


but I am going to plan a make up anthology for Class in Session because of the reason the computer died was an act of god sort of thing.

SEE?! Even he thinks that. That's the scary part: He thought that, but kept going. Uploading to lulu.com in defiance of God's will, this jerk kept going. Next time he tries to call anyone else an abomination, remember this evil.

All of this makes me believe in time travel. I think in the future, humans will be able to travel through time. At some point in the future, "Class In Session" and/or a few other plagiarized train wrecks will cause a rash of mass suicides. People will gaze upon them and decide there's nothing left to live for. Having had their eyes melt from their head, tens of people who actually read them will decide they'd rather be dead than blind.

But one of us took a stand: A time machine was obtained, and one of us went back in time and after repeated attempts to crash his computer and stop his madness, they finally succeeded in 2008 by not only crashing his computer, but they destroyed the back-up and saved humanity. Possibly at some point the future was still bleak after they returned, so they went back and did it again to make sure Tabloid Purposes 6:66 never saw the light of day.

Thank you brave soul, for traveling through time to stop Nicky from obliterating eyeballs around the world. Truly the world owes you!

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