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Sunday, January 10, 2010

"Lake Fossil Press Isn't Dead"

Yes it is sweetie. It's soul has long since gone to hell before being kicked out by Satan for sucking so much.

Your "creative streak" came back to you in May of 2009. That was eight months ago. You sorta tried, but you just couldn't get "Thomas Jode" completed.

But regarding Lake Fossil Press, the last thing you ever officially did with that was to edit out someone out of II who had enough of your bullshit and wanted nothing to do with you. That took you forever and when you were done you acted exhausted like you had just edited "War and Peace. We're supposed to believe your computer went down for two months and that's why you've been creatively impotent for a year? We're supposed to believe that your computer went down again, period? For crying out loud in the past decade you have had a computer crash at least four times a year and went through about ten machines. Real professional company you have, you never backed anything up and couldn't be bothered to install software on any of your many computers to prevent that from happening over and over and over. I personally think that's a lie and you've just been into something else this past year, but to be fair, I'll dredge up as many of your "my computer just crashed" posts as I can and let people decide for themselves if your lying or not.

But as for Lake Fossil, let it have it's eternal rest it's earned it. The poor thing has been on life support since it began and it's been so worthless that you never earned a cent from it. You never broke even and the most use any of your "books" got was when they were being burned. They provided someone somewhere with some heat, but that's about it.

It's been ten minutes: Has your computer crashed yet?


Carol J. said...

I'm not terribly happy with him at the moment. Someone was kind enough to commission a cover for his new story, probably because they knew his MS Paint may not be working right since the crash, and for asking him a submission question and sending him a link to that cover, he called me a bitch on his blog! How rude is that?

Furthermore he chose not to respond to my email, rather he deleted it. I had heard rumor he had undergone a vasectomy but I didn't know he would lose his manors as a result!

Carol J. said...

And if his testicles really are gone, what's going to keep Dagstine's chin warm?

ExposeTheTard said...

No Philbin's genitalia was abducted by the Illuminati ages ago. Why do you think he is childless? Because of his face? That's just mean. No, the NWO has them. It's how they force him to work for Microsoft.

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